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Collect All Five

Download free music. Concerts in the Live Music Archive are available for download and streaming in formats including flac, mp3, and ogg vorbis.

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Download free music. Concerts in the Live Music Archive are available for download and streaming in formats including flac, mp3, and ogg vorbis. Band's Official Website
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Collect All Five Taping Policy

Audience taping is permitted at all Collect All Five shows. For purposes of
this policy, performances by individual band members of Collect All Five will
be treated the same. Guest performances by band members with other artists will
be governed by that artist's policy. Taping with microphones is always allowed
and soundboard patches are only allowed at the discretion of the sound
engineer. This said, please allow the sound engineer time to set everything up
before bugging him/her for a patch.

The enjoyment of the audience in attendance at a concert always takes
precedence over recording efforts. This means that at no time should tapers
ever require other patrons to be quiet or otherwise interfere with their
enjoyment of the show.

All participants in audio recording exchange (regardless of format) acknowledge
and respect the copyrights and exclusive ownership of the music and
performances by the performers, writers and publishers.

All taping must be for personal use only, which may include trading (via analog
or digital tape, CD, or digital file transfer). Recordings may be traded only
for an equivalent amount of similar media (cassettes or CDs, pre-recorded or
blank). Regardless of any expenses incurred, no money may ever be exchanged as
part of a trade; however, stamped, self-addressed envelopes may be included
with blank media. Distribution of the audio via websites, bit torrent, and
other software is also allowed for personal use.

Audience taping at Collect All Five concerts is authorized for non-commercial
purposes only. Unauthorized sale, duplication and/or distribution is strictly
forbidden. All Collect All Five performances and recordings are the exclusive
property of Collect All Five. All rights reserved. The rights to record Collect
All Five performances set forth in this policy constitute an express, revocable
license. We reserve the right to withdraw our sanction of recording, tape
trading, and/or non-commercial digital audio file transfers on a case specific
basis or in general, as we deem necessary. No waiver of any copyright or
trademark right is intended.

If you are aware of any person or site in violation of this policy, please
inform us. Thank you.

On August 24, 2004, Collect All Five gave permission for inclusion:

"This is Joshua Mouton from the band "Collect All Five" in Austin, TX. I would like to give permission to include our music in the archive. We allow audio and video taping at shows for personal non-commercial use only. We allow trading of the music and free downloads. Thank you very much.

Joshua Mouton"

Re: mp3 ok?

"Thanks for the help, as far as mp3's go- mp3's can be made available if they are the highest quality possible (192 and up). I would prefer mp3's to be used as personal recordings and not traded massively- if someone is going to listen to the show I would like them to hear it in the best quality possible.
Audience recordings can be tricky to begin with and adding a compression scheme which lessens the sound makes it even more so. This said, lets make mp3 distribution ok on only the best sounding of the shows at your discretion."

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