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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2017 3:02am-3:31am CET

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you know. not even a plea from the pope could change his mind today u.s. president donald trump kept his campaign promise and made the u.s. the first country to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the palestinians calling trump's decision the kiss of death for peace in the middle east tonight the u.s. state department telling u.s. embassies in the region to be on guard as three days of rage begin i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. today we finally acknowledge the obvious that jerusalem is israel's cabinet. this is nothing more or less than a recognition of the yallop it is also the right thing to do it's
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something that has to be done i am also directing the state department to begin preparations to move the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem this decision is not intended in any way to reflect a departure from our strong commitment to facilitate a lasting peace agreement. we want an agreement that is a great deal for the israelis and a great deal for the palestinians today we call for calm for moderation and for the voices of tolerance. also coming up tonight time's two thousand and seventeen person of the year the silence breakers. a message that we heard acco across from susan fowler from adama from selma from ashley from all of these women and we just we heard again and again the sense of enough it's not my fault and i'm
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not going to take any mine. where we begin the day in jerusalem with what was expected to be an explosive break with the u.s. policy in the middle east by president almost from today trump announced plans to move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem as the united states becomes the first country the only country in the world to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel warnings from u.s. allies in the middle east and europe and even a plea from the pope were not enough to change trump's mind but trunk hammered the point that the u.s. has not changed its support for a two state solution or its decades long position that jerusalem status should be settled as part of a peace deal between both israelis and palestinians so was this decision more than just trunk keeping a campaign promise to his base alas that and more in just a moment but first here's more of what the u.s.
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president said today i have determined that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel while previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise they failed to deliver today i am delivering. this is nothing more or less than a recognition of reality it is also the right thing to do it's something that has to be done that is why consistent with the jerusalem embassy act i am also directing the state department to begin preparation to move the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem this decision is not intended in any way to reflect
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a departure from our strong commitment to facilitate a lasting peace agreement we want an agreement that is a great deal for the israelis and a great deal for the palestinians we are not taking a position of any final status issues including the specific boundaries of the israeli sovereignty in jerusalem or the resolution of contested borders those questions are up to the parties involved. it was you was president donald trump there with the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas says that the u.s. has abdicated its role as a peace negotiator in the middle east abbas reacting to president trump's decision to recognize the contested city of jerusalem as the capital of israel he says that the city is quote the eternal capital of palestine and he called the move deplorable and unacceptable he said that it would undermine peace efforts.
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are where do we go from here well the talk about that i'm joined tonight by carson phenomenon in washington and here at the big table with me jason isaacson a policy director with the american jewish committee here in berlin and to his right okrent baker a middle east analyst and former advisor to the palestinian authority to all of you it's good to have you on the show karsten let me start with you the u.s. president as we heard there hammered the point that nothing is really changing except the address of the u.s. embassy or at least that's what he wants us to think was this the speech that the world was expecting. in a way yes because the white house had been advertising the contents of the speech through different channels for the last forty eight hours or so so the basically the line that was communicated there was first of all this is what's on the
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promised during his election campaign and he wants to keep this promise also there's this about acknowledging their reality on the ground this is also to implement a law which has been there for twenty two years already in one thousand nine hundred five congress passed the jerusalem embassy act which calls for exactly that was on the trump announced today and also that donald trump remains committed to the peace process in the middle east so that is the line that has been communicated it's also it's quite interesting to look at donald trump and see how he says well this is an approach that has been tried before let's try something new it's quite clear donald trump thinks he's smarter than anyone even though to put it mildly he doesn't know a lot about the world but while he's giving it a try. i think you put that exactly you got a right to the point there garstin you know when i was listening to the speech today i had the impression that we were hearing that donald trump the real estate
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mogul trying to push a deal through and not wanting geopolitics and symbolism to come into play today did did you get that impression. he wants to try something different he says that what we've been trying for decades hasn't worked. he doesn't see it and i think he's right that there has to be an impediment to moving forward on a peace process if you just recognize the reality that jerusalem is the capital of israel its government offices are based there when foreign leaders come to israel where they go they go to jerusalem and he's just saying that should not get in the way of moving forward on a peace process but how does that how does that forward or push peace forward why should it make a problem well well why is why people why do people have to react so hysterically to a fact that is a fact of life and that doesn't interfere with religious access doesn't interfere with the rights of christians and muslims to worship in holy places in israel along
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in jerusalem excuse me alongside jews doesn't interfere with frankly it doesn't change anything yeah i mean as a point right i likely not not yet not yet when i was i'm not going to change in jerusalem according to it but well i mean the status quo in and of itself is absolutely horrific and what it does is it has legitimize the israeli occupation of jerusalem on the part of the what is done is donald trump has succeeded and putting the final nail into the cough where he didn't say easter or he did not mention east jerusalem in his speech today that he said nothing about that and he said it still up to the palestinians and israelis to decide to stand us in the final size or is this is completely oxymoronic i mean his statements have the credibility of a statement that he didn't commit sexual assault have we know that what he is doing is completely thrown a firebomb into u.s. and international policy and turn out a lot over the last thirty years he has completely simply destroyed it jason i mean
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do you but do you believe the u.s. president no let me say it if if you want an excuse to not move forward this is yet another excuse to not move forward but the palestinians have had so many years of excuses to not move forward and i think what the president. saying is we're tired of it we're facing the reality we are going to we are still committed to moving forward america has the credibility and has the as the experience as the as the staff to work with both parties has the stature to work with both parties is recognized by other powers in the world as the as the main engine to try to drive this forward and he still wants to do that i mean but we the reaction the warnings i mean there's no one to sign the israelis supported the decision today it was a push by the israelis no larry you know we don't know who's been rather quiet about all of this is true but you know when you've got all your allies saying you should do this the saudis and the iranians for you know we're on the same side for a change why do this when in january you want to present what's called the ultimate
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peace plan what's going to happen to that now let's see what the next stage is may be and that this will fit into a larger game plan that the president has but it should not we should not allow people to use this as an excuse for either inertia or hysteria ok but what you're using it for is an excuse to perpetuate the israeli occupation and the fact of the matter is that donald trump claims to be the great negotiator this has got to be one of the worst negotiating strategy has ever seen in the history my in my life is that he's giving up something he's changing the status quo without getting anything in return so and therefore that we know what right right i mean that's the thing that's the deal on the opening beckoned to i can can judge the deal by what i see and what i see as donald trump as a as a petulant child who is just seeing that all of the other united states presidents have not done this and he wants to do something else and again he's doing this to
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do nothing but appease the hard right wing of his really society and his evangelical followers and to deflect from his own domestic problems at home to do you think that i mean let me pull in carson here but that carson what about this notion that trump is using this announcement today to deflect attention from the investigation that's going on in the state concerning his campaign team and the russians. well it's difficult to prove but. it seems to be sensible i mean what is quite clear that two things basically i would like to point out first of all i'm pretty sure that donald trump really believes that this is the right thing to do that here is it him should be recognized as the capital of israel and that the embassy should move there he has said that before and i think he really believes that but the other thing is that he also seems to have decided that the most important thing for him is to please his
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base his approval ratings bats and his base for now is sticking with him and he needs that base both to control the establishment of the republicans in congress and to have any chance to be a real like that in a few years i mean i think that's a good point i kept thinking today when i was listening to this speech why why do this why not wait until january and unveil your peace plan have the goodwill on both sides and then as part of that plan then you can move your embassy when that be easier nabi and i'd be in a better position to answer it if i knew all of the other details of the plan and the the other stages that he's setting forth it may just be that he is exercising leadership and he's doing what in his eyes as a leader who is going to lay out a plan sees as an opening as an opening step as a first important step to demonstrate that he's on the side of the reality that jerusalem is the capital of israel and then let's see what the other stages are
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keep in mind what he did not say today he didn't talk about you turn only undivided jerusalem he didn't talk about the borders of jerusalem he talked about true islam being a couple of years really just doesn't preclude it being the capital of the palace i mean yeah he didn't say that he didn't say east jerusalem that is true i mean it was it was obvious that he was trying to deal with it and we got reaction from netanyahu and from science erekat from the palestinians take if we could take a listen to this. the step is prejudged pre-judging dictating closing the doors for negotiations and i think president trump tonight disqualified the united states of america to any or all in any peace process plus the new leadership will call for an emergency session for the post time central council to study the speech and to review all the options available and take the proper decisions concerning many issues and the same time i would say that
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crossing these third lines tonight for president from speaking about moderation speaking about nonviolence i think tonight he is thinking the forces of the mists in this region as no one has done before this is an act statement that's totally uncalled for to our next and acceptable. there is jerusalem is occupied territories no country on earth have a good night is about an exception for jerusalem except for president trump tonight he is in total violation of international law human rights and his standing in the conflict between palestine and israel is from a political one into a religious one that's a very dangerous situation erekat there visibly i mean emotionally this is a man who's upset yeah i mean i know mr card quite well and i rarely see him like this and the truth of the matter is that donald trump has committed diplomatic
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arson. and when he said he has strengthened the hand of the extremist he basically just succeeded in becoming the the chief propagandist for isis and every extra missed and well i mean right i mean if i may exaggerate i mean that i mean what is giving everybody an excuse right now he has completely he's completely disarming and he kind of moderates in the arab and muslim but what about everybody even who did say in this binge the day that nothing has changed in terms of what the american what the united states wants to do and that the united states wants the palestinians and the israelis to find a solution together none of that has changed so if the palestinians say the u.s. is no longer a peace broker for us. you know here's the reduce the replacement first of all it's nonsense and second of all if you spend years inciting violence and celebrating martyrdom and then the president makes a statement you say oh there's going to be violence you can be surprised but that is not what responsible palestinian leadership should be doing what it should be
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saying is we disagree with aspects of what the president has said and we want to negotiate a deal that actually works for our people and provides us with the state that we deserve in the capital that we deserve as well they can do that but if instead what you see is you know arson references and days of rage we're going to we're not going to go forward we're going backward i'm starting to graduate we've been doing this for twenty five years and actually you and i have been doing this because we met in madrid in one nine hundred ninety one idiot and we're going over the same thing again and again and the israeli occupation is the main violence in this conflict it's not the on stone thrower or firebomb the occupation is violence and the occupation has been perpetuated consistently and accelerated throughout this peace process as you know and the status of jerusalem has been unilaterally changed by israel through its settlement policy and now united states there will be i'm sorry the united states the state of the south that was vaguely for
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a neutral neutral observer but when we speak it's not going to why didn't the u.s. president if he wants to take the step why didn't he also say we also recognize east jerusalem as the future capital of palestine or do they say we recognize west or islam he wasn't he was saying about part of saying you know if you go straight and if the point is if he if he says that we recognize the capital of israel is jerusalem why not go the next step and say and for the future state of palestine we recognize it will be east jerusalem why did he say that it was important to work it out themselves it's not for him to dictate that but he just dictated something right now and i disagree. let's take a listen to what netanyahu had to say after the u.s. president spoke. yet today's pronouncement but president trump is such an occasion we are profoundly grateful for the president for his courageous and just decision to recognize us of them is the capital of israel and to prepare for the opening of the u.s. embassy here this is reflects the president's commitment to an ancient but
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enduring truth to fulfilling its promises and to advance in peace the president's decision is an important step towards peace for there is no peace that doesn't include jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel i call on all countries that seek peace to join the united states in recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital and to move their embassies here i sure president trumps commitment to advancing peace between israel and all of our neighbors including the palestinians . all right i mean ever tell you i mean you can't help but think there's a real estate's plot here behind all of this let me ask you gentlemen before we run out of time the u.s. is the president has he sitting as vice president next week to the region we know that he has a team of foreign policy team with your question or they're going to have this ultimate peace plan supposed to be unveiled in january what's going to happen when
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they show up and they want to talk to the palestinians now i cannot believe they will not see the palestinians i just it boggles my mind to think that somehow the greatest superpower with the deepest experience and a peace maker for decades is going to be somehow shunned by a palace by. an upset palestinian leadership you know it's not it's abbas going to say no i want even i want to talk with you i mean unfortunately i don't know how much of a bounce is how much of a legitimate leader he is himself well to put it bluntly there however i think if the palestinians do meet them then they will have lost every last bit of little credibility they have. with the palestinian people that the sword runnable all right jason isaacs and joe thank you very much across the phenomena in washington crossed and thank you. it was two months ago when a woman came forward publicly and accused one of the most powerful movie producers
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in hollywood of sexual misconduct and with that the reckoning had begun a tipping point today time magazine announced its two thousand and seventeen person of the year the women and the men who have come forward to shed light on sexual harassment and abuse the women and men of the hash tag me to movement let me walk over here and show you what we're talking about here the cover of time magazine today now time calls them the silence breakers and here they are you see them on the cover ashley judd the actress who made that first bombshell accusation against producer harvey weinstein you see the singer taylor swift there is susan fowler a former member engineer there's a lobbyist and there's isabel a mexican strawberry farmer all on the cover here time says they all spoke out against various forms of sexual misconduct and then there is if you notice closely
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there's an elbow there that is not connected to anyone that we can see time says that represents the women and men who have come forward anonymously to tell their stories. and there have been many stories since harvey weinstein was accused in october just two months ago at least sixty men have been accused of sexual misconduct or abuse many of them losing their jobs as a result now they include the actor's been affleck i mean well it's a long list here folks kevin spacey the former u.s. president george h.w. bush former fifo president sepp blotter and the journalist charlie rose and met lauer of the today show and there's an interesting footnote to all of this u.s. president donald trump came in second place this year he thought he was going to come in first to get now he was person of the year last year you may remember this cover one time writes that the us president himself has been accused numerous times
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of sexual misconduct and perhaps his refusal to tell the truth was part of the catalyst that allowed so many women to become the silence breakers of twenty seventy. time's persons of the year is silence breakers the silence breakers and those are the group of women who all stepped forward this year to name their sexual harassers to accuse people of abuse in the workplace and that goes across all industries from hollywood and media to you know the agricultural fields and housekeepers we heard again and again the sense of enough it's not my fault and i'm not going to take it anymore and you have major media figures like charlie rose and matt lauer getting fired for sexual misconduct i think we're going to see a lot more corporations and companies taking a very hard look at their policies and maybe their training i think you're going to
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see a lot more you know women and men feeling comfortable coming forward with allegations or comfortable saying in a work environment i'm not ok with what you just said to me or i'm not ok with what you're doing right now and coming forward this could be the starting point of a change in cultural behavior in a really i think incredible way. well time's decision to make those women and men who spoke out against sexual harassment the person of the year is quickly becoming a big topic on social media after all that's where the movement really took off the hash tag me to was used millions of times in more than eighty five countries after actress alyssa milano encouraged women to speak out on social media using the very hash tag of just a few months ago and she of course took to twitter today to celebrate time's decision she wrote in twenty seventeen women stood up and said me too we overcame our fears to break the silence technology and social media have connected us all we
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can't turn away from each other's pain we are connected to each other now many others agreed with her we're seeing lots of sentiments like this one this is for everyone he was able to speak out we were able to find their voice and finally feel validated and heard we are all times person of the year the conversation on social media also involves president trump who has also been accused of sexual misconduct former obama administration member crystal who says the person of the year award could have gone to trump instead it goes to the women who launched a movement that stands in powerful opposition to his values well done time. and international praise for this pick as well from uncle americal spokesperson the german chancellor who relays her message saying she welcomes the decision to make the women and men behind hash tag me to the time person of the year now the spokesman then quotes the german chancellor we have them to think for their courage
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to break the silence on sexual assault and thereby launch a world wide discussion so how will times decision affect the future of the movement many say that it's only just starting the human agency unicef tweeted this hash tag me too is the beginning of a global conversation about gender based violence and harassment not the end of one thank you to time. see there is some good news out there but the day is nearly done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at d w news or you can write to me brant off t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day and remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you than ever.
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