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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 28, 2017 1:00am-1:03am CET

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separate draw and cooked foods to avoid cross contamination. cooks thoroughly to kill microorganisms. keep food it safe temperatures cold to prevent bacterial growth. use safe water and safe while materials to avoid contain. food producers are the ones primarily responsible for the safety of the food you buy but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases and home by plying the five keys to safer to use them you also have a role to play. a
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red alert has been issued on the indonesian holiday island of bali as fears rise of a major volcanic eruption mt agong has been rumbling since august but now it's started in meeting smoke and lava the government has ordered the evacuation of more than one hundred thousand people from the area and close the island's international airport stranding thousands of passengers. pope francis has held talks with the head of me on miles military shortly after arriving in the country on monday the focus of the pontiffs trip will be on how he addresses the refugee crisis may on mars military is accused of ethnic cleansing every hinge on muslims a charge that he denies. here in germany there are signs that the country's two biggest parties could form a government to end the political deadlock left by september's election chancellor
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angela merkel's conservative alliance is now hoping for a renewed coalition with the center left social democrats led by martin schultz that's after talks to form a government with the greens and pro-business free democrats collapsed. the pope is in me and maher the asian country that has quickly become home to the world's fastest growing refugee crisis and francis he's been mourned referring to the refugees as row him joe could do more harm than good tonight the pontiff predicament how to speak to those suffering without speaking their name i'm bringing off in berlin this is the day.


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