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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2018 2:02am-2:30am CEST

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i'm krista kober welcome to the program. facebook promised differently yet here we are again fifty million accounts might be affected in a new data breach the social media giant says it does not know who is behind tuesday's hacking attack and where the perpetrators might be based but the breach could allow hackers to take over facebook accounts users who have used the view as feature in the last year are especially vulnerable facebook says it has taken steps to fix the security problem at alerted law enforcement earlier this year the world's biggest social network had to admit that up to eighty seven million user profiles had been compromised. earlier i spoke to jared reed from our social media department and asked him what else we knew about the case so far. packers were able to get bits of information that gave them access to fifty million user accounts as you said and the information cold tokens these are basically the digital keys to
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our account and they help us by by not not making us having to log back into our accounts every single time we use facebook so in effect they stole fifty million kids and they did that by exploiting the view. you're on facebook kristoff and you've got different security options for different people and you want to know well what does my account look like if jarryd looks at it this is when you type my name into view as and so the hackers got into view as took fifty million k's and you know looked at all these accounts facebook says it identified the problem on tuesday and it put a patch in. ok fifty million gone that's what we know what don't we know ok so we don't know who was behind this facebook says it's investigating who did it but it still is none the wiser it says whoever was behind the hack had to have been pretty sophisticated and i guess we can believe that but it still doesn't hide the fact that one of the world's biggest social media companies was so vulnerable that it
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allowed you know that it could get hacked or we don't know is whether the hackers took anything from the account so they did it misuse the information you know i was able to get and didn't do anything to the accounts did put it in thing i didn't post anything we didn't know mismanaged the accounts in any way we just are now you already mentioned i'm on facebook you're on facebook how do i know if my account has been compromised ok so you will be asked to log into facebook in the next day or two and you'll know because you haven't actually logged out so you have to log in without having logged facebook has reset these digital keys for the fifty million users affected the next year forty million as a precaution in total nineteen million people will have to log back into facebook it's stress. that pos words are not affected so the hack is when i will to get into any possible it's all right we've been here before there has been this massive data breach just what six months ago. any foreseeable ramifications for facebook
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regarding this latest data breach it's hard to tell we've only just found out about it but it isn't a good look because of course six months ago the cambridge analytical scandal happened when political consultants got their hands on the use of dollars tens of millions of people at the time mark zuckerberg told congress that they were up to the task of protecting our dasa but of course this breach is not going to help convince lawmakers that it is up to the task not a good look indeed jared from d.w. social media just thank you. tesla shares have tumbled thirteen percent of the u.s. securities and exchange commission accusing chief executive long musk of fraud the f.c.c. says musk quote knew or was reckless enough knowing that he was misleading investors it all started with a tweet. i'm considering taking tests not private at four hundred twenty dollars
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funding think here and if if a message test i feel you know iran must tweet it to his twenty two million followers last month and here's the response of u.s. regulators who've charged him with fraud. musk statements misled members of the investing public to believe that it was virtually certain he could take private at a price of four hundred twenty dollars per share which was a substantial premium over a share price at that time because funding for this proposed transaction had been secured and the only contingency remaining was a shareholder vote the market reacted to this information and tesla stock price quickly traded out we allege that most statements were false and misleading because they lack any basis in fact on the day of musts tweet last month testers shares shot up causing the nasdaq to suspend trading for an hour and hops. that cause huge losses for so-called short sellers investors who borrow
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a company's stock betting that it will fall in a statement issued by tesla must call the allegations of fraud unjustified and said that he was taken action in the interests of his investors test shares fell nearly twelve percent after news of the fraud charges broke. the remains of the fire for more let's cross over to all wall street correspondent you have scored against the f.c.c. is going for have are they likely to get it. well that depends and so we have i do not believe that the f.c.c. really wants to get rid of. because he's very closely connected to tesla and the as you see in the first place would like to protect investors and if they really get rid of that might be a negative for the stock price as we've learned obviously the a.c.c.
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put a deal on the table pretty fair deal but in the very last second decided to not go for it and that really caused quite some believing year on wall street the stock at the end of the day lost almost fourteen percent in value but it is still possible that a deal could be reached between the long mosque and vs the sea and you had heard about the latest trouble over at facebook how's the market responded to the news about another massive data breach at facebook. here initially it was a bit of a shocker and the stock dropped by a good three and a half percent one of the critics of facebook has been for quite some time that they are collecting ever more data but they're not necessarily able to really protect those so what we've heard so far is that obviously in this particular case no credit card information was stolen so that's at least a little bit of good news and the stock recovered the end of trading at the end of
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the day facebook is down by about two and a half percent but those have been some pretty rough months for facebook since the all time high that was reached in july the stock is down twenty five percent you have scored in new york thank you. now here in europe at the melanne stock exchange lost over four percent on friday as investors were spooked about italy's financial future earlier at the populace government and rome had presented budget plans. that would boost the country's deficit triggering the e.u. commission's warning to rein in public spending italy is already sitting on the highest mountain of debt among economies. it's the story in the italian press the populous coalition government plans to boost spending next year running up more debt italy already owes more than any other member of the european union that this plan is the budget of the people cancelling poverty means that there are
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many citizens entrepreneurs' people who work below the poverty level these tax payers will now pay less increasing our deficit to two point four percent of gross domestic product will do a lot for the dignity of people and the wealth of italian families. the government has earmarked ten billion euros to introduce a universal basic income pensions are to go up but the age at which they begin will go down businesses will pay less with a flat tax reactions were mixed. i have confidence in this government because i feel for the first time we're doing something new. i'm very worried you just need to look at the market this morning it lost nearly three percent banking stocks are at minus five. reactions were also mixed in brussels. so most of the. very worried about what is happening in italy this economic maneuver is not for the
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people but against the people it will create many problems in the north without solving those of the south. it will not increase employment but will put in trouble they tell you in savings and will increasingly put our country in the hands of creditors not only internal but also external. is the. economy minister giovanni three who is against releasing a budget with a higher deficit target who will now have to explain his government's spending plan in brussels there he will have to address fears that italy's debt could once again spiral out of control. more than two hundred ryanair flights have been struck from departure boards across europe on friday staff in belgium portugal the netherlands spain italy and germany have walked off the job they want better pay and improved working conditions the budget airline has seen repeated strike action in recent months ryanair is continuing negotiations but the unions say the offer
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put forward is not acceptable with no ticket prices right here has overtaken established carriers to become europe's biggest airline passenger not us. and that wraps up our show if you want more to check out our social media feeds for now thanks for the company have a great weekend wherever you are. your
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