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as for celebration world press freedom day may third. in the. news. this is the daily news live from but then vote for b. or face the consequences the leader of antigovernment protests you know maybe an urge is filmmakers they have to give him the job of prime minister to vote in parliament today if they don't he warns weeks of peaceful protests could turn violent but also on this program a judge in australia orders cardinal george pell to stand trial on charges of
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sexual abuse well it is the third most senior figure in the catholic church he is pleading not guilty. israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu presents evidence he says proves that iran lied about its nuclear program critics say it's old news in a questioning his timing. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with us hopes are high of a new era in armenia with parliament due to elect a new prime minister today the only candidate opposition leader nicole who led days of protests that prompted the previous prime minister. to resign last month machine and has been speaking in parliament ahead of today's vote warning lawmakers of what he calls a political tsunami if they fail to elect him their machine and has the support of
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all the opposition parties in parliament but he also needs votes from the governing republican party to win. we're going to get the latest now from two w.'s nick cullen connolly nick you. in central here a van in republic square i believe we're pushing in support has a gathering ahead of that vote today how optimistic are they that he will be elected prime minister. good afternoon chris well this is an extraordinarily racks and optimistic mood on the square behind me can maybe see some of the thousands of people who've turned out to watch the large translation of the debates in parliament they've been shouting charging his name nicole nicole nicole we were seeing people bring their elderly parents their children their pets there was no real sense of fear and to the extent there was a feeling of a done deal that this was going to happen but then early this morning messages came through from the ruling republican party that seems to us that they might be
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pulling back from their earlier pledge to support him and that seems to have really pulled the wool all to this when really encourage the turnout because they really feel like they need to stand here to the end to make sure he becomes prime minister by the end of the day. i mentioned earlier on in his speech to parliament warned of a political toonami if he wasn't to be elected prime ministers how are other lawmakers responding to that. we haven't heard much from the main opposition parties in parliament they're all holed up listening to passion peppering him with questions as to what he would do as interim prime minister but certainly it would be a very. very unexpected vote pass and it would be met with all of his duty we spoke to one old lady on the square who said that they're hoping party would be chased out of town basically if they went back on their promise to support or at least not get in the way of passion and being elected they first that they wouldn't vote their candidate and indeed he is the only candidate up for next today in recent
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days they even said that they would for the sake of national unity support him so if then despite in spite of all those pledges they go back on that and use some tactic ing to deprive him the necessary votes that. we'll encourage you out in the streets and could see people staying on this square for the days and weeks to go ok nic many thanks for that nick connelly day in. ok that's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the united nations delegation has arrived in myanmar's rakhine state to investigate the range of crisis some seven hundred thousand muslim ranges fled me and for neighboring bangladesh following a military crackdown last august the un has described the action as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. north and south korea have begun taking down loudspeakers on their border that have plagued propaganda for decades the move fulfills a promise made at the historic summit between the two countries' leaders last week
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meanwhile south korea has also asked the un to verify north korea's planned shut down of the nuclear testing site. a judge in australia has ordered the country's highest ranking catholic cardinal george pell to stand trial on multiple charges of sexual abuse and hell is the most senior member of the catholic church to be tried on such charges details about the allegations haven't yet been made public what police have said so far is that they are historical sexual assault charges dating back several decades pel has pleaded not guilty a date for the trial has yet to be said. we're going to link up now with journalist roger may not in sydney he's been following this case for us roger give us some small detail on the court's findings pelz lawyer i believe says the worst of the charges in his words have been dismissed. yeah well i'm about half the judges were dismissed earth for the clue going to get in is that cardinal thel committed sexual
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offenses at a similar in the original victorian town of ballarat in the one thousand nine hundred seventy it's a when he was a priest in the area the court was told that the witness of this alleged incident was not credible but the magistrate belinda weren't willing to said there was still unloved evidence of sufficient weight on at least one of the other charges to send george pell to trial what we do know is that this is one of the biggest legal case of its kind in australian history pellew who is seventy six was in charge of the vatican finances and effectively the third most senior cleric in in the vatican and it's it basically is is is is one of the greatest was scandalous to affect the getting church but least in australia and tell us roger you know how was the atmosphere at the herring well here in itself lost about seventy minutes there were supporters and and critics of the cardinal in court well when the ruling was handed
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down there was a polite ripple of applause from the from the critics and and some of the members of some of the people in the court also started crying to. whatever whatever you view this was a highly charged case the coughlan selves sat quietly and fairly sure didn't side of the motion if you like in the court he said nothing we told you in the hearing apart from at the end when he was asked to issue a plea and he said in a very loud voice not guilty. and roger how has the vatican he is the number three at the vatican the treasurer how has the vatican responded to this news. well the merely said they will stand by george well and just as school so. they remain fairly eleuthera list whole business. is
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a very brutal they've given the impression that they don't really want to get in well and you know i suppose that really sums up this case that. letting george pell. attend this case and ultimately see what happens in the next twelve months or so we know that a lot of there's going to be a separate hearing to discuss design the date of the trial itself that maybe later on this year will possibly early next year one way or the other we will know the fate of george pell in the next twelve months ok roger many thanks for that roger may know sydney. turning now to the middle east where iran has lashed out at israel after the country's prime minister binyamin netanyahu accused terrine of lying about its nuclear ambitions iran says netanyahu is quote an infamous liar yesterday the israeli prime minister presented what he said was new evidence proving iran is pursuing
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a secret nuclear weapons program you may well know that using language his american ally would understand. iran lart big time benyamin netanyahu delivered to piece of political theater presenting what he called evidence of a secret every new clear project a few weeks ago in a great intelligence achievement israel of turned half a ton of the material inside these walls and here's what we've got. fifty five thousand pages. another fifty five thousand farls and one hundred eighty three. netanyahu referred to files israel says previous secret nuclear facilities and plans to
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develop atomic weapons exist incriminating documents incriminating charts incriminating presentations incriminating blueprints incriminating photos incriminating videos and more. iran maintains it has never sought to be clear weapon and never had one even before netanyahu spoke foreign minister mohammad javid serif had dismissed the claims in a tweet the boy who can't stop crying wolf is at it again undeterred by cartoon fiasco at the u.n. g.a. you can only feel some of the people so many times. netanyahu speech came on the back of a visit to israel by u.s. secretary of state might come pedo. and i noticed suggest it was time to pressure donald trump into withdrawing his support for the twenty fifty nuclear agreement world powers signed with iran. if
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that were the intent it seemed to have an immediate impact democracy prime minister netanyahu just gave a very modern of everybody saying but i've got to see a little bit of it and that is just not an acceptable situation and i've been saying that's happening they're not sitting back i believe setting off missiles which they say are for television purposes i don't think so. in the past week german chancellor angela merkel and french president manion mccrone have made sekret visits to washington to urge trump to remain in the agreement but trump has threatened to withdraw from the deal unless it's renegotiated he is g. to decide by may twelfth goes. explained the first today labor day with workers around the world taking to the streets to put the spotlight on their rights we're going to focus on workers' rights in china our beijing
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correspondent matches burning has been speaking to a man who's been trying to set up an independent trade union in china a supply of a government target. these tracks still give me a feeling of comfort even if they had just a distant memory. almost every day for twenty years leeway dear drove his train past this spot he worked as a train driver until one day while getting off the train he slipped and fell and broke his spine the railway refused to treat the incident as a workplace accident lead believes the company systematically violated labor laws by long sense that something wasn't right but it always worked so much that there was not much time to think about things today he's partly paralyzed he receives no pension or compensation but he's long stopped worrying about just his own fate lead documents how worker's rights are ignored he says it's not unusual for train
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drivers to work up to two hundred hours overtime each month without pay he's trying to organize workers on line. the official unions do not represent workers interests on the contrary as soon as someone stands up the unions try to muzzle that person that he has made contact with others outside china the union invited him to the u.s. in twenty sixteen he was already a clear up wouldn't have checked him. back at the gate he was under surveillance and up to today his social media accounts are regularly blocked. it was someone who needed advice. or should never reaches out to me is shown where the boundaries lie and is threatened only if you are brave enough to contact me directly.
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the police arrived someone inform them about his meeting with the join a list a neighborhood policewoman and a plain clothes officer. he's unable to show his i did. leave my apartment immediately. a policeman leaves a small victory. to. the policewoman remains she turns up regularly instead of focusing on the foreign reporter leading man she helped him fight for his rights here is a constant struggle. that exclusive report there from our beijing correspondent matches putting up you're watching don't use up next your business round up with ben foster then he's bringing you this story the u.s. has postponed until early june a decision to impose tariffs on steel and alum in europe imports the e.u.
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is calling for a permanent exemption from those tariffs but we're getting more on that from our brussels correspond that's up next d.w. business as mentioned with ben physical then. we'll be back with more world news at the top of the hour in the meantime to get you can always get the latest updates from web site as well t w dot com do stay with us if you can. w.'s program guide. dot com playwrights. philosopher and store.
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and despised. karl marx by kind of coming.


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