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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2018 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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the jerk started by a thirteen calling to w. w news live from berlin and armenia releases a key opposition leader comes amid rising tensions as soldiers join in the illegal demonstrations against the government the defense ministry threatens to punish those involved the protesters want the prime minister to resign but. also coming up guilty as charged the only surviving suspect in the twenty fifteen paris terror
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attacks are locked islam is sentenced to twenty years in prison in belgium for his role in a police shootout. so agrees to switch off the giant speakers that blast music music and propaganda to the north it's all part of a change of tone that head of the historic summit between the two koreas this friday. thanks for joining us i'm mary and i haven't seen the leader of mass protests gripping the armenian capital has been released by authorities. have been detained over the weekend after a failed talks with the embattled prime minister well meanwhile groups of soldiers in armenia have now joined anti-government protests in the camp. the demonstrations
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have been deemed illegal by the authorities and the defense ministry says the troops will be punished more than two hundred demonstrators have been arrested the protesters are calling on prime minister search sarcastic and to resign. suzanne of trying to stay in power indefinitely and failing to tackle corruption. well for the latest from armenia we're joined now by joshua could chair a he's a freelance journalist in your events so joshua police have now released the opposition leader and he called me and who was detained just yesterday how did all this come about. it's not yet clear how it came about the police said they had the right to keep him you know he said he's a member of parliament he has a unity but they could keep him for seventy two hours and like you said they only kept him for barely twenty four hours. it's clear that arresting him didn't help
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break up the protests there was a massive rally last night and today all day around europe on there's been huge groups of marchers all around the city has been very festive so it was clear that arresting backfired and it didn't take the air out of the protest movement. but by the same token now release again as even added to that energy and people really feel like they're winning now so and so i'm not sure what you think it was honestly all right so from your perspective releasing him is not likely to help deescalate the situation but can you help us understand the background to all of this why have the demonstrations escalated to such a degree. well you know it's hard to say why they've added to such a degree this time but i mean there's been resentment building up in our media for a long time ever in fact in large protest movements over the past few years and so a lot of us like me initially were skeptical that that there were now again
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protests and here on this at this time something is really different nobody knows why exactly they've caught on to just to the degree that they have this time but you know the immediate. catalyst was start see on becoming the prime minister he had been the president now he's the prime minister under the new parliamentary system where the prime minister is the most powerful figure and so it just it clearly rubs armenians the wrong way sarkozy it was already very unpopular. nobody expected him to not become prime minister but just the fact that he did somehow touched people off and you know maybe the you know depends of anger over you know repeated. failures for the for the protests to do anything you know this time they have momentum that they've never had before all right so his critics excuse him for trying to stay in power and definitely they also complaining that he's not
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tackled corruption adequately but there's another charge against him and that is that he's too close to russia what more can you tell us about that. well that's that's a very interesting and complicated issue i mean armenia is very close to russia it starts young is very close to russia. it is interesting to the degree to the degree to which this is not internationalize this protest a lot of the protest leaders are in fact pro western sorts of people the one small political bloc that they have in parliament has advocated for you know closer ties with the west and break not breaking ties but you know loosening ties with russia. but that has not been. made an issue of at all it's been actually quite striking the degree to which the protest leaders have not tried to present themselves as pro western or anti russian and i think sure you know the obvious reasons for one sort
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of pro western organized rebellions you know it's getting kind of support from the west would. do generalize the protest in the minds of a lot of our media as him secondly it would it would raise the ire of russia which we saw what they did is ukraine for example and people are very afraid of that and so the whole international aspect of this has been kept very quiet but it is certainly there on the surface. putting for us from europe and many thanks for that update now a court in belgium has found terrorism suspects. guilty of attempted murder for firing shots at police while trying to evade arrest two years ago he's been hiding out in brussels following a series of terrorist attacks in paris for which he's the sole surviving suspect today's guilty verdict relates only to the shootout with belgian police and the
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court handed him a maximum sentence of twenty years in prison let's go straight to the courthouse in brussels where to tell you correspondent teri schultz is standing by so terry take us through what was said in court today. the judge had an eighty eight page verdict which she read out and important in this was to establish that this was a terrorist crime he was convicted of attempted terrorist murder so the judge went through items like finding islamic state propaganda in the same house where the shootout took place she also talked about the amount of support of the slum and so she and i really had written had received from the terror cell that was known to have been operating in belgium at the time the one that committed the paris attacks on the brussels attacks later so that component was proven through these details she also seemed to cast doubt on the defense's claims that some of the slum was stupid and also that he had no intention to commit murder she said the number of
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heavy weapons found at the scene the amount of ammunition proved whether or not sell of the slum actually pulled the trigger on the day of the shootout he had every intention and capability to kill these police officers and any other law enforcement personnel that got in his way and terry what happens now. he's being held in a maximum security prison as he has in fact throughout this trial he was transported for that first day of the trial in a heavily armed motorcade just for this appearance so he remains in that prison until his trial begins in paris it's not known yet whether he will appear in person there and of course this twenty year sentence may never come to pass here in belgium. the trial in paris will obviously be much bigger the conclusions will be much more. dependent is deers will be much more dependent on what happens in that
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trial i spoke with a court official here about whether this twenty year sentence will ever mean anything and he said if it's possible that obviously gets out of prison in paris if he's convicted for have belgium can still call him back to serve twenty years here none the less having this trial having this outcome was important in belgium which of course has come under a huge group name for having hosted the terror cell that committed the paris attacks and the brussels attacks later all right terry shoals reporting from brussels many thanks indeed police in the u.s. state of tennessee are carrying out a door to door search for a gunman who killed four people at a fast food restaurant near nashville the suspect has a history of mental illness and police fear he could still be armed authorities say many more people would have been killed if a bystander hadn't wrestled with the shooter and taken the weapon from his hands. a reluctant hero james shore jr had stopped at the waffle house restaurant for
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a snack instead he found himself caught up in a mass shooting and stopped the gunman's rampage and i hit him with the swivel door and then the get the gun was kind of jammed up and i was pushed down so we were scuffling and. i managed to get him with one hand on the gun and a lot grabbed it from her and i threw it over the countertop yeah i knew i had it in me but i haven't had any specific combat training is just you know i had to fight my daughter every night so i can get a foot a bit but all my is grim and facebook everybody's calling me a hero but for people to know. that i did it completely out of a selfish act. i was completely doing it just to save myself now me doing that i did save other people but i don't want people to think that i was. the terminator or superman or anybody like that just it was just i figured if i was
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want to die he was i have to work for. witnesses say the gunman was naked except for a green jacket when he stepped out of his truck and started firing in the early hours of sunday morning two people were shot outside the restaurant two more inside all the victims were in their twenty's the shooter fled the scene on foot leaving behind his jacket and several magazines of ammunition. the suspect twenty nine year old travis ranking is known to police in july last year he was caught in a restricted area near the white house authorities confiscated several aof fifteen semiautomatic rifles one of those same guns was used in yesterday's shooting the guns were returned by a task will county authorities to run king's father who has now acknowledged giving them back to his son for many in nashville this. his cheating has again pushed the issue of gun control to the forefront.
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some breaking news now and in britain it's just been announced the duchess of cambridge has given birth to a baby boy her third child with husband prince william their eldest prince george was born in july of two thousand and thirteen the pre-schooler is currently third in line to the throne following his father and grandfather and fourth in line is princess charlotte the royal couple's daughter was born in may of twenty fifteen and now the world awaits the name of the news cambridge the three point eight philo baby boy is now the fifth in line with the british monarchy is a line of succession and will be talking to our london correspondent just as soon as we get her hopefully later in the program will give us some more details on the latest royal birth well now to some of the other stories making news around the world at least thirty two chinese tourists and for a north koreans have been killed in
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a bus crash in north korea china's our ministry has said the accident occurred near the capital pyongyang the cause of the crash is under investigation still french president a monologue chronos headed to the u.s. capital washington for a state visit macross has told fox news he'll be urging president trump not to pull out of the iran nuclear deal trump has threatened to abandon the green mint which is aimed at curbing iran's nuclear ambitions the u.n. war crimes tribunal is hearing appeals today against the twenty six thousand genocide conviction of bosnian serb wartime leader radovan kharaj which he is asking for a new trial but prosecutors want his acquittal on a separate charge dismissed and his forty year prison term increased to life. there's one all right we're joined now on the line by our london correspondent beer good monster who's been waiting patiently outside the clinic where the new royal
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navy has just been born a short time ago so dear god we've already heard it's a boy any word on the condition of the duchess and her new baby. no really really don't know much about it i mean she's in the private we also a big hospital in central london on friday which really means private but he will go zone behind these walls remains that and when the news got out that it's a boy that was it is an outcry because i've been waiting patiently but other people have been waiting much longer. yeah a lot of media and it also well wishes and there was a little a little outcry it's a boy people seem to reside of course all hoping that the baby is well and that the mother is well all right well you mention that the duchess was in a private wing of the hospital we've been seeing a lose a police outside of the clinic what more can you tell us about the set up for such a high profile a mother and child. was yes for sure it's
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a loss for forty years on the not just at the entrance of the hospital office probably would ring but this really everything is cordoned off and the hospital staff can go in and the media the world media and the well wishes they kept behind various everything surrounding the royals is always very very tightly controlled and they obviously want to make sure that they have that privilege see and it's really in that moment in this f.m. any history all right gary again we do know that the last time around there are all sorts of events about what a possible name would be for the new royal baby what about this time any names that are being discussed as a possibility. well yes in fact when the news just got out i had pieces saying it's awful but i'm not sure if this is actually true or the speculation was that there is going to be another tradition and they buy there was this like the school to two
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children have a very traditional english names and they are not going to go very much a piece that was a speculation that it could be from from katherine family is a little sense maybe the names of testimony but of course this is ongoing speculation and the bookies the british of course they bet on everything they have more traditional they as the favorite for example like asa and like albert as well and the voice in the voice cases so this is the next piece of information that everybody will be waiting for you outside also as well but also in other parts of the world i'm sure indeed and i'm sure we'll be finding out soon enough to get my reporting for us from london thank you so much turning now to south korea which has switched off giant loudspeakers used to broadcast propaganda at its border with north korea seoul says as a gesture of goodwill ahead of
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a summit between the two countries this friday broadcast usually includes pop music news and calls on north korean soldiers to defect to the south. these south korean weapons can reach several kilometers into north korean territory. high decibel propaganda speakers line the demilitarized zone between the two countries blasting the isolated north with pop music and news broadcasts. but now they are switched off as the two sides prepare to meet for the first time in over a decade the south korean government aims to send a strong message through silence you wanted to go we hope this decision will lead both koreas to stop neutral criticism and propaganda against each other and also contribute to creating peace and a new beginning. both sides use propaganda speakers and while the north has not
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said it will silence its own recently announced a halt to nuclear missile testing. divided for seventy years the two koreas marched under united flag at this year's winter olympic games the thawing of relations has opened a diplomatic window for talks which are expected to begin next week i. koreans however have mixed views about how effective the upcoming summit will be if you give a minute to me about a crises a so frequent i've become numb to them. i was told that suddenly there's a peace made but i don't know about that and you couldn't couldn't all. the north korean defectors hope the day of unification will come soon so that they can go home to see their loved ones and wish i mean basic you got it all going like you did yes or no u.s. president donald trump also plans to meet with north korea's kim jong un next month to discuss nuclear disarmament for now the conflict is not over it's on standby.
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well the un mexico signed off on a trade deal with the message and chris office here to tell us more about that stretch of money on a global trade relations are under pressure by u.s. president hollande trump now mexico and the european union are taking a stand for free trade both sides overhauled and older trade deal now abolishing almost all tariffs between them earlier today german chancellor angela merkel and mexico's president. benigno nieto officially opened the mexican exhibition stand of the world's biggest industrial tech fair and head over there mr pena nieto said he is optimistic that an overhaul of the north american free trade agreement could also be reached a deal president trump has repeatedly threatened to tear up and said multinational corporation was added value for all parties echoing the thoughts of many at the fair is the message at hand over customers want their products
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delivered faster and they want to be able to customize them that means speeding up production and logistics it's a challenge with global reach the fare is therefore considered one of germany's most important annual events underlined by the attendance of german chancellor angela merkel she was joined by mexican president enrique pena nieto whose country is the partner nation for this year's fair to have a moment and is it would do the tough to to sit what's your one germany is doing very well economically at the moment your employment rate is as low as ever but i recognise that today's numbers aren't tomorrow's prognosis and therefore it's important that we strengthen our innovative skills this is a child and that's the only ones we're in about to once teach cut it off at the down i can and hand over that innovation translates to automation and machine learning often in the form of robots both require a very fast network that can handle massive data loads in real time. building that
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network notice five g. is another focus at hanover. mexico has its own concerns its industrial economy is under threat with questions hanging over the north american free trade agreement now it needs to diversify it hopes hanover will be a good first. for more from the hanover fair let's cross over to see him bears leo stephen we heard the german chancellor and the mexican president welcoming the overhaul of the trade deal between mexico and the e.u. give us some more about that's right this of course was meant to be an update to an agreement that went back twenty one years ago that was focused mostly on industrial goods what the update does is add agricultural products dairy products for example farm goods chickens pork you name it that of course is important it also allows companies from both nations to bid on government contracts without tariff without penalty all important but behind this is also
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a very big political statement at a time when both mexico and germany are under fire from the u.s. for running trade surpluses with them this is a statement about the value of free trade now of course mexico needs more than a free trade agreement with the e.u. to make up for its trade with the u.s. its biggest trade partner so we'll see what happens ahead steam burns reporting from hand over there now german health care company if was in use has called off its four point four billion euro takeover of u.s. generic drugs maker acorn several essential preconditions that were part of the agreement had not been met by acorn for seniors claims the acquisition would have been the second largest in the company's history and the deal being tensile was in use is aiming for a stronger foothold in the u.s. generics market spokesperson said. let's get more on this with conrad bosun standing by the frankfurt stock exchange contractors in deciding severe breaches of data integrity tell us more. well yes allegedly acorn
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failed repeatedly to comply with regulation by the american f.d.a. the food and drug administration regulation with which has to do with how data is being generated stored and communicated in the production of producing pharmaceutical products frizzy in us learned about this at first by anonymous letter and then implemented an inquiry which according to u.s. has found out that the infringements were so bad that it was well that it was better to call the whole deal off now i have to tell you though there are a few people here at least at the exchange who believe that this is an excuse that this is way for cuisine use to pull out of a deal that many here believed was a bit expensive. not those reporting there now who will be relegated from the bundesliga the question becomes more pressing as the season is on its final stretch
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marianna. of cologne have had a catastrophic in this league season and are staring relegation in the face by in second place shall have a historically poor record against cologne would the royal blues clinch that coveted champions league spot or could their hosts cause an upset. where there's life there's hope and cologne are still just about hanging on but in childcare they faced an opponent from whom they could expect a little messy as was proven in the fourth minute when dobby hero now though played a cutting through both say you haven't counted pancha whose cross to braille mbogo made it impossible for this whisper a word to me as. a rapid counter-attacking goal that dealt colona painful. and when konoplyanka found himself in acres of space once again he went through the challenge of georgia met a and sleek postie moho on the double shout his name. but cologne kept fighting
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and were rewarded in the twenty sixth minute when leon bitter court latched on to a fine through bowl from your nice to bring his side back into the game to school on stage at three one until the eighty fourth minute when a swinging free kick from muscle rissa left rather feminine with no chance suddenly cologne could begin to drain. but unfortunately for the billy goats the win wasn't to be the last serious chance of the game was squandered by a stumbling john cordoba. to to the final score a draw in the end a disappointing result for both coaches but was shy to stay in second place cologne looks certain to be heading for the second division. mines headed to out spoke on sunday with only goal difference keeping them out of the drop zone the hosts have beaten them in the reverse and were looking to do the same again especially with
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the return of a star for it. alfred finn bogus and made his comeback you know explored starting lineup after three months out injured and he wasted no time showing how important is to the team the icelandic set up mikail grigori the open the scoring in the twenty ninth minute his twelfth goal of the season. one nil for at half time. and it was all the borg in the second half as well close as can be but denied by defender danny lots. but then an injury for pushing for an equaliser and finn bogus and caught them on the break the captain capping an outstanding comeback i thought i great to be back on the pitch again i didn't think. his game but. now secured another season in the top flight well mind such still in danger and
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have some tough games ahead of them. a quick reminder not of our top stories armenians prime minister. has resigned a message posted on his website this comes after mass protests gripped the capital city for a week of soldiers have joined the demonstrations today. trying to remain in power . it's a boy for the british royal palace has just announced that the duchess of cambridge has given birth to baby boy in london. now the fifth in line to the british throne. is coming. back again at the top of the hour with an update. that's. from all of us thanks for watching.
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radical diva. reno abramovich. probably the world's most famous performance artist. so what's so great about or find out that a big retrospective incline will take you there. spawn and with her new
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york was. able to. see him in the fox mug and family. she wrong a young rival to the entrance of the s.u.v. said. the poser among crews in the new ford mustang convertible seats in and along with the complementary. sixteen. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters. made for minds. climate change.
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isn't it time for good news eco africa people have projects that are changing no one ferment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's in spite of each other. you could be environment magazine. long t.w. . today announced twenty one an entire program devoted to one of the world's greatest performance artist lists. spring two thousand and ten at the museum of modern art and artists venture something the artist before her has done a performance lasting seven hundred hours. for three months marina abramovich sits
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on a wooden chair and looks silently into the eyes of the visitors and.


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