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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin french president in bondal mccoll is to address the u.s. congress to do it is a toss of president donald trump and several very public displays of that special friendship among the troll is above to address the u.s. kill me because we bring you his historic speech live also coming up. new fears of rising anti semitism in germany did leader of the nation's jewish community warns jews to avoid reading the kick off the traditional skullcap in
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major cities. in the next sixty minutes and reporters without borders foundations it's just index of press freedom we look at the case of fourteen children. murdered because of investigation into corruption and we talked to a blogger who fled his country up to receiving death threats. tell him a very warm welcome to you i'm. french president jonathan mccraw is due to address the u.s. congress in a highly into supported address in about half an hour from now during his three day visit the u.s. president has given the french leader a lavish welcome on the first state visit off the trump presidency but there was serious issues also up for discussion mainly the iran nuclear deal which president
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trump would like to scrap here's a look at what's happened so far during the visit during which the two presidents have made an unprecedented public display what they call a special friendship. pomp and ceremony at the white house french president emanuel macro is on the first state visit by a foreign leader under the presidency of donald trump. mr president best self proclaimed friendship was on full display time. and time again. but we do have a very special relationship in fact i get that people are going. to get a piece we have to make them perfectly as per your situation and as with many friendships opinions on several key issues differ it's no simply on iran under a deal signed in twenty fifteen tehran agreed to limit its nuclear program which it
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maintains was for peaceful civilian purposes in return for an easing of economic sanctions. it's a bad deal it's a bad structure it's falling down should have never ever been made i blame. congress i blame a lot of people for what i will say if iran threatens us in any way they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid we're going to meetings today we all macro and proposed a solution relationship between our countries you can see the of a cause you consider the around deal to be a bad deal for a number of months i've been saying it's not a sufficient deal but it has enabled us until twenty twenty five to have some sort of control over their nuclear activities we want to work on a new deal with iran. the iran deal is not the only source of disagreement possible u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum for the european union the paris climate court and
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washington's decision to recognize to restrain with the capital of israel trump and macro also discuss the upcoming summit with north korea with regard to the war in syria from the facts macro for france joining the u.s. and britain in strikes often alleged chemical attack earlier this month however the outer consulting with syrian crisis differs macro favorite pushing for a new solution to end the war troubles addressed his exit plans. i would love to get out i love to bring our incredible warriors back home they've done a great job we've essentially. just absolutely obliterated isis in iraq and in syria. after a day with a big agenda the leaders rounded things off with an official state dinner at the white house. let me now cross over to
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washington where a senior correspondent gaston phenomenon is standing by the french president look role as i mention is about to address congress in about twenty minutes from now what can we expect from his address. well we can expect the president mccraw was once again point out that there is a longstanding friendship between france and the united states going back all the way to the war of independence that france is america's oldest ally and united states also have france in times of need for instance in the first and the second was war of course president across knows that the americans love this kind of rhetoric but i think he will also once again make a point of a calling on the united states not to abandon international cooperation and multilateralism especially when it comes to topics such as trade or climate change
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but also the fight against terrorism and the fight against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction so clearly i think president mccrone will make a point of being the messenger and best of the not only of france but also of europe here in the u.s. congress and passing what we're talking we're looking at some of we want to get some live pictures up washington will be expecting president i'm a cruel to arrive did he have them it seems to me of a gray day in washington and why we wait to hear the of this let me you know we've seen that the two presidents have covered a lot of territory as we saw in our report as to what your impression has the know what's mean. well it's clear that president trump has pulled out all the stops for president mccall for his state's visit especially when he invited him to mount vernon the residence of the first u.s. president george washington where they had
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a private dinner then of course there was the meeting in the white house and the state's dinner yesterday evening to day across at the heart of the u.s. democracy on capitol hill so basically he gets the best possible treatment here and the two of them have made a point of showing how good. a click and how well they get along but still you know they really couldn't. deny that there were still a major differences in a number of issues in particular when it comes to trade where the european union one's permanent exemption from new tariffs that mr trump has imposed and then also of course on the issue of iran where the europeans wants. nuts to scrap the existing deal with iran but rather have a number of new agreements or maybe one new addition agreement which words frame
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puts this this existing deal into a bigger framework and address some of the concerns of the americans without canceling the existing deal but there's not much progress on that front so far not much progress than one and only john did say about iran costs and was that he says i would make up my mind by the twelfth of may because the deadline and he says no one knows what i'm going to say except and he pointed out mcconnell he says he has a pretty good idea as to what i say what he could mean by that because this visit comes at a head of i'm going to the german chancellor who is also going to visit washington later this week. it's always very difficult to know what's on the trump means when he says something and also what happens next after he says something because he might say a very different thing the next day but it was interesting that mark kroll didn't look too happy when trump was saying that so. we don't know what is going to happen
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i mean trump could still change his mind until then but so far it looks like he is determined to pull the u.s. out of iran dion i might be wrong there once again i think that point he's he's right nobody knows what he will do. until then but so far there's indication that he's determined to pull the u.s. out of that agreement which of course would be bad news for the europeans and for the middle east region but we'll see underline that can really be here for a working visit on friday and she will also try to push the view of the europeans the europeans are trying to come to an agreement with the americans on certain points that should be addressed and you know go show asians with iran so there still is some some room to work with you that as you said got a new president john tribes on being unpredictable and it's made difficult to guess what he's going to come up with thank you very much for bringing us up to date on
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as you think the latest pitches that gaza arriving and even me looking forward to hearing. i'm not in mcallen just the congress and that is that about just over twenty minutes from now thank you very much for that. as i mentioned business is due to address the u.s. congress and we be crossing live to washington and bring you full coverage of this address as soon as it starts meanwhile let me now take you to denmark where a court has sentenced inventor peter matson to life for the torture and murder of swedish journalists came aboard his says british submarine was last seen boarding matson's vessel for an interview last august not some later admitted to dismembering violence body and dumping it at sea but claimed her death was an accidental the prosecution alleged violence murder was sexually motivated after investigators found videos of women being tortured to death on matson's computer he
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says he will appeal his conviction. journalists kevin mcquade has been following that story and joins me now from copenhagen given these events and has been sentenced to life what does that mean under danish lol. under danish law that that means that he will be eligible for release after twelve years and by custom that means he'll probably also be out by sixteen years although he can printing out the sentence as secretly he could he could be held for life but it's normal that they're out after sixteen years and he's of course appeal the sentence there was huge interest in this trial in the country given how people reacted to this sentencing. most people that spoke with say this is pretty much what was expected but to be honest most people are tired of pretty much tired of the case when it started there was a lot of interest there was pretty fascinating and what could read just like a novel or a movie but as they got into the details that the gory details people became aware
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of how serious this was and that this was it wasn't a t.v. character it was it was a person and it was it was the details are pretty ghastly. that sounds mental states played quite a reward in the proceedings given that how difficult was it for the judges to do in this case and given life. maybe the judges there their response was that it was just that it was the preponderance of the evidence that really. that that allowed them to make their decision there was never any proof of how kim ball died and that was what the that's what the defense went on but the judge said that it was that with the amount of the evidence and those appear carefully planned and prepared and in the sheer brutality of it that led them to sentence him to life that they did much to the fullest came that this death was an accident he being the sentence so what happens next. the next
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to the next step is that there's no timeline set but the next step is that it will go up to the next level courts and then they'll start the trial again again there's no timeline for how long it will take or even when it will begin so that's just that's what you have to wait and see when that happens dr kevin mcquinn in copenhagen thank you very much for bringing us up to date on that case. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the india a high profile self-proclaimed guru has been sentenced to life in prison this after a court and in the city of joy were found. guilty of raping a sixteen year old follow in two thousand and thirteen he's also on trial in another reply in the state of. at least fifteen people have been killed in indonesia a friend or exploded in the country's province flames from the explosion reach some
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seventy meters high and destroyed several homes the victims were collecting oil from the bore hole when the blasts took place authorities say the well may have been drilled illegally. more than a thousand of visitors indigenously to have set up camp in the cafe brasilia demanding a county's do more to protect their rights and land the weeklong demonstrations or to place an indecent to carson and scream. in the leader of germany's jewish community has advised jews to avoid wearing the kippah or the tradition skullcap back to what you see in the picture behind me in major cities and that's according to the aim is to reduce the risk of attack last week two young men agreeing to keep assorted the suspected attacker a syrian refugee shouted alleged anti semitic remarks later today the solidarity march but in whisky probably get under way and we bring you special coverage of
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that event let me know a draw in british israeli political scientist working here in germany david donen his book is titled list lim anti semitism a danger for social peace in germany welcome david now can you also your own question is muslim at the semitism a danger to social peace in germany. well. researched the subject for three years and a book that was just published came out and the bottom line is what i believe is that the answer is no no interesting because i'm going to make a recently told israeli television the gym is it still didn't think the new phenomena of anti-semitism just added up migrants is just images them dead on the rise in germany it is out of anti-semitism on the rise and you seem to say no. what i think is. a main problem. is connected to the
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definition of anti-semitism and the understanding of anti-semitism and the term and semitism has been hijacked for political reasons to include. anything almost anything that is critical of israel i believe that that is a mistake many muslims and and even more many arabs who consider israel to be an enemy and don't differentiate between the term jew and the term israeli arab they often say you who would when they mean it is so easily. so if you accept that for many arabs and quite a few muslims who identify with arabs. and israeli as an enemy. and if for them jew is tantamount to an israeli it isn't the standard bull
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that a palestinian refugee or an arab might come and say you dirty jew we're what he means is not a jew who lives in manhattan but he really thinks about an israeli right. to go ahead now now israel and some jewish lobbies were very successful in pushing israel and i did used to israel into the acceptable political definition. in the e.u. of anti-semitism so when i get a malcolm says that there is a problem in that she reflects that definition i believe that definition to be wrong but i don't what is your reaction then when the lead at the central council of jews in germany use that shows to advise jews to not do what they keep by in certain areas in germany. i think that. dr seuss
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is misled and is misleading in that. there were a couple of cases i can refer to that in a minute where people got into trouble wearing. keep out just as there are problems for some headscarf wearing muslim eyes. in certain streets in germany or in other countries the question whether you should warn your whole community not to wear a keeper i think it is wrong moreover i actually think that if it was a truly wish to. inform his community there are two hundred thousand jews living in germany not so many if the head of the community wants to
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transfer security information to his members he doesn't do it through the. german media there are other channels of information and communication for him i believe that if you gives in to interviews to the general media saying you shouldn't wear a key part in public what he really does he's is he's trying to put pressure on german politics german politicians are of course extremely sensitive to any notion that jews cannot live safely in germany that's i think that he is i believe that he is. treading on dangerous ground in doing that drive this is as you know we have a huge political issue here in germany david on an upright and also a british israeli thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us m d w thank you. meanwhile the german music industry is to scrap its biggest it was seventy
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after a scandal involving the awarding of a prize to an album containing anti semitic let live aches after the echo music awards two weeks ago and thirty dung well awarded the hip hop price for an album which included a song in which they compared themselves to auschwitz prisoners they have since apologized but the decision on least a storm of protest with many german styles handing back their awards. the international press wash dog reporters without borders has released its latest world press freedom index it paints a picture of world in which attacks on the media have become more commonplace even in european democracies journalists work has become more difficult in some cases even deadly one example is the case of the maltese journalist deaf in. whose work exposed government corruption. on october sixteenth two
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thousand and seventeen the maltese journalist. was killed by a car bomb the reporter had worked tirelessly to expose corruption in the island nation including allegations against prime minister josef most scots family it's still not known who ordered her killing the press watchdog reporters without borders says journalists in malta threatened by politicians businesses and the justice system this year saw the country drop eight hundred places to rank sixty five in the press freedom and x. reporters without borders evaluates the level of freedom available to the press and hundred ninety countries worldwide this year the organization says the biggest setback has been in europe journalists and poland the czech republic slovakia hungary and serbia are increasingly facing hostility. topping the freedom and norway sweden and the netherlands.
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germany rose one place to rank fifteenth. many countries rank follower than even in terms of press freedom in bangladesh new terror laws give police the power to jail journalists just for conducting research . ranks hundred forty six in the global index. b. the west african nation the gambia has made the most progress when ya dictatorship ended in two thousand and sixteen the country rose twenty one places to rank hundred twenty two in the press freedom and the media has been flourishing and a more open environment where criticism is no longer forbidden. joining me now in the studio is showing me how she's a blago from bangladesh welcome sharmila you had to flee your country why was that
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because it was so impossible to live there and i'm a blogger and activist and some friends of mine bloggers there are all of the killed and killed they already killed their already killed and we couldn't write we couldn't speak and they're say i act fear and so what are you writing of and i missed your write about politic and you were arabs and you need to queue and religion and etc the good the press index the bungler this is a hundred forty six in the index of safety for journalists what explains is why are journalists being targeted from long time like especially from two thousand and thirteen and we have some laws like i city if you. have to seven section thirty two and there so people can overwrite and our our media analyst media are most of the media are controlled by by government ok but you know
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when you talk of blasphemy law that bugger this has a majority of muslims but the government recently was pretty moderate so why is dust me now being used as an instrument to target journalists i would like to say so-called moderate on not only in the constitution only in paper but feel it is totally different and islamic radical groups has big shelter from from bria government and is anyone protecting journalists in their fight for freedom of expression in bangladesh there is some small groups and they're fighting for freedom of prayers but off the speeches from long time but it's really not so big small group and it's not enough for four so journalists then feel very vulnerable in burma vicious it is from a long time you know and i didn't know. protection whatsoever from the government no never even i had to it was a diplomatic way to was big pressure from the government also when i was in
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bangladesh and lot of bloggers writer general is there in europe and they had really safe lives saved a good future in bangladesh and everything good editors and everything but they're in now in europe because no suffer from government and this problem no freedom of speech no freedom of press so so i want to give you a bit in europe now now. to those in fifteen. i can in germany and now i may refuse you here so i'm trying to integrate and doing my so used to writing stuff which. you can imagine going back to one with this because your life is under threat no i cannot i cannot so what what can the international community do to in fact help a journalist and speak freely in bangladesh you know we have to make pitch share we have do internationally what's going. on with with our government and we should ask that a democratic country and this kind of lawful out of blasphemy law and there is no
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freedom of speech and also when we can make demonstration we can write a war to do it and we can make sure to government and so on one of the things which is disabuse it of some of the bloggers who are atheists who don't get a deal to islam talkative specially why is that yeah i'm also i'm i was born muslim but and then it just now and because it's kind of big big crime in bangladesh being an activist. it was really good to have you here to hear your perspective and killed what actually independent journalists are going through some of them in this you wish you all the best in your work and thank you very much for your thoughts q. . and offer some business is standing by for that. comic a porsche has moved to block an investigation into diesel gate police raided the offices of several executives last week and seized documents the german sports car
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maker has objected to the confiscation a court must now decide whether state prosecutors are allowed to browse the files for incriminating evidence reason for the raid was porsche's possible involvement in its parent company's emissions dandle porsche cayenne s.u.v.s used v.w. engines fitted with cheating software to start around environmental regulations at the beijing motor showed. us caught up with porsche c.e.o. all of a blue and i asked him if he was worried over lasting damage to diesel gates due to the porsche brand here's what he had to say of course it's bad for your image when the press is full of stories like that and ultimately it's our job to clarify matters. i stress here again that porsche doesn't develop diesel engines and doesn't produce diesel engines and we're going to work through the sequence of events to prove what we knew and when. done via
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a vision from zero to one of. germany's federal cartel office is turning up the heat on facebook at a time when facebook is aiming to comply with new europe wide previously laws coming into force next month in a newspaper interview the head of germany's competition regulator now says it is our opinion that the amount and format of the data collection violate vital data protection rules and are abusive regulators feel that the social media giant has a dominant market position and as such needs to meet stricter requirements than companies in an open competition environment. we stand that sector messaging service what's up is raising its minimum user age in europe from thirteen years to sixteen it's to help the company owned by facebook to comply with new european dates of privacy rules users will have to come from there over sixteen years of age when they agree to new terms of service and privacy policies policies
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that's bad news for many parents too as what's up as a popular way for parents to keep tabs on the offspring. now let's get more on the base without check out of the on tilt in the air and what's up says it wants to comply with new european legislation what do these new rules do not well the new g.d.p. are the general data protection regulation which is due to be introduced next month here in the e.u. basically wants to give consumers more control of the information that services and social media services like whatsapp are gathering over them it gives them the right to know what happens information is being gathered and also requests those companies delete that information if they're a little bit uncomfortable with it and in the case of what's app and other social networks it also raises the minimum age to consent to use these type of services to sixteen and what we're seeing right now is basically what's app kind of getting a little bit ahead of the game and making sure they comply with those regulations how how is the what's applying to enforce these regulations well that is really
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kind of the big question i mean right now they're just adding another addition to their terms and services and i mean everybody skips through those at the beginning when they start up a new app sort of a new device you just kind of glance through it i mean it takes i think apple's ones for a new cell phone takes thirty six hours if you read it all straight there has ever read all these no one actually pays attention to it so right now there isn't a lot of enforcement that's going to be involved but at least what's app can claim that they're trying to be conform conform with the new regulations so it's rather a cosmetic step but what does that mean on a larger scale well we are seeing services at least when it comes from like the facebook communities of. facebook what's app instagram we're seeing them to have develop into more of a sense of billet e towards europeans sensibilities when it comes to data protection i mean mark zuckerberg isn't been in quite hot water over facebook's use of consumer data especially you know with the cambridge analytical scandal that's been going on and
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he said he actually welcomes the new e.u. regulations and would like to see those expanded out throughout all of facebook's subsidiary companies on a world scale maybe not specifically in terms of every individual regulation but he said he agrees with them in spirit and wants to adapt them in a more global fashion why do you think that he's he's now sort of adept of rob a straight european discovered the root of his great european regulation warning everybody knows facebook and companies like this aren't offering their services for free well they are but basically they are selling a product and you and me and everybody who uses those services are that product they sell our data to other companies right and you know i think there was kind of a cowboy attitude when it came to that in the initial years their initial ten fifteen years of corporate life and now with all the scandals we've seen cropping up in the last years with the russian trolls election if you lation capered analytical they're starting to realize that getting those type of headlines is very very bad for business in the long term so i think they're kind of pushing back
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against that and saying look these new e.u. regulations are the most stringent that have ever existed and it's in our company's best interest to at least seem like they're embracing them on a worldwide scale very briefly if you think that will impact on the future growth of facebook you know i don't want to make any predictions there at least we have to really see how this is going to be adopted moving forward i mean anything's possible of course as usual and so that thank you very much for this analysis. and that's all your business now it's back to. thank you very much again hard money mccrone the french president is due to address the u.s. congress shortly you know he's making a bid to save the iran deal on his visit the u.s. and this comes looking at live pictures of the u.s. congress as you can see a lot of further interest in hearing what the cross has to say this talk
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comes this address guns during a three day visit by the french president to the united states and this is the trump president his first state visit so we're seeing this address to the joint session of congress now he is going to expected to use his speech to call for. a resolution to some of the major issues the u.s. president and the french president have already talked about major issues such as the iran nuclear deal such as syria. such as climate change as well as trade barriers. the e.u. is really worried about trade barriers and the imposition of carrots on steel and aluminum. let's just kind of look at the pitches for a moment as u.s. lawmakers wait to greet the french president who is expected to address the joint session of congress and his address is expected to last for about sixty minutes.
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with need the studio is tyson a buckle is also watching these pictures if the u.s. congress and welcome tyson what are you expecting actually from the crows address today well i think like was mentioned there's going to be a lot of reference to the historic relationship the historic bilateral relationship between the united states and france france is the united states is oldest ally lafayette marketed it was a central commander in the war of independence against the british when the united states was founded and that's a tradition of course as nato through the first and second world wars that continues to this day so you hear a lot of references to the past but mccrone is known for his calls for support of the international system as it exists between climate change be it in trade and i think that those messages will be somewhat controversial before this republican dominated congress you know
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a lot of the symbolism has been referring to the finest as you said you know of the oldest and whatever but what about the present resold that despite all the kind of handshaking and kissing and you know come or not defeats that serious differences remain on issues like you know on yeah well this is this is really interesting because the optics here have been basically every stop has been polled the united states really has three things in the chamber you can have a state dinner you can have a joint session and address before a joint session of congress and you can have a visit to a historical site and mccaughan got all three of the big options from the president and the congress but that's optics and that's not the substance absolute we have not heard yet any movement on the issues that really matter to france and europe of the question is you know merkel is also going to be coming to town later this week doesn't have the same high level exposure in the u.s. public and before the political establishment in washington but can the one two
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punch of merkel on the or excuse me mccrone on the optics and. on the substance deliver something for europe that they want there are two key times two key deadlines that france and germany are looking at one is may first that's when the exemption for tariffs that trump has imposed on the lumens deal expire for europe so both merkel and mccrone are looking to get those lifted and the second of course is may twelfth which is when the president president needs to decide what the future is for the iran agreement exactly on that deadline it's quite interesting because yes if he had his talks with the crew at the press conference the dollar trump talked about you know i have to decide by the twelfth of may what happens with job no one knows what i'm going to save but he done two macross and he knows what i'm going to say he could be hinting at is this some kind of a compromise emerging on how to deal with the situation the president is new taurus lee prone to change his mind and so i don't think it's necessarily clear that what
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he said to mccrone on either side is necessarily what holds on the day of the actual announcement we've seen this for example in deals on immigration with democrats where they came out of meetings democratic leaders with president trump where they said he has agreed to allow doc extensions for immigrant children which then he did a u. turn on we saw something very similar with a consideration to rejoin the transpacific partnership this massive free trade agreement with asia where members of congress came out and then. turn to u.-turn meeting will come to order let me just just listen in. this session is being open as have a listen to. the chair appoints as members of the committee on the part of the house to escort his excellent c emanuel mccrone into the chamber the gentleman from california mr mccarthy the gentleman from louisiana mr schoolies the gentleman from washington ms mcmorris rodgers gentleman from ohio mr stivers the gentleman from georgia mr collins the gentleman from missouri mr smith gentleman the. north
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carolina mr mchenry the gentleman from california mr royce the gentleman from south carolina mr wilson gentleman from ohio mr latta the gentlewoman from california ms pelosi the gentle men from maryland mr hoyer the gentleman from south carolina mr cliburn the gentleman from new york mr crowley the gentleman from california ms sanchez the gentleman from georgia mr lewis the gentleman from california mr shift the gentleman from massachusetts mr keating the gentleman from new york mr meeks the gentleman the gentlewoman from florida ms murphy and the gentlewoman from connecticut miss s.d. . does it is this thing of the delegate. being named a now. let's take a look why were atmospherics and during this visit so important was this visit lupul for trouble from a crawl i think that this is more important from a crime to be quite frank because there are two deadlines looming for things that france really cares about and he needs to deliver that he has to move trump not the
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other way around he got a lot of optics the content is still to be seen what we just heard read was a list of all the leadership on the republican and democratic side coming into the chamber a lot of pro pomp and circumstance very similar to france the u.s. and france have these deep democratic traditions these deep ceremonial procedures that both countries are pretty and that hold it in very high regard so we're seeing that a little bit here with the vice president and the speaker of the house speaking here . now of course we have to reminded that this is it comes out done trump was also in france for a visit there he was given a lot of pomp and pageantry and remember the dinner that talent and this is reciprocating the gund of pomp and pageantry and hospitality that he was given by the french i think wow the president trying to see this level of of luxury of
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ceremony of. grandiosity that is something that statically pleases very much in contrast of the more austere way of lawmaking traditions that you see in germany which is much more nuts and bolts you know you talked about this visit being more important full mcchrystal but look cool but i have to take back something to speak to this visit because a lot of defense people on lists. within seventy percent of the french don't have a high opinion of dunn and tom right i mean across europe we're talking between seventy and ninety percent disapproval of the highest level disapproval is actually here in germany and in sweden but the truth is that mccrone still has a lot of wiggle room when it comes to foreign policy if he's seen as an equal to president trump seen as the the leader the kind of lynchpin that creates that atlantic relationship i think you'll get enough credit from the domestic public he has a lot of issues at home regarding labor market reform privatization liberalization
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at home which are quite controversial but even if he did come back with a big win i don't think that would hurt him in that but domestically in france and what it will for the american how important is this going to visit from the european european leaders to washington will the truth is that the u.s. like most countries is a little more inward looking right now. there's an awareness among the american public that president trump is not well regarded abroad that his leadership is seen a little bit uncertainly. abroad. so seeing that he can stand on the stage statesman like with the leader of france which you know obviously has trip to traditionally been a kind of frenemy relationship a little bit of love and hate you know it's there like two brothers that kind of fight a little bit i think for particularly for his supporters they will say and his supporters of course are hard to cleave away from from president trump but they're going to
4:42 pm
say you know look he can be statesman like he can get along with leaders abroad look france is a tradition look go back to the iraq war lead the opposition to the iraq war and look at how he's bringing this together so i think he's going to get an optical win with his public and particularly with his base if you like statesman tyson but there was certain kind of scenes that we saw about this kind of what some people who called a brutal man seen all this handshaking and and want to let you know things take which many people actually found pretty cream to the flooding to dandruff on the fence presidents. how do you think all this going to play out at london in washington at another level in france well you know in the absence of substance everybody is looking at the optics everybody's looking at the body language everybody's looking at the personal rip or we saw this with and go america during her first visit to washington where donald trump didn't see that he was trying to shake his hand and refused to shake his hand that left a big impression here in berlin i think that the same thing could happen because
4:43 pm
the removal dandruff i mean the truth is that the message that sends is i see him as a son or a a kind of little brother and that asymmetry that power asymmetry could hurt my calm back in france the truth also is that donald trump has a very high e.q. he might not be the smartest guy in the room but he can read a room emotionally yes i mean the guy he has a very strong connection to his base he has a very strong connection to the political climate he's able to ingratiate himself to people and i think he is also aware. they're quite frankly of the signal it sends when he picks that lint off of mccall's shoulder which is you know a little bit patronising to be quite honest it's a little like you know we're the big brother and france is the little brother so it'll be interesting to see how that's ready in france itself here that's fascinating because it definitely would probably india him to trump supporters this gesture by donald trump but what the french would a medical think of course is
4:44 pm
a different matter altogether and let's look at one issue which is of great importance to the e.u. and that is trade barriers right i expect to get the movement on that tyson well we will know something on may first and i my assumption is that given the mccomas which has been long in the making basically since trump was wowed by his visit to paris but given the short term visit by medical i see that as her just putting accusation basically as a closer to get the extension of exemptions on tariffs to keep that trade relationship on track and i think beyond looking at these pictures which are coming to us live from washington we're waiting to hear the french president in london mccraw address a joint session of congress but obviously they've been some delays we have lot of lawmakers standing there waiting to hear what he has to say and why we wait let me draw in a senior correspondent in washington constant for on
4:45 pm
a nominal cost and the french prison mcroy is about to address congress what are you hearing about what we can expect from this address. well i think president mccrone was once again point out that there is a deep bond between france and the united states as we've discussed earlier today and it has as mike role has also pointed out yesterday quiets a lot of france is of course america's oldest ally going all the way back to the war of independence the french have not forgotten that the americans came to their rescue in the first and then the second world war so definitely mr mccraw was talk about that but he will also i think be a messenger an ambassador not just for france but also for europe as a whole when he would look at things like international cooperation which is very
4:46 pm
important for the europeans of course. there is obviously missing a few known through the house of congress and of as the way to kill the money and i'm a cruel address of the joint session of congress passed in the last couple of days of dyson baucus again we've been talking about the atmospherics off this whole visit the atmospherics which have actually paid a very key villain in president first state visit by hosting the money and mcconnell what do you make of substance what in your assessment has been achieved in the past couple of days in terms of substance we're to be honest we don't know what was talked about behind closed doors and how much substance of some sense of progress has been made. i'm not sure if that was what mark ronson expected i mean makeable becoming the german chancellor on friday and i
4:47 pm
think this is part of a concerted effort by the europeans to step by step and nudge president trump into a certain direction the europeans in this case meaning germany france and britain have announced yesterday had announced yesterday that they feel that they have come closer to a kind of package of new measures concerning you ron that they could present to the president try to address his concerns of all the existing iran nuclear deal so it's drip drip drip that trying to really not president trump into a certain direction the visit of micro is a very important part of that but i don't think he really expected that basically after talking to trump the american president would say i agree with everything that a man on the cross as and we will stay in the iran deal and europe will be exempt from tariffs indefinitely and so on and so on. right because as we're
4:48 pm
looking at the live pictures coming from washington and judging by the applause i think any second we're going to see a money or a mock roll of beer that there he is there he is giving getting a warm reception and lots of applause from no makers who have gathered to hear him address congress then he is. in fact recently so creatures of his wife she was already in the chamber waiting for him to arrive in this and this was due to start about eight minutes ago but obviously the two leaders president johnson mccrone have a lot to talk about. this the polls that you're showing is for a man in the crowd. the french president due to address the joint session of congress shortly.
4:49 pm
thank you conceive getting a very warm reception and he's taking the time to stop by shake hands with a democrat and nancy pelosi behind him. sure. also just noticed that back here behind me answered palosi is tempered mccarthy who is expected to take over the speaker of the house ship when paul ryan retires at the end of this year so a lot of turnover and leadership in congress right now but it's interesting you know these two countries democratic ritual really matters and you know what we're watching right now is essentially what the president does with the statement. union
4:50 pm
the first lady up to now only a first lady not a first man but first lady up in the balcony arriving first when the president comes down the aisle with leadership shakes people's hands all the bodies all the branches of government there and mccaw in this case is it's almost assuming that similar role you know taking the stage before the house and the senate and the joint session the ritual is the same that we see in shrines in the u.s. constitution in the state have you had a huge round of approval for him tyson yes yes it's impressive you know these joint sessions can be mixed you know people members are not required to come but clearly we see a very full house a lot of people there from both sides of the aisle and of course both sides of the house and senate people looking to shake his hand i notice a lot of democrats looking to get that optic that picture with him shaking his hand when he came down the aisle so clearly they want to have that in their offices here
4:51 pm
and you can see the vice president as well as the speaker of the house was standing behind him enjoying this moment a moment change for the money in the pool as being the pillar did by lawmakers in the joint session of the u.s. congress is due to speech shortly and of course we are all reasons. to watch is going to be talking about. members of congress i have the high privilege and the distinct honor of presenting to you his actually emanuel mccrone the president of the french republic. thank you thank.
4:52 pm
you. mr speaker. mr vice president honorable members of the united states congress ladies and gentlemen it is an on off for france for the french people and for me to be received in the sanctuary of democracy where so much of the history of the united states has been written we are surrounded today with the mage's portraits and symbols which reminds us that france has participated with heart in hand in the story of this great nation from the very beginning. b
4:53 pm
b. we are fart shelter to shelter many battles starting with those that gave birth to the united states of america since them we have shared a common vision for humanity our two nations are rooted in the same soil grounded in the same ideals of the american and french revolutions we have worked together for the universal ideals of liberty tolerance and equal rights and yet this is also about our human gutsy personal dance throughout history seven hundred seventy eight the french philosopher voltaire
4:54 pm
and benjamin franklin met in paris john adams tells the story that after they had shaken hands they embraced the chores are by holding one another in their arms and kissing each other's cheeks. you can remind me of something peru i've. and this morning i stand and there's a protective gaze of the fayette right behind me as a brave young man is fired alongside george washington and forged a tight relationship fueled by respect and affection that they get used to call himself the son of the united states and in seven hundred ninety two george washington became
4:55 pm
a son of america and france when our first republic awarded citizenship to him. i've. here we stand in your beautiful capital city with plans were conceived by a french architect shall lawful the miracle of the relationship between the united states and france is that we have never lost the special bond deeply rooted not only in our history but also in our flesh this is why i invited president donald trump for the first bestie day parade of my presidency on the fourteenth of july last year today president runs decision to offer france his first state visit to washington has
4:56 pm
a particular resonance because it represents to continue of our shirt history in a troubled word and let me sing your president and the first lady for this wonderful invitation to my wife and myself. i've. i am so very grateful and i would like also to thank you ladies and gentlemen for welcoming me on this occasion and i would like to especially thank you mr speaker for your invitation i want you to know how much i appreciate this unique gesture thank you. we've.
4:57 pm
strength of all bands is the source of our shared ideals this is what united us in the struggle against imperialism during the first war then in the fight against nazism during the so-called war the war this is what united us again during zero hour of the stand in the threats and now we're leaning on that strength to fight against the risk groups let us for a moment transport ourselves to the best imagined says july's of force one thousand nine hundred sixteen back then the united states had not until the war the war won. and yet a young american poets and listed in surrounds of all foreign legion because he
4:58 pm
loved france and he loved the cause of freedom. this young american would fight and die on independence day. on sunday not far from mamiya my own town after having written these words. i have a rendezvous with this the name of this young american was and then seeger the statue stance in his own or in paris. thank you. since seven hundred seventy six we the american and french people have had around the room with freedom and with it comes sacrifices. that is why we are very on or
4:59 pm
the bodies of prisons today of robert jackson evolved a world war two veteran robert jackson the wall took parts in the d.-day landing if odds for our freedom seventy four years ago third on behalf of france sank you i a ball to your courage and your devotion. thank you. thank you. thanking . in recent years our nation south surfer road wrenching losses simply because of
5:00 pm
our values and our taste for freedom because these values are as a very once those terrorists precisely hate tragically on september eleventh two thousand and one many americans had an unexpected rendezvous with this. over the last five years my country and europe also experienced terrible to wrist attacks and we shall never forget this innocent victims nor the incredible resilience of our people in the aftermath it is a horrific price to pay for freedom for democracy that is why we stand together in syria and in sad to.


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