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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  October 19, 2018 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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i sits you all up to date good luck join us again at the top off the top of the. country. more. my first by say moses sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this ocean for. something as simple as learning how to write a by side isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle of my home and it took me years to benefits but. finally they gave up and mentioned by me and i say this but returns with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing and by. now i also reach out to those
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women back home who are bound by their duties and social goals and inform them about the basics like. my name is the amount of the home and i wore ads seem to. be. used. to. shift living in the digital age today with pastor grannis on jujube. stealing fashion ideas on instagram and fertile fighters in real life but first in rio de janeiro violent conflicts are a part of everyday life rio citizens have started using crowdsourcing platforms to avoid them they show up the city's dangerous spots.
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these are inch spots on the safety and this is the scene of a recent shooting a state of emergency in the city drug wars and crime since february twenty eight hundred the military has been responsible for security along with the police their objective of cracking down on violent crime has not yet been achieved. rio's citizens like rafael about god have been taking their safety into their own hands. by using crowdsourcing apps to avoid dangerous spots that are less every day i worry about my brother getting home safely this fear is the reason these apps exist but fear alone can change nothing about this feeling of not being safe this insecurity. and sadly. four shootings in two weeks all in twenty eight year old rather the last neighborhood every morning she checks the app full crews are there which means crossfire. in the course of the day she
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receives on average eighteen messages about shootings as a registered user she can also report incidents herself the start of preside it checks the messages with software and keyword searches the platform gets most of its information from tweets amnesty international help to set it up in twenty sixteen since then the app has been downloaded over two hundred thousand times we decided to create problems that exactly because our data didn't exist we had lots of data on the part of cranks but we didn't have data on their d.n.a. mix of armed violence so we decided to start counting it how many times and where were happening. other digital apps also want to make violence in rio visible for example busted of your landsea which means stop the violence. all the apt undid them did or teo
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locate the shooting. with crowdsourcing and real time information the digital technology offers new platforms will transparency the platforms also reveal surprises such as the fact that rios police also has criminal elements armed with their smartphones the citizens of rio are defending themselves against the police and military too if they think you'll start to see is a overstepping the mark they film it and share the videos on social media. what i think here we denounce the criminal acts of the police by calling them out on their crimes and making a public but this also makes us a target of the police. the maker of this youtube video says the same the film allegedly shows the police trying to cover up a crime by removing a dead body from the scene the filmmaker had to flee. lawyer d.m.'s human test once
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videos like this to make a difference so he founded the platform deficit pay people can send pictures and videos via whatsapp legal specialists then check the facts and follow reports if required. it's. been brazil there is a history of violence and repression by the police. this makes the population mistrustful which is the case with most of the people who contact us. with they don't trust the official authorities enough to go straight to them to demand their rights. digital technology is helping to make rio safer rather about god he sees it as a way to more justice and transparency in a society where black people in particular are disadvantaged. we live in times when our rights are dwindling and people like us who live on the outskirts are particularly effective but i'm hopeful that showing the violence will help to find
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the truth and to question the other accounts we hear. sas shed light on injustice. that our for networkers digital makers and shakers today very our creative director max zachary . notes that. and working on the future of storytelling the building start up another world we are creates film experience in virtual reality. for a film for instance where the view it decides what happens next. we wanted to do something completely interactive so players can open a door themselves and then decide shall i go in here or through another door or if you really go through this door a certain thing happens and if you go through
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a different door then something completely different out. of the story on folds based entirely on the decisions and interactions of the plan and titles. in the interactive film real film and game elements merged to make a new art form the are enables much sucker and his colleagues to make fictional horror a very realistic experience. and the other project chose life in kenya without electricity. and his team took thousands of pictures on location to make a three d. model for b r simulation. no matter which idea the starter brings to life the goal is for it to be realistic immersive and to touch the viewer emotionally program isn't filmmakers in bilin are working hard so that view is can become play is. a british video
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blogger wants to make sure the traditional past the recipes are not forgotten she films the typical italian cooking giving rise to the website past a gran is a digital archive of the art of cookery. that hit badly. i don't know jack. but it was a look. back you said. who. do you think that is ninety five years old and lives on the italian island of sardinia she's been making her pastor for the last eighty years a new type of influence or. is one of the women who can be seen on the website pastor grannies in every episode
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a new dish is freshly prepared by hand by a different pastor granny. cookery show from its obese kitchens is a success past a granny's enthusiastically followed by millions of users on social media. has to traditions should be kept alive this is what motivated the british also vicky benson to start a video blog i noticed the young women had to go out to work and simply weren't making pastor anymore it is only the older women. someone needs to make a record that is not just about learning about past that which is a universally loved food it's also. the resonance with grandmothers and everybody loves their own. in the meantime vicki benison has visited over two hundred italian and shared their expertise on social media. down to nearly didn't need much convincing to join them. it's
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a wonderful thing other people can learn our recipes this way and the traditions won't die out after. the pasta grannies are hugely popular on instagram teaching the younger generation that past doesn't necessarily come out of a packet and they already have more than three hundred and thirty thousand subscribers on youtube i think it's important to celebrate older women say experience. celebrate it's just have fun with its. this is quite often women often bit shy and stay in the background and it's nice to kind of push them into the center. with the project they can benison helps to inspire others to feel grandmothers too and make use of all the opportunities that the digital age to keep traditions alive. chip says go grannies on social media. and now are short and sweet the sheer
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snapshot. on the left the original on the right march to it or is it a cheeky copy comparisons like this make the instagram account diet prado widely feared in the fashion world it reveals similarities between the designs of the fashion houses and who stole ideas from whom diet prada has more than seven hundred ninety thousand instagram followers the name and shame culture of social media is part of its success model the creators of diet products stay out of the limelight and let the fashion speak for itself the designers from the us managed to stay anonymous for some time but now they market their own collection making fun of copying ideas to geo uses the same lettering as the fashion house prada. is it a hallmark or a cheeky copy. they themselves say they idolize prada. that
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was our snapshot. do you want to find out more about the digital world then check out our facebook page d w digital there you'll find all the latest news and trends as well as interesting apps exciting gadgets and even tutorials and don't miss our shift reports. and by just post your comments give us your opinions at d w digital. as always at the end of shift. exit our internet find of the week. today's street fighter two catapulted into reality the figures from the legendary arcade game can fight where ever the user puts them on tables on squares or on park benches indian programmer same known for super mario a lark makes it possible in this you tube clip he's using augmented reality technology due to copyright issues his version of the game has not yet been released. you know
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. and next week china is introducing a grading system for all its citizens collecting countless data or to rate their social behavior that we behave citizens will be barred from flights but good citizens will find it easier to get a job or a loan big brother four point zero next week on shift. terror at the more everybody camp is a terrible suspicion coursing through one of europe's largest refugee camps on the island of lives lost a legend i as follow was as said to be terrorizing the refugees some say they've created criminal structures we meet witnesses and victims. next on d.w. . you're
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a lax how. hot it is right can't roll them are so long there's this week on euro max everything's different incident celebrities are calling the shots. today dutch product designer marcel funders is in charge are going to be. the rollbacks in sixty minutes v.w. . earth. home to millions of species a home worth saving. has much of and those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like news has come to the climate used to green energy solutions
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and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and were determined to build something human for the next generation the ideas the multimedia environment series on w. o n a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe and the number of refugees making their way to europe has now gone down for three years in a row that is in part due to the fact that the so-called islamic state has been losing influence in many areas that it previously controlled in countries like iraq and syria but the fear now is that a growing number of post terror.


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