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this is. from berlin tonight trauma tweet threat to the u.s. president fires off a warning to russia over syria in a tweet he wrote get ready russia missiles will be coming and alleged poison gas attack last weekend prompted to balance a strike syrian military targets also facebook's boss completes a two day grilling in congress mark zuckerberg tells all makers that he thinks it's inevitable that social media will be regulated in the united states.
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it's good to have you with us u.s. president donald trump has blasted off a warning to russia over syria and he's done it via twitter in a tweet the u.s. president threatened military action in retaliation for an alleged poison gas attack last weekend syria's army has sought to hide its military aircraft because of fears that they might be targeted several western nations believe the poison gas attack was carried out by syrian government forces using bombs that were filled with toxic chemicals. these images shocked the world the young survivors of an alleged chemical weapons attack in duma eastern ghouta last saturday what happened here has sent tensions between russia and the west soaring to new heights u.s. president donald trump said syria would pay a big price. then took to twitter to warn syria's main backer russia vows to shoot
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down missiles fired at syria get ready russia because they will be coming you shouldn't be partners with a gas killing animal who kills his people and enjoys it u.s. secretary of defense james mattis said the u.s. military was still assessing the situation but didn't rule out a strike we stand ready to provide military option to third proprium the president determined. u.s. warships left port on wednesday on route to the middle east they're not due to arrive for weeks indicating washington means to keep up the pressure. meanwhile russia has moved fast to establish itself in duma this amateur video purportedly shows russian police investigating near the site of the attack moscow says it and the regime are ready to allow a probe which shouldn't assign blame and the kremlin has argued that caution is in order. we do not participate in twitter diplomacy we support
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a serious approach we still believe that it is important not to take any steps that may harm the already fragile situation in syria we are also still convinced that the excuse regarding the use of chemical weapons in duma is made up and cannot be used as an argument for military action the alleges attack has already shifted syria's battle lines here displaced people from duma arrive in syria's rebel held north resistance collapsed in eastern guta after the attack the refugees are a reminder of the brutal intensity of this war which the international community has so far remained powerless to stop. take this story to the u.s. . washington. is standing by the russian. i have a question for. a u.s.
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strike against russian forces in syria how credible is this threat by president truong clear i'll start with you. at this point a military strike certainly seems like a real possibility and if trump decides to go this route it won't be the first time that his administration has carried out strikes on syria if you remember it was just about a year ago this time of year that the united states took its first military action against syria striking an air base in an effort to punish the assad regime for what was widely seems to be as a nother chemical attack so the question becomes if this ad hoc attack that we saw last year was clearly ineffective as a deterrence to prevent us from using chemical weapons against his own people and then what would it be about a strike again a single one off shot that could potentially change his calculation this time
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around and it's also unclear what trumps a long term plan on syria really is if you remember it was just earlier this month that he was saying he wanted to pull all two thousand u.s. troops out of syria and that was against the advice of his military advisers who wanted to stick around and make sure that they really had this so-called islamic state in check but now we're seeing him very openly calling for military strikes in what could very well escalate the situation. seriously. well a moscow has to take it to seriously brand that's why moscow at least publicly is taking to strong warnings a senior russian lawmaker said president donald trumps to be to reflect dendrites little lights minded approach to a critical situation constantine cause that shelf of the hatto for foreign affairs committee in the upper house of russian parliament sat it was really scary to think what kind of people control the large largest military arsenal the planet has ever
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seen and presently putin spokes person about it and with his call for as we just heard in the report sad ironical russia didn't participate into the diplomacy on the other hand brand russians also say very clearly they won't hesitate and would fight back if need it. so clear let me. for you and let's look at a tweet from truong another tweet in which he said this our relationship with russia is worse now than it has ever been and that includes the cold war now this is not the donald trump that we have known the west two years i mean is he doubling down on russia to take some of the charge out of special counsel mole or is russia investigation. well the investigation is definitely what's been dominating the headlines here in the united states however
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the president is risking a direct confrontation with russia with this kind of rhetoric and you have to remember russia has been one of the strongest allies since long before the war they have regularly use their veto power at the united nations to deny security council resolutions that are meant to condemn the assad regime for its actions and it was very intervention in twenty fifteen that was widely seen as the thing that helps change the course of the war in favor of bashar assad's government so we are talking about a humanitarian crisis that has killed more than half a million people has displaced more than half of the country's population and any kind of serious military action that we're going to see from the united states is going to require a serious long term strategy and it's not apparent that trump has backed clear himself. how. strong. well russia's ambassador to lebanon
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mr is a soup can warm for example in case of an at tack moscow would shoot down any u.s. missiles fired at syria also russia would obviously target to the launch sites all of the missiles which means u.s. military bases or aircraft carriers and that doesn't goals for a goal for example three weeks ago i myself was embedded on the along just a u.s. aircraft carrier in the world on the guess as to the roosevelt from which missiles attack targets in syria and iraq so it may well be that from their missiles right now launched to attack president assad's armed forces on the ground that warship was one of the largest brant londoner largest washes in the world with more than five thousand marines and u.s. navy officers and what if russians attacks such and such an acronym carrier and americans can face a great danger and your we know that russian president vladimir putin has called on israel not to take any action that could further destabilize the situation in syria
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basically you know asking tell of the not to fire any shots right now is the kremlin concerned that it could quickly lose its power and its influence in syria. i don't think so i think the climate is really of laureates about the potential of gas at tack in syria the kremlin wants to avoid to direct confrontation with washington i'm absolutely sure about that by the way i also think that americans do not want a war with russia so israel in this very complicated context seems to be just one more player in the region who also tries to achieve its own goals namely to warn the round and russians obviously don't want any additional trouble at least on these on this front and they don't want israel to poor even more oil on the fire by the way there are experts in moscow who see israel as a potential media to a negotiated between the united states and russia so little see there's an
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interesting point yuri we're also getting a report that the white house is saying that all options remain on the table in dealing with this alleged chemical weapons attack in syria so we don't have any clarity to report tonight clare what about the american public trying to have popular support for his of since of course in syria. well we don't have polling numbers for this particular possibility of a strike but we know that for his strike the last year there was a majority of american a majority of americans were onboard with that so it's going to remain to be seen whether this is equally as popular or whether people are going to look at the past year and the president's past comments and have a change of heart. correspondent clear richardson in washington there at the white house and our moscow bureau chief. to both of you thank you
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well the german chancellor angela merkel she has been commenting on the tensions over syria she says that she regrets the failure of the u.n. security council to agree on how to investigate the incident. it would have been good to have an investigation on the ground as the american resolution suggested there are strong indications that point towards the syrian regime we will continue our assessments on that basis in any case we actually condemn the use of such weapons. or here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world. has declared three days of mourning after two hundred fifty seven people were killed in a military plane crash the jet went down at a military base just outside the capital algiers the aircraft was packed with soldiers and their families heading to a base in the country's southwest iser by john's president. has won
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a fourth term in office after an election that was boycotted by opposition parties with more than half the votes counted. it was on course to take nearly ninety percent of the vote the election commission says the turnout was about seventy five percent and there were no complaints of irregularities. view of the a script all who was poisoned along with her father a former russian double agent in britain last month has released a statement saying that she will not accept an offer of help from the russian embassy british authorities blame moscow for poisoning scrip hall and her father with the nerve agent nobody choke her father remains critically ill in the hospital in the united states the republican house speaker paul ryan says he will not run for reelection when his term expires in january decision is seen as another blow to the republican party as he tries to retain his ribs already in the house of
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representatives in the elections later this year. well the boss of facebook mark zuckerberg has ended two days of questioning by u.s. lawmakers about data privacy he testified following revelations that millions of people had their facebook data misused by the political consulting firm cambridge analytic. for a second day mark zuckerberg faced the cameras and sat through hours of questioning from u.s. lawmakers accused of compromising the private data of tens of millions of facebook users he repeated his apology from a day earlier or it's clear now that we didn't do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as well and that goes for fake news foreign interference in elections and hate speech as well as developers and data privacy it was my mistake and i'm sorry. zuckerberg gave repeated assurances that he would allocate
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more facebook staff to help improve data protection but he appeared evasive in response to committee members questions is yes or no if you could will you make the commitment to change all the user to changing all the user default settings to minimize to the greatest extent possible the collection and use of users that congressman this is a complex issue that i think is deserves more than a one word and again that's disappointing to me because i think you should make that commitment. while making numerous promises on improving data security suckered still managed to remain vague on specifics legislative. well another remarkable night of football in the quarterfinals of the champions league the high drama was in madrid where italy's you ventus managed to come back from three goals down to tie the aggregate score against real madrid but in the dying moments of injury time a controversial penalty ronaldo at the spot he converted and real madrid move on.
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kept so the at bay threw out a scoreless draw by an advance to the semifinals based on last week's victory in spain you're up to date with the back of the top of the hour with more world that there's. such a vivid. link to screw africa and the world or link to exceptional stories discussion from these eat and why when the deputy comes free come join us on facebook. for. g.w. truth diversity. of the world.


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