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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2017 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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they find solutions. they inspire. africa the. stories of people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent. w.'s new multimedia series for africa. dot com africa on the move. this is day eight of the news live from berlin a high stakes election that could cut donald trump's majority in the senate after
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weeks of scandal voters in the u.s. state of alabama finally go to the polls republican candidate roy a more moderate insets allegations is up against democrat doug jones in a race that is too close to call also on the program. financing the fight against climate change french president emanuel hosts international heads of state and business leaders for a one day summit aimed at boosting the minds among efforts to curb global warming. following israel protests and lead germany's jewish community calls for stricter laws against the separatism. i'm filled welcome to the program voters in the u.s. state of alabama go to the polls today to choose a new senator to send to washington the election is attracting national and international attention after president trump threw his support behind the republican candidate roy moore but the film
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a state supreme court justice has been accused of sexual misconduct with teenage girls more than thirty years ago. they said each winning two had not come forward for nearly forty years but they waited two thirty days before this journal lection to come forward. if you don't believe in my character don't vote for me. let's get more than from t.w. correspondent custer phenomena who joins us from washington a welcome cost and what impacts our visa allegations having on the race while it was already a very tight race even before those allegations came out roy moore has been a controversial figures for many years in alabama he was removed from the state's supreme courts twice for not obeying federal laws and court rulings and so
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normally in alabama any republican should easily win but in this case the democratic contender doug jones is actually ahead in a few polls of course most polls still see roy moore heads but the bottom line is this race now is too close to call and why is the senate race getting so much attention wiped away the international audience care. well because this is a lose lose situation almost for the republicans and basically it is also a test election all on trump and his agenda donald trump of course has after some hesitation now fully backed roy moore and he is banking on the fact that his core supporters are also roy move his core supporters at least in alabama so but it's
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a lose lose situation as i said because if the democrats win in alabama that would further diminish their majority in the senate to fifty one to forty nine votes and that could mean that donald trump might have difficulties getting through his agenda then again if roy moore indeed wins he would be a liability to the republicans in the upcoming midterm elections because he might be electable alabama but he is definitely a liability in most other regions of this country now the man who helps mr trump enter the white house is also advising in alabama what to steve bannon been saying well steve bannon is still on a crusade to change the political landscape of the united states for good and he's fighting not only the democrats but also the republican establishment and what he calls the mainstream media and we actually caught up with him one of the relics for
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roy moore another bamma here's what he had to say about us journalists information today is part of political warfare just cut and we can answer that i'm not a politician that means you're not the political process you all the mainstream media are part of the opposition party ok that has become a familiar message is anybody listening. well absolutely at least among the core supporters of donald trump that they don't trust what they call the mainstream media i would say media not necessarily reflect the views of these people but they don't trust the media they don't trust the political class in general from both parties democrats and republicans there is a certain amount of anger still here in this country an anger that brought donald trump into the white house and many of these people don't really care who goes to washington as long as he disrupts the political process and destroys what they see
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as a rigged system and custom phenomenon in washington state with us if you would as we look at the allegations of sexual impropriety swirling around the president in which won't go away three women who have previously accused mr trump of sexual harassment calling for a congressional investigation he says he is the target of false allegations and fabricated stories of women who i don't know and or have never met. for these women investigating donald trump is both a fight for their personal honor as well as a matter of principle. but it's when he put his hand started put his hand up my skirt and that was the last time i wore skirt traveling. and then i managed because i'm not a small person i. managed to wrestle myself out of the seat and stood up grabbed my purse and went to the back of the airplane i want to believe that as americans we can put aside our political inclinations and admit that some things in fact do
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transcend politics that we will hold mr trump to the same standard as harvey weinstein and the other man who are held accountable for their reprehensible behavior white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders has rejected the claims against trump or look as the president said himself he thinks it's a good thing that women are coming forward but he also feels strongly that a mere allegation shouldn't determine the course in this case the president has denied any of these allegations as have eyewitnesses and several reports have shown those eyewitnesses also back up the president's claim in this process but one of the highest ranking women in the trumpet ministration said the accusers had a right to speak out. when men who accuse anyone should be heard they should be heard and they should be dealt with and i think we heard from them prior to the election and i think any woman who has felt violated or felt mistreated in any way they have every right to speak up the women accusing president trump say this two
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thousand and five video which surfaced during last year's presidential campaign proves that trump made unwanted advances towards women i moved you know who moved on or on the field. i did. trump has dismissed the comments in the video as quote locker room talk and so far there's been little sign that congress will open an investigation into his past behavior. and phenomena in washington cost and these allegations are not new is anything new likely to come of them this time. well i don't think it will have any severe consequences for the president of course it doesn't look good and it might have consequences at the ballot boxes in two thousand and eighteen i mean donald trump's approval ratings are already very low compared to most other presidents before him and of course again
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a lot of people might finally say ok enough is enough i won't have any of this because the republicans say well first of all many of these allegations are not true and secondly people knew about it and still they voted for trump but in a way that was in a different era if you like because this year as so many women have come forward and have found the courage to report allegations or events where they experience sexual misconduct from men sometimes going back a lot a lot of years and this is different from the silence that we encountered before so this might have an impact again at the ballot box and if the republicans lose the senate and or the house that will be a problem for donald trump because a phenomenon in washington thank you. for a couple of other stories making news around the world bangladeshi counterterrorism
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officers are questioning the relatives of the man accused of detonating a bomb in new york's port authority bus terminal on monday u.s. authorities are holding the twenty seven year old bangladeshi suspect on terror charges and say he was inspired by the islamic state group. an explosion as a natural gas plant in austria has killed one person and injured more than a dozen police say the blast was triggered by a technical fault the facility is a major pipeline hub delivering gas to surrounding countries italy has declared a state of emergency because of the disruption to its energy supply. four thousand delegates and fifty world leaders have gathered in paris to attend the french president's one planet summit two years after the world signed up to the paris climate agreement emanuel mccraw wants rich companies to make good on their financial pledges to poor countries this call has been met with more promises participants have announced billions of dollars of projects to help poorer countries reduce emissions. a bit of movie glamour may just help to
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draw attention to the issues out for debate the one planet summit. it's two years since the paris climate agreement was signed the critics say that there have been few achievements to celebrate. and they say it's time to relax not just good intentions the summits message is fossil fuels a history. we will talk some more about that it doesn't matter that donald trump backed out at the paris agreement because the private sector didn't drop out the public sector didn't drop universities didn't sign the student up or the juniors didn't drop but no one dropped out. donald trump pulled donald trump out of the paris agreement so don't worry about any of that but some concern might be warranted despite numerous pledges of financial help from wealthier countries few funds have reached the nation's most in need of help something protesters outside
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the venue a keen to remind delegates of. the french president in money when back home hope lies in the finance and science sectors at the summit he spoke to engineers scientists and entrepreneurs developing innovations to improve energy efficiency france has pledged to spend millions of euros to support the work of eighteen scientists most of them from the us on condition that they were confronts in future . proofed. what i want you to figure out is the most radical innovation fundamental research applied to research all the projects that you have to sealing the technological research that will allow us to win the battle against climate change. and he wants company heads involved two firms will need to raise the bulk of one hundred billion dollars annually from twenty to twenty for climate protection and adapting
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the planet to climate change exactly how my calm plans to achieve this though is not yet clear. protests have been going on around the world following the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital but here in germany the debate has taken on special significance last week and protesters burned israeli flags on the streets of berlin it's an event that a shock that is shocking to many germans and been sharply condemned by the government for germany's jewish community which particularly unnerving and many are looking for a stronger response as jews around the world to celebrate the first day of hanukkah kate brady has this report. just days after scenes of burning israeli flags and anticipate explosions in the german capital a rather different event is taking place at berlin's brandenburg gate preparations are underway for lights in the menorah on the first day of hanukkah for rabbi yehuda tiësto the jewish festival of light comes as a poignant time germany should be
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a place where we say you were right over darkness and these type of messages these type of demonstrations that we hear should be absolutely not probably rated in any form or manner prompted by the u.s. decision to recognize theresa lim as israel's capital thousands of propellants demonstrators gathered in berlin over the weekend in response to the burning of israeli flags and anti semitic chan's the central council for jews in germany has called for stricter laws to prohibit anti semitic demonstrations in german parliament not everyone is in agreement i don't think laws can solve conflicts what's unfolding here on the street is in fact a very real conflict israel's actions on the ground as well as its policy on settlements exacerbate this conflict here heights not to unleash these in conflict on the often your thoughts we'd hope that these are one off events but at the moment that doesn't look the case. that can continue therefore we will do
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everything possible to prevent it being despite being supportive of citizens right to protest germany remains particularly vigilant that legitimate anti israel protests don't spill over into anti-semitism. i don't forget you can always get the w. news on the go just download from google player from the apple store i will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use it to send us photos and videos. as if you're up to date i'll have more for you about the top of the hour in the meantime if you don't have the app that's always the. site that's t w dot com i'm going to.


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