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i want to go back to our lead story where a testy nato summit has kicked off in brussels and we're standing by i believe still to to hear from the nato secretary general are still there who is expected to give a press conference momentarily and as soon as it gets under way we will go to it but first want to talk to terry as she is our nato correspondent and terry we'll find out shortly but i'm hoping that you can lay some of the groundwork for us what can we expect from the nato secretary general who's at the helm of an alliance being undermined by its founding member. that's right secretary-general stoltenberg will face. a barrage of questions about the trans-atlantic relationship and specifically about comments made by president trump about germany about europe in general about his his constant acts of accusations that europe is freeloading on the back of the united states and his most recent
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comments this morning that germany should not be buying energy from russia when the u.s. is spending billions to protect germany from russia over simplifying the situation just a bit i can i can pretty much guarantee that secretary general will start off with this communique that has just been released he will want to very much focus on what has been agreed upon of course instead of the differences and this brussels declaration will include the very predictable principles of nato and nato membership that nato guarantees the security of its allies talks about russia and prolonged period of instability that's expected number three we will share fairly the responsibilities of defending each other and it repeats this well the language from the wales summit of twenty fourteen means that the allies will aim to move toward two percent of g.d.p. spending on their defense budgets i could go on but it looks like the press
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conference is getting underway right now so we can head back to head over to secretary-general stoltenberg and hear from him what he is not there yet so we're going to wait until it's still empty flat for that's ok don't worry i'm keeping an eye on it as well if you disregard the i can't talk to you and look though i am doing that for us if you if you disregard the antagonism the confrontational tone and optics i mean does trump have a point i mean he's the first american president to complain about the funding issue about burden sharing about members not pulling their weight when it comes to defense spending is it time for europe to amounts to paid itself a step up to the plate. well there are several different issues that you brought up there he does have a point that europe does not spend anywhere near as much as the united states does on its defense budgets and all of the european allies have admitted that they don't do this that their their militaries are underprepared under equipped and that they
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must do more and since two thousand and fourteen since russia annexed crimea all of them have reversed to those spending declines and that's something that secretary general wishes president trump would acknowledge a bit more he certainly wishes that would be the headline out of this summit many billions more are being put into defense budgets now than were before two thousand and fourteen so president trump is right that europeans underspending they admit that themselves what he what is seen as destabilizing to not just the relationship but the alliance is his linking this issue to other issues to trade to energy supply and more dangerously he has also linked it to article five to the principle of mutual defense which is of course the most important bedrock principle of nato he has implied on occasion that those who don't spend two percent of their g.d.p. on their defense budgets may not get to the united states to respond if they if
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they get into into trouble so that's something that would be very dangerous and he's made that link on more than one occasion and specifically mentioned germany in that in that line so that's something that nato very much wants to come out of this summit dispelling the notion that under spending which is being reversed would have any impact on nato solidarity if any of the allies got into got into trouble and that's very important as we look ahead to this july sixteenth meeting between president trump and president putin exactly because talk about timing how strong our relations though are right now within the north atlantic alliance. i would. think that you can you can separate those into relations with the united states and you can maybe take turkey out there some strains there and the europeans but you know there have been some interesting developments here poland has asked the united states to transfer some soldiers there to transfer some military there
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in exchange for cash now the alliance worries that something that could be very appealing to president trump and that would be again dividing the allies at the same time is he saying he may pull troops out of germany their long standing bases there so there are some divisions that we have seen among the europeans and many observers are warning against that but just a few minutes ago as a matter of fact president trump was meeting with the french president mcclellan and mcclellan was asked as he was sitting down whether he thinks germany is captive to russia because of because of its energy imports and mcclellan said that he didn't agree with trump on that so you know there have been calls for other european leaders to stand up and defend uncle americal as she takes the brunt of trump's criticism and it sounds like president bush has done that to the extent possible today with without having full press conferences and he has made remarks in defense of germany's position right but the writing is still on the wall isn't though terry i mean we're now in a situation today where europe i mean will have to come up with maybe an
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alternative defense alliance how we a list is that even can they come up with an alternative defense alliance something that america never wanted it to do. well america has called on europe to be stronger inside nato now that the european union has taken its own steps toward more defense capabilities being held here in europe of course with the permanent structure cooperation establishing the european defense fund then the united states was uncomfortable with that because they're afraid that these capabilities that would be developed under the european union would then not be available to nato even though these are the majority of member states or are belong to both the european union and nato so those are discussions that are under way. it has been pretty much a knocked out that there would be a european army i've been told that personally by the head of the european defense agency that that's that's just ridiculous talk that there would be
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a separate army but as far as defense capabilities that is something that the europeans have decided to do and will be doing and i think that that's that's probably going to go a long way toward assuring them that they are not completely dependent on the united states which unfortunately to a great extent they are at the moment now the u.s. of course built this house without sounding too melodramatic could we also see it bring down the house i mean is this the beginning of the unraveling of nato. i don't think so i mean you've heard that before and you also hear that the european union is falling apart any minute and having covered both these institutions for a long time i don't think either of those things is going to happen but again president trump makes some very off the remarks when when the prime minister sweden was just visiting the white house he explained that sweden was not a member of the european union but that you know they sort of dip in and out of operations and contribute where they feel that they that they can and they want to
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and president trump said hey that sounds great we should try that in the united states or some remarks to that effect so there are constantly these worrying these worrying reminders that he is not completely committed to the alliance that he's not he doesn't like any multilateral organizations and i think that it's certainly a far cry from what even the republican party would have would have thought we were where we'd be now that they would be considering pulling out now terry of course so the timing is very interesting in a couple of days president trump will be meeting with the russian president vladimir putin what you think he would make for what's happening what's unfolding in brussels at this moment you know one of the remarks i heard this morning was that what was said about germany at breakfast this morning would be making president putin very happy so i think we have that too that will be determined but now we still don't really is starting to see so i'm going to let us over their
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banks terry the secretary general berg will be addressing a stright now let's take a listen. we have decisions that are pushing this along and it's forward i'm making a stronger. in the history of nato we have had many disagreements and we have been able to overcall again and again because at the end of the day we all agree that north america and europe are safer together nato is good for europe and nato is good for north america. so today we agreed to strengthen nato so that turns on the fence step up our role in the fight against terrorism and share the burden of security more fairly. i really welcome that many leaders have made announcements about new contributions to
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a whole range of nato missions and initiatives we agreed to read in this initiative and therefore thirty's by twenty twenty we will have thirteen mechanized the talents thirty air squad rooms and thirty eight combat the vessels ready to use within thirty days or less we agreed a major update of the nato command structure with more than one thousand two hundred new personnel and new commands for the atlantic in north in order folk would you know for support and not just sticks in all in germany these decisions will ensure we come have the right forces in the right place at the right time with a high here redness great ability to reinforce. but many of the challenges we face a blur the line between peace crisis and conflict so today we set up
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a new count that hybrid support teams nato experts would stand ready to support allies in areas like cyber defense counter-propaganda an energy security we also agreed to set up a new cyber operations center once part or strengthen command structure and be agreed we can draw on national cyber capabilities in missions and operations instability in the middle east and north africa affects nato allies we are determined to preserve our gains in the fight against isis and prevent them from coming back so today as requested by the iraq government we launched a new training mission in iraq and i welcome that count on the house agreed to lead the mission in iraq it will be an norm coleman but the mission of several hundred
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trainers will also established a professional military schools and academies for the iraq forces today and that we also decided to increase our support for jordan and tunisia to further develop their kid who capacities to tackle terrorism and we declared our hub for the south fully operational. it will help us respond more effectively to regional challenges in order to be prepared for the challenges we face we need to invest more and better in the fence we all agree that we do not have fair burden sharing in our airlines today. we all agree that we need more cash in national defense budgets more more than capabilities and more contributions to missions on operations. the good news is that we are making
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progress for a quarter of a century many of our countries have been cutting billions from their defense budgets now they're adding billions or our allies are increasing defense spending this year eight nations have committed to devote at least two percent of g.d.p. on defense and the majority of our allies have plans to do so but twenty twenty four last year saw the biggest increase in defense spending since the end of the cold war last year we also agreed to develop national plans on burden sharing and based on the national plans of your allies and canada we expect two hundred and sixty six billion in extra u.s. dollars extra for defense between now and twenty twenty four this
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is significant including billions for more than high end capabilities. we're also stepping up contributions to nato on deployments so we are turned the tide but we need to do more this is about fairness this is about credibility and above all this is about our security in a more unpredictable world. nato's door is and will remain open we warmly welcomed last month's historic agreement between athens and scorpio and today we agreed to invite the government of scapa to start accession talks. once all national procedures have been completed to finalize the name agreement the country we're joined nato our thirtieth member. the decisions we have made today show that europe on north america are working
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together nato is delivering and we are determined to keep our almost of one billion citizens safe and secure i mean that i'm ready to take your questions. ok go to this row in the center of wall street journal. with the wall street journal secretary-general there's been some talk generally in the run up to the summit that despite the challenge of getting to two percent that target may not be enough and it should guy actually perhaps be set higher what's your view at this point would that be helpful or would that be a distraction from getting allies to two percent i think reassure the first get to two percent focus on not now. that is what
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we have agreed that's the pledge. and the good thing is that we are moving towards that. when we made the pledge back in twenty eight fourteen it was only true allies spending two percent of g.d.p. on defense this year as i said eight allies have committed and a majority of allies have all that put forward plans on how to reach two percent within a decade so my focus is on that. i think that you also have to understand that. this is really turning the trend because for decades off the gender cold war and nato allies were cutting defense budgets and i have been. in the ninety ninety s. i was minister of finance and always and i was able to actually be good at cutting defense budgets. but then tensions went down now tensions are going up so when we cut defense budgets when tensions are going down we have to be able to
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increase the funds budgets when there are increasing i see no. rattled around tonight three remaining our secretary general i saw the declaration and you have mentioned rumania as one of the best contributors for two percent of g.d.p. in defense budget. remaining and is the asking the allies think greece the security in the black sea region in the black sea region have been happened all the military aggressions from russia in the last ten years in georgia ukraine in crimea what are the steps that this nato summit took to increase the security in the black sea region and what will be the role of the new commandment landforms commandment that will be found in the remaining as it mentioned in the collaboration thank you. i will. increase we have seen. defense spending in or may know that there is significant and i said that remain a is one of the countries that has adopted the budget which should provide. two
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percent of g.d.p. for defense and that is really the progress we have designed it that we have to follow up on the implemented we call tailored for a presence in romania and the black sea region we are also strengthening our maritime posture developing our nighttime capabilities and this is and in addition to increased presence in the black sea region we had land forces air forces a marathon forces. one of the most important things we. have done today is to further strengthen our ability to reinforce to move forces quickly if needed so force natal as the fence and the third is not on the base on the force we have for instance the black sea region the national forces on the nato multinational forces but is also of course very much dependent on our ability to reinforce move
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forces quickly and both the increased threat and the saw forces for thirty's initiative the fact that we all have to treat people the size of the nato response force and the fact that in our addressing military mobility. much more vigilant under four. helps us to be able to reinforce move forces into the black sea region or remain critically needed so see a good press. that's secretary general loan quote from the associated press. a question on iraq please you mentioned several hundred trainers could you just flesh that out a little more. how ambitious you can be in iraq given the circumstances politically and otherwise canada said that they're prepared to send up to two hundred fifty troops to take a train and is that is that kind of the ceiling is that the limit we're at and and
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isn't this kind of mission more what the sharing should be about that rather than the money in investing in defense industry. burden sharing is about spending it's about contributions it's about capabilities so it is speak about the three cs cash contributions on capabilities and of course the cash the money it has to be put into good work for instance investing in new capabilities or financing contributions like twenty missions in in in iraq the importance of all the training mission in iraq is that we strongly believe that prevention is better than the intervention of the metadata that i have to make sure that i sold dollars is not able to come back and the best way of doing that is to train the iraq is to build a lot of capacity and the importance of the nato training mission is that we are going to train the trainers we are going to train the teachers and the trainers so
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they can train their all soldiers themselves build military schools and academies so this is this is what the action i would do in afghanistan after a big combat operation of many years we have scaled down our presence not on its own from com but to train assist and once we have seen the many problems in afghanistan that at least we have seen that we are unable to afghans to take over responsibility for security in their own country and that's exactly the same as a concept we don't apply in iraq different countries do. challenges but the best way to prevent nato and nato allies being forced back into combat operations in iraq fighting dogs and the other kinds of terrorist groups is to make sure that iraq a goldman today iraq and forces are able to prevent dawlish from coming back. to the lady from. georgian t.v. news recession mr secretary general can you expect that there will be another super
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eight declination in the end of for some you to both georgia and what can you say about who saw some of declination which was published a few minutes ago what it says singh knew about georgia thank you. well we are planning a new declaration all. together with with georgia. new can read the declaration when they publish it but but if we will in the text version of course i reiterate i was strong support to georgia our political support or practical support and welcome. both the nato allies are now providing more support in different ways to georgia with a training center to capacity building efforts supporting their reforms but also recognize the significant progress georgia is making and a fight that georgia is contributing to many nato missions and operations i can be
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i can say more about this when we have published or agreed to. the statement tomorrow b s s b. james holmes from british rule says t.v. and radio searches are all right that was the nato secretary general young stoltenberg addressing the pres gathered at a nato h.q. in brussels one of the things that he said when starting right off the bat nato is good for europe and nato is good for america and he also added that we need to invest better and we agree that we need more cash and that there is not a fair burden sharing tara szell standing by at nato she's also been following that speech and the questions that the nato secretary general took terry it seems like present trends approaches yielding results. that's right if you look at the increases in spending there are going to be billions more being put into
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national defense budgets since two thousand and fourteen that of course is before president trump that that actually happened when russia annexed crimea from ukraine but it is true that there has been a big bump in increases since president came into office since he made this his primary focus in the relationship with nato and secretary general stoltenberg is quite open about it about crediting president trump with president trump also credits himself with it so they agree on that point but it is it is irrefutable that all nato allies are spending more now and that the increases will continue through the twenty twenty four deadline that the alliance set itself for all allies to be showing increases in their spending right now at the target number that they seem to be going for is the two percent of g.d.p. for defense but apparently behind closed doors the president trump has said wasn't enough it should be four percent i mean it seems if this is confirmed it seems like
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the goalpost just keeps getting moved. well that's true and you know i think a lot of people including probably secretary-general stoltenberg would agree that more is better but that was the first question that he was asked he was asked about these rumors that the united states would not even be satisfied if all countries were spending two percent which is a long way off and he said let's get to two percent first he wouldn't even entertain that notion so i think that the the road to two percent is so long and will not be completed by all allies by two thousand and twenty four and i think it would clearly just be more divisive if they started talking about forcing countries to increase their defense budgets even beyond two percent of g.d.p. right now do you think president trump will be satisfied with this outcome is this something that he can go back home and say listen mission accomplished. i don't think so because these numbers have been out for a long time they have finalized some figures yesterday but we have seen this
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reversal in declined now as i said for for three or four years and even knowing that the budgets were being increased as we have know now for several months president term hasn't backed off at all on the spending and and that is because as we've been discussing all day until germany really shows. a bigger move toward two percent we've been told behind the scenes by diplomats that it doesn't matter which other countries we're spending to spend two percent or how much they increase it's really germany this in his sights and you know the german government says look we are not at two percent we will not be at two percent by two thousand and twenty four but we have increased our by that point we will have increased our defense spending eighty percent and they challenge back at the united states show us another country that's again that's shown an eighty percent increase over that same time period so i don't think that germany is is going to make any
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promises to president trump that it will be moving ahead beyond the one point five percent is promised and if secretary-general sort of break has actually has actually taken to saying that he hopes. that the united states recognizes the advances that have been made so he definitely is pushing president trump to call a win a win thanks a lot he went over a lot terry. right. now to sports the first of two world cup semifinals was played last night with france against belgium it wasn't a free scoring game many were hoping for but. aside prevail things to a defensive master class. it wasn't until the twenty second minute it's k.g. seven final sprang to life belgians toby and a viral tonight on the turn a stunning say from hugo to reese fronts attack next killian and back page feeding benjamin providing the thirty eight minutes of vital stuff from tivo culture this
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time the breakthrough arrived early in the second tough fronts the summer and t.t. rose highest and not home and trunk reasons corner in the fifty first minute. nothing called talk a do about that one zero fronts turn on the magic to produce one of the game slick his moves shortly after a lucky escape for belgium the red devils three men forward in the dying moments but left blur held firm under pressure. delirium at the final whistle the first world cup final appearance for fronts in twelve years croatia england line wait a heart breaking into the tournament for belgium. the villa from us. and the second world cup semi final takes place in moscow tonight when surprise packages creation and england face off creation are targeting a first ever place in the world cup final the three lions meanwhile have also surpassed all expectations despite many of their usually boisterous fans shying
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away from russia. this flight from london heathrow should be packed with england fans but the check in desk has seen busier days political tensions fears over russian hooligans and the costs mean the number of england supporters usually at a will cop is well down this year even ahead of a first semifinal in twenty eight years. organizers have brought out a former miss russia to try to encourage more england fans to make the trip. i says i want to say to english fans guys that get it together come to russia and support your national team because if they have gotten into the same in china. croatia's wealth of talent could also be scaring off some england fans real madrid's luka moderates event to strike a mario man to catch and barcelona midfielder even racquet it should have shown so far enough out wins by a penalties hoffenheim forward andrei kraemer each knows england well from his time
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at leicester. england play more attractive an attacking football than in previous years. it's hard to say what suits especially because we have our own style. i'm sure the match won't be off to a fast start because there's so much at stake we need to stay focused especially in defense. they could go the distance but know this england fans don't want penalties. all right and that's president trump has been busy making friends that nato tariffs are also looming large on the rise and yet again another round of. donald trump about exchanging barbara marx over trade at the nato summit tensions between the us and china gone up a notch as america announces yet another round of tariffs on chinese imports most recent lists products as diverse as live eels human have by. speedometers dog
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leashes and toilet paper it all sounds quite funny but it adds up to two hundred billion dollars worth of products and the measures are already putting chinese consumers off buying american made products containers apply ling up in shanghai and now to a steaks apparently from the u.s. that no one will buy because they're too expensive since last week chinese customs or thirty's have been searching for meat and so imports from the u.s. and slapping them with turnips of twenty five percent customers in supermarkets a feeling the effects and the food industry is already looking for other suppliers outside the u.s. but washington insists on china changing its unfair trade practices and opening its economy that's why the trumpet ministration is ramping up its trade for on friday america raised its treaties on chinese imports china retaliated with similar
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tariffs on u.s. imports and now trumpets ordered the u.s. trade representative robert lion heiser to place tariffs on a feather two hundred billion u.s. dollars worth of chinese goods including food and agricultural products the chinese government has called the plans unacceptable. and honestly the u.s. is being a typical bully on trade china will take necessary action to protect our legal rights i also want to add to this is a fight between you need actually ism and multilateralism protectionism and free trade and power and rules china plans to hit back and has filed a complaint with the world trade organization. terrorist counter terrorism counter counter types over a confusing that's some light on it and bring him economist how to fly specked from the united nations regional information center joins us from zone in switzerland
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welcome to the show you have said trump has rights to be angry at americans trading as why's that. yeah because for all faces the situation in the united states. for an account deficit trade deficit for thirty four years and is no longer willing to accept it she does something other administrations were complaining about but his acting was the first president was acting the others were just complaining he's acting but if you look for example the e.u. us trade there is certainly a us deficit if you look at the goods but if you include services it's actually a surplus of yet trump seems completely oblivious to that fact. i think it's not about europe that much is not complaining about france he's talking about germany it's all about germany because germany really has a huge trade and including services service with the united states so but he cannot
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do it with germany because germany doesn't have its own trade regime that's all done in brussels so here really is and trouble to to get the right coverage so say can you decipher a strategy behind all of that and if so what is it maximum disruption of world trade. you know it's not to know the you misunderstand it to a person who says deficits and surpluses should not belong to share and free trade and free trade is right and that is trump those people in europe who say where you do whatever you want you have so it was a deficit so wrong the whole idea of free trade is not about deficits and surpluses about comparative advantages than one guy has and the other guy but not about absolute atlantia. doesn't deficit reflecting absolute to plan such and so for trump isn't principle right he's doing it not very smart i mean he should manipulate a bit the dollar down by thirty percent or so and the whole thing would. be done
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and it's much more effective than all the terrors up and down again debt it's not it's really not smart and sooner or later i think he will realise that there's much credit to get the dollar down better presented then yes no problem at all anymore what's the way he could do that getting the dollar down doubt many many ways of bringing currency down if the euro you talk it down for us presidents either to talk it down he would give a press conference and say well we want the dollar down the trade is would believe that the federal reserve the american said the banks they would remain down i mean look at switzerland and other countries many countries have we can decker and that's what it's all about to protect their trade and that is what we're term could do and nobody could complain nobody could say oh that's unfair we know the right value of the dog it's all nonsense then he would be out of there of the critique interesting suggest that from economists on
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a faucet thank you very much there were combat. a bit earlier we talked to w.'s business correspondent last funfest stock exchange he had this to say about the latest trade escalation. but first we talked about a trait staton now we should no longer be kidding ourselves we are in the middle here of an outright trade war between the united states and china now with donald trump's second list out on products from chinese that he puts tariffs on the two hundred page long list worth exports of about two hundred billion dollars there is no way to underestimate how difficult this will make things folk lobel trade not only between the u.s. and china but what implications that of course has for other countries as well and for markets in general and we should also not underestimate however what implications that has for donald trump in the end because as opposed to the first list of products there's
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a second to new list of products that will be faced with tariffs that includes consumer products so americans every day americans will start paying more for bribes from china and that will hurt their pocket of course we don't know where this is all going but we know that for sure investors do not like where it's going and we saw markets down in frankfurt as we did of course around the world. correspondent last draws from the frankfurt stock exchange. small business owners in cuba well come to countries reauthorization of private enterprise after a year long freeze but will see tighter controls than before the communist nation boards that increasing the role of the private sector has fueled inequality mainly because tax evasion and illegal employment have become widespread small private enterprises such as beauty salons in cuba since two thousand and ten
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when from the president raul castro lunch reforms to modernize the economy. but many entrepreneurs haven't been watching the rules closely enough tax evasion undeclared staff and failing to pay employer contributions have become common that's why the government stopped issuing new licenses for some business segments last year now they're authorizing businesses again but with stricter rules. that helps us perfect our work and to some extent it will end illegal practices in terms of fuel regulations and other things. although running a small business has transformed the life of many cubans for the better the regime fears successful business owners could threaten its grip on power so to keep individual emissions at bay when you rule states that business licenses will be restricted to one person despite stricter regulation cuba badly needs the private
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sector to revive its crumbling soviet era economy. that's only a business that's back to that thank you so much a gear out and before we go on remind you of our main headlines that we're following for you this hour. sparks sound been flying at the nato summit in brussels u.s. friends and on the donald trump has criticized his european allies for not paying enough trump to a particular aim at germany but nato secretary general has just told a press conference that members have now agreed to increase their contributions. and a german court has sentenced this woman to be out of shape but to lay fit in jail for ten murders she was a member of in your nazi terror group that carried out a decade long racially motivated killing spree the lawyers have now launched an appeal the first pictures showing of the thai cave boys recovering in the hospital they're all set to be in good condition reports say they are worse
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a day to to keep them calm during their audacious rescue one mission their ordeal trapped in a flooded chief system has lasted for points three weeks. thank you so much for. putting. the. room. in the. room.
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of the. the.
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this is you know we new is live from berlin a blistering attack at the nato summit u.s. prison donald trump singles out germany for his anger. as far as i'm concerned this captive to russia because it's going to show more to come from russia. trump also growing its alliance members for not paying their fair share but secretary general stoltenberg says members have now agreed to pay more also coming up a neo nazi goes to jail for a life beyond the shape is found guilty of ten murders in.


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