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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2017 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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same stuff. this is g w news live from berlin tonight south africa's ruling a.n.c. party elects a new leader to secede jacob zuma it was a tight race with a recount but cyril ramaphosa emerged as the party leader putting him in prime position to run for president in twenty nineteen how does he plan to get from here
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to there also coming up in washington state in the u.s. a fatal train derailment several people are dead and many more injured after a train drunk jumped the tracks on the bridge will bring you the latest and turkey orders the release of the german journalist michel a total loser from prison but says that she will not be allowed to leave the country. i bring coffee it's good to have you with us today so one of the most important political changing of the guards in post apartheid south africa the country's ruling african national congress elected a new leader deputy president cyril ramaphosa defeated president jacob zuma is exwife in a clogged closely fall race thousands of delegates took part in the vote and much
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of south africa it was watching as the a.n.c. announced its new leader of the a.n.c. which is known as the party of nelson mandela has rooms. health africa since the end of apartheid the party's last three leaders have all served as president of south africa. and this is the moment when cyril ramaphosa won the agency's top job come great lesson that i mean is to me or receive. two to six one. and come great sinner i'm a perfectly free to go there are. we do you. agree that not yours do you think you did
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not good if you don't ah. and you can see right there one side cheering the other side silent obviously a divided a.n.c. we want to go now to do so he is serving the a.n.c. congress force in south africa good evening to you so let's talk about the new leader of the a.n.c. mr poe's i mean he has a watch on his plate right now he's got to regenerate this party he's got to put south africa's economy back on the map can he do all of that it. is a bit difficult task a full set of them of course is you knew that there were two signs one science does promise of musume in the other one so. when you look at the top six outlays and we did say meeks his deputies from the other side in the second didn't if the parties from the other side what sort of try and get these people what didn't get them the
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bequests and were able to say when did this. when they were complaining this way that you find that there's it in different who listens in terms of who they want to vote the economy oh the upper they want to oppose the units within the a.n.c. and now it is time to assume will try and get that december and into it to come up with it but you see after weeks or it direction of the people so it is it was never the list it is a person who is expected by the market by the business so he's going to be able to get under some support in terms of. the country but in egypt you need to be in the mc is still a big miss india and what does this mean for jacob zuma his influence as well as his legacy. it's knowledge of the novel beast is a rigid set up down is that in supposed to but you have means that the state has got which means he still controls the focus is going to tell us the news does but of
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course we know that the highlight was within the a.n.c. so what do i look to see the rest of the want to move it to leave behind if he has not done it yet he's not going to be able to do it because people what suited him did not point out and so much will remain the wealthiest one would be been part of those images that don't. continue to do that to some one in the president's mouth is leaving behind the legacy of so many of those with jesse is been corrupt is been there it kept up by the book does and all those that it wants it will change that the commutes of the socialism market eat to the bit it's got time. to so observing the a.n.c. congress vote for us tonight from south africa thank you very much. r.j. the united states now and am trying passenger train has derailed on a bridge over a major highway in washington state the accident occurred near the city of tacoma
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around sixty kilometers south of seattle tipping railway cars on to the road below a massive emergency response is underway. about seven forty this morning the train derailed multiple agencies are responding when we got to the seeing it was obvious that there were some fatalities and there were a lot of injuries and some people were able to get off the train metal cars and trucks were struck by trying cars that left the train tracks and went down onto the road. or earlier we asked our washington correspondent karsten phenomena about what he was hearing about this train accident. we hear that there have been multiple fatalities so we're not quite sure what that means if it's several or if it's dozens but what we've heard is that at least eighty people have been injured and admitted to hospitals apparently those fatalities all happened
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among people who were on the train there were seventy eight passengers and five stuff on that train. the fatalities only among those people about some injuries among people driving on the interstate five this very important commuter roads which was running adjacent to the track which was a new track this was the first time this train was running on these new tracks but we don't know whether there was any connection to this accident are the discourse in phenomena they are reporting from washington here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world in india the hindu nationalists b.j. as fended off a major challenge by holding on to power in gujarat now that is the home state of prime minister narendra modi and has been under a b j p rule for two decades it was the first real test for who gandhi the new president of the opposition congress party. at least ten people have been killed
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and more than forty injured in a stampede in bangladesh a stampede occurred as hundreds of people rushed to get free food parcels they were being handed out to honor a popular former mayor of the town of chittagong after the mayor's death. the israeli military confirms it's carried out air strikes in the gaza strip targeting a hamas training compound is in response to new rocket attacks from the palestinian territory militants have stepped up rocket fire since u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. meanwhile the united states says it will use its veto power to reject a u.n. security council resolution against that decision by the trumpet ministration on jerusalem the security council is to vote on a resolution that would require the u.s. to rescind the president's declaration of the palestinian foreign minister says they will seek support at the general assembly if washington exercises remans veto
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crisis turkey has ordered the release of the german journalist i'm a solid tolu after nearly eight months in prison on german officials say she has only been let go on the condition that she does not leave the country thoroughly was charged with being a member of a terrorist organization and publishing terrorist propaganda following a failed military coup back in july twenty sixth seen. a day of celebration for mashallah told his supporters and legal team to move in seven months in custody in turkey the judges decided to release the thirty three year old german on bail. now i am happy again but this has been a bad year for me i certainly won't forget twenty seventeen it will help me. mashallah told it was arrested in her apartment in istanbul in april she's since
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been held in a women's prison along with seventeen other defendants she was accused of being a member of the extreme left turkish communist party which the authorities classify as a terrorist organization mashallah tolu denied all the charges when the trial began in october. she should have been freed earlier even the public prosecutor asked for her release he knew the allegations against her were not sustainable. we're happy that inshallah tolu has at least been allowed out and we will continue the legal fight to have her acquitted that is the damages the judge's decision is only a temporary release until a verdict is processed the trial is due to continue in april next year in the meantime mashallah totally is not allowed to leave turkey. and our very own yulia han is standing by for us in in stamboul on the story for us good evening to you julia we're just getting a report here that the journalist has been released i don't know if you have seen
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that wires just come across what are you hearing where you wore. well definitely she is out of jail and we got this news as well just now that she's been released from the police station where she spent. they were preparing her release documents according to the. confusion in the past and her family and friends. have been waiting in front of the women's prison where she was staying the cost eight months they have been waiting for hours out there because they were being told that she will come out and they could see her and meet her and then she was being brought to that police station. a little angry so to say he said he feels that. zeke with everyone but it's the positive
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news the good news is she is out and that's a happy day a few days before christmas for her family as well. well that remains to be seen by many here say it's a positive just another positive sign that something is moving now that there are at least eight. more german citizens of political reasons and many hope that something will happen in their cases as well especially of course for german journalists german journalist who is behind since more than three hundred days now this is of course a sign of hope but i tend to be rather cautious in making predictions here.
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is an improvement. maybe it is of course there is a relief on the side of the german authorities as well now we heard the german ambassador to turkey mr apjohn tell us that he is very relieved that she's been released now. we have to still see what was happening in the next months of course but this is to move into the right direction that's what we are hearing. thank you very much. for you may not expect a basketball player to let his feet do the talking but that's exactly what
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cleveland cavaliers superstar le bron james did on sunday the four time m.v.p. has been a longstanding critic of u.s. president and he wore a message on his shoes aimed at what he called quote the man at the helm at his most recent game in washington d.c. now his eye catching shoes take a look at one black one white were emblazoned with the words equality although james did not mention trump by name when asked about his footwear his target was clear the game was played in just a mile from the white house and the player has repeatedly criticized trump calling him one presidential device. all right back on this court here's a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you south africa's ruling african national congress has elected is ciro. new president paving the way for the nation's deputy president to become the country's likely next head of state the sixty five year old is one of south africa's richest.
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you're watching news live from berlin and i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news followed by the sea of the. people of the world over information they provide the opinions they want to express d.w. on facebook.


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