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musk's called the trip an important step towards and they've been accessible all the dream of travel into space. watching b.w. news live from but that still to come president trump hits china with the biggest wave of tyrants yet china says it will respond so what's next for truck of. crystal cove a well how about story in today's business update in just a moment i'll be back at the top of it out with the rest all for gold gold news of yourself a good day. earth home to millions of species a home worth saving. on those are big changes and most start with small
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steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like news doesn't protect the climate most green energy solutions and reforestation. the community interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and more determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas the multimedia environment series on t w. it's the biggest wave of punitive terror of the u.s. president. have made two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports more expensive china counterattack swiftly and if used to be a sleepy fishing village on till the floating cities came to town more and more
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people in iceland are now saying no to. berlin good to have you with us now it's even down to copy machines memory chips and voice recorders u.s. president donald trump has announced a fresh set of tariffs on products from china the new duties and initially set a ten percent will affect two hundred billion dollars worth of imports it's a long list of products with a silver lining for tech trends and parents smartphones and baby products have now been exempt. the latest salvo in the u.s. is trade war against china would effectively bring around half of all chinese goods imported into the u.s. under president donald trump's tariff regime washington's first round of punitive taxes which started in july concentrated on industrial goods this time around a wide range of consumer products are to be taxed effective september twenty four actually it's a disgrace that it was and so china is now paying those billions of dollars in
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tariffs and hopefully we'll be able to work something out work i think they want to make a deal they don't want to make it about i can tell you they want to make a deal. but from our standpoint it has to be fair it has to take care of our workers china swiftly valid a counter attack an expected response previously it said it would impose tariffs on another sixty billion dollars in u.s. exports the new move on look we keep stressing that the dialogue and consultation based on equality good faith and mutual respect is the only right way out of the trade dispute but what the u.s. is doing shows no sincerity and goodwill. move on that issue that you for your own form of for sound i love seeing that which remains. the world's top two economies could be losing room to maneuver separate from tariffs already implemented or imminent trump is also threatened even more punitive taxes on two hundred sixty seven billion dollars worth of goods should he make good on that
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threat tariffs would cover almost everything china sells to the united states. now in other news the european union opened an embed probe into alleged collusion by major german carmakers over anti pollution technology daniel cope standing by the frankfurt stock exchange then what more can you tell us. yes chris so it really seems to be the case that the dirty deeds the gates and it will never come to an end the commission which oversees the competition policy in the european union said in a statement today that they are looking into whether they carmakers agreed not to compete which with each other on developing and also rolling out the system to reduce those harmful emissions from petrol and also from these are the cars the european commission competition not let's say that again the european competition commissioner margaritaville say that if proven the coalition may have denied customers the opportunity to buy less polluting cars despite the technology that
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was available to the manufacturers we have to remember that all of this is happening after the commission raided the german carmakers premises of in october last year and the commission seems to be sure that the sort of the law fine if that's how they're calling it had secret meetings about this issue then you're open frank for thank you and returning to our top story the first set of terrorists. onto chinese imports into the united states for more i'm joined by mary says on out of the here is a professor of international economics at lancaster university in the u.k. . our commerce secretary wilbur ross says the u.s. is trying to give china an incentive for constructive new york time talks and he signed about. well i'm not so sure because as far as i know it but as we know there were supposed to be talks in washington this week there and now all of this than these that the season comes out with him is going to take effect on september
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twenty fourth so it seems that is a very short span of time and to try to achieve some sort of results and also the implied the explicit goal for something more to come in case that china decides to retire gets i'm not sure these are the best precondition to engage in a meaningful conversation with china not china involved to retaliate yet it imports only one hundred thirty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods could it go to the bond market to strike back. they could do a lot of things that depends on much we want to take of course they import the less than the u.s. but then if the u.s. is putting it out of ten percent increase to twenty five percent of the chinese may start their way with a full twenty two increase to thirty so even with the trade policy there is their freedom of of the truth being a proper strategy of course they can move to the bond market if all of a sudden china will start to sell some of the treasury bills that will lead in
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effect on the united states on the financial market that not only ended a relationship between united states and china but it's trying to increase its terror of the u.s. government already said it would hurt all chinese imports. that's a full fledged trade war then where would that lead to and where would it end. i don't know the answer i think that in saudi arabia trade war at this point is saying that basically the aleph over the top of imports from china into the us subject to x. to these to either trade war is not anymore it's going to be short of the fifty leaders that will really be under both in the us and in china now we go to two hundred fifty impossibly to sixty with it then said i dunno it way we are these assured then to ease the pain the second and make unease of the world trade organization but we know that the trump of the station doesn't really believe the in the forum is a place to resolve conflicts so honestly i don't know we're into the end up if not
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all fully some other countries will intervene and try to meet though it's not easy we can president trump in china now more research many experts say that u.s. consumers will be badly hit by these terrorists but up until now there's no real outcry over rising prices well i think with depends who you talk to i mean i'm pretty sure there are some farmers a bit of quite that say in the united states the point is of course when you get off of the top of imports from china you cannot. find the goods toys and so on and so forth so now the faith in terms of prices in the united states would be that it the fate of these studies and it is that it affected just in time for the need to medications and then for a christmas present from seems to believe that these were not affected negatively republican parties or more generally the u.s. economy and that's a very odd gamble to take maryse as anandi professor at lancaster university thank you so much for your insight thanks. to georgia to georgia now
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a country locked in between europe and asia and actually our deep sea port is george's biggest infrastructure project to date a giant effort to reclaim millions of cubic meters of sand for the port already has been launched. despite being located along ancient trading routes georgia has never had deep sea ports an act leah the seaside town on the eastern edge of the black sea is said to be the site of the first one and that lia used to be a conflict ridden front along the border of georgia and the breakaway region of up . but the government is banking on being able to develop the area hosting a deep sea port would allow bigger cargo ships to dock here. sort of the easy to cross over there and actually a port will address this really important challenges for georgia's economic growth it will ensure the best use of the country as a geo graphic location and transform it into
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a logistical work we have great access not only to the markets of armenia and azerbaijan but also central asia and china we need to increase the competitiveness of our seaports otherwise we cannot attract all those cargo ships that go in another direction today got movies ago we've got would be duped into trouble is this we use when you look at one of the world's largest creditor ships the athena is supposed to help remove around five million cubic meters of mud from the sea the port itself is scheduled to receive its first ships in twenty twenty jobs and billions in investment and trading opportunities are expected to follow the ports developers estimate a total contribution of sixty billion u.s. dollars to the georgian economy in the next two decades. is a fear there was once a sleepy little harbor town tucked away in the northwest of iceland while sleepy it is no more now that giant ocean liners are spewing out of thousands of tourists
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they after day. good monday christiansand will never again complain about having too little work the harbormaster works from early morning until late at night guarding against vessels into the harbor of a few other. these ships are gigantic floating cities which cruise over to iceland from north america in the old days only twelve ships came here per year now there are one hundred of them every year the number of tourists visiting the island goes up twenty percent last year two point six million tourists visited the island nation the inhabitants of easy if you have mixed feelings about the visit very often people that come on the cruise ships they don't even know the name of the town or they don't even know where they cannot point to where and i think they are. so i'm hoping that they
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somehow get the feeling of there is an actual. town with people but most of the people here welcome the tourists now that the fishing industry has shrunk icelanders need to replace their once most important industry. iceland is having problems with so many tourists. yet appreciate the five thousand people on the defend on the village of a hundred but a problem. with me great great relief but the frenzy of cruise ship season only lasts for months after that the sea around you see a few though it is simply too rough for them. thanks for watching. the
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romans next wanted to establish. law the contentious figure of hamas heroes in germany. i am from the slope of the roman mob to the german reunification. and the end of the cold war. for much office one of the great heroes of the twentieth century. gorbachev the last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change. quickly met his downfall. i had decided to resign my duties as president of the soviet union. last fall
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but she was historical but i'm sort of one as a person. she continues to fight for world peace with a reminder by the way that we have to comprehend where peace has taken us today there is a new arms race. between our rulers time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace we still starts october third on t w. a. hello rob thanks for joining in a year my survey i'm louise houghton and i'm happy to be back in the studio bringing you the latest lifestyle news from around here at the top of that list is the latest goings on at london fashion week it taste of what's coming up.
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a celebration victoria beckham on her best decade.


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