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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2018 12:02am-12:30am CEST

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today and told america to look in the mirror with them and to remember what did see in a speech delivered in the lingua franca of today described america first but in a language damo truong doesn't speak i bring berlin this is the day. members of congress i have the high privilege and the distinct honor of presenting to you his excellent city emanuel mccrone the president of the french republic. the miracle of the relationship between the united states and france estatic we have never lost the special bond deeply rooted not only history but also you know flatfish personally. if you ask me i do not share the
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fascination for new strong powers the abandonment to freedom and the illusion of nationalism. today the international community needs to step up all game and build the twenty first century world order basin's of perignon principles we established together after the wall to the united states. is the one in fantasies milton up the elites and you are the one now. who has to to preserve and reign fountains. also coming up a warning not to wear jewish kippers on the streets in berlin that was yesterday today a rally against hate in berlin and guess what they wore. it's absolutely important
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to be proud of who we are but hearty ourselves that is not the solution to anti-semitism that has never been the solution that only strengthens the people that are trying to make us afraid. or we begin the day with that mccrone magic on a mission that is in washington for the first official state visit of the truck presidency and both men say that they are very fond of one another all the affection apparently has not blinded mr mccraw and in fact it's seduction of trump that may that the world may be watching in real time back roland wants to convince trump not to abandon the iran nuclear deal yesterday the two men met in private and later trump said that he's willing to talk about a new agreement in addition to the existing one once a day mr macro's political charms were aimed towards the u.s. congress french voters and the western world from the threats of iran and north
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korea to growing nationalism and the plague of fake news mr mccraw methodically explained why there is no alternative to us leadership in the world he redefined trumps america first by reminding the us why it cannot retreat from its global responsibilities and a republican majority congress rewarded him with several standing ovations welcoming all planets let this faith eat there is no planet b. and i am sure one day the united states would come back and joined various agreements bostons the united states and in europe we are living in a time off or and here you can play with your ears and angus for a time but they do not construct anything. anger only
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freezes and we can see us france supports fully the united states in its the faults to bring down through sanctions and negotiations towards the need. of the korean peninsula. for iran. our objective is clear iran shall never up of this any nuclear weapons. not now not in five years not in ten years net for thanks. are you want to take the story now to our clear riches and she joins us from washington good evening to you claire. wanted to hear today on iran and north korea but he also exposed america first as something akin to the emperor's new clothes i mean he urged the u.s.
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to return to business or world that it created in the republican congress loved it how do you explain that. hi brant yes you received a multiple standing ovations and cheering for what was a speech that was essentially asking the united states to not turn its back on the world and to project the kind of nationalism that we've seen donald trump promote and which he really sees it as a zero sum game where the united states is often getting the bad end of a deal again with its international partners so the speech itself from a chromosome rare sight to see a foreign head of state speaking in english before the united states congress and it went down very well i think perhaps because he is a young. well liked to ally leader of an allied country of the united states it did in some ways help hold up a mirror to the u.s. lawmakers about what kind of situation they find themselves in today but ultimately michael has come to d.c. on a charm offensive trying to woo donald trump the president of the united states so
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it's not going to be so important how lawmakers receive him or rather whether he can get on board with politics returned to the paris climb out of court as we heard him say just moments ago so we have to see whether trump is also going to love that kind of rhetoric coming from the client and we know one for the german chancellor angela merkel she arrives and she and mr hope to have. pulled back from killing the iran nuclear deal by the end of the week it has been successful in laying the foundation for those talks on friday. the twenty fifteen deal nuclear deal with iran is really the most important thing for both france and germany they've been pleading with the united states not to back out of it and mcauliffe said we should not abandon this deal without having something more substantial instead he said we signed at the end at the tip of the united states and we can't simply walk away from it and indeed countries including britain france
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germany china and russia all think that the deal is the best way to prevent iran from developing a nuclear bomb so trump has called this agreement the worst deal ever and so mccraw has proposed on this trip some supplementary measures that europe is really hoping are going to help help create some room for the existing deal essentially you want to make sure that trump is able to claim a political victory at home to say that you know he could continue saying that this is a terrible deal and so you get some of those issues that he is upset about. it to address some of those issues on the side but it's really going to depend on what we see on may twelfth could still wreck the iran nuclear deal by re-imposing u.s. penalties and we don't really know how much market block mcconnell has had and we will have to find out when america comes to town whether he said a stage for her of course when the clear originalist were forced tonight in washington thank you.
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the jewish kippa does it make people here in berlin a target of hate in the wake of an attack last week berlin's jewish community appears divided today two thousand people protested in berlin against anti-semitism and they were kept in solidarity the where kippa rally was in response to a recent assault on an israeli wearing a jewish skullcap the alleged attacker a syrian migrant struck him with a belt in shelton anti-semitic insults yesterday a leader of germany's jewish community boring to jews to avoid wearing the kippah in public in cities such as berlin and youth. when a poll in our political correspondent thomas sparrow he was sent the berlin where's the cuba solidarity march e.v.g.a. you know most of you there are two conflicting messages at the moment call sheen versus solidarity what was the key message at that event where you were today for
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the key message probably lies somewhere in between in between those two elements that you mentioned because on the one hand it became very clear today brant after that protest at that march that some of the of the cases that we've seen in recent days in recent weeks and not necessarily isolated incidents rather part of a larger problem and a problem that is becoming more visible that something that was clear today with the people that were presenting their different opinions on the other hand when you spoke to some of the people who attended the macia and some of the speakers as well what was also clear is that the solidarity has to come from across society from all different parts of society and that incidents semitic incidents irrespective of where they come from cannot be accepted and cannot become part of germany's daily life that was something else that speakers stress today so zero tolerance for those
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kinds of incidents irrespective of where they come from and we understand the german chancellor angela merkel says there is a new form of anti-semitism that is emerging do we know what she means by that. well most cases most anti semitic cases that have been reported to police some sort of some sort of right motive there are also incidence that i link to the far left scene but what i'm going to call is pointing to in that quote that you say the fact that some new forms of anti-semitism may have arrived in germany with some of the refugees that came to the country those three different types of of anti-semitism are obviously three different types of anti-semitism that authorities are trying to tackle and what we learned today germany was being done to prevent the resurgence of enzymes images well it was obviously clear today that this is a problem that authorities have to tackle and the federal government is already
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starting to tackle it by appointing its first commission against anti semitism he will start his work in in may and they have also been called rent for other types of action whether it is better databases to report the incidents or stronger support for organizations that are combat ing the semitism or even prevention prevention seems to be an absolutely key aspect here trying to work in schools and in neighborhoods so that these cases are not repeated so there's certainly a lot that the authorities both at the federal level to state they will have to do in order to tackle this problem or who responded to my spear on the story for us tonight here in berlin thomas thank you. we're germany's biggest music prize the echo awards is no more the award in the award ceremony were suspended indefinitely today in a scandal over an album containing in time semitic lyrics of two weeks ago the
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gangsta rappers and for rebuilding one of the best hip hop category for an album in which they compared themselves to auschwitz prisoners they've since apologized but the decision unleashed a storm approaches with many german stars handing back their awards. this is a seismic event in the german music world is comparable to the grammy awards in the u.s. being shut down because of one group and its lyrics are scott writes for your culture editor joins me tonight scott people are going to look at this story they're going to ask how did these rappers if we know that their lyrics are offensive how did they even get time on stage at the awards to begin with yeah you know it's interesting i mean i think you have to distinguish what these awards are you compared to the grammys that's true in terms of how they're perceived here they are the biggest music awards they're awarded by the germans and association of the top prize but they're quite different in the grammys the grammys are awards of musical excellence picks the academy to to award the best performances or best albums of
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the year the echoes are different they have a basically a commercial ward the nominees are all the best selling albums of the year that's how you get nominated by selling the most albums so be the equivalent of its commercial sales to be equivalent of like nominating mcdonald's as the best restaurant the world because they sell most hamburgers and that's how these guys got a got nominated and bang they were kind of their credibly successful their last album was one the best selling albums in german last year sold two hundred thousand copies that's how they got nominated the big mistake i think from the film music music association was i don't think people really listened to their lyrics because if you listen to it there's some lyrics that could be definitely answered anti-semitic. there's also some lyrics which are obviously homophobic there the way they talk about women is unbelievably heads of and so forth but if you get if you really don't go the people were surprised by the content i don't think they were i
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think it's i think their support they were surprised that people got so upset about it that maybe people started listening to the lyrics and the reaction was increased incredibly strong and swift as you said all these talk german stars these are handing back their awards i thin the music association said ok the echo just the brand echo has become toxic we've got to get rid of it and basically start again and so was was killing the echo awards the best solution i mean it is an extreme remedy it is the street remedy i don't know i'm not a big fan of the echo's because i don't like this idea of awarding prizes based just on commercial success i think commercial success is its own reward so yeah so i mean so i m five to see the echoes go if something more relevant replaces that reaction i think was very extreme i'm not a fan of this band i think they're childish and immature and just deliberately offensive but i don't know if that sends the right message to say if you say
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something that we don't like we're going to kick you out or we're going to change our attire so let me that's the impression that you could get you've got a group that sees something in july semitic and they bring down a break in in the rewards at the end of the day they actually come out smelling like a rose or they sound seem like they're really bad guys you know how they present themselves anyway i'm sure this will help their record sales if they had been kicked off their label which they have so so i don't know if they're going to come out smelling like a rose on this at all but i don't know i i'm of two minds about this but it definitely shows a certain certain apps feel that's happening now we thought you just were talking about and his medicare tax run germany. where kippa day to day i think that has a lot to do with it there's a certain red lines. people think you shouldn't crossable any when it comes to. come state speech whether or not these two rappers cross that line is up to up for discussion but i think when it comes to the echo prosess thought we cannot be
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associated with this kind we cannot be associated with these type of attitudes we've got to shut things down i mean you cover a lot of a lot in the united states music in film and when you compare the two markets and also the two cultures free speech in the united states is defined differently than it is that it's the holiest of holies in the united states here it's it is defined differently it's considered the you have to protect speech in some ways have to protect democracy in some ways and certain things they have laws against hate speech or that doesn't really exist in the same way in the united states. this language in these lyrics it doesn't really qualify as hate speech or not so director aggressive towards certain groups that would qualify as hate speech but it's maybe on the line a bit and i would say in the current climate on the line it's not considered acceptable a lot of people in germany the very good point our culture editor scott ross birds always got good seeing thank you for.
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where the world has become more hostile even deadlier for people who do the work that we do right here at the w. news reporters without borders latest world press freedom index and what makes for some depressing reading it paints a picture of a world in which attacks on the media physical and verbal have become more commonplace europe remains the safest place for reporters but it has also slipped consider the murder of a maltese reporter who dared to dig and write about corruption in politics. on october sixteenth two thousand and seventeen the maltese journalist. was killed by a car bomb the reporter had worked tirelessly to expose corruption in the island nation including allegations against prime minister josef most scots family it's still not known who ordered her killing the press watchdog reporters without borders says journalists and threatened by politicians businesses and the justice system this
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year saw the country drop eighteen places to ranks sixty five in the press freedom and x. reporters without borders evaluates the level of freedom available to the press and hundred ninety countries worldwide this year the organization says the biggest setback has been in europe journalists and poland the czech republic slovakia hungary and serbia are increasingly facing hostility. topping the freedom and a norway sweden and the netherlands. germany rose one place to rank fifteenth. many countries ranked follow up an even multi in terms of press freedom in bangladesh new terror laws give police the power to jail journalists just for conducting research bangladesh ranks hundred forty six in the global index. b. the west
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african nation the gambia has made the most progress when you johm as dictatorship ended in two thousand and sixteen the country rose twenty one places to rank hundred twenty two in the press freedom and x. the media has been flourishing and a more open environment where criticism is no longer forbidden. well i'm joined now by paul farhi reports on the media for the washington post he joins me from washington d.c. paul it's good to see you again when you read this report it is very clear that reporters without borders considers a main source of this increasing hostility to be the words in the messages coming out of the mouth of the u.s. president how culpable if you guys do a lot of the of the attacks there at the washington post how culpable is the u.s. president when you look at this latest index entirely is the
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answer it sets a tone when the president had stayed who is by far the most covered individual in our country and perhaps in the world is regularly hostile toward the press and says things like journalists are the enemy of the people this is unprecedented in america we've never seen a president so overtly hostile toward the media and it has set a tone i think for people around the world in democracies and in places that are not democratic so in turkey and syria and iran they take their cues in egypt they take their cues from america and if it's good enough for america it's certainly good enough for places that are less free to demonize journalists and you know earlier today the french president emmanuel microland he addressed the u.s. congress and he mentioned the plague of fake news this just take a listen to
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a little clip from his speech today. priss we have to find against the ever growing virus of fake news which exposes all people your irrational fear and imaginary risk i see and you can hear he got applause there but what's the message there the or maybe the the sub message about the fake news the us president he is the one who was really made that term a household name is it. well he certainly has but we don't know how the crown is using the term fake news it is a kind of pollution that you see all over social media i would draw a distinction between that and what the mainstream news media the professional news media does we don't put out fake news if we are wrong we are corrected we will
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correct our information we have a higher standard of veracity credibility or should then social media social media is rife with. fake news and to conflate the two things i think is a mistake and it now but again i won't hold the crown to that standard i know that president trump likes to demonize by calling us fake news basically that whenever he sees a story that he doesn't like even when the story is true yeah you know this demonization of journalists and also the the i guess a lack of respect for the work of dickie parisian that's all coming together right now and if i was reminded of that in some the huge we did a couple of days ago we want to pull that up and show our viewers you tweeted that once again i'm amazed by how many people you've never reported a story or work in the newsroom are experts in journalism i assume they also know
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more than their doctors car mechanics teachers generals etc to. and that speaks to this point that with social media now we hear all the time anyone can be a journalist and that is just not true right. well that's not true anyone can just be a doctor or a lawyer or a professional teacher they they can't just be it even though they may have experienced a courtroom or a classroom journalists actually spend time checking verifying interviewing immersing themselves in a story in order to get the details right for people to suggest that they know quite as much as journalists. you know there's nothing wrong with fact checking them but there is something to the journalistic method and being a professional that fetched you apart from someone simply sitting at a computer with an opinion and a bell
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a minute left looking forward here do you see any remedy to this situation because you know if we consider the arrest for example of those print journalist in turkey and the prison sentences that they discovered or that we're here today only gets them to night i mean things don't look like they're going to get better for journalists anywhere in the world at the moment well they certainly don't lose from the perspective of america in so far as it works for the president to demonize us to criticize he will continue doing it there are a bloc of voters who strongly believe that we are biased against him that we are in some way presenting false information they're wrong about that generally speaking but it works for president trump and again it sets a tone for the dictators around the world and they take their cues from him so he
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will continue doing so i believe maybe there will have to be change at the ballot box before the situation for reporters improves all for joining us tonight from the washington post poll as always we appreciate your time on the day thank you you thank. well the day is nearly done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can write directly to me. and use that hash tag with every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day to see that a. good movie.
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and. what's even more german the noise. the brandenburg gate. or the rhine river. sausage is. called processed me became a piece of cultural identity the evolution of a national culture american treasure. trove. for five years up to korean ship shape has followed the court proceedings for five years the trial of an as you extremists has determined his life his father was one
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of the rotman terrorists victims. with the verdict expected soon he feels too many questions remain unanswered. he's deeply disappointed. the sixty minutes. because the germans came together in one nation from shall the money to chancellor also from bismarck. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. i swell always to bring my middle daughter vashti's ten christendom and spread to the truth. and we took a good bit of the enemy in time to listen. and steered by courageous decisions we must treat the place
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the germans first starting may thirteenth on d. w. . welcome back to your mad straits to have you on board again from fantastic photos to delicious dishes that's what's coming up in today so. in a full picture this the what is photocell finance i've been to from spain. also just the famous german in the.


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