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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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and it's very unclear what's going to happen and our stuff are left at home or in bunkers they aren't able to deliver they aren't able to do their work so it's almost impossible for us to do our lifesaving work in yemen and in the humanitarian assistance ok well what about in other parts of the country in sana where you are where the fighting has also been going on. i mean in sanaa it's kind of like more quiet now but it's again like if one part of the country is under this kind of violence or escalation the other cars get paralyzed because they're all of connected somehow so for us we are in center here but we depend a lot on an aid and in terms of our supplies we just hear it in your report a shortage of medical supplies and essential treatments for children suffering from color of and in syria vaccinations are not their. main medications
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are not there so now. with adam being a bit paralyzed it is impossible for us to carry on our assistance inside on the data and sudden other parts of the country because one part is now paralyzed that's what's happening in aden right now is so many people in such desperate need what's your immediate focus right now over the next days and weeks. mediately right now we're looking into supporting those affected by the recent clashes in a dance that there are many people who are displaced there are many children who are already displaced from other fires in the country and who want to enforce seeking refuge and now they are displaced again the already traumatized they were receiving psychosocial support were child friendly spaces so now what we are going to do is to increase our child psychosocial support to these children
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to look at displacement. families and children who have to leave their houses and see how can we support them whether by doing cash transfers food assistance healthcare nutrition. at the same time to increase our support in other parts country russia thanks so much for that good luck to you and all your efforts russia as well as from save the children and salma. now for some of the other stories making news this hour poland senate has passed the controversy a bill making it illegal to accuse the country of complicity in crimes committed by the nazis during world war two israel has condemned the legislation saying poland is attempting to rewrite history the united states says the legislation could hamper open discussion about the holocaust. bolivia is reeling from severe flooding caused by record rainfall the floodwaters swept away homes and damaged bridges some
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residents had to wade through deep waters bring their livestock to safety authorities say about one hundred twenty thousand people that affect it. a train carrying dozens of republican lawmakers has collided with a garbage truck killing one person in that vehicle the incident occurred at the crossing there charlottesville virginia it is not clear exactly what happened the chartered train was taking lawmakers to a republican retreat. and in washington a long running tensions between the f.b.i. and president trump are now out in the open the f.b.i. has condemned the republican push to release a controversy on memo accusing the agency and the justice department of surveillance abuses against the trump campaign democrats say the release of the document is an attempt to discredit the probe into allegations of russian meddling in the election this memo is expected to be released later today. or at least.
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as donald trump leaves the chamber following his state of the union address on wednesday the muffled exchanges caught on camera. a republican congress man can be heard saying let's release the memo trump replies don't worry one hundred percent can you imagine this president. the memo written by the republican house intelligence committee chairman devin nunez outlines alleged surveillance abuses by investigators looking into ties between russia and the trump campaign republicans claim the document shows anti trump bias at the f.b.i. but the agency says it's inaccurate. democrats say trump's insistence on publishing the memos is a place and attempt to derail a wide to probe into his dealings with russia. we know obviously the department justice and the f.b.i.
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feel that this is a extraordinary reckless step to take because the information hasn't been better than house speaker poll ryan says republicans are right to push for the memo's release there may have been milf eason's at the f.b.i. by certain individuals and so what we want is all of this information to come out so that transparency can reign supreme and accountability can occur will be the through f.b.i. director christopher ray appears willing to stand up to the president who hand-picked him for the job just months after firing his predecessor. trump himself as told to say c.h. the memo vindicates his concerns that u.s. law enforcement agencies conspired against him. this is deja vu news live from berlin still to come on the show we catch up with the german astronaut alexander gast as he goes through the final preparations for his next mission to space. and bristly darkness p.r. mark a balmy makes his long awaited transfer to arsenal for
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a cool sixty four million. now and the long awaited along the limited access rather to the internet in china is getting a lot of scrutiny because it's about to get even more regulated this is a highly controversial move brian we know that the access to the united in china is highly restricted and one way to bypass the control so far was the use of so-called virtual private networks but now the government is trying to close that tunnel undermining china's fire wall beijing is cracking down on the v.p. and use forcing businesses to use state approved software only to share sensitive data between their locations. if you are in china trying to skype chat with colleagues in the u.s. think again what about surfing google using twitter and facebook sorry. the chinese government is banning all virtual private networks. the seventy's help uses
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to bypass online censorship that business is also used them to move their data securely in an effort to comfy as the government has assured foreign companies doing business there that they can still access the internet using state approved cool tools. but many firms a nervous about exposing their data to the chinese. this impact safety that's because government telecom companies just provide a channel a network they can't see any content on the network related to your company for businesses that follow chinese laws and regulations this is guaranteed constitution stipulates that citizens have the freedom to communicate and that corporate communications will be protected with. previously however comes at a cost many small and mid-sized companies are troubled by the usage fees for the state own software well over one thousand euros
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a month experts say that's more than smaller businesses will be able to shoulder in the long run. now let's talk some more about the impact of this move he is the head of the german economic institute a private economic research institution welcome to the program michael before we get into the nitty gritty out want you to explain to me why is it so important for a company to have access to virtual private networks what is what is being dubbed there it's a very simple reason they want to have secure channel for data and information along the value chain which is globalized and if you're sitting around the world you need this time in real time connection and the need is time connection with data security data serenity and otherwise good work in the way you have learnt it in the past now beijing is saying well you can still share information from one place to the other but through our network. what has been the reaction to that i
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think the idea of the chinese government is quite clear they want to have access to the data or access to the information they're very. risk averse to see that there could be something on the veil of ignorance they couldn't explain they couldn't really is.


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