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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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this is you don't you know whose life are ruined donald trump declares nato a fine shoe machine after a contentious two day summit in brussels after harshly criticizing members of the military alliance the u.s. president confirms america's commitment to nato while boasting of winning big spending increases from the allies and president trump and first lady malani i have now arrived in britain for talks with prime minister to resign me and team with the queen there will be plenty of red carpet spread none of the pomp and pageantry of
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the state visit that was originally planned. as it was eight the reeling and historic win for grace in the second semifinal of the world cup striker mario managed to get shipped scored the winning goal against england in extra time on his team's two one victory was followed by an endless night of celebration. thanks very much for your company everyone one of nato's most tumultuous summits in a long time has ended with u.s. president donald trump making some strident and highly critical remarks aimed especially on germany has in the meantime arrived in britain for talks with the prime minister to resign and team with the queen before leaving the summit in brussels everybody's relieved trump. reaffirmed his commitment to nato and said
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that the allies had all agreed to increase their contributions to the budget he also denied reports that the us had threatened to pull out of the alliance if other member states failed to follow through on their spending promises and german chancellor angela merkel spoke at the close of the nato meeting she said she felt the alliance was still strong but that member states needed to do more for each other this morning the question was again raised what we need to do for our defense. and i made it clear for germany that we know that we need to do more and we have been doing more for some time and. we started moving in that direction long ago we are doing it for our own soldiers but also of course for the alliance. we are doing this in the things of changes to the security situation we have
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recognized the latest with the attack on ukraine and the an extension of crimea. the chancellor speaking there at the end of the nato summit at the start of the nato summit president trump had some tough words for germany calling berlin out for being what he described as too reliant on russian gas and urged nato to look into the matter well to help us assess the state of bilateral ties between the u.s. and germany want to turn to u.s. political analyst james been the go search think you so much for joining us the two very tumultuous days at the nato h.q. mr trump going after a germy saying it is controlled by russia did he really mean what he said or was he just playing hardball with the strategy here. i believe that he's trying to play strong hardball in order to encourage people to act and in that sense he was right and he is chief of that on the other hand that bullying that that kind of tough talk actually undermines his ability or undermines their leader's ability to go
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back to their publics and convince them that they need to do more spending and more activity for nato. how much bad blood is there or how damaged our bilateral relations when you undermine the trust and the the predictability of any agreement it takes a very long time to rebuild its knowledge and question is really whether or not the president will come back and build on that relationship that he has achieved attention by all the bar parties of nato in fact as the chancellor just said after the invasion of ukraine and then accession of crimea the europeans of cells understood that there was a threat and before that they did not believe there was a threat coming and have taken action to increase their defense spending and their capabilities to support their own security. how confident would you say is germany today that the u.s. will stick with nato. i think he has introduce
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a very significant question about whether or not the united states would stand by its commitment under article five of the nato treaty just the fact that he has talked about this for us now two years nearly as made clear before that for thirty years since one thousand nine hundred seven when he had an open letter in the new york times that europeans need to do more there is a rarity strong undercurrent of concern that the united states under his leadership would not support nato however at the same time the senate yesterday passed a resolution in favor of nato by ninety seven to two a very very strong understanding that the united states itself stands with nato and he took the point from that that he needs to understand that the united states does support nato it does support article five and should he should support it and mr brennan i do it in conclusion mr trump this is the first time that he's taken issue with germany what do you think his problem. i think it stems back to the one nine
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hundred eighty s. when germany also had a very large trade balance and he was in the bill in business and found that they felt from his negotiating scene that he was being the united states is being taken advantage of he hasn't changed that position for thirty more years and so i think he has a carries out on and now looks to have bilateral relations and has with the europeans only a multilateral that is the u.s. commission or the e.u. commission is the one that negotiates trade agreements and he wants to talk individually and the most the strongest partner there is germany and so he has developed an ability to attack germany because it's the strongest country in europe u.s. political analyst james been a novel thank you sir for weighing in my pleasure thank you very much. now from brussels the u.s. president has traveled on to what he called the hot spot britain his trip coincides with what is already a tomato a sweet also for prime minister theresa may after
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a number of key resignations over brags it and john has already poured oil onto the fire which he prime minister theresa may had a number of key resignations as you might recall over brags that donald trump and the first lady milan arrived on air force one to start the four day visit he's expected to talk about bilateral trade deal potentially and among other topics with prime minister theresa may police expect more than one hundred protests across the country during the trip. all right and standing by as you have your correspondent very good masa she joins us now from the capital london bridge what kind of reception is the couple getting. well i think the first research and london has been positive just where we are the best is the u.s. ambassador's residence here in london winfield house and we've just seen people
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coming out of the residence it was supposed to be a town hall style meeting where he has met what i think mostly u.s. citizens in the u.k. and they have said that they're very proud of president trump that they're proud of what he's doing defending the western alliance described him as a chilean characters a very positive but then again as you've already said there are many protests and protesters are already gearing up here outside the u.s. ambassador's residence and wherever you go there will be protests he's going to meet the queen tomorrow in windsor we expect protests that he's also going to hold talks with to reason may and check us know that's going to be pretty much sheltered it's outside of london probably not that minute protests over there but then when he travels on to scotland in the evening also again protests a lot of british people are really very skeptical about donald trump majority think that he's actually making the world a more dangerous place two million people almost two million have tried to petition
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to withdraw the invitation to him so a lot of people are very very skeptical indeed but never that nevertheless this is a very high stakes meeting there for prime minister theresa may she's embattled dealing with a major domestic political crisis she could use some help is he going to give her that helping hand. well indeed it's a very sensitive time for two reason may leaving the european union and and such a way losing one of the key allies and she would have hoped to revive this mythical so-called special relationship that there is the between the u.s. and the u.k. especially in this time when britain needs new allies and the most hope is for a new trade deal with is this relationship going to be and i guess will be finding out pretty soon a brit must reporting from london thank you all right let's get you caught up now
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with some of the other stories making news around the world on the u.k. speech relationship with staying in britain the british government has published a new prince for the country's exit from the e.u. gregg's it minister dominic robb told parliament proposals to keep britain in a free market for goods but a looser relationship for services the new class prompted former foreign secretary and briggs that minister to resign earlier this week you really got a last separatist leader carlos put him up could soon be extradited to spain that's after a german court declared his extradition on a charge that he misused public funds push him all fled spain last year after attempting to declare catalonia as independence he's been in germany since march. germany's highest score highest private law court rather has ordered facebook to give the parents of the deceased user access to her data the couple have been
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fighting for years to find out the cause of their fifteen year old daughter's death hoping her facebook accounts would give them some clues. almost six years ago at teenage girl was run over by an underground train in berlin whether it was a suicide or a tragic accidental still unknown the parents stayed at threat to get access to a facebook page to find out if the messages provided any clues although they have to loving code the said was blocked as facebook had already memory allies to account after facebook refused to grant them access the parents won a first case and twenty fifteen only for another court to overturn the ruling on the grounds that opening the account would compromise the privacy of to teenagers contacts. in the latest verdict the federal court ruled that the parents can inherit it daughter's facebook account. so we have an. analogue documents like
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diaries and personal letters are readily passed on it's from an inheritance point of view there's no reason to treat digital content differently you taught. us to bond. until now liars and activists advise people to make their own arrangements until such time that there was a final ruling catacombs or three fundamentally advising people to take care of their estate one way to do that is by issuing a letter of authorization which can include how digital data is dealt with in case of death. nothing thank you designate someone you trust and ideally give them power of attorney. before enough to give in so it is imparted to take care of one stitch a legacy but not everyone is aware of that and they obviously so we're not going to i haven't thought about what happens to it when i die i want photos are also digital inheritance i now print them out for my daughter and put them into
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a little album on the top on the as open as i will and it's really sort of that old enough to think about if you have to so not at all no. really just to make the somewhat difficult topic because i'm personally affected right now since someone i know died and the question came up what happens to their funds of account. may be realized to that you'd be deleted. never thought about it i don't know the federal court's decision could now set a president for how do you need deals with the dude to chill i can see in the future. the football world cup in russia has delivered another thrilling clash horatio beat england in the semifinal and the country is now heading to its first ever world cup final they recovered from an early goal so it went to set up a final showdown with france. and england croatia under pressure from the get go
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forcing a foul on delhi ali and giving england their first chance and go kieren chippy a with a perfectly timed free kick one no for the three lions in the fifteen minutes the bay took courage shot into the sixty eight minutes of breaking limbs defense even perish it's far more determined to get the ball than call one all abut and despite multiple chances there were no more goals in the regular ninety minutes the game heading into actual time. in the one hundred ninety minutes marmande you catch with a decided in the score of paris's turn provider and you wouldn't pick foot in the goal was without a chance. with this young three lions team's dream dashed in the most painful way while croatia celebrate reaching their first world cup final. thanks so much for
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watching news continues at the top of the hour. state by state. colorful. life. the most traditional. find all that any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany by state. d w talk.


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