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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 10, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from more than a million muslims forced into chinese reeducation camps human rights groups describe the detentions as a form of ethnic cleansing the doubloon meets a former inmates who fled to neighboring kazakhstan also on the program. sweden's general election leaves the country's two main political blocs in a dead heat and sees a surge in support for the anti immigration far right. because of more onto migrants on rest in eastern germany a small town has shaken after a man dies in
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a fight with two afghans the far right thousands of demonstrators also the streets . i feel gal welcome to the program the united nations human rights chief has called on china to allow monitors to investigate allegations of large scale aba tree detention of muslim minorities the allegations which mashal bash alleged describes as deeply disturbing appear in a report published today by human rights watch it says more than a million muslims have been detained in so-called reeducation camps in china's northwestern jan jan region details of the internment system are emerging slowly because the chinese government controls access to the region but the w correspondent metastability has traveled to neighboring kazakhstan to talk to witnesses. mohan is a former inmate of
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a chinese reeducation camp he got out of the internment facility in march and is now in kazakhstan it is an important day for him he's meeting a team from amnesty international to speak out about his experiences. so we will sound and we had to sing for hours. songs like without the communist party there would be no new china. most of them are songs praising mao tse tung. and were forced to repeat slogans about the greatness of president xi jinping and what a great place china is to live in. but if someone has an ethnic because i was born in china where large numbers of cars us have disappeared into camps along with a members of the muslim ethnic minorities the official just a few cation combatting religious extremism it's all brainwashing for them to
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accept that you are chinese and you have that national unity its size to make you feel you are part of the nation you don't need to keep your own ethnic and it is just really like ethnic cleansing practice because a whore for a g.'s have worn some or han of the long arm of chinese authorities but he wants his voice to be heard. they need to have the courage to tell the truth if we don't share our stories of what's going on then who will come that's why i'm speaking out for the dishonest by. someone hundreds in our modern city around three hundred kilometers from the chinese border if you from a detainee's have made it. we do not know exactly how many people are being detained at these camps international organizations estimate that the know. but exceeds one million there are no verdicts and no sentences release is entirely at
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the whim of the camp administration. many cars are seven months to china and many have relatives in the camps just saying the wrong word can lead to detention. for many inmates the only hope when these comes from amnesty is efforts on their behalf and this man was arrested on a business trip. to argentina to be sure i don't even know if he is still alive and you want to thank you as you know if it was my son is twelve. he asked me where his father is every day even his teacher has started asking questions. that he. knew was from across the border has become scars for muslims in china any contact with their relatives is simply too dangerous. as you heard one of the muslim
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minorities being detained in these camps of the weakest omar cannot see exactly committee of the way the world congress he joins us from washington welcome to day doubly there's a story we just heard reflects what you heard elsewhere. yes of course we have heard horrible more horrible stories more horrible stories than this and there are there are reports of death and custody and also. woman pregnant woman and elderly men with serious illnesses and people their disabilities also being health in these detention centers of course the chinese governments are pression has been going on for decades but says to thousands sixteen at this repression turn to an all out war against that people against a culture again the stain at the identity of the chinese government is trying to
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reshape the entire identity ethnic identity of the evil people and end. and let them and force them to forget and a degree now is whatever the value their religion their culture here today sion even there are reports that chinese authorities are observing just all not poor in chinese government says dozens of people were killed in attacks by we just separatists in the region in twenty first going twenty forty so beijing says those camps are the radicalization sentence so isn't john of rights to implement such deep radicalization programs. there have been some isolated as events of war why this incident in east turkistan because of the chinese government's their tests of policies especially. restrictions on
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religious and cultural freedom off the way good people but we don't know the daily it was terrorist act or terrorist attacks but even it was a terrorist attack isolates the terrorist attacks chinese government does it have the right it gave the chinese government no right to put more than one million dollars in detention center and more than two million dollars in. political indoctrination and cultural indoctrination centers so the existence of a cam so which you can be our arbitrarily sends how does the knowledge of this comes existence affect daily life for weakness or indeed for other muslims. so. people you cannot see smile on the face of the eagle people in the
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circus on a crowded street once crowded streets or a ghost towns one crowded was crowded you know buzz hours are the ghost towns and in some villages all men have gone and being taken to these detention centers. we've got people in other muslim. minorities in eastern sun or the press they are frustrated they are. and they are so powerless. to hold that their loved ones even get any information about their loved ones who are in detention centers and families are being separated children being separated from their parents and put fear into the orphanage in order crowded orphanages and this is the situation a human tragedy being had. happening in the circus done and
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a cry in this humanity being committed by the chinese government authorities in eastern omer cannot for me we will congress thank you there with. both of sweden's main political blocs of failed to secure majorities in sunday's general election but the country's far right has recorded major gains the ruling center left social democrats and their allies took forty point six percent of the vote just more than the center right alliance with mohnish forty point three of the populist sweden democrats of certain third place taking seventeen point six percent the far right party hopes to become kingmaker in any ruling coalition of both centrist blocks of declared that they will not work with them. europe's populist way now we each ng sweden in part because of this man u.
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me aur kosong declaring a big future for his third place anti immigrant party. do you know what friends of sweden they said on t.v. that it's hard to declare a winner of this election i know who's won the sweden democrats i was in a small country that's taken in four hundred thousand asylum seekers since two thousand and twelve orcus owns message has resonated for those skeptical about immigration and the establishment that establishment incumbent prime minister stuff on left been center left coalition came out just millimeters ahead of the opposition center right alliance a sign left and says that it's time to toss out the bloc system that's defined swedish politics for decades if using is no site has a clear majority. it's only natural that we will have to work across the political divide to make it possible to govern sweden some regard less of the final election results this will be the death of bloc politics. but his invitation
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to the center right to engage in cross party talks has so far fallen on deaf ears the head of the opposition instead calling for less than to resign that leaves two sides in a virtual dead heat after the vote both sides short of a majority both sides refusing to work with a strong third place finisher that has neo nazi roots. look for weeks or months of talks to form a new government in a country whose reputation for tolerance may be shifting along with the political winds sweeping across europe. now to some of the other stories making news around the world a top u.n. official says a syrian government offensive in the region could lead to the worst humanitarian disaster of this century syrian forces rushing to seeking to retake the last major rebel stronghold in syria there it is home to nearly three million people. at least
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six people have died in the suicide bombing in the somali capital mogadishu authorities her car laden with explosives rammed a security checkpoint at a local government office is hackers claim the al-shabaab is. based in germany has been on edge after violent anti migrant protests gripped the city of candidates two weeks ago fears of more unrest rose again on sunday when a man died after a fight with two afghan migrants in the town of curtain about one hundred fifty kilometers south west of balance two and a half thousand protesters followed the call of far right groups and gathered there for a march a post-mortem showed the man died of acute heart failure and not of his injuries afghan men have been taken into police custody. courage and it's in mourning but there's anger as well as screech. that. this man furiously tells our camera crew to stop filming him as. a chairman man died here on saturday evening in
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this small is sent town after two groups apparently clashed to afghans who are arrested one friend is still coming to terms with what happened. while the woman who will be was a good person who was always very quiet. it's dreadful terrible that he died so young. your side of the storm was over. as news of the man's death spread on social media there were calls for protest according to to police some twenty five hundred people took part in the march to rest advance but some members of the far right alternative for germany party police say they have a fortune five hundred with links to the extreme right the mayor of courage and has called for calm. i told the people of kirsten there's a big far right presence here to not join in with that some residents misunderstood
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my words and thought the man was telling them they could not speak out to join the protest. it will go on my stomach to people companies took part in the vigil and for them that's a good thing not a woman with us both because even. it's not clear exactly what happened there was a dispute and the german melissa died of a heart attack he had a history of heart decease police say one if they arrested afghan should have been deported the other had a residence permit politicians are keen to avoid comparisons with nearby candidates where the death last month of a german man lots of protests. of course we are aware of how far right groups operate on a national level and how they are able to react so quickly we will adapt our plans accordingly. mar demonstrations are planned
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in kuta and later today police f rawdon reinforcements from all around germany. official up to date at the top of the hour more on the talk of course on the website that's p.w. dot com have a good. one organize a party it's a real policy because there's no rubbishing about everyone writes that only on their own cup and then we parted. and you know what the great thing is you know and they.


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