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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  September 12, 2018 2:02am-2:30am CEST

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states well today their soldiers launched the biggest war games since the end of the soviet union it's not a new military alliance like nato but nato is not convinced tonight the presidents of russia and china eating and drinking together and toasting that old adage the enemy of my enemy is my friend i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. of the boom in the flower great friend sherman xi jinping and i have just discussed the development of russian chinese relations if. there's any need this is not the great fault we're in russia the little girl. cheerfully china and russia both bad the responsibilities of maintaining peace and
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stability fundamentally. instead of growing cooperation between our countries and international organizations trying to follow we have the same or similar views on international affairs. we can train like this if you want. and you. also coming up tonight bob woodward's exposé of the trump white house goes on sale but not everybody is buying. there's been so many that let that happen it's that down from supporters we're very loyal to him because at the end of the day you know what we get if we don't get that on track we get that plane snowflake that. we begin the day with two old rivals meeting on a battlefield as new friends today russia launched military exercises the largest
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war games since the end of the soviet union but this time russian troops had some company chinese soldiers are joining them now this is happening while russian president vladimir putin holds talks with chinese president xi jinping and it's important to remember that russia and china have never been natural allies there is a long history of mutual wariness but recent events have prompted both countries to rethink each other russia's pivot to china is no surprise as its alienation from the west shows no sign of stopping china's turn to russia seems more like an insurance policy let's be friends just in case just in case the power and influence of the united states in asia stands in the way of an emerging china our first report tonight on war games unlike any of the world has ever seen. military equipment from all over the country deploys for the largest drill since the fall of
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the soviet union a demonstration of military strength the like of which has never been seen before in the russian federation according to the defense ministry three hundred thousand soldiers are involved that's a third of the country's troops thirty six thousand military vehicles and tanks are reported to be taking part as russia tries out its latest technology and for the first time china is joining the war games until now only very close allies such as bell arutz have been allowed to participate a small contingent from mongolia is also involved. as the drills got underway russian president vladimir putin greeted his chinese counterpart cheating paying at the economic forum in flat advanced og the two countries are closer now than at any other time in their history due to western sanctions russia is looking to deepen its economic ties with china no other leader has met putin more often than she only
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three thousand chinese soldiers are involved in the joint exercise a tiny minority but the message this sends is significant even if russia and china are at odds on some foreign policy issues such as crimea or eastern ukraine militarily at least they're moving closer together. well i'm joined tonight by gustav grethel from the european council of foreign relations he has written extensively on military affairs missile defense and arms proliferation mr griffin it's good to have you back here on the on the show what message is russia cindy in with these war games in to whom is this message addressed well predominance is the west to nato and to russia's east western neighbors particularly ukraine the war game or hearses a large war scenario with a western country. the wargame rehearses strategic. deployment and sort of mobility of russian forces which can run sort of west to east like now but which.
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used the west and it really has this mobilization of for so forces mobilization of russian society in the event of force so it's it's quite obvious who would be the enemy and what about china what's the message that china is sending over well china sort of the russia russia trying to lure china closer to its and since twenty fourteen the least but russia has always been eager on on sort of forging this alliance china was usually very reluctant to do so because it's all russia's being too images and have to quit cricket so if provocative now it's a signal that the can also go with the russians on reconsider if. false the days. of the discontent ones which is of course a message to washington and coalition of the discontent in the past these drills is important you know they were seen as preparation for possible confrontation with china but now for the first time chinese troops are taking part in them and this is
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a major change in which to keep that in mind while we take a look at what the head of russia's national guard had to say he's a staunch putin supporter and this is what he had to say about putin's outspoken critic alexian of all these take a listen. well look who are you know on the i want to understand who you are where you come from and why you are clearly the product of an american test tube but you still it is clear that they have set you the goal of poor in mud and everything around to do stabilize both politics and the economy in our country. no one has ever kicked your ass properly so that you would feel it in your liver pictures but now you have address the right person. who is simply challenge you to a fight in the ring a duel where i promise to make nice juicy mincemeat out of you in a couple of minutes. all right i mean those are fighting words there but at the
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beginning of his message you know he says to develop a you know you're a product of the united states i mean when you hear that does it tell us that the united states is it responsible for russia running into the arms of china. well in the russian mind says the united states is responsible for everything bad happening in china there was a channel i think last year who even claimed that both fison of quakes to do evil dealings of the united states and this is part of the russian mindset why they think china is not an enemy despite of china being chosen having a large army being more military assertive than even in the united states because in their perspective china does nothing that works towards russian change and democratization obviously the chinese that the americans do and we see that in the u.n. security council all the time and that's why the united states is the enemy and they think that all kind of these contends and domestic opposition is basically even evil plotting of washington yeah i mean we've heard that many times the the
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pentagon and nato are watching these war games very closely should they be worried and is this a defect to military alliance between russia and china in the making. its not a military alliance as such the chinese want to keep the corporation time to. time because politically the chinese china's a rising power they think that well if you contest the world in ten years we'll catch it in twenty years and fifty years russia is lining power all day trying to preempt that if they have the mines by catching up quickly that's why they're more sort of more aggressive than china that's what a chinese don't form to challenge the united states on a russian timetable because that's too aggressive for them is still for them they have a lot to learn from the russian army particularly they see hundreds in syria they have experience in ukraine it's a war fight you know me the chinese army is a piece of me and the city is still has
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a lot of all the legacies from the city of arrow of told to people's war which is not the kind of information technology cutting edge war china wants to join you can actually learn from the experience that russian soldiers him in ukraine crimea and now in syria yes yes what does russia get out of this. for russia russia technologically industrialize you need somebody cheated to take his only zones if you have heard the new russian main battle tank the russian fifth generation stealth aircraft the russian general staff announced that he will not come into serial production they claim that sort of they don't need it but the fact is they don't get the parts from abroad the need for the stuff so they need to turn into another horse and all the advanced industrial power that can supply them with the technologies and china is on the rise and that's in china has lots of money they need. with tonight turkey is calling on the world to wake up to what is about
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to happen in syria in the u.s. newspaper the wall street journal turkish president. writes that the entire world stands to pay the price of an assault on syria's province and he adds that the consequences of inaction will be immense the president warning comes as tens of thousands of people flee it lead to his syrian and russian forces preparing to take the final rebel stronghold the u.n. says that scores of people have been killed more than thirty thousand displaced in northwest syria in the last week alone western governments have warned assad against deploying chemical weapons in a well assault. well many of the people fleeing the offensive in libya have been heading north towards the border with turkey daniel has visited a refugee camp there where he met a boy who was orphaned when
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a barrel bomb hit his home in the city of hama. he's only fourteen but hussein already knows what suffering is three years ago he fled to this refugee camp in northern italy have been disabled traumatized and off and here he found safety he now sells food and drinks from this tent and. i work his day and night and managed to earn about a euro a day it's just enough to survive. not. omar's family home was hit by a barrel bomb in his hometown of hama the blast killed his parents and left him badly wounded. now go ahead with a helicopter bombed our house people had warned us about the air raids we were taken to hospital two weeks later i woke up and had the feeling something was
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missing. that surely or. then i fell out of bed and i couldn't get back up that my leg had been amputated. but. remained in hospital for three months and gradually learned to walk with crutches his body is covered in scars and he's racked with pain he's blind in one eye. incredibly his youngest sister bushra survived the blast only injured they fled to live together. she had been a model student but school stopped after the bombs fell. i hope i can go back to school one day but it will be difficult i can't leave my brother alone in a tent. eight hundred families live at the camp on the syrian turkish border among them are hundreds of children only basic necessities are available here
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there's no real education and hardly any medical supplies hope faded long ago it's been replaced by worry of what's to come. we've noticed the air raids have started up again there's a lot of fear in the camp especially among women and children everyone is scared no one knows where to go we already fled the bombs once and that was to hear. omar and bushra hussein alo don't want to flee again the border to turkey seems impossible and heading to a part of syria under government control is out of the question. i don't know where to go but of course i'd like to leave syria for better care. dreams of a better life he hopes he'll one day get
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a prosthetic leg and drugs to ease his pain but he is such relief is unlikely. you know. we're here in germany the government says it's talking with allies about deploying german forces to syria if the assad regime uses chemical weapons to attack it lip german and u.s. officials have reportedly discussed using german jets to drop bombs over syria the german air force is already carrying out refueling and reconnaissance missions over the country and the country's social democrats that's chance america's coalition partners they say they will not back any german military involvement. oh my colleague in our political correspondent christopher spring joins me now here in berlin good evening to you christopher so if chemical weapons if they are used in syria in adlib province what could possibly justify germany's decision not to participate in any military response. well that's
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a political question and it's up to the politicians too to decide what answer they find to that let me just to bring you up to speed with some of the options that are being looked at within the german defense ministry reconnaissance flights are an option they of course are happening already so certainly a viable option then there's something called battle damage assessment flights they might be another way that germany can assist its allies if there were to be some form of retaliation against. chemical weapons the use of chemical weapons in syria and most controversially the use of bombing raids german tornado jets getting involved with bombing raids over syria. but having said this the german government hasn't taken a decision yet. as to whether it will take part or not. but it is looking
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at these options it is examining fairly seriously the request for help from a major ally in. this deployment it would be a significant departure from germany's so far when it comes to the type of military conflict it is causing divisions within. government isn't it. and that's the reason there's no clear cut answer as to how germany is going to react if it comes to chemical the use of chemical weapons in syria you've got very stark divisions even within the ruling coalition you have very influential voices within chancellor merkel's conservative saying. we cannot leave this kind of war crime at the same time you have the leader of the social democrats the social center left social democrats who of course are a partner in the ruling coalition under a analysis saying this social democrat. the social democrats will not agree either
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in parliament or in the government to germany's participation in the war in syria so very very stark divisions and christopher how widely is it that the chancellor will go ahead without the support of these social democrats and say yes to participation in a military operation. looking at things from the perspective of today i think it's quite unlikely for chancellor merkel to ride roughshod if you want. the very clear opposition from coalition partners and ran on this opposition this was formulated in such a diverse bring it on the story for us tonight here in berlin christopher thank you you're welcome. or tonight hungary's prime minister viktor orban is accusing the european union of trying to blackmail his country over its treatment of migrants the european parliament is debating whether or not
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distinction hungary for what he calls the erosion of the rule of law if two thirds of lawmakers agree they could strip hungary of its voting rights that would be an unprecedented move here in your. the hungry and prime minister took the initiative he traveled to strasbourg to in his own words defend hungary make sure you don't know tourism after i have come here today because you're not going to contend just the government but a nation as well. you are going to denounce hungary has been a member of the family of christian european nations for a thousand years get a fifteen year old all for you maybe. it is the entire nation being condemned the majority of politicians don't believe so including the hungary and we will explain that is nobody attacking hungary but he's head in the in the european parliament
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this is the critique of the politics of the current government she unlike poland already facing a new sanctions hungary has so far been spared european green and containing believes this is political videsh at the victor organs political party its member of the european people's party and they have friends in commission council and in parliament. i mean veda of germany's center right christian socialist is now under pressure to act against or balance hardline position on a muslim migrants in the constitution of hungary if we say it generally that you have to be afraid about muslims and generally take a religion then it with a chop off that she had is we have invented human rights and not christian rights on this front with even his own political allies wavering hungary's premier viktor orbán is facing a tense wait for the vote in the european parliament. the
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washington post journalist bob woodward became world famous for his team reporting which uncovered the watergate scandal that led to the resignation of u.s. president richard nixon since then woodward has written nineteen books most of them about u.s. presidents but his latest book is in a class of its own in fear trump in the white house woodward delivers a description of a presidency that is devastating and beyond disturbing the book went on sale at midnight last night and we were there. they arrived at just before midnight to get their first peek of fear no not a horror movie well not quite the book is the latest warts and all tale of the apparent chaos inside donald trump's white house is written by the journalist bob woodward if that name sounds familiar it's because he's already brought down one
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president richard nixon after the watergate scandal in one thousand nine hundred sixty four. it's an important book. woodward is a respected. journalist researcher author. and it's pretty serious stuff going on in the white house my mind was open at the beginning but i'm out right right now this is not the united states of america that i call my country it is frightening. the book relies on testimony from senior officials in the white house for example chief of staff john kelly is quoted as calling the president an idiot something he since tonight trumps also dealing with the fallout from an anonymous new york times paste that painted the picture of a white house in disarray to become under in chief the woodward book is just another example of fake news. no bob woodward no the book even on the book is the book means nothing it's a work of fiction so
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a work of fiction best what the u.s. president says but what are his supporters think. my as waiter called out with some of them in downtown washington d.c. just before fear was unleashed on the public their message they're not buying it and they're certainly not going to read it. the trump international hotel is an island of refuge for this meeting of trump supporters in the otherwise extremely democratic lucy of washington d.c. people here can bask in their mutual love of the president and ignore negative media like say a certain book by a certain legendary journalist as bob woodward's book hits the shelves it's already created waves among the president's detractors for trump supporters this is simply a more negative media coverage and the other day a fake news for a president that they still very staunchly supports it's a left wing attack getting ready for the elections to try to energize that side of
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the populous it's been so many books out but that's not going to step down from supporters we're very loyal to him because at the end of the day you know what we get if we don't get that on track we get that wing snowflake that says he's not your average politician he's trying to fix things he's coming in from the outside and the establishment does not like that on both sides of the aisle especially on the left so i don't even i don't even bother to i'm not going to bother reading that garbage even members of congress are jumping on the bandwagon to discredit the two time pulitzer prize winner and his reporting. he's a lifelong liberal he is he may be a journalist but he has a bias he has an approach if you look at his his four decades of work you're going to find that he picks somebody he picks somebody to attack that was a republican and not a democrat and you know if you have four decades you should have some of both he doesn't fool of. allegations of
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a morality cronyism and lying contained in woodward's book i mean nothing here is from supporters of only good words for their president. the united states has marked the seventieth anniversary of the september eleventh attacks. at the side of the world trade center in new york city politicians joined relatives of the victims survivors and rescuers for a solemn memorial ceremony that began at eight forty six am the moment the first plane slammed into the north tower relatives read out the names of the nearly three thousand people who lost their lives when hijacked planes crashed into the twin towers in new york the pentagon in washington and
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a pennsylvania field. well the day is nearly done but as always the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at g.w. news or golf t.v. and remember no matter what happens between now and tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody. can. move. home away from home for saying at least i'm going to feature in this.
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i want to welcome to another action packed show with me or host of meghan lee we're covering lots of ground today so let's get right to it here's a look at what's coming up. digital displays the top london museum features a videogame exhibition. creative in earnest featuring top selling wines from germany using the region.


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