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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  June 10, 2022 10:03am-11:01am EDT

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washington, anytime, anywhere. >> i was interested hearing from those of you who watched the hearings last night, either live or running the hearings all night long on c-span. you can see them any time on our mobile app at c-span now, you can start dialing. we will get to your calls momentarily. plenty of chances to see it again online at throughout the morning and this program. some of the highlights from the chair bennie thompson and the vice chair liz cheney. the testimony that happened last night. reaction from elsewhere from republican members of the u.s. house. we will take a look at the schedule hearings to come. we will start there with our colleague. it was interesting last night to hear liz cheney building a timeline of what we will hear and how the committee will approach the next hearings.
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>> these hearings are just beginning this month. as you noted, opening statements, a timeline of the attack and a focus on the police who found themselves in a battle with the writers that they. liz cheney walking us through the road ahead. let's take a look at that. on monday, the next hearing starts at 10:00. it will focus on the post 2020 election claims and those. they will present evidence that president trump knew he lost the election and he engaged in an effort to spread false information to constituents. that is the second hearing on monday. also next week, the third hearing. that focus is on william barr and the justice department. that is the planet to replace
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his attorney general so the u.s. justice department spread his stolen election claims. the fourth hearing will focus on the efforts to pressure his vice president to refuse to count the electoral votes january 6. she said the fifth hearing will focus on pressure on state legislators and state election officials in the weeks after the election, including calls to the georgia election officials to find votes. the final two hearings, the sixth hearing will focus on president trump's actions when it comes to the writers that day. what were his efforts to direct and point that mob toward the u.s. capitol. the final hearing would be a moment by moment account of the attack from more than half a dozen white house staff. they will be appearing live and
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via videotaped testimony. that is the road ahead. the next chance for us to see this unfold is monday. it is at 10:00 eastern. we are airing it here on c-span in its entirety. you can watch on our website host: we appreciate that. we will hear more from john mcardle keep an eye on social media reactions. your thoughts on what you saw and heard in the hearings last night, (202) 748-8001 is the line for republicans. (202) 748-8000 is the line for democrats. independents (202) 748-8002. a couple of quick comments on twitter.
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some comments on the testimony of officer edwards last night. to your calls, we will go first to san diego to hear from scott. caller: good morning. i don't usually call, maybe twice a year. i thought today would be a perfect day to do it. i grew up in the d.c. area. i spent many happy hours up and down the mall, i took a field trip to the capital to meet a congressman. when january 6 happened, i must
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tell you i was angry. more than that, i was heartbroken to see that happen on the grounds of the capital of this country. it was outrageous. it's been a long wait for the panel to finally get there sessions underway. host: what did you think of last night? caller: i thought they did a fine job. i think we are going to learn something, not only about what happened, but about some of the rot that has creeped into our body politic. we are a country that has been around for a while. we are in our maturity. we are not a bunch of rowdy teenagers. we've got to start behaving in a manner consistent with being good americans. we can disagree, but when it comes to the death of capitol
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police, that is just outrageous. i won't stand for it. we need to change something. we need to change our hearts and minds maybe more than anything else. thank you for letting me chime in. host: in northern georgia, joe, good morning. caller: good morning. i watched the hearing. in my judgment, i think there are a lot of questions about it. i think there was a lot of fraud. the people in georgia are not talking about the hearing. they are talking about inflation and the race coming up between brian kemp and stacey abrams. that's gonna be the biggest race in america. i think the people in georgia, all they hear them talking about
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is inflation, the cost of gas, i don't think this hearing will have much traction with the american people because everybody i talked to talk about high gas prices and high food prices. i don't think the majority of the american people are going to pay one bit of attention to these hearings. host: to james on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning morning. i only watched a few minutes of it. i recorded it and i will watch the whole thing. one of the things he said in the beginning was that donald trump lost these court cases. he did not lose any of them. the judges decided not to accept the cases. for the past year and a half,
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every news station has been saying he loses. he didn't lose. they did not accept it when the supreme court stepped in and made a mess out of state elections. the court system and the supreme court have decided to let the people and the government run presidential elections. he did not get into court and lose unless you can report something that is different than what i've been reported. i don't know how this can be continued to be spoken about, even on c-span. someone needs to criticize that. he did not lose. host: this is the reporting of politico. the headline, trump allies narrate the case against him.
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>> donald trump lost the presidential election in 2020. the american people voted him out of office. it was not because of a rigged system. it was not because of voter fraud. don't believe me, hear what his former attorney general had to say about it. i worn those who are watching, this contains strong language. >> i had three discussions with the president that i can recall. one was november 23, one was december 1 and one was december
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14. i have been through the give-and-take of those discussions. i made it clear i did not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen and putting out the stuff, chai told the president was bullshit. i didn't want to be a part of it. i observed december 1, you can't live in a world where the incumbent administration stays in power based on its view of -- unsupported by evidence that the there was fraud in the election. >> bill barr on election day, he was the attorney general of the united states. he was the top law-enforcement official in the country, telling the president what he thought about claims of a stolen election.
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donald trump had his days in court to challenge the results. he was within his rights to seek those judgments. in the united states, law-abiding citizens have those tools for pursuing justice. he lost in the courts justice he lost at the ballot box. in this country, that is the end of the line. for donald trump, that was only the beginning of what became a sprawling multi step conspiracy aimed at overturning the presidential election. aimed at throwing up the votes of millions of americans, your votes, your voice in our democracy, and replacing the will of the people with his will to remain in power after his term ended. donald trump was at the center of this conspiracy. ultimately, donald trump, the president of the united states,
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spurred a mob of domestic enemies of the constitution to march down to the capital and subvert american democracy. host: we will spend the entire morning hearing from you and what you thought watching the first of several hearings. we will get to more of your calls momentarily. >> as we often do after big days on capitol hill, it is helpful to take a peek at how these events are playing out on the online media from the conservative side and the liberal side. in an effort to do that, we will start with some left-leaning news sites. this is from the huffington post.
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to the daily beast headline, mike pence deserves it, trumps dark desire, calling it primetime history. the first january sixth hearing served up surprising revelations that all point to trump. that first hearing lived up to the ample hype surrounding it. we take you to the right side of the aisle to the conservative media. this is breitbart, calling it a circus. democrats try to bore americans to tears. it is a series of running headlines from breitbart. they called it repetitive last night. from the daily caller, it took only minutes for democrats to invoke the kkk and slavery
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during the hearing. from red state, hilarious is the headline. trying to temper expectations as cheney spins like crazy. a view from the left and the right and how this played out yesterday. the perspective of the man who really was the focus of the hearings and will be the focus going forward, this is donald trump on his social media website. this is what he wrote just before the hearing, saying they did not spend one minute studying the reason people went to washington in massive numbers.
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he posted again after the hearing. newsweek wrapped up some of what he had to say. that was the former president's comments after the hearing last night. host: we will go back to our colors. hello to donald. caller: good morning. i think merrick garland should have a subpoena for trump and arrest him today.
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to the gas prices, people have got to remember, when trump left office, the economy was ruined. this stems to donald trump's administration. it's a shame when the truth is the light and the lie is the truth. host: in york city, the independent line. hello. caller: hello. host: go ahead. caller: i was struck -- there was an almost offhand comment that the groups that organized the insurrection had guns and ammunition off to the side in case trump should call upon the insurrection act. the pitched battle that we saw, it's amazing.
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it was all fought without guns and bullets except for one bullet to a person who was about to enter the chamber. amazing restraint, i guess maybe that's the wrong word. it's amazing that both sides refrain from using guns and how much worse it would've been if it had been a shooting war. i was also struck, the filmmaker requested filming before and during the insurrection. i'm sure his documentary is going to be worth watching when it comes out. host: next up is our democrats line. linda, what are your
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thoughts? good morning. caller: can you hear me? host: go ahead. linda, you are on the air. caller: i think the january sick commission -- i don't agree with liz very much because she voted with trump 93% of the time. she told the truth. she put her job on the line. all of those republicans, when it comes to the security of this country, if we don't stand up the truth, we will not have a democracy.
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those witnesses that testified and the video right in your face told the truth. you can deny it and pledge allegiance to trump, trump does not give his allegiance to you. it is what he wants and that's it. when he gets what he wants, he will move his supporters to the side. he won't need them anymore. he went to court 60 times, judges that he appointed, they turned him down. people need to pay attention if you want a constitutional republic to be standing. thank you so much. host: next up is arthur on the republican line. caller: thank you for taking michael.
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i have a question and a comment. i am assuming and i hope somebody can of forming this, there is going to be an indictment which could lead to a trial. i am wondering, what is going to happen with the jury after all of this public exposure of the data ahead of time? maybe someone with a legal background can answer that for me. host: was it your sense that will be the outcome of this? there will be some sort of trial? there are already cases pending against some of the participants. could there be a justice department case against the former president? caller: that's what i have been assuming. it looks to me like they are going to have a trial.
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i don't know. i was hoping somebody might be able to give me some better information. host: let's hear from liz cheney as she lays out part of the case against the former president. >> you will hear testimony that the president did not want to put anything out calling off the riot or ask a supporters to leave. you will hear the president yelling and really angry advisors who told him he needed to be doing something more. aware of the chants to hang mike pence, he said they be our supporters have the right idea. mike pence deserves it. you will hear evidence that president trump refused four hours to do with his staff, his
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family, many of his other advisers begged him to do, instructed supporters to stand down and evacuate the capital. tonight, you will see never before seen footage of the brutal attack on our capital. it's an attack that unfolded while a few blocks away president trump sat watching television in the dining room next to the oval office. you will hear audio from the brave police officers battling for their lives and hours, fighting to defend our democracy against a violent mob donald trump refused to call off. tonight and in the weeks to come, you will see evidence of what motivated this violence, including directly from those who participated in the attack. you will see video of them explaining what caused them to do it. you will see their posts on social media. we will show you what they have set in federal court. on this point, there is no room
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for debate. those who invaded our capital and battled law enforcement for hours are motivated by what president trump had told him, that the election was stolen and he was the rightful president. president trump summoned the mob, assembled the mom, -- mob, lit the flame of the attack. host: this is from twitter.
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let's hear from jim in florida. caller: good morning. i could probably speak half an hour on the subject. i had to pick one thing that bothers me the most about this situation. i believe the united states is sinking or maybe it is already sunk. look what's happened. we had a president who was in an
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election, during an election, was not allowed to speak on social media. look at what happened to the parents of children in virginia being investigated by the fbi. we have people in jail or being arrested for just being in washington dc on january 6. the biggest symbol of the police state is the committee itself. there is no voices to bring other facts to the four. people are becoming scared to speak out, to use free speech. it is the saddest thing that
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could possibly happen. liz cheney is part of it. she is enabling it. donald trump is probably the first resident who actually volunteered to be president. he gave away all of his salary. everything he has done is to expose the swamp in washington. host: two hour democrats line. go ahead. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i am like the previous collars, i have to be selective because there are so many different things you could say about it. i watched the entire hearing. i thought it was very compelling.
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i like the way it was focused on planning ahead of time, which was very important. you can get at some of the people at the very top who were instrumental in creating this situation with this insurrection. it was fascinating. bill barr and ivanka is testimony was very revealing and compelling. you're not talking about people on one side of the fence. you are talking about people who were trump allies. they made it pretty clear that it was a bunch of crap.
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people don't understand the court system. you have to have some type of evidence before you take something to court to make proof of what you were arguing in court. that proof did not exist. it was compelling and it was a good start. it kind of gave you a little understanding of where this was leading. it's necessary to create proof there wasthis. and donald trump was definitely involved in it. i would say, great start, cannot wait to see what comes next. it is understandable why republicans don't want to hear any of this stuff. host: the first of what we
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expect to be a half-dozen public hearings on the select committee on january 6. john mcardle also keeping an eye on other social media postings. the two members that we heard from last night, the chair, bennie thompson, liz cheney, the vice chair. a lot of folks talking about them. >> we also heard from a lot of other members via social media. these are the folks who experienced january 6 firsthand here on capitol hill. i want to run through the reaction before, during, and after the hearing last night from members of congress. let me start with congresswoman sara jacobs, the democrat from california. her tweet saying, just before it started, i just walked into the january 6 committee hearing. i'm sitting with the same colleagues that i was trapped within the house gallery january 6. we deserve to know the truth of what happened that day, who was
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involved, and how people hold them accountable. one of the other colleagues in the gallery that day, dean phillips, posting a picture that he took talking about the gallery group, reconvening the folks that were trapped in the gallery that day. there is the picture with dean phillips with his fellow democratic colleagues. you might remember another picture that was made pretty famous since the attack on the capitol. this is the photo of tom williams from roll call, won some awards. that is democratic congressman jason crow holding the hand of susan wild. it was unclear whether riders would break into the chamber of the capitol. those members now referring to themselves as the gallery group payment republicans taking a
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much different approach in their reaction yesterday. this was congressman jim jordan last night just as the hearing was starting to wrap up, saying where is the prime time hearings on president biden's botched afghanistan withdrawal? debbie lesko of arizona saying the number of questions that six committee should be asking tonight during the hearing, the number one question should be why the u.s. capitol was not secure. this from congresswoman lisa mcclain, republican of michigan. i wanted to grab some popcorn to watch this hoax hearing but grocery prices are at all-time highs. one more from the republican side of the aisle, mario diaz-balart, saying today's january 6 committee is the most blatant attempt to distract the american people from the disasters and failed policies of the democratic party. those were some of the republicans watching.
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two republicans on the panel had been actively participating in this investigation, adam kinzinger, and the co-chair, liz cheney. the republican cochair of the committee had some harsh words for her republican colleagues who continue to support donald trump and his version of events from january 6. [video clip] >> in our country, we don't swear an oath to an individual or political party. we take an oath to defend the united states constitution, and that oath must mean something. tonight, i say this to my republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible. there will come a day when donald trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain. >> that was liz cheney last night during the hearing. i have not found on social media any republican members of congress reacting to that, her calling out republican members.
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but i did find some democrats reacting to those statements, her and adam kinzinger's work on the committee. this is from steve:, democrat from tennessee. liz cheney and adam kinzinger are profiles encourage. honored to serve with these american heroes. brendan boyle, democrat of pennsylvania, saying that liz cheney is a profile encourage. she inspires me. host: we had a call a few minutes ago from plantation, florida talking about donald trump being banned from twitter toward the end of his presidency. a response from twitter. no, caller, the former occupant of the oval office was removed for violating their private policy. millions of americans are on twitter and exercise free speech without violating their policy. the problem is he thinks he is above law and policy. let's go to santa clarita, california. independent line.
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caller: this whole thing is trying to prevent trump from running for president again. it should not be about january but december. session number three is when they will break out the felony conspiracy election tampering stuff. all of this writing, that is a washington, d.c. police problem. all of this fake election is just propagandist campaigning. everything that happened in december is totally felony conspiracy, like you are going to jail. it is all trying to get trump on a felony so that he cannot run for president. forget about the riots, it is all about the december, not the january. host: thanks for that. we will have john run down the timeline of the timeline of the things that liz cheney laid out. we will do that in about 25 minutes. jamaica, new york on the independent line.
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dewayne, go ahead. caller: good morning. liz cheney and thompson, they did a wonderful job in putting out what is going on. they were not grandstanding, they were to the point. it was a relief that they were able to do that. i hope through the entire committee that they all stay within their realm of not being grandstanding for the television. another thing i want to point out, as a law enforcement person, i see my fellow women and men in blue being tortured by these insurrectionists. why are we not feeling the pain of these officers? i hear these callers calling in, they all talk about protecting trump, but the offices that we are trying to protect the members of congress.
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where is the empathy for them? it is always about trump, protecting trump. what has trump done to protect america? host: kenneth is next in diamond, missouri. on the republican line. caller: good morning, america. i will make a statement and please don't cut me off. now, immigrants believe in democracy, but the democracy they believe in is majority over minority at all levels of government. this is nothing but a dog and pony show. liz cheney is going to lose this coming election, and she knows it, so she is trying to get her vengeance out here on tv before she gets swamped by the big red wave coming in november because of high gas prices, because of
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baby formula shortages, because of everything being high. you democrats are going to pay for it, you surely are. in november, a lot of you will be surprised that there will be some in congress for a long time that will be thrown out of congress. liz cheney will be one of them that are gone host: thank you for the call. we look at the opinion pages. in the wall street journal, the headline, the on credible january 6 committee. she writes, what is missing in this special sauce of prime tv hours, slip use, positive press, is one ingredient truly vital for public interest, credibility. if huge slavs of america ignore the committee's work it will be because the committee itself, through its construction and actions have made it easy.
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can americans trust the findings of a panel who began with a preconceived narrative and blackballed any contrary voices? in favor of her own hand-picked members blew the ability before it even started work. americans will find it easy to reject evidence that is too fragile to bear the scrutiny of fellow house members. on our democrats line, bob in jacksonville. caller: thank you. i appreciate you taking the call. i have a couple of comments and a question, and i will make it real brief. my comments are, i was once a republican. i am getting up in years, i am 87 years old.
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but i must be really smart because i can see through trump way back there. for that reason, i don't vote republican anymore. i am losing my train of thought. my question is this. where is the line -- and this is for republicans. where is the line between attacking a police officer and supporting them? i think some of them are really confused. i have a son who is a police officer. i also have a gun collection. i don't have any ar-15s. but that is about it. thank you for taking my call. host: glad to hear from you. on the independent line, edward in keyport, new jersey.
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what did you think about the hearings last night? caller: i think the committee's job is important. if anything, i would like them to look at the pbs special, any of the others about the rise of fascism. it is the little people behind the scenes that make these things happen. that is why it is really great to see bill barr, other people in the white house staff telling him that this is all nonsense. i really have to say my hat is off to cheney. i feel like i could be struck by lightning for saying that but she came on very credible. i cannot really believe that she is some raving partisan hack. i really believe her, the things that she is stating. that is it. everyone just keep your eyes open, look at what they have to
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offer. i don't see that the right has any real counter to the fact. radio, tv, these guys have all been playing the stuff up even before the election happened, and to this day, they talk about wanting their domestic purse to happen. what is gas going to cost, groceries? and then we fall into a third world insurgency. just think about that. it takes the strength of a people to stand up and hold the line. like the capitol police officer holding the line against those selfish weirdos. anyways. host: referring to sum up testimony last night by u.s. capitol police officers, caroline edwards, one of several witnesses last night. here is some of what officer edwards had to say last night. [video clip] >> officer edwards, i want to
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start by asking, if you could tell us why you believe it is important for you to share your story this evening with the committee and the american public. please, your microphone. >> [laughter] thank you, mr. chairman. i really appreciate it. thank you to the committee for having me here to testify. i was called a lot of things on january 6, 2021, and the days thereafter. i was called nancy pelosi's dog, called incompetent, hero, and a villain. i was called a traitor to my country, my oath, and my constitution. in actuality, i was none of those things. i was an american, standing face to face with other americans,
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asking myself how many times, many many times, how we had gotten here. i have been called names before but never had my patriotism or duty had been called into ashton -- question. icon the who got up every day, no matter how late i got in the night before, to put on my uniform and protect america's symbol of democracy. i, who spent countless hours in the baking sun in the freezing snow, to make sure that america's elected officials could do their job. i, whose literal blood, sweat, and tears were shed that day defending the buildings that i spent was holidays and weekends working in. i am the proud granddaughter of a marine that fought in the battle in the korean war. i think of my papa often in these days, how he was so young and thrown into a battle he never saw coming, and answered
10:48 am
the call at a great personal cost. how he lived the rest of his days with bullet and shrapnel in his legs, but never once complained about his sacrifice. i would like to think that he would be proud of me. proud of his granddaughter that stood her ground that day and continued fighting even though she was wounded, like he did, many years ago. i am my grandfather's granddaughter, proud to put on the uniform and serve my country. they dared to question my owner. they dared to question my loyalty. and a day or two? duty. i am a proud american and i will gladly sacrifice everything to make sure the america my grandfather defended is here for many years to come. host: some of the comments on social media on last night's hearing. the tweet here says, without a worthless self-dealing wrote of a president facilitating,
10:49 am
encouraging, and reveling in the violence, they would be no more need for additional security than any previous electoral certification count. cheney light, the court did not see mounds of evidence because the wrong jurisdiction. the evidence was sent to congress for debate pelosi and schumer shut down debate in true communist dictator style. bud in west virginia on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. first thing that people ought to check out is research the duties of the capitol police. if someone forces their way into the capitol, their first line of duty is to use deadly force. there is a lot going on up there.
10:50 am
security, where was it? donald trump ordered 20,000 troops, and no one, and the security of the capitol authorized it to be used when needed. so, nancy pelosi is more at fault than anyone on the trump side. this is a kangaroo court. that is all i can see. i watched a little bit last night. it was just out to get trump. host: what was hard to watch for you? caller: ms. cheney. i just -- she kept saying that trumbo ordered it or whatever. she don't have no facts.
10:51 am
host: all right, we will go to jill on the democrat line. woodward, iowa. caller: well, i can see why they don't want to believe it. it is painful for trump people to watch because it is hard to admit that you have been fooled by a con man. it is clear that is what happened. i do want all channels. as a teacher, i have always told people that your information diet should be like your food diet, it should be wide and varied. i know that is the big thing they are talking about now. trump dude order the national guard. during the riot, did he ever say where is that national guard i ordered? or why are they not following my orders? or have any of them since complained about fact? no, because he did not do it.
10:52 am
he could have gotten on the phone. he sat there, he just sat there and enjoyed it because it is what he wanted to happen. when he couldn't talk pence into it, his only chance of staying in office -- which was his only goal -- was to just let the mob maybe be able to disrupt. if those people had not grabbed those ballot boxes when they left and pence evacuated, if those had fallen into the hands of the crowd, we would really be in a world of hurt. i think all congresspeople who do respect their oath to the constitution. it is really clear right now whether people are respecting that oath or not. host: you mentioned being a teacher. are you currently a teacher? caller: i resigned a year ago in june. i cannot tell you, there was
10:53 am
never a better time to get out of education because everyone thinks they are an expert in education. host: mclean, virginia. on the democrats line, david. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i want to make two points. you said c-span wants to hear from people who watched the hearing. if that is the case, you should not accept any callers from fox viewers. they were not showing the hearings last night. if you watch this morning, which i did, it is filled about stories of happy summer barbecues and country music, nothing with the hearing. the second point i want to make. there is zero chance the republican base will be persuaded by anything that was said last night because these are the same people who refused to believe 97% of the world's scientists when they said climate change is real. they refused to believe doctors when they talk about covid. you can say anything you want
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but you will never set aside these people. perhaps the reason for that is because the red states are the least educated states in the country with the worst educational systems. look it up, it is a fact. host: laid out by the committee last night by bennie thompson and liz cheney, the direction where the committee is heading seems pretty clear. it is reflected in a couple of headlines. from the associated press, capitol ryan blames trump for 1/6 attempted coup. the headline from the washington post. pretty much the same headline. "panel pins blame on trump." showing some of the work done by the committee. advisors told him claims coming on, new videos of nonsense opening up the hearings last night. they write in the washington post, after conducting 1000
10:55 am
interviews and gathering 140,000 documents over the course of the year, the committee launched its presentation with a blunt reminder of the vicious violence unleashed by the mob that day. setting the tone was a chilling compilation of never before seen video of a mob surging into the building, including new security footage of aides scattering in fear of the office of kevin mccarthy, a trump ally. norman, illinois. next up is steve. welcome. caller: thank you. i just want to say, washington journal ought to tell both sides of the story. let's get nancy pelosi on the hill and ask her why she turned them down. she had to sign off on those national guardsmen. once trump authorized it, it was in nancy pelosi's court. she turned it down.
10:56 am
after everything started, she put the pressure on the defense department to the fences up, national guard in there. i think nancy pelosi is the biggest one who blew it. washington journal ought to do some fair reporting. go both sides. i know you cannot because you are in washington. but you need to report both sides. once trump authorized that, that is all he had to do, and that it is nancy hello see's ball. host: it sounded like last night, some of the testimony they played from general mark milley, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, indeed, the former vice president, mike pence, was pleading with mike millie -- mark milley, to do something. according to the reaction from the white house, it was pretty
10:57 am
much silence on that. caller: well, they have four days to do this. they had intelligence to do that. milley knew that. he is just a biden hack. host: general milley? you think -- caller: biden will tell him to jump off the bridge, and he will do it. host: let's hear from joann. sleepy i, minnesota. caller: good morning, bill. it has been a long time. can you hear me? hello? host: you are on the air. go ahead with your comment. caller: can you hear me now? host: just make sure that you mute the volume on your television. go ahead with your comment. caller: it has been a long time
10:58 am
since i called in. i always like to hear all sides of the issue. so i watched the whole hearing last night. i was disappointed. i thought that we would maybe get some truth and facts. i was disappointed in the fact that this kind of seems to be a production. i was disappointed in the fact that they did not start on january 2 when trump have requested national guard and the whole chain and the capitol thing. if they had been prepared, like had been requested, this would not have happened. i guess i'm disappointed that the people on the committee that
10:59 am
pelosi took off two of the republicans that had been appointed. why did she do that? why is she off limits having questions asked? they said that trump incited this. that should have never happened. it was tragic that it did. but you have a couple of military groups, militant groups, the proud boys and the oath keepers, that did have this planned ahead of time. that is not the fault of all the republican people. many of the people that were there were there for a peaceful rally that dude turn into a riot. i don't feel the majority of the people that were there were there for an insurrection or for a coup. they bypassed trump's speech. when he said march peaceably to the capital, to let your voices be heard, that is not responsible for how people
11:00 am
interpret i was just disappointed in the way it was put together, that they've hired a producer. we should be looking for facts. this should never happen again. host: glad you got a chance to watch it last night. a reminder, too, we here at c-span covered it. it is available now on our c-span now mobile app. joining us throughout the morning, or colleague john mcardle. >> you mentioned the 40,000 -- the 1000 interviews, the 140,000 documents. ides want to mention the 840 defendants who have been charged with various crimes and misdemeanors as a result of the riot on capitol hill on january 6. some of the numbers according to wusa 9, some of these folks facing multiple charges, t


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