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tv   Reporter - Native American woman runs for Congress  Deutsche Welle  August 13, 2018 6:02am-6:16am CEST

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entering the conflict zone with tim sebastian. has been challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding answers. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with key players on the ground in the centers of. the rhetoric holding the powerful to account fast the constant. conflict zone with tim sebastian on t.v. . she's a single mother from one of the most persecuted minority groups in u.s. history deb hall and is a left leaning democrat campaigning to become the first native american woman in the u.s. congress she's an outspoken critic of president trump and she's hoping to win
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a seat in the house of representatives so i think if we win back the house we have an opportunity to hold the republicans feet to the fire. the community activist could bring a new voice from new mexico to the capitol as never before seen numbers of women and native americans running for office so what's behind her potentially historic campaign and death hall and set the course for other americans who felt sidelined to follow her lead over. sexism can be extremely subtle in some ways and i'm sure that a lot of women face this you know when you ask a woman to run you have to ask her seven time. times before she will say yes but
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you only have to ask a man won. this year a record number of women no longer need to be asked it could be a small step toward equal representation in a country where only one in five lawmakers is a woman well there are definitely more women running now than ever there there are hundreds more women who are running in every office from the top of the ballots to the bottom cross the country and yes i absolutely want to make sure that women get elected here in new mexico you know as far as i'm concerned if i want native women or women of color to run to be willing to help them get out there. and it's not just women native americans are also seeking office in twenty eighteen in previously unseen numbers. the government recognizes five hundred seventy three tribes making up some two percent of the us population. native
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americans have faced a long history of oppression including the government taking their lands and stripping them of their traditions today they still face higher poverty rates than the national average and one in three says they have experienced racism that's why so many are angry to see trump use what they consider a racial slur using a historical native american figures name as an insult when he calls one of his political opponents pocahontas should be could trump also has shrunk the size of protected monuments they consider to be sacred saying the federal government can no longer control those resources and guess what there were. probably. will once again be for public use. that's the kind of policy that has convinced holland supporters to open their wallets at this fundraiser in taos new mexico going. to fourth that's never been included before. it's it should have been a long time ago but now we have a chance. paul and is one of
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a handful of indigenous women running for congress this year from both sides of the aisle. and she's likely the one with the best chance of success. pleasure's mine thank you for coming to hearing much of their decision karen for you thank you so much irish. thank you carol we're going to make sure you work hard to make it happen somebody has got to make something happen what size gray i better say yes. there are already two native americans in congress both republican men from oklahoma. but the democrats who have been inspired to run say they felt insulted and marginalized by the trump administration hollande supporters want her to help wrest power from the republican controlled congress and stand up to a president who's been accused of sexism and even assault. thing ok thank you for and i think that the earth needs to start changing to the woman power instead of this. caress of power and. i
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don't know if there is a mother but she is kind of a mother figure and mother figures are a lot more tender and nurturing and understanding than. the man energy i don't think she is a mother one who once had to feed her daughter using food stamps now she wants to set an example for future generations of women so they don't have to do the same when i think about you know our young native women these two beautiful young girls here who maybe in their lifetime will actually see a native woman in the congress whereas you know someone like me there was no one that i could. go to to say how did you do it and how you know how can we make this happen. but can the fifty seven year old lawyer bring major change to u.s. politics her supporters want to know whether she can stand up to the president if she wins. of course the number one question i get asked is.
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will you vote to impeach. i think. and so i think if we win back the house we have an opportunity to hold the republicans feet to the fire right because we'll be in the majority. after a morning a fund raising the team has returned to its headquarters. once inside the campaign office hollin takes a rare quiet moment to look through photos of her family. and an early photo of me and my daughter she was probably. seven or eight here. and my grandmother this was. i must have been in college during this time i was at her house and her she was sitting in a room where. she once lived with her grandmother in laguna pueblo
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a reservation some seventy kilometers west of albuquerque. so this error was given to me it was found in your town in syria i carry it with me all the time because i it's it was. used by our ancestors and it's important for me. for her it's a source of pride and protection and she says she'll carry it with her while in congress if she wins the race. although her chances are good in a strongly democratic district every poll and staff aren't taking anything for granted. she actually in bodies the values that she was in the sometimes you don't always for everybody. i just doubt that's why they're spending long days working to help her when getting donations to finance her campaign is always on their minds. so it takes a lot of hours on the phone to make sure that we're actually connecting with the donors that we need to connect with to raise money. congressional campaigns were
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always having to raise money that is just a fact right campaigns are expensive. with no time to lose they're off to the next event making use of every minute to convince supporters to host more fundraisers. yes yes yes. yes and the night charlotte called me back and she's she's going to be there. thank you. thank you. good to be personally. they're headed to a union meeting of postal workers to try and get their support. and their braving a storm on their way.
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to be when you think about letter carriers delivering mail every jury knows now it's artistry better than they do it was down south so i definitely want to be example i'm going to tap into the fact that we appreciate their expertise. and she believes she's found a way to reach that audience if you were letter carrier for our house my dad would have left you a six pack of beer or whatever the paper read for your christmas present or something right there right kay felt it was important to to recognize if you know the folks that make our lives better. call in hopes to convince the postal workers to turn out on election day and she's making her case based on her frustration with the president's republican party. they're worried about their reelection so they're not going to start a fight with trump even though they know he's extremely dangerous to this country.
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people want to know whether she can do anything about trump if she wins but she's trying to temper expectations even if she goes to congress she alone won't be able to get him out i would be ready to vote for impeachment. the only thing is that we need two thirds of the senate to vote to make that happen cross our fingers i think we can definitely win back the house but for her supporters it's enough to have an outspoken minority voice in power who will represent on her and to know that she is a native american and for me i'm hispanic and i want somebody that is a different story getting reason this is just that they want to make a difference in this. hall and represents the progressive wing of her party as democrats grapple with what message will bring voters to the polls in november she's taking a more leftist position on issues like immigration abortion and legalizing marijuana and she is especially concerned with the environment but.
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there it is right here at the site n.p.r. yesterday there are five of these ballots full of plastic. you know oceans for every foot of coastline in the world so we're ruining our oceans with plastic. so i almost think that if we allow this to blow around in new mexico and it right lands in the rio grande a river there's a chance it could go into the ocean. and pick it up. holland chalks up her climate policies in part to memories of her grandmother's pueblo at a time when there was no electricity or running water. and i knew a time yeah i mean that's kind of where i i learned to be very conservative with with our natural resources because when you're the one that has to go haul the water in buckets and bring them back to the house you know you try to make it last
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as long as you can. she's promoted solar energy and keeping fossil fuels in the ground zero one zero zero zero and her message of protecting nature is one that resonates here you can tell there's a dry patch in one affair it's very dry the fear of climate change. to save this place deb holland is drawing on a long history of defiance to fight for her community and for her moment in the sun . to. this reputation her. arsonist believed. to tyrants. the roman emperor nero. to be
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just get bad trends. renowned historians are reexamining this case rethinking the road as history been unfair to the infamous emperor starts aug fourteenth on d. w. . things can be told it. is worse than that god is for to know. the monstrous intrigue which will. be told and switched on twenty. we make up over three quarters of a focus on debt that's a positive for the civil service and. they want to shape the continent's future to be part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent trying to get these platforms for africa in charge of. her.


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