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tv   Doc Film - William and the Windmill Part 2  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2018 8:15pm-9:00pm CEST

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of course i'm somewhere in the middle of nowhere here a little bit but it's a big column was three hundred thousand people and everything can have all the time of course but in general as you say if you. peter were being broadcast all around the world right now what would you like the world to know about your thirty and how you think the your city will cope with this going forward. well i'm very sure that we will cope with it i'm sure that they will receive the security in the city too to avoid things like this the discussion. since quite a while to. have to drive was a truck on a public road. this is something which you cannot avoid at all but you can try to minimize. incidents to make. the low trench pull all cars in very busy times or things like this but. you will never be
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able to really avoid this kind of things in the future or so. peter we thank you so much for joining us this afternoon part of our present mentioned resident of munster where this incident has taken place and we know that there must be incredibly shocking for you so we we really appreciate you calling in telling us a little bit more about the city a little bit more about the mood there today and what you feel what you would like to see going forward we appreciate it. well meantime the police in munster have been tweeting about the incident they posted this update a short while ago they write please avoid speculation and rumors we are on site and investigating how events unfolded as soon as we have more verified information we will share it here. meantime this photo has been circulating widely on twitter following the crash it shows the site in munster that's been reported to be the scene of the incident and we also have response at the federal level here in the
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country chancellor angela merkel spokeswoman tweeting the following statement from the chancellor writing i am utterly devastated by this horrible event in munster everything possible is being done to investigate this act and to support the victims and their families thank you to all rescue personnel. and to find out a little bit more about this area about the incident we're joined here in studio by care heart and hans braun two have been following the story very closely and hans we were just speaking a short while ago there's actually very detailed information emerging now about the suspect yes indeed the police haven't have not confirmed anything they have not say anything about the suspect and have in fact repeatedly appealed for speculation to be stopped for people not to speculate of late about. the perpetrator not to speculate about anything or on this incident until it has been confirmed by the
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police but in fact what's happened is that a lot of very respectable media outlets in germany have been. distributing information about the probable perpetrator what has to say in all saying that he's a forty if you go to a german graphic designer they know where he comes from they are saying that his apartment is being searched at the moment to see whether there are explosives in that apartment and that he has been known to be psychologically disturbed that he has been in psychological treatment. it seems very clear at the moment that there is not a terrorist background to this attack that it. was a person who in some sense was disturbed. in a way took his own life in a very dramatic fashion and we have to say we cannot independently verify any of that information including they also mention his name and i notice that you've you've held off on mentioning that until we can independently verify that ourselves
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but you know when we look at this city just generally speaking earhart just just walk us through the area in particular because i mean this is a very specific area a very significant area of the city what does that say to you well it's the old part of town just being a very old town of germany i think we're getting a. now you know there's a satellite view you can see the street where it's happened it's not very big and you can see in the the structure of the city the curvature. of that road it's the old town you can see the it's right underneath the right. of the red. inside that we have that's the big church right in the center of town and it's in is story whole city and that is the very oldest palm off of that town so it would
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be of course full of tourists going to this very traditional restaurant which is of course in all the travel guides as a place to go to to taste regional cuisine to drink the local beer that is being brought on science as far as i can remember. young this is kind of germany at it's at its most picturesque if you will and historical city center and it's very well preserved and very well maintained city center. very rich city lots of. civil servants lived there and got a big university a huge hospital university hospital there as well as has lots of doctors and civil servants the university is rather big in my days when i studied there it was i think i seem to remember around twenty thousand students so it is quite big. and so lots of young people of course being attracted to that place and then people who study them actually stay there because so pleasant and raise their families there.
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so it is sort of the the archetype of a medium sized german city so there are many things that munster is known for but we have to say you know one thing that germany is generally speaking for is not known for is of course the weather but today was really an exceptional day in the country wasn't it i mean the shunt the sun was shining everywhere is especially new spring. de people would have been out and about wouldn't they definitely because in especially in that area of germany which is westphalia. which is sort of the iran the area where i was born i grew up it is pretty grim for a long time of the wind is pretty gray all the time and so when the sun comes out of course everybody will be outside and that would have been different today people would be happy to just the day off on a saturday and just go do some shopping so lots of shops in that particular area and then just on his shopping you go to the cafe or you go to the keeping of us of
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a restaurant and have some local food enjoy a beer or a coffee and so yeah that's that's kind of the typical afternoon on so i mean we do not know the motivation of this particular individual right hans but i mean just from what gary hart is saying i mean this is a significant area so it's not out of the realm of possibility to think that it might have have actually been targeted because of that just tell us a little bit more about what exactly is happening in terms of what the authorities are doing right now because we we saw some reaction of it or earlier not only from the local authorities also from the federal level the chance their spokesperson speaking out as well you know how did those those branches in to interact here and in the search for you know the answering of all the questions that everyone asked well the first responsibility for an incident like this lies obviously with the police in the town in minster itself and the next level will be regional police in other words police of the north rhine-westphalia federal state where this is
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situated and the actual federal government or federal police would only get involved if it was in some sense confirmed that this was a politico a politically motivated incident that has so far not happened in other words at the moment it's the regional authorities the regional police that are dealing with this incident obviously any. such incident there is a certain kind of. a certain way of procedure the way these things happen first of all you clear the area so that if there should be any further danger maybe from the vehicle maybe from other people that might have possibly been involved in the for the people are in danger so you clear the area and then you try to secure the area of try to secure the vehicle we've heard reports that there may be some suspicious objects in this vehicle that might be either know in some sense dangerous explosive for poisonous or whatever to try and clear that up is also very
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difficult and takes a lot of time from the side of the police because obviously you can't just send your policeman in there and start rummaging around such a possibly dangerous situation so it's a very slow process and establishing the facts establishing the security of the situation does take time but normally in such a situation the police know a lot more than they are letting on. and if some of the media reports are to be believed they have already in fact identified the person who killed himself after this incident they are at his place of residence they are searching that so if these reports do get confirmed i think within the next few hours who have some certainty also from the start of the police absolutely and just to tell our viewers those pictures that you were looking at were actually live pictures there from munster you saw dust just settling the life just coming out of the city quite quite an interesting scene because there were actually no people on the streets there
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save for a couple of police vehicles a couple of you know authorities we have seen walking around and just to remind our viewers of what exactly has happened in the past couple of hours in this german city a driver has plowed into a crowd of people in the german city of munster the interior ministry saying that the death toll is now four people including the driver who killed himself after the . collision the number of injured stands at twenty people police are investigating at the scene and have asked the public to stay away and we heard a little bit earlier today from an employee of a restaurant where the incident took place described the scene very shortly after the collision let's have a listen. i heard a loud bang screaming and then the police arrived and everyone was sent outside i didn't see much just lots of people running away screaming. i'm sorry for those who were caught up in this it's
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a shock to all of us employees for visitors i know that i'm angry it's cowardly to do something like this. a police spokesperson also shared some details on the ongoing investigation. albeit from it's far too early to speak of an attack right now the investigation is ongoing. the area around the accident site has been evacuated and there was possibly a suspicious item in the vehicle investigators are looking into what kind of all object that is get it out that the driver killed himself his motive and identity are unknown. thank i so that was an authority speaking you know a short while ago but in the meantime we've gotten a lot more information haven't we especially details about the suspect is indeed serious media trustful sources in the media have been publishing the name of the suspect they have been saying he's forty eight years old they know the place that he came from and they are saying he's
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a graphic designer by profession they are saying that he is psychologically unstable and has been in psychological treatment in the pause. seemed to be some indication some more concrete indication that this was not a terror attack rather an attack or an. incident by somebody psychologically the so has just tell us briefly what comes next. well next we will just simply have to wait for the police actually to confirm these things if that is the case then i think there will be a sigh of relief from the entire german society because obviously the great fear is that this could have been possibly a terror attack or a possibly with islamic background. to something that's obviously the german society german police joan politicians want to prevent at all costs but of course no solace though for the for those three individuals who have been killed that day and we know twenty others injured at least twenty others presumably now receiving
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care at this hour in the german city of leicester just to recap for our viewers a driver has plowed into a crowd in the german city of munster the interior ministry saying the death toll is now four people including the suspect you have been watching special coverage this hour of this breaking news from germany from all of us here at the team thank you so much for watching we'll have another update for you at the top of the hour i'm. now in the heart of europe. picturesque landscapes are being turned into agricultural waste. biodiversity is being replaced by monoculture. so low in romania. is responsible and cannot be stopped.
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next. one million tons of sand. with the consequences. of storm. so it's become a global menace. once they start there's no stopping them. storming in forty five minutes on d w. on freedom and hope. were i come from the region is rich in history and style and talents but so poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for independent journalists i see many of the younger promising journalists who are now
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making a name for themselves all over the arab. some like get along the way some might follow some will continue. their experience or free long sense is life experience. you can visit but your car come back from. mining to see if what i had i work at you know but. there is a sale on in romania as cup avian foothills and sale an agricultural land big investors snap it up at a discount. anyone with connections use them to the rich themselves and buy land and for those of us who just wanted to make a living as livestock farmers there was no land left on the ground if it is now my program peasant farmers are threatened i call it bad planning for and the best monopoly ever.
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here at the. but of the cup aliens in the transylvanian heartland capitalism has taken root with a vengeance. for many it's a blessing for a peasant farmer and livestock own new video gaggle its occurrence. unlike most. has not sought his fortune abroad or in one of the country's burgeoning urban areas he wants to breed animals in romania in transylvania in his home village of peru here. the love i was still
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a child maybe seven or eight years old when my grandfather gave me a sheep on the lam. i was delighted i finished school and immediately started breeding animals. i was hoping to set up my own business to build a live stock farm future. but it's getting harder and harder. for five years now a video has been expanding his head he now owns one hundred fifty sheep as well as thirty goats eight dogs and two don't tease it's a small fortune. but he doesn't fear his animals as capital. because. since they introduced subsidies livestock promised get ripped off while others get money for their land. there's a lot of shady business going on. it would have been better if they'd given a subsidies or a fixed price for
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a while. in the past there were no subsidies and farmers did just fine the wool is paid for and there was demand for milk and cheese today nothing works for the past two or three years we've only had just enough to survive. his business needs more pasture land to be economically viable. for to put in there is very little land left in communal ownership and too many animals and land that belongs to the co-operative is sold off by the privatization agency several thousand hectors end up in the hands of just one owner. farmland is a worthwhile investment a rapid increase in value and a you subsidies with two hundred fifty to three hundred euros per head to pay yeah i'll guarantee. there are that you might like animals that's why i started working with them you can't breed animals if you don't
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have a heart for them. the tourist resort is just a few kilometers away. it's an impressive operation with a trout farm hotel and restaurant that seats a thousand. the owner is from transylvania i'm a software engineer i am from the profits of my software company and best in things that i enjoy from the virtual into the real world so to speak i try to make a difference by farming trout before i bought land even though i don't know anything about animals on me now do i realize i need stables veterinarians good breeding animals so gradually i began to develop and. the hard way. in the field.
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grazing land was traditionally communal land here that changed with remaining as a session to the european union. shepherds are virtually ruled the land and to a certain extent have been able to make their own laws and then fifteen years ago i had this idea of. the tourism business so if i bought the land i could at least push the shepherds as far out as possible so that my visitors and i can enjoy this beautiful countryside. here. millis restaurant caters to bus loads of tourists from germany and abroad no one he says wants to hear bleating sheep. when the financial crisis had remained in two thousand and seven and eight local started selling their land simply because in the long run it wasn't viable for them to keep it at that time i was able to buy land you could say i pounced and i was offered more land than i had money to buy.
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in the meantime monson villains acquired around two thousand tech to approximate the area of four thousand football pitches and he's not the only one. many investors have discovered remain in agricultural land is a profitable investment. i've read stories about a land grabbing on the internet and on facebook i also know many examples from the west and south of romania where hundreds of hectares of agricultural land have been bought by foreign companies which i actually don't think is a bad thing. as long as it's used at the moment fifty percent of land in romania is unused i repeat our mused. good notes does it. that's a much cited figure that has never been officially confirmed as of the river heard
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one survivor there you can hear the shepherd not my neighbor and the way the sheep are bleating it sounds like they love to be in this pasture because the grass is juicy here. shepherds not that fond of me but the flock he has to follow the rules now. it was suggested that he got out. and the e.u. regulations grazing land is not classified as a pasture it's an asset shepherds have to rent the land owners receive subsidies but only if the land is used for grazing. rumania had five million small farmers when it joined the e.u. ten years ago nearly a third of the population lived on its own land in a state of poverty by western standards it was enough to get by but there was no commercial gain. despite pledges by brussels that it wants to promote small scale farming the remaining government's declared aim is to consolidate agricultural production into larger units a political strategy to help the rural population remains absent to this day. in
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rumania there are now only large scale land owners and a rural proletariat but small livestock farmers like a video are losing out against politics against the economy against the trend. marson milla now owns the land where video gaggles sheep once graced free of charge . collects e.u. subsidies and drain from a video about a video that was nothing you can do or say people sold on the land he didn't prescribe off the authorities. and now he rents it out because he isn't allowed to hold the land but it's not grazed. and he doesn't have enough animals to keep the grass under control so we keep it clean and we're almost done are still back there it has to be cleaned and grazed it's monitored by satellite. believe the people who have if he doesn't use the land for grazing he will lose the subsidy for the roof.
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the decline of the peasant farming economy is changing demographics speeding up a massive migration into the cities especially among young people. only those who have seen the sign of the times have a bright future. martin miller software engineer and landowner because become a large scale. his lines have to be graced in order to meet the requirements so he has a quiet animals. the production chain was already in place. his restaurant business in and another in the state capital city you. produce made on his phone. what doesn't go straight to the table is sold in-house over the counter.
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there. in total we have about two hundred fifty angus cattle more than twelve hundred sheep about eight hundred goats pigs special. an ancient breed of domestic pig about one hundred twenty in all. and we also raise cameroon sheep for me. trough and that's a clue for sheeple one of our mowers so are the angus cattle and i don't need them our they move in and themselves i never made. the combination of cattle sheep and buffalo is perfect for maintaining and improving pastor quality. would you fire . why did for better or for better quality. service a bit martin miller is a businessman he cares about process optimization not animals he employs just for people to breed and care for his animals in fact it's
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a family of four. this is a national problem under a land restitution law people reclaimed farms confiscated from their families but they no longer have the ability to develop it with global competition the problem isn't our buffalo it's that foreign companies like our flint dominate the romanian market more than fifty percent of the dairy products in a confident supermarket in romania are imported goods not from romania. or first small farm is colorful and is part of the problem regional farmers' markets have been squeezed out by the german discounter there is no longer a market for regional products. when farmers quickly got their land back. it was an exciting time a promising trend that i observed as an outsider back. and i thought it was wonderful. he would see these pictures of dr cars with hooks attached to the top of
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the roof racks and the trunks were stuffed with bags of grain all with piglets for pigs and so on. for over the years and everyone was just happy to be able to cultivate their family land again. so it was a natural return to their roots to what really counts. is what communism had not been able to destroy it was then destroyed by the preparations for e.u. a session before. and post a session by the common agricultural policy meir what kim. this is trying to mobilize opposition to this ecologically controversial approach whereby agricultural companies work the land rather than farm this. land grabbing by new investors is happening at a rapid pace. it's often unclear who is acquiring the land.
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rovers are various entities. there are dutch pension fund shakes who invest their money in holdings and of course simple smart individuals so. there is one common denominator they all share they are all unscrupulous and have no values no moral are just. terrorist fields shrubs bushes and even springs are being plowed over. and the resulting fields rate seatle maize is grown primarily for the production of biofuel monoculture is replacing diversity. and here. so. what are you doing. coloring the basement. wanted to live out history here and practice
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a stable agriculture but then another investor came from germany came and purchased . money doesn't matter you can do it i must want to. say i'm a scientist he must be a man with a lot of money to just buy everything up. and that's good how did for like you got the money from here because you know a lot of it also i think you didn't come with that much money. in they just bribe the mayor and everyone else around here. there's still one hundred you know. welcome to my house from the e.u. from the new subsidies his first hundred hectares brought him i don't know how many hundreds of thousands of euros. i said he was gone says people i don't know how the whole game works and i think you know already has machinery worth one million dollars he's laundering black money or laundering it through subsidies to buy you
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know idea and then exactly through subsidies those events. fresh but there's no future here it's battle i don't think. concern feels speculation. but one thing is visible. field around it by the field something. even his access road was plowed. these maps my field up there and the road the access road where was that. he had when he was here four metres tall right here. look here this is plowed. when the stones and then they wonder why they have a rose with so much monoculture to this day but the past two days agro industry for
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you rational on heartless only one is all that matters. to centuries old cultural landscape is eroding under the e.u. open market policies not using pesticides or heavy machinery generating the biodiversity unique to the ark and remain yours cup by the mountains. then he shifted is not just to use social media to organize resistance. he regularly meets up with fellow activists to discuss their experiences. they tell us who would have been or martin miller is expanding here in the south martin. he already has a trial farm and i'll be going from there it spread all over the altar and there jason valis in. order to do this through the park the pythons now she taught the
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boy so he is here and here in our area we have the other guy who bought all the land between. as well as all the adjoining valleys and they made the. signature of. the group wants to mobilize rumanians five million small scale farming. for nanda but the problem is romania small scale farmers do not know each other one were scattered all over romania and that's the challenge faced by initiatives in associations like ours. we're sending out a signal to say we're here let's keep doing peasant farming has a viable future it needs to be saved is it sustainable get it get it that the veteran it's value is an appreciator everywhere in the west in the developed world . but they've lost. they want it back. and we're throwing it away. for two days mario has just returned from france where you looked at small family
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farms and they grassroots movements. all over. they're always talking about the power of small scale farming and it's already met with a response abroad. trade unions mergers and they even have the power to change laws in france. on the other hand in romania we're barely scratching the surface. about the subject because we want to make a difference. others look at us as if we come from another planet. many locals have given up and sold their land. their own farms were often too small to turn them into economically viable businesses and they had no money to acquire additional land. fertile ground for land grab.
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if the wood is good quality and from a good breed you get twelve cents a kilo. sheep with one and a half to two. you have a quarter of waste but that's not figured into the equation. if you don't like the price you're left sitting. direct customers such as textile mills have disappeared from the region today middle men set the prices. the e.u. has funding programs for young entrepreneurs but the paperwork alone can be overwhelming. had been throwing him all the applications for animal projects a very difficult. far too complicated it's hopeless. every time. i've already tried.
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your qualifications but it doesn't matter. at some point i couldn't get any further now i try twice it came to nothing you have to spend a lot of money but you never know if it's going to pay off. sure. there are consultants who can help small farmers with the highly complicated subsidy application process but they charge ten percent of the sum being applied for regardless of whether the application is approved or not. twenty five year old a video still lives with his parents his father was a long haul truck driver for years and knows every corner of europe nevertheless he still wants to live here in transylvania in romania.
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the family eats almost exclusively homegrown food. not out of ideological conviction but because it has always been that way because it tastes better. the fact he bacon the sausage the eggs everything is homemade. including the traditional plum shops. obedience father has been mayor for a year he sees both sides of the issue. i generally when we have a problem in romania where small and medium sized farmers are being strangled by the huge farms the large scale investors have the financial means to buy land and a small scale farmers get nothing as a community we just don't have any land to lease or is nothing left not a single square meter why is that you bought into couldn't believe you were given he only survives because we support him because his father invested the money he
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owned to the truck driver in sheep farming he could never support a family of his own never will be a few. in the pharmacist ocean ministry of celts from the thirteenth century mass is still set in germany. for fifteen years martin miller has been the parishes most prominent member. he married here his children were baptized here. he is well respected and during the service is allowed to sit in the pew reserved for church dignitaries. the. one thousand nine hundred exodus of transylvania as ethnic germans to nearly unified germany sparked a rapid decline of an eight hundred year old culture. houses
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villages and churches were left to decay. the teacher his house was also a ruin. martin miller funded its renovation so it could be used as a community center. dogs there but this is another way we contribute to the community and get the community uses it so i thought a big deal i just thought i'd pay our rent but the community can use it for all their festivals you get all the students are for thinking da didi american those who complain are not small farmers at all clear people who have regained land to which they have no relationship. their land was taken away from their families in the one nine hundred fifty s. as a kind of collectivization drive. and they are moved to work in factories or someplace else but they never work the land and. when i got the land back they knew nothing
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about it and i had to pay tax they said get me out of here. get coughed out their one molar bought the land of course some people stopped they could have gotten in cheaper and sold it for more it's the same everywhere a grass is greener and so i was doing that night off. martin millar plans to expand even further but his investment has already paid off prices have tripled over the last ten years. and you have that here by feel like a pioneer who is transforming this land into farmland and it is in the areas where i've linked my parcels together i can prove that there are no good pastures but it doesn't bother me if i'm called a land grab. walk and i'm bringing order to the land registry office that these deflection is keeping i'm clearing and developing the land with once reports i've posted its value and of course i produce at least twice as much with the twenty
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percent of land i bought from the community as the whole community of villages or peasant farmers produces with the remaining eighty percent of land claim to fight when land becomes a commodity there's more at stake than money in the local farming economy is dying an inevitable death but a video is defiant not trying to look larger nor this work still gives us pleasure otherwise we wouldn't do it any more fun you don't do it if you don't have fun down my so we keep going on with enormous museum and i mean we won't die of hunger we can at least produce the food we need for ourselves a piece of meat cheese milk it's just hard to earn money but maybe things will improve some day in the future negative one. more than longish maybe we're not. a small farm still exist in romania protecting their heritage from investment heavyweights should be the cornerstone of an agricultural policy that is modern and and sustainable
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the but one million tons of sound odd a mistake everything is going to go with the deadly consequences the boss storms the bug lobel menace. once they start there's no stopping them. the storm fifteen minutes. ago at africa. while shot in south africa. simply talking about conservation is. an organization introduces local to wildlife
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and conservation through photography. the wild outreach program at kruger national park children closer to nature. go at africa ninety minutes d w. and there are those. running. innovation and education. but this is one game we can't afford to lose the world food program fights and a worldwide helping people help themselves my goal is zero anger. the islam is a is bangladesh on the brink of civil. law.
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we are scared we are very scared we have to stoop to libya to fight for hartigan studer. torn by domestic power struggles and the influence of islamist extremists. the country's democratic institutions now face a serious threat. to the saddam we call for the needle of law of islam of violence dominates the headlines. you just couldn't get in a. couple of issues leave. it pretty. tough to show. bangladesh the dawn of the slum is only starting in april twenty first on t.w. .
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this is news from bird lane a deadly van brandon a german city a driver plows into crowds in one store killing two people and injuring many more before taking his own life police say that it is too early to know his motive but media report they say that he was german and so.


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