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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2018 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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words and weather when we lock on one thing then we stick on it and can't really understand why someone else might be hearing someone or something else it's to do with i and also what device really sitting on the sort of massive eighteen fascinating job to do for most social media this you have to leave it there thank you very much. you're watching the news business up next david that. you accidentally shed some trying to get. in the trows. time in the field. how can you get out. with him because it l. is seeing this. ship this week on d w. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time
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for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's. do it for the environment magazine. long t w. nuclear fallout the iran deal faces implosion us president donald trump tries bringing the e.u. into line frightening sanctions against those doing business with iran. and is it a case of chinese whispers or leaders getting their message through trade which when china and the u.s. we try to make sense of it all. i've been fizzle and that's the business european leaders are exploring ways to keep the a randy alive one e.u. commissioner says they're prepared to use legislation making it illegal for
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european companies to comply with u.s. sanctions targeting iran u.s. president donald trump has threatened to slap sanctions on firms that do business with iran and he's naming names. j.v. and checks the news several times a day dear amy an entrepreneur is currently in germany visiting his business partners he sells medical technology and is also involved in the computer industry . donald trump's decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal comes up at every business meeting how will the e.u. react will there be new sanctions against iran. again j v and has made a lot of contacts through international trade fairs like this one in terror and last year and he has contracts with european companies but now many of his partners are uncertain about the future of the businesses. right now we
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have to sit down and see what's going on basically the. improvement relationship between iran and european companies especially with germany and can seize the moment you know he's very we can see who they are real partner. and to be a spokes bomb speaks to his staff in the middle east several times a day fire video link from darmstadt in southwestern germany he provides high speed satellite internet to customers in afghanistan pakistan and iran. airlines have shown a lot of interest but getting the money together for these kinds of orders could become increasingly problematic this was one of what would have worked fine a week ago might be impossible next week getting someone to fund these big projects for instance a european bank with branches in the u.s.
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won't be able to finance them. is still trying to keep its customers in the middle east happy but if the sanctions go ahead businesses like his might have a difficult future. let's talk about that with dr borenstein a german delegate for industry and commerce in tehran who's been doing business for the past few years past three years in iran you've obviously planted the seed there you've invested a lot of time and effort and money what are you hoping to get out of that investment now or what are you hoping doesn't happen so that you've planted. well i hope the. destroy all since heat we have planted because in the last three years we did a lot of work this charm and especially very and companies. to do business this iran we had a lot of partners a lot of people who trusted us in business opportunities. and
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we don't want to destroy that right now of the people who are now pulling out. not so much because they were waiting what is happening now and so forth the moment everybody is a bit little bit like shocked and how sanctions were so it's a wait and see but tell me if these german companies that have got involved i so sure that iran is following the rules i mean you know the. organization in vienna has every time confessed says iran is doing its part of the deal so that also basis for all this company is to to work and to deal with and tell me how important is this relationship between germany european companies and reigning in one's i mean compared to. the
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export of germany it's not so important for german economy but important for iran i guess but it's very important for iran and it's very important for the whole community as international community to get back this country with all its people its about eighty two million people iranians back into the international community and i mean doing business based each other is one of the main topics too to keep people close and of course political stability is something that's vital yes i want to comes to iran and the region as a whole business often underpins that stability how how important it is the economic stability of iran to the region. to the region but specially to the people in iran you know they have a huge unemployment so they need. and of this done countries of.
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business people. to refuse unemployment and to give to the young people a future in this country so what options do. european businesses now have as far as business goes yeah right it depends on how interested they are in u.s. market if they are interested in the u.s. market and they have a big there they have no options so it's. ended for them but you know a lot of small and medium sized companies which are not interested in the u.s. market say can stay and so you can go on working invest iranian companies depending on the topic how is it financing will go on so you're talking about small or medium sized companies what about big deals financing big deals has traditionally been difficult with iran right now i guess that means the whole situation makes it even more important and yeah it makes it more impossible but it's not only financing
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deals it's you know it's a whole finance transaction which is very difficult this iran and gets even more difficult now and said that this very important to address to politics to find a solution how financing can go on and to offer a solution that's what the politicians going to write down my phone bone so i thank you very much for coming in today thank you for. the trade tensions continue to rise between the globe's top two economies china is stepping up inspections of key u.s. imports today like pork and cause terror threats from both sides hang over billions of dollars of goods that could spark a trade war now another high level delegation from beijing is visiting washington. he might feel like he has china in the palm of his hand u.s. president donald trump placed sanctions on chinese electronics giant z t that almost ruined them but now trump is promising to be more lenient and help them back
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into business provided china scrapped plans to impose sanctions on u.s. agricultural imports. it is well known that the president wants to reduce the bilateral trade gap and i think the way to do that is for china to lower barriers across the board in the us export now and do it that also creates growth their growth keeping these barriers down is important for u.s. farmers they would be hit hardest by the chinese tariffs announced in retaliation to trump's plans tariffs on chinese steel and aluminum imports farmers are important voters for donald trump and he'll need their support at the mid-term elections come autumn. and that's ropin daniel cope our financial correspondent in frankfurt to get the european angle on this daniel trade is a juggling so many bowls right now the iran deal trade tensions and so many different nations the personalities involved where do analysts see talks between
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the two biggest economies going. yeah there's a lot on the agenda at the moment in talking about china investors are thinking that the mood of the us president has actually called again a little bit down about this issue he might be focusing a little bit more right now on iran and north korea and we also can't forget one thing we're hearing that big tech companies in the united states are trying to intervene as well companies like apple and broadcom all of them earn a fifth of their revenues in china almost thirty u.s. group with a market worth in excess of one billion u.s. dollars each each make at least fifteen per cent off their revenues in china their sales in the middle kingdom totals up to eighty billion u.s. dollars two thirds of them are chip or electronic group so it's very important for them at their relationship with china is stable and the whole case to bring us back to that shows how intertwined the american chinese trade relationship is then you
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know what happened to america first why do you think don't want to save chinese jobs all of a sudden. yes sounds weird right we have to remember that trump has accused china many times to be stealing u.s. american jobs and that he was facing those sanctions because of serious issues of doing illegal trade and shipments with iran and north korea so everybody was speculating what's now behind this sudden change of mind was it a charm offensive to get a better atmosphere during those high level talks with china about future trade to lation is now it seems that there could be something totally different behind all of this while mr trump is negotiating with china on trade the trump organization is involved in a deal linked to a chinese developed by a state owned chinese construction company confirmed that they had formalized plans to develop a theme park in tunisia the park is a park as a part of a broader project in the trump organization as existing licensing agreement for
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other company and so this could be some sort of interest conflict there taking place than just really briefly daniel what are the chances of all this resulting in lower tariffs across the board better trade deals and more growth. when i was talking with an analyst about that a little bit earlier is yes there is the hope that this could be the case but this would be rational thinking at the end all of them are thinking that at the end also the united states would be very hurt with those higher tears but yeah this is this is rational thinking rational thinking but we're talking about someone irrational thanks for joining us daniel. and i think business with you. six. move. the m
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