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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2019 12:00am-12:02am CET

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boyd content. producers are the ones primarily responsible for the safety of the food you buy but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases in the home by plying the five keys to see for food use them you also have a role to play. people across venezuela have been leaving their homes and workplaces to join protests against president nicolas maduro the walkout was called by opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president. it comes a day after venezuela supreme court froze mr by those assets and banned him from leaving the country. but european union's chief exec negotiator said that time was too short to find an alternative arrangement for britain's divorce deal with the e.u. this comes after the british parliament voted narrowly to seek to replace
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a contentious agreement to maintain a checkpoint free border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland e.u. leaders made very clear they were not willing to renegotiate. german police have arrested three suspected islamic extremists on suspicion of planning a bomb attack federal prosecutors said the men were iraqi refugees they were detained near the danish border in the region of. officials said the group had not yet selected a target for an attack. large parts of the united states are bracing for the worst cold snap in recent memory temperatures from the midwest to maine are forecast to plunge as low as minus fifty three degrees celsius the deep freeze is a result of arctic air spinning southward and is expected to bring snow as far as alabama and georgia. it is historic deadly and it almost defies our ability to describe it with words
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a cold wave is engulfing much of the heartland of the u.s. and canada bringing subzero temperatures rarely seen except at the north and south poles tonight a once in a generation hard freeze and the cold hard facts about its connection to global warming are burned off in berlin this is the day. it's so cold anything that's exposed to any exposed skin and that's what's terrible with truths is from two to. bleach to chips and to do that. they're just out here stuck in the snow enjoying the beautiful weather so we.


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