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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 27, 2018 4:00am-4:03am CET

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connected to the room with. experience outstanding shopping and dining office and try alice services. biala gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by for. american president donald trump has arrived in germany to meet u.s. troops stationed there that after visiting u.s. soldiers in iraq his first visit to a conflict zone since he took office nearly two years ago a planned meeting between him and the iraqi pm had been cancelled. indonesian authorities have issued an extreme weather warning in areas where tsunami killed at least four hundred thirty people rescuers are battling torrential
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rain to search for survivors and residents are being warned to stay away from coastal areas aid has reached some but supplies are running short for thousands of displaced persons living in makeshift camps. the death of another migrant child in u.s. custody has prompted the department of homeland security to complete new medical checks on nearly all migrant children currently held the eight year old boy from guatemala is the second child in less than three weeks to die he had been hospitalized twice before passing away on monday. an earthquake triggered by the eruption of mt etna jolted the italian island of sicily on wednesday the quake measuring four point eight on the richter scale struck north of qahtani on the eastern side and is the largest of at least three active volcanoes churches and homes were damaged.
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and ample dose of festive cheerful financial markets american stocks rebound big time as traders return from a holiday break and a christmas present for the head of the u.s. federal reserve. could robots fill the stuffing gap in german nursing homes and hospitals we made some of the highly skillful machines being put to the taste. and reconnecting the two koreas plans to link the peninsula across its heavily armed border of bio road and rail. i've been physical and let's do business it's a post christmas come back after the steep losses of late shares in new york so it's by five percent told wednesday in a broad based rebound the best day for wall street in a decade it was partly thanks to santa claus the big retailers were among the gain is tech stocks true but will it be short lived there are fears of a slow.


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