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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2018 6:00am-6:02am CET

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more than ninety eight percent of these children up on health care. the german aids foundation is supporting dream in mozambique you can do something to. give the baby a future with that and. make it a nation safe a life. stocks in tokyo hong kong have been taking a nosedive after the u.s. suffered its worst day in over six years on monday the global selloff began on friday on the back of investor concerns that higher inflation and interest rates could impact the u.s. economy. germany's biggest political parties have extended their coalition talks for a second time the negotiations between chancellor conservatives the social democrats were supposed to be wrapped up on sunday but the parties are still struggling to
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find a deal on labor policy. believed to be the only surviving suspect of the paris attacks twenty fifteen has appeared in court for the first time. refused questions as its trial of belgium he faces charges. that led to his arrest he will also go on trial in france in connection to the attacks that left one hundred thirty people dead. was among the targets. a political power struggle has intensified in the maldives with the president declaring a state of emergency the former president and key members of the judiciary have also been taken into custody last week the president defied a supreme court order to release a group of political prisoners sparking opposition protests.
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volatility is back u.s. stocks are raising all of this year's gains the dow how much. in its history. also coming up. strength to strength. now it's. in africa. and with having taken up the presidency critics accuse the government of failing to fight corruption. in berlin this is your business update the global financial market selloff has pushed stocks further into the red in monday's session u.s. markets raising their gains for this year the dow down by the end of the trading more than four and a half percent s. and p. five hundred dropping by fall.


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