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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm CEST

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because of our values and our taste for freedom because these values i was a very once those terrorists precisely hate tragically on september eleventh two thousand and one many americans had an unexpected rendezvous with this over the last five years my country and europe also experienced terrible terrorist attacks and we shall never forget this innocent victims nor the incredible resilience of our people in the aftermath it is a horrific price to pay for freedom for democracy that is why we stand together in syria and in sale today to fight together against this terrorist groups who seek to destroy everything for which we stand we have encountered countless wonderful with this because we have this constant attachment
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to freedom and democracy. i've as emblazoned on the flags of the french revolutionaries viva lieber movie live free or die thankfully freedom is also the source of all that is worth living for freedom is a call to think and to love it is a call to our will that is why in times of peace france and the united states were able to forge and breakable dance from the grist of painful memories the most indestructible the most powerful the most definitive not between us is
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the ones that ties the true propose of our peoples to advance. as a berm the in concede the unfinished business of democracy indeed our two societies have stood up to advance the human rights for all they haven't gauged in a continual dialogue to unpack this unfinished business in this capitol rotunda it's a burst of martin luther king assassinated fifty years ago reminds us of the inspiration of african american leaders artists writers who have become part of our common era teach we celebrate among them james bell when and richard writes from france all stood on our side we have shared the history of civil rights francis simone de beauvoir became
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a respected figure in the modern and for gender equality in america in the seventy's women's rights have long been a fundamental driver for societies on both sides of the atlantic says explains why is the me too modern and has recently had such a deep resonance in france democracy is made of day to day converse addition and mutual understanding between citizens it is easier and deeper when we have the ability to speak a choice as a language the heart of hunger from the old sore beats here in the united states from new orleans to seattle i want this heart to beat even harder in american schools all across the country democracy relies also on the faculty of freely describing the present and the capacity to invent
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a future this is what culture brings. thousands of examples come to mind when we think of the exchanges between our cultures across the centuries from thomas jefferson who wasn't bad at all to france and build his house in monticello based on the building a loved in paris to hemingway's novel moveable feast celebrating the capital city of france from margaret nineteenth century french writer château burial bringing to the french people the dream of americans open spaces forests and mountains to focus novels crafter heard in the deep south but first read in france where they quickly gained literary praise from jazz coming from resent with iana and the blues from mississippi finding in france and enthusiastic public to the american fascination
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for interest and the french modern and contemporary arts this exchanges are vibrant in some many fields from cinema to fashion from design to high cuisine from sports to visual arts. medicine and scientific research as well as business and innovation are also a significant part of our shared journey the united states is france's first scientific. our economy time was created hundreds of thousands of jobs on both sides of the atlantic. the story of france and the united states is a story of an endless dialogue made of common dreams of a common struggle for dignity and progress it is the best achievement of our democratic principles and values. this is this very special relationship
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this is us absolutely . but we must remember as a warning of president throw the results freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction we didn't pass it to our children in the blood stream it must be fought for protected handed down for them to do the same. absolutely this is an urgent reminder indeed because now are going beyond our bilateral ties beyond all very special relationship europe and the united states
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must face together the global challenges of this century and we cannot take for granted outfront that history and dance as a core our worth and values and souls are at risk we have to succeed facing this challenges and we cannot succeed in for getting our principles and our history in fact the twenty first century as broad's a series of new threats and new challenges that our ancestors mind not aver have imagined our strongest beliefs are challenged by the rise of forget the no new world order our societies are concerned about the future of the children. all office gathered here in this novel chambre
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we elected officials all share the responsibility to demonstrate that democracy remains the best answer to the questions and dabs that to raise today even if the foundations of our progress are disrupted when the stand firmly and fights to make our principles prevail absolutely but we bear and no other responsibility in narrative from our collective history today the international community needs to step up our game and build the twenty first century world order basins of perennial principles we established together
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after world war two the rule of flow the fundamental values on which we secured peace for seventy years are now question by urgency issues that we quiet our joint action together with our international allies and partners we are facing inequalities created by globalization threats to the planets our common good attacks on democracy through the rise of liberalism and the destabilisation of our international community by new powers and criminal states all this risks aggrieved our citizens bostons the united states and in europe we are living in a time of anger and fear because of this current global threats
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but this feelings. do not build anything you can play with yours and angers for a time but they do not construct anything anger only freezes and we can service and ask franklin delano roosevelt's aid during his first inaugural speech the only think we have to fear it is fear itself perhaps therefore let me say we have two possible ways had we can choose
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isolationism withdrawal and nationalism this is an option it can be tempting to us as a temporary remember if two off years but closing the door to the word will not stop the evolution of the word it will not dollars but inflame the fruits of our citizens we have to keep our eyes wide open to the new risks right in front of us i'm convinced that if we decide to open our eyes wider we will be stronger we will overcome the down jer's we will not let's run paging work of extreme nationalism shake a wall full of hope for greater prosperity it is a critical moments if we don't have to act with urgency as
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a global community. i am convinced that the international institutions including the united nations and nato will no longer be able to exercise their mandate and stabilizing influence we would zen inevitably and severely undermine the liberal alder we built after world war two all the powers with a stronger strategy and ambition will then feels a void we will leave. all the poor will not is it eight once the ground to advocate their own model to shape the twenty first century walter personally if you ask me i do not share the fascination for new strong powers the abandonment of freedom and the
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illusion of nationalism. pl . and. therefore. distinguished members of the congress letters spruce them aside write our own history and birth the future we once. i've. we have to shape our common answers to the global threats that we are facing the only options then is to strengthen our corporation. we can build the twenty first century war the order based on a new breed of multilateralism based on
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a more effective accountable and results oriented multilateralism a strong military that alison this requires more than ever the united states' involvement as your role was decisive for creating and said god into day three word the united states is the one who invented zz's militarily isn't you on zero one now who has too old to preserve and reinvent it perhaps .
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this strong military at our listening will not outshine our national cultures and national identities it is exactly as yours a way around a strong literalism with a low all cultures and identities to be respected to be protected and to flourish freely together why because precisely our own cultures is days on both sides of the atlantic of this on this unique taste for freedom on this unique attachment for liberty and peace this is a red letter alison is a unique option compatible with our nation's our cultures our identities. with the u.s.
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president with the support of every five hundred thirty five members of this joint session representing the whole american nation we can actively contribute together to buildings the twenty first century world order for our people the united states. be back the united states and europe have a historical role in this respect because it is the only way to defend what we believe in to promote our universal values to express strongly that human rice the rights of minorities and shared liberty are the true answer to the dissolve hers of the word. absolutely
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. i believe in sis rights and values i believe is that against ignorance we have education against inequalities developments against cynicism trust and good face against fanaticism culture against disease and epitomes medicine against the threats on the planet's science of the into of the absurd i believe in concrete
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action i believe solutions are in our hands i believe in the liberation of the individual and in the freedom and responsibility of everyone to build their own love lives and personal happiness i was i believe in the poorer of intelligently regulated market economies we are experiencing a positive impact of our current economy globalization with innovations with jobs creations we see however the abuses of globalized capitalism and digital disruptions which jeopardize a steadily to your four economies and democracies i believe facing this
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challenges requires the opposites of massive the regulation and extreme nationalism commercial war. is not the proper answer to this is evolutions. of to be we need in earth free and fair trade for sure be a commercial war or pursing the line as is not consistent with our mission with our history with our current commitments for the global security at the end of the day it will destroy jobs increase prices and the middle class will have to pay for it i believe we can build sorites answers to
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legitimate concerns regarding trade imbalances excesses and over capacities by negotiating through the wall trade organization and building corporate if solutions we roths this rules we should follow them. absolutely . i believe we can address our citizens' concerns regarding privacy and personal data the recent facebook be the recent facebook's hearings i lighted xna society to preserve our citizens' digital rights all over the word and projects a confidence in today's digital tools of life the european union passed
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a new regulation for data protection. i believe the united states and the european union should cooperate to find the right balance between innovation and their thugs and harness the best of today's revolutions in digital data and artificial intelligence and the old . i believe facing an equalities should push us to improve policy coordination with things a g twenty to reduce financial speculation and create mechanics and supra takes on middle class interests because our middle classes are the backbone of our democracy is that the old
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. i believe in building a better future for our children which requires offerings than the planets that are still had bit of all in twenty five years the with the old law. some people think that securing current industries and their jobs is more urgent than transforming our economies to meet the global challenge of climate change i hear i hear this concerns. but we must find a smooth transition to a low carbon economy. the old
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. because what is the meaning of life really if we work and live destroying the planet one sacrifice trying suffusion of our children what is the meaning of our life if our decision our conscious decision is to reduce the opportunities for our children or grandchildren the old . by paul duty in the options not mitigating c o two emissions and destroying our biodiversity we are killing our planet's lettuce face it's there
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is no planet be. the only . on c.c. shoe it may happen we have these agreements between the united states and france it may happen i get all families but that's for me a shotgun disagreements on their own world we will have to face the same realities and we're just citizen of the sun planets so we will have to face it saw beyond some short term desire women's' we have to work together. with business leaders and local communities let us work together in order to make our planet
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great again and create new jobs and new opportunities to own one set got into our and the open to the owner i am sure one day the united states will come back and join the purchase agreements and i am sure the into the a did the owner i am sure we can work together to fulfill with
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you the end visions of the global compact on the environment the owners and gentle men i believe in democracy many of our forebears were flaying for the cause of freedom and human rights with the great inertness they gave us concert responsibility to continue their mission in this new century and to preserve the perennial values handed to us and the sure set today than president at innovations in science and technology remains the service of liberty and in the person of our planet for the next generations. to protect our democracies we have to fight against the ever growing virus of fake news which exposes of people your irrational fear be an imaginary risk to be
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obscene . and let me attributes of for a copyright for this expression fake news especially here it was without reason without truth there is no real democracy because democracy is about true choices and rational decisions is a corruption of information is an attempt to corrodes a very spirit of of democracies absolutely we also have to fight against the terrorist propaganda that spreads out its fanaticism on the internet. absolutely
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it has a gripping influence on some of our citizens and children i want this fight to be parts of our bilateral commitments and will discuss with your president the importance of such an agenda i want this fight to be part of the day seven agenda because here again it deeply harms our rights and shared values so the terrorist threats is even more done when it is combined with a nuclear proliferation threat we must therefore be stricter as a never with contras seeking to acquire a nuclear bomb. that is why france supports fully the united states in its forts to bring pound down through sanctions and negotiations towards the nuclear as asian of the korean peninsula
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and the. us for iran our objective is clear iran shall never approve this any nuclear weapons and the. not now not in five years not in ten years net for. birds this policy should never lead us to war in the middle east.
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we immersed ensure stability and respect sovereignty of the nations including that one of the around which represents a great civilization that is not replicates past the stakes in the region let us not be naive on one side. let us not create new walls ourselves on the other side. much. there is an existing framework called.


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