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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 27, 2018 5:02am-5:16am CEST

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oranges from the u.s. could soon be a regular fixture in some chinese supermarkets. the asian country has agreed to import more goods that are made in usa for u.s. president donald trump it's been a cause for celebration on twitter. china has agreed to buy massive amounts of additional farm agricultural products would be one of the best things to happen to our farmers in many years. china barriers and tariffs to come down for first time. president trump had previously criticized china for exporting more goods to the u.s. than vice versa but now the agreement should begin to reduce america's three hundred seventy five billion dollar trade deficit with the nation. china is also pleased with the deal and with it the avoidance of
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a difficult trade war. really we believe that the chinese and u.s. governments reached a good agreement an outcome acceptable for both sides of course both governments should honor such agreement but you know. economists think the chinese government will now instruct companies to focus more on u.s. products but the agreement could be bad news for european firms especially german mechanical engineering and automotive companies who rely a great deal on the chinese market. but while it's a chinese u.s. trade truce relations with the e.u. are not as core deal german cars popularity in the u.s. is a thorn in trump side he maintains it erodes america's car industry so he's asked the commerce department to consider whether auto and auto part imports threaten u.s. national security and should face import duties of twenty five percent right now
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the rate is two point five percent. carmakers like mercedes b.m.w. and fox are going which manufacturer in the u.s. would be less badly hit than companies like our d. in porsche. last year almost half a million german cars were exported to the u.s. the e.u. says punishment tariffs would be illegal. if no. u.s. food unilaterally raised caught eric strange that it obviously would be against the deputy. china is moving in the opposite direction on tuesday beijing said it will be reducing import tariffs on cars and car parts in july from a current twenty five percent to fifteen percent that's good news for german car makers the chinese car market is more important to them now than the u.s. market. china is already the world's largest car market and its
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relevance is rising by twenty twenty one in three passenger cars sold globally will hit the roads in china. several car makers like b.m.w. and tesla have said they'll pass the tariff bonus on to consumers who can now look forward to lower prices. to me i think i can buy the luxury goods at lower prices such as cars or watchers. wherever terrorists are going global trading waters could soon be whipped up into a huge storm. on her visit this week to china chancellor merkel got a glimpse of the future in the city of shenzhen her trip included a visit to ai carbon x a startup which uses genetic data to develop apps and health care gadgets. china's invested heavily in artificial intelligence and the digital economy in recent years. and so the chancellor found herself meeting
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a nation on the technological rise. i believe that this momentum shows that on the one hand there are very good opportunities for cooperation but it also highlights that we will have to approach digitalisation and the growing challenges of the labor market strategically. but a previously miracle was given a warm welcome in the capital beijing china regards germany as its most important partner in europe especially after u.s. president donald trump turned world trade on its head but the countries are not marching in step just yet one of germany's major concerns is technology theft and china's cyber security laws oblige foreign companies to disclose important data but disadvantages in public tenders compulsory joint ventures and communist party interference in corporate decisions leave german companies at a loss in china prime minister leakage is taking the problems in his stride.
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if you encounter economic difficulties here in china. you don't need to worry just contact me directly and i will help solve them. yet despite the difficulties china's huge market remains attractive. in shenzhen siemens is manufacturing state of the art c.t. scanners for the chinese health care market and investing more in domestic research . china's technological advancement still offers plenty of opportunities for companies willing to take advantage of them. to die to banks annual shareholder meeting the worst fears of its workers became a harsh reality on thursday only a few weeks after the bank appointed yet another new c.e.o. this new boss christians even announced more than seven thousand job cuts primarily
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in investment banking he says it's inevitable despite implementation cost of eight hundred million euros. the up to. less than current results leave us no other choice not we need to put the foundations in place now to ensure sustainable long term profitability and. one thing that even some affected workers can agree on is the changes needed to deitsch a bank. we need a bank that can compete both nationally and internationally and that's not the case at the moment. costs are simply too high they need to be cut back. deutsche bank's investment division has been sliding down the global rankings not so long ago it aspired to be one of the front runners in the business now it's fallen back to eighth place. savoring says it's time to act and plans to shrink the division your muscles with the shift we need to balance
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our business better so that our results don't fluctuate as much. this is the only way we'll be able to sustain profitability and build on our strengths after a couple of. after three consecutive years of losses the new boss is intent on shaking things up he wants to focus on the german market. coupling innovation with old fashioned retail banking. the diesel scandal has officially reached dima germany's transport authority says the car maker installed a legal defeat devices in its mercedes benz vito delivery van it will have to recall six thousand of them. the agency says dima used the technology to switch off the exhaust cleaning systems during driving that would boost nitrogen
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oxide emissions on the roads. dima will now have to remove the prohibited software from its vans. trade in endangered wildlife species is booming on the internet for six weeks staff at the international fund for animal welfare sifted through internet sites in germany france britain and russia and came across five thousand eight hundred thirty one advertisements for wild animals. they also included animal products such as ivory with a total value of four million dollars. investigators say many buyers weren't aware their purchases would increase poaching and seriously threaten some species with extinction. citizens got their digital lives back friday in a new law the e.u. recognizes that data is private and personal and belongs to the individual so as of now every e.u. citizen can demand companies like facebook google or amazon tell them what kind of
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data they hold on them what they do with it and have it corrected or even deleted otherwise companies face stiff fines which could run to over a billion euros per violation. to states or france and gulf by a nationwide civil service strike they were protesting government plans to slash one hundred twenty thousand public service jobs by twenty twenty french economic reform is being driven by president manuel. he's also pushing for eurozone reforms and is facing some stiff resistance there as well. kenya has banned plastic bags. jokey mercury works as an environmental inspector on the streets of nairobi she has to make sure nobody is using them anymore. what is happening. even though because there is a lot that. last
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week two months ago she found a pile of plastic bags in this meat market ten butchers were arrested as a result. they came here once a month we were. out today they are good friends of ours now we are friends. before the ban even the trees were clogged up with plastic bags cows were digesting the waste and dying. this cow that had lost almost fifty of our animals. but the situation improved and there are fewer plastic bags this field used to be covered in plastic bags but now it is a lot cleaner. shops like these used to hand their customers over one hundred million plastic bags every year. today people use sustainable bags for their purchases but not everybody of days the law. jokey materie checks
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a company that makes plastic packaging strict rules apply here as well. it was like finding can now not that. you know about it yet you want it with you that you that you know. that. there was you know find that bad people will take you for what. you think can not be like a drug like your phone with cocaine or. violations don't come cheap with fines of up to thirty thousand euros or four years imprisonment the manager of this company is taken into custody. it's a high price to pay but kenya hopes it will help get rid of plastic waste for good .
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