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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from but he brags that protesters pile on low pressure thousands of right wing demonstrators demand no make his reject the prime minister's deal breakers it with the european union and left leaning groups ready to urge the government to abandon its brakes of plans and timing all based on him and he is also a crucial vote on tuesday also coming up on media and president brett prime minister rather he called it passion alliance takes an early lead and now elections
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reverse still being counted russian yeah the parliamentary polls will cement his agenda through the reform in the country. and assessing the damage in paris off to move on and protests best demonstrators demand further reforms the french president on monday what about call fouls to address the nation and meet with the union groups in the coming days. i'm head of the humphrey thanks for joining me thousands have taken to the streets in london to voice opposition to the government's plans on the brakes it right when protesters say prime minister to resign may's deal negotiated with the european union makes too many concessions according for a different deal meanwhile groups on the left out there to demand that the government abandon its funds to leave the european union or to get the prime minister is coming under pressure from all sides as paul. has to vote this week on
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her date to leave the e.u. with many expecting no make it to reject. showing their colors before the decisive parliamentary vote these people are protesting against the braggs a deal struck by prime minister theresa may they want to stay in the e.u. . the country is divided many now think bragg's it is a mistake wales has flipped a majority here voted to leave the e.u. two years ago latest polls suggest that's changed. i did vote to leave but i saw it just for us to make our own decisions. that's now i will not show i think we've got a bad deal stain in the weeds of what's up and i was going to come i mean i think it's a lot of regret because i think a lot of people thought leave me just walk up but i knew it wouldn't be quite like this so complicated you know. you did it with populations millions and it's just
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it's not as easy as shutting the door and saying goodbye theresa may is under attack from those who want to stay in the e.u. and those who want to leave but think her deal is not good enough she insists what she agreed with the e.u. and presented to parliament last week is the best possible option she and her loyalists rejected suggestions that they would delay the vote it is going ahead and that's because it is a good deal it's the only do and it's important that we don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good and one of parliament rejects the deal and unregulated exit new elections or even a second referendum the only sure thing seems to be that nearly everyone will be unhappy. well i.r.s. for it seemed to be held political at its healthy british newspaper the observer based in london and i asked him why the prime minister recep may well go ahead with the brags that vote in parliament is what he said i would guess she would probably go ahead with that to fail to release the huge broad. which in any normal
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person would be the end of a prime minister or issues bigger than a she could the entire country because every party is not the province of the holder every party within it is up to the split. there is a big question as to who would be done better than. to to sort it out and the answer is nobody knows who would be better the first though i think despite the fact she might indeed she will probably lose it i think she will probably stay on as prime minister the question is then what what we do about threats there are loads of possibilities she could either go try to go back to brussels who negotiated some better deal very unlikely could very well have it all possibly call a second referendum or possibly with no deal to. toby helm there the political editor of the british newspaper the observer in armenia state media report that acting prime minister nicola passion yon's alliance is leading in
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a snap parliamentary election but vote counting while it's still underway machinea on hand pushed for the snap peaceful anti corruption uprising that came to power earlier this year and marks the most shaping a sweeping political shift in armenia since gaining independence from the soviet union in the one nine hundred ninety s. . fashion yon's currently seeking a stronger mandate from voters for his reform agenda. to his supporters he's a true man of the people a former journalist a turned politician nicole passion jaan has a way with words and an unassuming style that has won the hearts and minds of many armenians. pushing young was elected prime minister by parliament in may after galvanizing a civil disobedience movement to protest a power grab by the country's prime minister sergey sarkozy on donning his trademark backpack and baseball cap pushing and led weeks of mass protests that ultimately forced sarkozy on's resignation. but the longer willing republican party
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retained its majority in parliament in october passion young stepped down as prime minister to trigger early elections during his campaign he blasted the old elite of corrupt and pledged to revive the economy in a country where a third of the population lives in poverty principally some i grew up in the economic agenda is our priority you were very important an ambitious plan transform i mean your grammarian into an industrial country. into a technological and industrial state it's a city avoid a strongly pushing on remains popular if you doubt that his my stuff alliance will come out on top of the race among eleven parties and political blocs. isn't doing both for nicole passion and his virtue as an honest during his seven months in office his hands were tied because the former ruling party still dominated parliament. until he gets rid of all the corrupt thieving politicians from the previous government he won't be able to do any good news. the capitol
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yerevan may look gloomy shrouded in december fog but on the street there is real hope among armenians that this election could mark the advent of real democratic change. and for more i'm joined now by journalist joshua kuchera he is in the capital yerevan high that joshua we have the first preliminary results coming in what are you hearing that. well it looks like from the other preliminary results which are quite early at this point they're more or less tracking what we expected what opinion polls were saying and that's that. the arms my step alliance is winning a pretty commanding victory. i don't think we'll know complete results for a while now but everyone expected in these results are showing that he's going to have the the overwhelming majority in parliament and what about voter turnout how how's that looking. that's been interesting we do have more concrete numbers on
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that the central election commission announced the turnout was forty nine percent which compared to the last parliamentary elections which was last year that was sixty one percent so it's down quite a bit and there's been a lot of speculation about why that might be part of it is certainly that that the old regime used a variety of of unsavory methods to get you to the polls they would organize government workers to go on to go together or or in many cases just broadening them and that's not happening this time around so that certainly accounts for some of that some pro pasha on analysts were suggesting but there are also might be some complacency among the electorate because the polls showed him with such a huge victory that a lot of people thought maybe they just stay home or as these votes come in then let's take a brief look ahead what are the real challenges that ashley young faces if he does
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indeed gain at that part of the tree majority. while the u.s. going to have a lot of challenges i mean that he's made very big promises. and especially in terms of the economy the army as economy has been stagnant for a very long time and. he has raised expectations quite high and talked a lot about. bringing new jobs and i are salaries and doing that by bringing foreign investment so far in the seven months that he has been prime minister the the economy has really changed and there hasn't been any significant new foreign investment he's always been able to say well this is because i don't have control of the parliament and they're blocking my initiatives ask is this what you should have full control of everything and that's going to make him not have any more excuses journalists are just like a chair in the media capital yerevan thank you. let's bring you up to date now on
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some of the of the stories making news around the world. saudi arabia says it will not extradite two suspects wanted in turkey for the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi to prosecute his assault warrants for the arrest of a top saudi aid and the country's deputy head of foreign intelligence she was last seen alive walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul in october. a drive by shooting in the occupied west bank has left at least seven people wounded israeli officials say the attack occurred at a bus stop near the offer a settlement north of jerusalem yes aliant reportedly shot from a palestinian vehicle soldiers shot at the car which fled the scene. people representatives from yemen's government and who the rebels meeting in this we did have held the first direct talks in u.n. sponsored negotiations sunday's discussions focused on a prisoner swap to the talks aimed at easing tensions in
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a four year civil war that has pushed the country to the brink of founding. france is reeling off another violent protest by the so-called yellow vest movement police detained almost two thousand demonstrators with dozens reported injured in clashes french president i'm on your way back hall is under growing pressure to address the anti-government unrest and now says he plans to speak to the nation on monday. scenes of destruction paris burned out cars broken store fronts. the property damage is believed to be even higher this time around. some presents a frustrated that instead of course sauce and flowers they have to smell tear gas every weekend. you can understand the yellow vests movement but this is completely unacceptable it's been several weekends in a row now look around you everything's broken it damaged all the shops had to close
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and spend money to shut everything up and it happens every week most countries many many people blame a car for not talking to the protesters. i think it's very hard but it's a reaction of the people there with the french people is the right thing for. the president michael has remained silent so far he showed his face after the worst riots one week ago but refused to dialogue with the yellow vest protesters. now after a fourth consecutive weekend of violence it looks like my kong can't avoid confrontation any longer to find ways to mollify protesters his office announced a public consultation and a meeting with representatives of trade unions on monday citizens all over france also waiting impatiently for us life addressed to the nation in the week ahead. but
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with my cost of prove a rating hovering just over twenty percent and the unrest expected to dent the french economy the damage will be difficult to wash away. well d.w. correspondent lisa lewis is in the french capital and she sent us this update. paris still being used the scars of yesterday's purge they cannot make an impact will be huge with many retained i was told to shut up shop using a day's takings just a few weeks ahead of christmas to feel the need to send him to many of these many. things up to date mountain was. just yesterday and the week before the government being on stage is leading straight to his teachings present in one constant so you don't see conceptions this week in the head of these fine days. and.
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a correspondent jason lewis there in the french capital some sports news now well we should say that the boom is leadership i was following off to the break that's coming up with chris harrington and you can find out if gladbach could finish matched a fourteen in second place off the back links to got the holes needed a win to get back in front of crime unit and remain don't ones closest to see us say choose to find out how everything shook out in the world is a good base we can't. and reminder now the top story we're following for you thousands of right wing protesters have hit the streets in london to say they oppose the government's franks's deal this is groups on the left rallied to say they want a new vote on leaving the e.u. we're told the rallies were seen a crucial brigs it vote in parliament this week. and armenia is counting votes off today snap parliamentary polls acting prime minister nick called passion yeah and there's on track to expand. his political mandate for
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a planned reform drive according to the early luminary result. if you're watching the news i'm helena humphrey and by then i'll have more from you at the top of the out in the meantime head to our website and you don't call me and i'll see. how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on love. don't expect happy endings. the church released. its.


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