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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2018 3:02am-3:16am CEST

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be prepared for a boom then gloom that's if you believe the i.m.f. despite an upbeat forecast for the next couple of years they say the global economy will take a turn for the worse by twenty twenty also coming up the u.s. and the u.k. one russian hackers are preparing a global attack moscow denies the claims experts say get ready for a new cold war in cyberspace and watch out caffeine addict or local starbucks might be closing down for an afternoon that is the coffee giant says it will shut thousands stalls for racial awareness training. and daniel winter and this is a business update the international monetary fund is predicting a global slowdown in growth in the next few years that's due to aging populations lackluster productivity as well as the threat coming from protectionist trade policies in the short term things look rosy the lending agency predicts
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a worldwide growth of nearly four percent that's this year and next and that would be the fastest pace since twenty eleven the u.s. economy will benefit from president trumps tax cuts which are likely to boost the country's economy through to twenty twenty growth is predicted to move up to almost three percent however those tax cuts combined with increased spending could be damaging in a few years' time the i.m.f. warns the eurozone is expected to benefit from continued low interest rates the i.m.f. forecasts growth of almost two and a half percent to twenty eighteen which might slow down the year after so short term predictions are good long term not so much i spoke to washington correspondent for naaman asking him why the i.m.f. is pessimistic about the future. when the international monetary fund is concerned about what it calls geopolitical strains which could lead to trade wars or real was
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obviously both bad for trade and the worldwide economy apart from that of course. the i.m.f. also mentions a general skepticism about economic international into gratian worldwide and towards new technologies that's meit's triggered a new wave of protectionism around the world these kind of trade wars of course which are being discussed right now particularly between the us and china another big concern and there's also a big danger of the i.m.f. want today that politicians might waste the opportunity that the current boom presents and instead of bringing the house and all the financially investing in new technologies increasing productivity they might in fact just increase spending continue spending and that could mean that when the tide turns downturn might
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accelerate and might be much stronger than it had to be so i guess to avoid that they have to do the opposite but let's focus in on where you are there in the u.s. the i.m.f. criticising that mix of tax cuts and planned increase in spending what's the fallout expected to be. all the faults would be increasing budget deficit and the looming debt which is of course something that the politicians often don't care about a lot because the a facts will be felt only years after they left office now in the case of the united states the effects might be felt much earlier in only a few years the united states is projected to spend as much on interest rates for or interest on the debt then for its military about six hundred billion dollars and in about ten years the outstanding debt for the federal government
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might reach the same amount as its g.d.p. so they might approach one hundred percent of g.d.p. dads is something that concerns the i.m.f. because it by trigger inflation and cause a further downturn now for the us is digging yourself deeper cause and thank you very much for that the us britain and australia have accused russia of cyber attacks on computer networks that could be used to sabotage critical infrastructure as part of a string of hacking accusations against the country which of course russia has denied. the hacking accusations against russia came in a grand joint statement the british and u.s. cyber agency said russia could be laying the foundation for future offensive cyber attacks they warned backed by moscow i have been targeting government and private compete in. u.s. authorities say the hackers have been aiming to compromise key hardware like
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routers and phials that would give them control of data flows allowing them to steal data and carry out cyber warfare kremlin spokesman dmitri passed off spoke to journalists in a conference call and denied the charges. we don't know what accusations of russian cyber espionage are based on these accusations our voice so easily and no one bothers to find any reasoning whatsoever. so we treat such allegations accordingly. the allegations of russian cyber meddling are not new say last year because in russia believed to have targeted companies that had connections with ukraine the attacks caused billions of dollars in damage and earlier this year germany blamed russia for a hack of government computer networks in belin. the joint announcement by washington and london comes at a time of increasing tensions in britain the poisoning of an ex russian spy and
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he's due to recent gaffes a time when civilians in syria have put relations with moscow time line. and russian officials are making further moves to block people in the country from using the popular message app telegram is one of russia's best known technology products but it has angered the government but by refusing to hand over its encryption keys that led a court last week to say telegram must be kept out of russia until it complies with suffer quest's well comment from deja vu social media that's joins me now to explain all of this force so call how is russia blocking the app now and all the moves affect it is effective it's very effective i mean imagine one day your favorite messaging app maybe it's what's app is just completely blocked you can use it you can text your friends your family anymore that's what's going on russia ten million russians use telegram monthly it's very popular out there are now the battle seems to have been won by the russian government yesterday this blog
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officially went into effect and now today we're seeing russia's telecommunications watchdog or they're asking google apple to just completely take the app out of their apps doors it's gone even even further with this game of kind of cat and mouse the russian government now blocking some eighteen million ip addresses across the internet there in russian an attempt to really just wipe out all the ways the telegram was using to get around this blog so these were some other ip addresses that were hosted by google and amazon that's causing a lot of chaos in terms of local businesses that they're not able to use their their websites anymore so it's a big deal russians now having to basically rethink how they communicate what app can they use the russian government is now recommending something called i c q which was up to actually popular kind of in the ninety's it's only now though by putin wallace so likely not as secure as telegram so they could just switch to any old hat because. it's just not there's not that security encryption so how will the russians reacting to this block are they outraged by it they are i mean we saw
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protests on the ground in moscow and of course lots of people speaking out online as well basically a big outcry there we can start with telegrams founder and c.e.o. and you actually had a message on telegram itself against this blogger we can show that to you he writes on telegram that privacy is not for sale and human rights should not be compromised out of fear or greed not just that but the russian opposition leader alexina vali also speaking out against the ban and he writes that while trying to block a telegram these idiots from blocking whole chunks of the internet this is damaging business is bringing harm and discomfort to users they have to be prosecuted for that this is an abuse of power and in our beautiful future russia we will punish those jerks russians also they're handling this with a pretty good sense of humor have to say i love this comparing this entire battle to star wars essentially you see telegram founder derived their dodging the russian
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telecom stormtroopers who have those diamond logos in the background and other internet companies you can see kind of caught up there in the crossfire pretty good one there and another here implying that russia is essentially heading backwards in terms of technology you see the head of russia's telecommunications watchdog and the tweet says we have the most modern means of communication have access to the latest known technologies but you can see in the background circling the lovely soviet era telephones on his desk there you know we're also seeing frustration of russia's century going after one of its own you mentioned the beginning this is one of the big success stories in terms of russia's technology companies and now you see russia basically trying to shut it down you don't see too many russian apps making it big internationally this is one of them right common thank you very much for that. two million public sector workers in germany are seemingly set for a pay rise reaching a provisional deal with employers following widespread stripes in recent days
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things paralyzed airports rubbish collection and other public services in several states across the country the deal will see pay rises of around seven percent over the next three years unions valley and d b b are yet to officially approve the proposal. starbucks is closing down eight thousand u.s. stores for an afternoon of racial bias training to prevent discrimination. one hundred seventy five thousand employees that the company is scrambling to prevent caught was threatened when two black. box in philadelphia they were accused of trespassing for sitting at a table without buying anything but the rest was racially motivated following the incident the c.e.o. kevin johnson apologized he pledged to make sure changes would take place to ensure that this couldn't happen again. and it's time for us to leave you that's it for
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our business update if you want more you can check us out on social media. business for me. thanks for watching.
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