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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 2, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin the political crisis in armenia deepens . opposition leader nico passing on calls for a general strike to protest against parliament's failure to elect him as prime minister can he keep the demonstrations peaceful also coming out these migrants traveled across mexico to get to the united states they made headlines after donald trump said they should not be allowed into the country now they're facing an
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uncertain future. and in soccer it's misery for buying music in the champions league the germans are out but spain's real madrid celebrates making the final of europe's top club competition for a third straight year. hello i'm terry marchin thanks for joining us tens of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of the armenian capital yerevan to join a general strike opposition leader nicole passion urged his supporters to bring the country to a standstill after he security of failed secure enough votes in parliament to become prime minister. was the only candidate and had expected a different result. this is not how the vote was meant to go.
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was was. full of enthusiasm and high expectations tens of thousands had come to catch the moment their protest leader became prime minister. then excitement gave way to sorrow. and the only thing we have to win we can't go on like this anymore you. know this is our life they don't have the right to rule that if we don't want then famously all the people are here everyone and they have to trade us. there and us they are many years ruling republican party after a day long session in parliament of the writing was on the wall eventually the votes where two. the republicans would not back the bearded opposition leader to take the reins an angry nicole push in you want to be with his people.
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she was met by a sea of support and showered and confetti. the. question ian who has promised to rid the country of corruption and poverty culled from ma civil disobedience. modem a. new option no possibility to go backwards we will move forward only forward and the republic there is no power that can resist you live. last week they toppled a prime minister. they speak they tried to crowd in their own headed home knowing that next week there will be another vote to unlock the political stalemate here one more test of our people power. was go straight over to our correspondent nick conley who's covering this story he's at the scene there in the
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armenian capital yerevan nick the opposition leader passing on his call for a general strike today in a campaign of civil disobedience is he going to get what he wants. good morning terry well i think you can probably see behind me people dancing on what is one of the busiest crossroads in the center of the arab and empty of cause lots of people out on the streets young people students in their majority seem to follow his school not to go to university to the schools but also older people we know that the roads to the airport have been blocked off as as have roads leading to i mean is border with georgia and iran so it does seem like he is really getting some traction and the people are listening to those calls that we heard on public square last night tell us about what happened on the square there last night this is a potentially explosive situation isn't it. this definitely is a story of disappointment and the will of the men because it had looked in recent
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days as if the ruling public apology had to grudgingly accepted that question and would be the new interim prime minister and they would give up their hold on power at least until he then organized new elections as was the plan they had initially not to decided not to vote their own candidate and then they had said that they wouldn't stand a precious way so yes they mourn erotic square talking to people they all seem certain that this was a done deal that was just a matter of time before he came on to the square as then you prime minister then as the hours drew on it seemed that actually this wasn't a fait accompli and dropping thought it came out with all sorts of reasons why he wasn't suitable candidate for prime minister and then the shock announcement late in the evening that indeed they wouldn't be giving his them his vote him in his their votes and that they would not let him become prime minister. the protests that led to the resignation of the former prime minister says they've been peaceful so far it looks peaceful there behind you now but how much can the opposition
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achieve without resorting to more forceful tactics. what he was very clear yes they have passion and that this is a peaceful movement one of the key gestures of the protesters is the open hand gesture to show that the protests on and indeed these are very diverse protests this isn't just a matter of young potentially more physically able people that you have older individuals pensioners and also people with their young children i think passion yan's calculation so far is that he has the numbers he has unprecedented because of people out on the streets and that that alone will be enough to pile on the pressure on the government have to remember that the police the army so far is still on the control of the ruling republican party so in that sense he would be going for a very big risk really trying to get rid of the pre current government by force we don't know if the police will be willing to fire or somehow use force against such
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big numbers of people they were violent protests here ten years ago in armenia which saw ten people die in attempts to bring about the fall from power republican party party and i think that is still a very real trauma and people remember those ten deaths ten years ago and are very reluctant to let things escalate. their correspondent in the year and in armenia thank you so much. now it's catch up on some other stories making headlines today french police have arrested over one hundred people after anarchists smashing shop windows and torching cars that are made a rally in paris authorities had warned of possible clashes with far left groups for a call on social media for revolutionary day elsewhere thousands took part in a peaceful march against government policy it's all strongly and cardinal george pell is likely to have two separate trials on the sex offense charges he is facing
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at a court hearing in melbourne defense and prosecution agree the allegations against panel should be split seventy six year old is the most senior catholic worldwide to face trial on sex abuse allegations he's denied wrongdoing. and donald trump's former doctor says a letter giving him a glowing bill of health in the run up to the twenty sixteen elections was dictated by trump himself harold bornstein is letter said trump would be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency whose quote physical strength and stamina are extraordinary orenstein previously said he'd written a letter. officials in the u.s. have begun processing a small number of asylum applications from a group of central american migrants camped out just across the border in mexico the migrants traveled across mexico in march by an open borders group u.s. president trump has described mass migration as a threat to national security he's called the caravan
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a provocation and warned it could be denied entry to w.'s claire richardson reports from the border. these are some of the faces that have invoked degrading president donald trump the reason he's threatened to mexico and called for thousands of troops to be sent to protect the border and stop short on their journeys they've set up a makeshift camp into want to mexico. but as you know we're sending many many national guardsman down to the border most of them are already there and that's having a big impact most are from can join us they say the united states must hear their asylum case that they left their homes because they had reasons to fear for their safety but imagine if they killed my father. or i mean that's less than what they because of death threats that's what forced me to lave one of the men pulled out a gun pointed at me and told me if i didn't give him what he wanted he was going to
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kill me soon all of that battle came up with maybe i'm not that. they travel together for over a month my first boss and training. they sought safety in numbers and what can be an arduous and dangerous journey. if it was ugly tiring and boring he is a big guy my feet when i was walking and one joke on me i know that. they've traveled some three and a half thousand kilometers all the way from near mexico's southern border with quite a mullah. when they arrived at the u.s. border with one a hoping to request asylum they got stuck. with the right papers it's just a short walk across this bridge to the united states and to california where more than one hundred people who say they fled terrible dangers in their home countries are stuck here on the mexican side of the border the united states has not said
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that it won't hear their asylum claims that would be illegal under international treaties that the u.s. has signed but they've blocked their entrance by saying that the processing center is false. the united states is bound by law to hear their cases yet although they often face military criminal and sexual violence most people coming from central america lose in the end organizers hope that won't be the case here when. they're hoping they will be granted asylum so they can live their lives frame of the violent conditions that put them at risk. their future is a test case for the trumpet ministrations anti immigrant policies to see whether his fiery rhetoric is enough to stop the united states from welcoming those fleeing persecution. a report there from d.w. is claire richardson sports now and dashed hopes for by in munich by a quest to win the trouble is over after
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a four three aggregate defeat to rail madrid in the champions league joshua's kimmie had given by on the lead in the third minute before two goals from karim benzema turned the game back madrid's way how his rodrigues equalised given by a glimmer of hope but the hosts held on to reach another champions league final it's really disappointing for the german champions who followed semifinal stage for the fourth successive time. well the champions league semifinals continue later today in rome where security has been bolstered after a liverpool fan was attacked by visiting fans ahead of the first leg at field last week despite the added security overshadowing the game the reds head into the match with a three goal cushion and a look set to reach their first champions league final since two thousand and seven but you're going club and his side know that roma should not be underestimated. roma have a mountain to climb on wednesday night after suffering
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a heavy five two defeat in liverpool. but their coach says the team is ready to go all out to get a result. but even now i don't have enough but if we're playing a match at champions league semifinal in front of seventy thousand people do you expect us to just. know we'll fight. i want to team that gives everything that it has will. look out luckily for roma they've shown just how much they can accomplish when they play their best the italian side turned over a four one defeat in barcelona with a three nil comeback at home now they just have to do it all over again. you know if i would do it like a computer or a smart phone copy and paste up performance not only from a technical point of view but also from a mental and physical point of view. that already. liverpool go into the match with
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the upper hand but they are well aware of what roma can do with their backs against the wall. but. that's the nature of the game and game can turn. in any minute so it's all about us to be active to do what we are good in and we are difficult to play not to forget we are really difficult to play and it sounds like club will send his side out to look for even more goals in rome with a forward line led by england's footballer of the year mo sala it's not a bad plan. to forgo just reminder the top story we're following for you here today on the news tens of thousands of protesters taking to the streets of the armenian capital yerevan to join a general strike opposition leader nicole urged his supporters to bring the country to a standstill after parliament refused to endorse his bid to become prime minister.
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you're watching the news coming to you from berlin you have more news for you at the top the hour sumi will be with you then and forceful and all their stories online and call thanks for watching. we make up over a week watches over half of that and that's because. of some of the songs. they want to shape the continent's future. part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa.


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