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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  April 23, 2022 10:00am-11:03am EDT

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becomes negatively charged, that is conspiratorial, that points to scapegoats and often can lead to places where they are arguing not just against the left but against america itself. sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's "q&a." ♪ host: the further we get from january 6, 2021, the closer we may be getting to seeing the ultimate legal consequences of that violent and deadly attack on the u.s. capitol. new audio from that day revealing the views of house republicans leader kevin
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mccarthy. marjorie taylor greene in court yesterday defending her views before and after the attack. and representative jamie rankin on the january 6 committee warning that their final report will "blow the roof off the house." saturday, april 23, 2022, good morning and welcome to "washington journal." for our first hour, we will ask you, will the january 6 attack be a factor in your vote? in the midterm elections. (202)-748-8001 for republicans, (202)-748-8000 for democrats, (202)-748-8002 for independents. and your text messages are welcome at (202)-748-8003. we are on facebook, you can post there and we will look for your messages on twitter and instagram, @cspanwj. is that -- it is that time of year when primaries are getting closer. ohio primary is may 3, we will
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talk about that later. we will also cover a senate debate in the upcoming week. one of several debates we will cover. the pennsylvania senate debate coming up this week. and certainly, the hearings on january 6, the house and senate return next week. those deliberations continue. we should find out more about potential public hearings and a possible report from the january 6 committee. but on the court hearing yesterday in georgia, the atlanta journal-constitution reports, their headline, "a fiery marjorie taylor greene flights a challenge on her candidacy." marjorie taylor greene gave fiery testimony on the witness stand friday to fight the legal challenge filed by a group of her constituents who want her banned from seeking office for the role she may have played in last year's attack on the u.s. capitol. in a series of testy exchanges, they write, "greene responded to
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questions posed by an attorney for the challengers saying she did not remember many of her remarks or actions leading up to the capitol riot on january 6, 2021." disputed video clips and news articles documented her statements, she dismissed them as "manipulated by the biased media." though she acknowledged she promoted the rally that day but said she never encouraged or participated in the riot that sought to block the formal vote that certified joe biden's victory. our question for you this morning, is the january 6 attack a factor in the midterm election vote? (202)-748-8001 for republicans, democrats at (202)-748-8000. and all others, (202)-748-8002. we will hear more from marjorie taylor greene and that audio from kevin mccarthy. let's hear some of the back-and-forth between the
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attorney and representative greene yesterday in that georgia courtroom. [video clip] >> so, if someone broke the law in an effort to interfere with accounting of the electoral votes, that person would be an enemy of the constitution. am i right about that? rep. greene: breaking the law is unlawful. there have been over 700 people charged for what happened january 6. >> those people were trying to interfere with the lawful process of counting the votes for the electoral college? rep. greene: i i i would think, yes they did, they stopped the electoral count, yes. >> those people would be enemies of the constitution, you would agree with that? rep. greene: i don't know i don't know, i don't know if i would define it that way. >> well, having taken the oath we saw on the screen, if you were aware someone was going to lawfully, excuse me, unlawfully interfere with the
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constitutional process of counting the electoral vote, you would be obliged by your oath to try to stop them, right? >> your honor, i object. host: the attorney is asking the questions, marjorie taylor greene yesterday. our opening question this morning, is the january 6 attack a factor in your midterm election vote? (202)-748-8001 for republicans, (202)-748-8000 for democrats, all others, (202)-748-8002. first up, new york city, grant on the republican line. caller: good morning. [laughter] your introductory was a little biased, by the way, you know, assuming the left-wing point of view, the introductory. but anyway, i watched all of marjorie taylor greene's trial or whatever you would call it. this january 6 investigation and
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trial that is coming up, to me, it reminds me of what the soviet union did under stalin. first they find you guilty, then they give you a trial and then they hang ya. so, this is what is going on. first of all, you are supposed to have a bipartisan mix. you did have when you had jim jordan and you had congressman banks. at least you had two republicans. nancy pelosi stepped in, took them away and put two trump hating types in there, liz cheney and the other guy. so, it's not going to be a fair trial, number one. number two, i watched barack obama just get finished talking. now, barack obama created black
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lives matter. when a reporter asked him two or three months before he was ready to retire from his second term, he said, aren't you afraid of the white people, what do you call them, fascists out there that might do you some harm? the president, he answered no. he said because as we speak, i am creating my own private army. no reporter asked him what the president of the united states meant by that strange remark. about a month after that, he went to an all black college -- host: we are going to move on to our next caller. donald, florida, republican, will the january 6 attack be a factor in your vote? go ahead. caller: yeah, a central factor in my vote. these people that say that
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wasn't nothing, 144 police officers stampede. we are hitting them over the head with the flag. they smashed their head, they cut fingers off. donald trump went there, going to come to this place. he brought them there. they did not come on their own. marjorie taylor greene was just as bad. she followed people with guns. minority leader in the senate that stopped it. it was supposed to be eight and eight, but he would not let it go. it passed the house, went on to the senate. he blocked it. it was going to be all retired people that went there. it will be remembered for history forever. he will always be, and 14 senators in the house, democrats, republican senators convicted him. he had 20. [indiscernible] lindsey graham said that is it.
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i had it. that's it. i had it. mccarthy said he had it. he also said that he is responsible for it. host: the audio came out yesterday as part of the reporting of alexander burns and jonathan martin. they have an upcoming book, they work for the "new york times." breaking in the "new york times" thursday. "i have had it with this guy, gop leaders privately blasted trump after january 6. in the days after the attack, kevin mccarthy and mitch mcconnell told associates they believe president trump was responsible for inciting the deadly riot. andvowed to drive him from politics. mr. maccarthy went so far as to say he would push for trump to resign immediately, saying, "i have had it with this guy." here is some of that recording. >> you on the phone?
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>> yeah, i am here. thanks, kevin. i guess there's a question when we were talking about the 25th amendment resolution. >> yeah. >> you asked, what happens, is there any chance he might resign? is there any reason to think that might happen? rep. mccarthy: i have had a few discussions. my gut tells me no. i am seriously thinking of having that conversation with him tonight. i have not talked to him in a couple days. from what i know of him, i mean you guys all know him, too, do you think he would ever back away? what i think i will do is call him. this is what i think. we know that it passed the house, there's a chance it passes the senate, even though
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he is gone. i think there is a lot of different ramifications for that. i have not had a discussion with the dems that he did resign, that happens. this is one personal view i have. [indiscernible] i do not want to get in any conversations about pence pardoning. the discussion i would have with him is i think this will pass and it would be my recommendation that he should be gone. [indiscernible] i mean, that would be my take. i don't think he will take it but i don't know. host: when that audio came out, and by the way speaking there , with republican representative liz cheney, some reaction from democratic members of the u.s. house, reaction from brendan boyle saying a reminder that "my kevin, as trump called him,
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ingratiated himself to trump personally by picking out his favorite jellybeans." also from adam schiff of the intelligence committee saying that "authoritarians don't come to power alone. they come to power on the backs of men like kevin mccarthy, men too weak to adhere to any principle, too hungry for power to say or do what's right and too cowardly to tell the truth." our opening question for you is about january 6. will that be a factor in your midterm vote? maryland, terrel, good morning. caller: good morning. how are you doing today? host: fine, thank you. if i had a representative, i am here in maryland, if i had a representative that agreed with the people that did this thing and wanted to hang mike pence and wanted to harm nancy pelosi, you know, i would not vote for them. look, they had the trumpsters up
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there calling the black policeman the n-word. they do things to see how far they can push the button. when they saw donald trump getting away with no harm or no foul after he said he could put his hands up young girls' dresses, he could have sex with a porn star without protection -- you know, donald trump got away with all these things. there was nothing done. now all of a sudden the commission comes out. kevin mccarthy is lying. you've got mary tyler moore, i mean, mary tyler greene is not answering questions. you got jim jordan don't want to answer questions. they are all running now. because donald trump is losing his power. he is going to go nowhere. that is why the american people photo him out -- voted him out the first time. host: omar, republican, lacrosse, virginia. go ahead. caller: hello? host: you are on air.
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go ahead. caller: good morning. i think they should not vote for this lady. i mean, come on. if you vote for anyone that said that the election was stolen, you know they are lying. and they are following donald trump. donald trump is a loser. they keep following donald trump, they going to lose, too. we need to take money out of politics. if we take money out of it, all this wouldn't happen. host: we ask that you call in on the line that best represents your political views. (202)-748-8001 for republicans, (202)-748-8000 for democrats, and now to the independent line at (202)-748-8002. tom in mount vernon, new york, good morning. caller: is it going to affect the way i vote in 2022? is that the question?
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host: that is the question. tom, make sure you mute your volume. caller: i just did. it is not going to affect my vote. because as far as january 6, look, anyone that participated in any violence, broke windows or whatever, prosecute them. they are still holding people there. the way i understand it, a couple dozen people are still being held. they have not been charged with anything. but donald trump had nothing to do with that. he said patriotically and peacefully protest. so, like i said, anyone that committed acts of violence, they should prosecute them. it is not going to affect my vote. i am not a republican or a democrat. i'm an independent. donald trump had nothing to do with it. if he runs in 2024, i will vote for him again. i voted for him both times, 2016 and 2020. i am going to vote for him again. as far as adam schiff, you just
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showed him, adam schiff is a liar. he lied about the phone call between donald trump and the ukrainian president. he has no credibility. so, that's it. host: some response via text. (202)-748-8003. this is from aaron in blairsville, pennsylvania. "and i guess every loud angry protester that got away with disturbing brett kavanaugh's hearing should be in jail as well?" "the january 6 insurrection will absolutely play a part in my vote." "anyone who fully appreciates what the first amendment means had to have gotten chills. the mtg hearing was a soviet style show trial." here is more from that hearing. and a question about a tweet sent out earlier that week that said something along the lines calling for, fighting for trump. here is that interaction.
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[video clip] >> one of the things you are communicating to the people who would read this tweet was that you want them to come to washington on january 6 for a demonstration. is that right? >> for a march for trump. >> right. >> "fight for trump," the phrase you used is "#fightfortrump." rep. greene: that is what it says on my tweet. >> you posted that because you in fact wanted people to show up on january 6, 2021 in d.c. in order to help you stop the 2020 election from your point of view. rep. greene: no. >> ok. i am not sure we got a clear answer on this. you believed at this time the 2020 election had been stolen by the democrats from mr. trump?
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rep. greene: i was asking people to come for a peaceful march, which is what everyone is entitled to do under their first amendment. but i was not asking them to actively engage in violence or any type of action. >> my question is really simple. it is about your opinion. when this tweet came out, it was your opinion the election had been stolen or was about to be stolen? rep. greene: under my opinion, there was a tremendous amount of fraudulent things that happened in the election. under my opinion, i want to do anything i can to protect election integrity and to protect the people of my district in georgia, the people's vote, they should count. >> is it fair to say, representative greene, that from election night, 2020 until
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january 6, 2021, your personal opinion and your wish was that congress not certify joe biden as the winner of the 2020 election? green -- rep. greene: no, that's not accurate. >> you believed joe biden had lost the election to mr. trump? is that accurate? rep. greene: well, yes. we saw a tremendous amount of voter fraud and we have investigations going on right now in georgia. there are investigations going on in multiple states. my own husband showed up to vote at the election and when he went in to vote in person, he was told he had already voted by absentee ballot, when in fact he had never even requested an absentee ballot. there are many instances. host: the u.s. house returning next week. it looks like they are on a timeline to complete the work the january 6 committee. this is a headline from msnbc,
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"january 6 revelations will blow the roof off the house." representative raskin suggested the committee's upcoming hearings will be dramatic and include explosive revelations that the panelists have been piecing together for months behind the scenes. members of the committee plan to hold those hearings in june and aim to have a report out about the investigation by the end of the summer or early fall. said raskin, who sits on that panel. some comments on social media. "republicans are beginning to realize words have consequences." jim says this, "marjorie taylor greene just doing what hrc did about benghazi, i don't remember." mccarthy is the swamp says this tweeter, "one side uses a majority to ruin america, the other uses it to do nothing. the rnc has admitted it has
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taken more money when nfd's are driving the bus." they showed us what they are capable of. back to your calls. and avery, new york, john, you are on the air. caller: i think this is the beginning of a kind of brown shirt mentality. what we need is to get back to democracy. the republicans i think are very scary at this point because they have lost all sense of what democracy is. democracy is not authoritarianism. and it sounds like they are talking about the north koreans talking about their dear leader. we are all americans. we need to get back to common sense. host: in kenton, north carolina, terry on the republican line. caller: good morning.
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i keep hearing you bring up the false claim that donald trump lost the election. well, what about c-span and the lies you committed for the last four years? you lied to us about russia. which, in turn, not only stole my vote, it stole 75 million americans' vote, based on your misinterpretation of what the president was doing. everyone that was up there on january 6 deserves to be up there and try to take our country back from the lies that were going on. host: to andrew on the democrats line, sterling, virginia. is january 6 going to be a factor on your vote? caller: definitely. the attack on our capitol, on our democracy should prove to every american that the
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republican party is unfit to lead this country from dogcatcher up to the presidency. they have enabled this talk about trump being totally innocent when he inspired the entire attack on our democracy. the republican party has become the party of insurrection, the anti-democracy party. a vote in these coming midterms to vote for any republican at any level is the first step towards destroying our democracy. they have become the pro-putin party, they have become the pro-russian party. if americans continue to vote for republicans, we will become just like putin's russia and our democracy will be destroyed forever. they are unfit to lead, unfit to govern. the only thing is their quest for power. americans, you better wake up because we are on the verge of losing our democracy and we will lose it quick and we will never regain it.
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host: let's hear from michael on the independent line, stanford, connecticut. good morning. caller: hey. good morning. good morning. yeah, fortunately enough, i don't have too many republicans here to vote for. i am independent. there are not too many republicans here. it just seems like what we hear from these people, they are just getting dumber and dumber by the minute. i mean, mccarthy, from what he said on these tapes, to now, he has turned it all around like oh no trump is great. this is great. if you wanted a dictator, why would anyone want trump? the guy is dumb. and then you got desantis, he is just dumber than trump. i can be stupider than trump? where is this country going to? let's race to the bottom? how dumb can we really get? where is this going? what are these people thinking about?
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are they thinking at all? i don't think there is a brain amongst them. marjorie taylor greene forgot everything but she knows there is so much fraud going on but she forgot what she said and where she was, she forgot -- i don't know. host: next up is joe. joe is calling on the republican line in alabama. caller: how are you doing? host: fine, thanks. caller: i will vote for anyone who supported the protest, january 6. also, the impeachment is going to start, first week in february, 2023. get rid of joe, who has ruined this country. and then, we are going to get rid of kamala. thank you. you have a good day. host: richmond, virginia, democrats line, next up is keith. caller: hi, good morning. i want to say good morning to
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america first of all. specifically, this is a great show topic. i think it is a good discussion. i am glad to hear it. my comments and viewpoints are, first of all, i want to say sorry to c-span because that was inappropriate, the other caller gave about you being responsible for lies and content that is just totally erroneous. i think you guys do a great job of staying in the middle is much as possible. all of you are republicans and democrats that are part of the staff. i just want to say that, first of all, three comments. first of all, i believe trump was totally responsible for january 6. i do not want to take one ounce of weight off of his shoulders for what happened. he should be held accountable to that, because he is a smart enough man to know exactly what he was doing. anybody that stood by him,
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around him or with him, including marjorie taylor, should not be put back in office again. i want to say another thing. republican party, you are losing credibility with all this. you are losing credibility. your vote count will go down. i want to say to the democrats, we must vote. we must stand up to vote. we cannot lay down and let ourselves be rolled over by this republican party who is trying to take this country. and i'm sorry, i don't mean to say this broadly about all republicans. i am democrat. i'm calling in on the democrat line. there are times when i have found fault with the democratic party and wanted to change to the republican party but i am telling you right now, what you all are doing is causing people to divide and away from your party. i am asking the american public,
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democrats especially, focus. -- democrats especially, vote this season because we need every vote to stop what is going on. host: "wall street journal" this morning reporting on the reaction from the former president donald trump. the headline in the online edition, "trump says mccarthy relationship not damaged." he said friday evening his relationship with kevin mccarthy remains good after reporting emerged of mr. mccarthy telling other gop lawmakers he would advise mr. trump to resign several days after rioters stormed the u.s. in january 6, 2021. in an interview with the "wall street journal" at his mar-a-lago resort in florida, mr. trump said he was not pleased to learn of the comments on the call but he said the california republican never ultimately advised him to quit. he said that mr. mccarthy quickly changed his stance "when he found out the facts."
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and embraced him fully a few weeks after the january 10 call. "he made the call, i heard the call, i didn't like the call," said mr. trump, but almost immediately, as you know because he came here and we took a picture right there, you know the support was very strong. the photo was an image seen as formalizing mr. trump's continued dominance in that party. it is fort payne, alabama, good morning on the republican line. caller: yes, good morning. first of all, i would like to say this, i do not appreciate you running the clips and letting the f-word be on the tv for everyone to see. i think that should be blotted out. i don't have any respect when you do that. the f-word should be removed.
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second of all, both virginia callers you had, their comments are very empty. and second of all, i think we rode this horse to death. we have got people dying in ukraine. i will support any republican that runs because biden's administration is ruining our country. senior citizens are suffering on the account of what he is doing. no one is talking about the senior citizens. us senior citizens have already put our time in. and another thing, donald trump, what if he told you, go jump off the bluff would you do that?
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he did not tell anybody to break into the capital. if he tells me to jump off the bluff, i would tell him hold my hand and we will do it together. you do not do things people tell you to do if you know that they are wrong. i believe that all of this has been blown out of proportion. i am a republican and i am proud of it because i am a christian. i do not believe in abortion. i do not believe in same-sex marriage. i do not believe in interracial marriage. i believe we should stay with our own kind. as far as the washington journal, i will not say that you guys have lied. i do think that you are one-sided. i used to watch you every day. if the democrats call in, you let them say their whole rigmarole.
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if the republicans call in and they are telling the truth about see, not what they hear you cut them off. i would appreciate it if you would quit showing the f word. this is from the hill this morning they knew about the threat of violence before the riot. host: we will get to more of that story in a moment. let us hear from greg in ohio on the independent line. caller: good morning. as far as january 6, it does not change my vote it all. i will vote for trump. all i know is that thing was set up by the pelosi gang. you need to get the emails from the mayor, everyone. host: how do you think it was
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set up? how do you define that as being set up? caller: december 14, nancy pelosi was briefed as to what could've happened. she turned down the national guard. why was that? as soon as he walked down the what'd they do, let's impeach him. it was all set up. people have been brainwashed by cnn, msnbc. host: this is from the hill, the committee says that meadows knew about the threat of violence. they asked a federal judge to enforce a subpoena of mark meadows revealing new evidence that he had been warned of potential violence ahead of the riots. he has provided some documents that have since been made public.
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the latest filing asks the court to reject the former white house chief of staff's challenges to the authority of the committee. they argue that he could provide information despite his claims of executive privilege. meal is on the democrats aligned from scranton, pennsylvania. caller: january 6 will influence my vote. not only that, the appalling conduct of the republicans for the past couple of years. appalling. it will influence my vote. i will say this, we have a good system of government. we have a good system of elections but we also have a lot of bad people in office. that is one of the main problems. the biggest problem is we have a lot of idiot voters, 70 million
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still want idiot trump as president. that is our main problem. the voters are putting the wrong people in office. that is all i have to say. host: on the democrats line, louise in north carolina. caller: i was listening to the conversation this morning and i don't understand why our republican callers don't believe what they see or hear. with marjorie taylor greene, she will deny, deny, deny. you see what is going on, people have to know, trump lost you had the lincoln project that did not vote for trump. that is why he lost with democrats and the lincoln project. people need to stop this and get
10:36 am
their nation back together. trump is calling the shots on everything right now as if he is still in the white house. any time an ex-president takes secret documents and takes it with them when they are supposed to stay in washington. that is a crook. that is why we are having so many problems with russia. he must have something on kevin mccarthy and all of those who are going along with him. host: based on some of that audio from the new york times from kevin mccarthy shortly after january 6, and the testimony from marjorie taylor greene with her candidacy being challenged. in the state of georgia. all of that video is available on c-span now and our mobile app.
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we will re-air that court hearing tomorrow shortly after 1:00 eastern on c-span. we are asking you, will the january 6 attack be a factor in your midterm vote? (202) 748-8001 is the line for republicans. (202) 748-8000 for democrats and for others (202) 748-8002. the wall street journal writing about democrats democrats prod , biden on his stalled agenda. rank and file democrats are pressing president biden to take quick action when lawmakers return to work and they hope that even modest policy moves can help temper republican gains in the midterm elections. elsewhere in this piece in the washington journal, they have a chart, this is based on the
10:38 am
crook political report democrats democrats are under pressure to , retain the majority in the house and senate. here are the tossup seat numbers. the tossup seats for democrats are 19, far fewer for republicans which are eight. it is close in the senate. it is pretty close in the senate, they cannot predict where the vote is going in the fall. three democratic tossup seats and two for republicans. this is from the cook political report. marjorie taylor greene in court being challenged by a liberal group in georgia on being allowed on the ballot in georgia. she was asked about the potential for violence at the january 6 gathering near the white house and later on the capital. [video clip] >> your testimony under oath is that you did not talk to anybody
10:39 am
in government about the fact that there would be large protests on january 6? rep. greene: i don't remember. >> you spoke to representative biggs or his staff about that fact? rep. greene: i don't remember. >> how about representative gosar? rep. greene: i don't remember. >> did you talk to people at the white house about the demonstrations on january 6? rep. greene: i don't remember. >> prior to january 6, did anyone mention to you the possibility that there might be violence in washington on january 6 2021? rep. greene: i don't remember. >> was it possible that someone told you that things could get violent on january 6? rep. greene: i don't remember
10:40 am
those conversations, but i would hope nancy pelosi and those in charge of protection were taking protection seriously. >> did anyone ever mention to you the possibility of violence? rep. greene: i don't remember. >> so you are not denying it, you're saying that you don't recall. rep. greene: i don't recall. >> you don't recall that people said they are having these demonstrations in washington, and some of these people coming to the demonstrations might become violent. that never happened? the only violence i have seen were at the blm riots and i've been to trump rallies and i have never seen violence. >> and the people coming january 6 were trump people, right? rep. greene: i knew that people were coming for president trump
10:41 am
and our objections on january 6. >> and some of the people came because you asked them to come? >> rep. greene: evidently i tweeted about january 6. host: those recordings from the new york times. the headline, "the greater political danger for mccarthy was the truth." democratic representative john breyer saying that mccarthy has plainly been caught lying, this story was published today. the majority leader saying that american voters should not be determine who is an office not well-funded political activists. in baldwin, missouri, rick is up next on the independent line.
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caller: thank you for taking my call. i think independently. i voted for trump for the past two times. people have said they they would vote for trump. he is not up for election in the midterms a quick history here. i want to take people back to 2015, 2016 there was a populist candidate running for the nomination. he conducted a hostile takeover. they did not want them as their candidate. at the same time, there was a populist candidate running for the democratic nomination, bernie sanders. the republicans did not have anything in place to block trump from winning.
10:43 am
the democratic party, you need to look at yourselves. you blocked bernie with a few hundred people, superdelegates, keeping bernie from taking that nomination. we could've had a different history on the democratic side , the democrat party if you did , not have superdelegates, party elites, overruling thousands of primary votes to get their preferred candidate hillary rodham clinton. so then trump gets involved , because he had been fought by washington on both sides. democrats, maxine waters impeach 45, republicans fighting against him, it could have been a different story. democrats have to look at their party with the superdelegates. trump's super popular and i would vote for him again.
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host: as an independent, does it ever frustrate you that as an independent, it is really hard for you to have influence in those parties locally and much more broadly, nationally? caller: yeah, for sure. i have called in before and said that the two-party system is limited. that is frustrating, yes. i feel boxed in to vote for republicans. the democratic party has been a part of my family history for decades. i hope that answers your questions. host: we will go to arizona next on the independent line, this is richard. caller: good morning. i don't think i will let it interfere with my vote.
10:45 am
i don't think i will give it a whole lot of consideration. host: to sharon on the democrat's line in new york. caller: good morning. i would like to say thank you for taking my call and i am calling to counteract some of these other calls. all of the crazy calls, i should not call them crazy. that is their opinion. the calls that come in from people who watch two hours of the january 6 massacre and still say that they would vote for the republican party, i cannot believe it. we all watched that for two hours. it is ridiculous. how can people put their heads in the sand and vote for this party? this is the klan party. it is ridiculous. i think the midterm elections will be won by the democrats because of what happened on
10:46 am
january 6. host: sharon, you are calling from a bureau -- borough in new york city that has flip-flopped between republican and democratic leadership. is the same dynamic happening now? is there strong support for a republican candidate for example there? caller: in certain parts of staten island. that will always be. if we could have held on to the congressional seat, we were trying everything. it just did not happen. host: thank you for your call. we will go to tom in pennsylvania on the republican line. caller: good morning. the january 6 committee, i will not change my vote.
10:47 am
i will still vote for trump. the reason for that is nancy pelosi and the mayor in washington d.c. were never subpoenaed to report to that committee and tell them what they know. they were asked for support to protect the capital and they both rejected it. there will never be any legitimacy to the january 6 committee due to that simple fact. they need to be brought on board and tell people why they did not provide support for our capital. end of story. have a good day. host: to maine on the independent line. caller: yeah, good morning thank you for taking my call. can i comment on the last caller? you are just an idiot. that is all i have to say.
10:48 am
the mayor in d.c. does not control the national guard. keep listening to fox news. we are talking about january 6. it was an insurrection. you cannot get away from it. the gentleman lost the election, did not like the results and started telling lies. as you can see from the testimony now that nobody wants to believe, even though it is on tape, even though it is their own words, even though the republicans contradict themselves. kevin mccarthy makes a complete fool of himself. lying right to the american people and then they get caught and they pull a trump when they get caught on tape saying grab them by the p word. well, that never happened. that was created, that was
10:49 am
alive. until billy bush says it is hogwash. republicans, you can dream and believe anything you want. another question i have for all of you, why isn't donald trump saying he is running for president? why? host: this is from cnbc. on that recording liz cheney , denies recording that phone call urging trump to resign on january 6. representative cheney denied recording or leaking the audio from a phone call that shows kevin mccarthy's saying he would tell president trump to resign after the january 6 capital riot. a portion of that call aired on msnbc. hours earlier, he denied saying that he would tell trump to step down.
10:50 am
in the audio clip, the california republican told liz cheney that he believed trump would be impeached and convicted in the senate after the january 6 riot. in north carolina, mike is on the republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call. the january 6 committee is a hoax. that will not affect my vote. i will vote republican because we have an administration in office and a president that does not know what he is doing. every body in this administration does not know what they are doing. we are in war in the ukraine. zelenskyy was a solid guy. and they impeached trump for talking to zelenskyy. i am sticking with the republicans. nancy pelosi and her whole crew are a hoax. they need to get out. host: on the democrats line in south carolina.
10:51 am
cheryl, go ahead. caller: the january 6 insurrection will have a factor in my decision. what even has more of a factor is the fact that all of these people that are running for office that were in office that lied and continue to lie, you can see it on the hearing with marjorie taylor greene. that hearing alone, that was a catastrophe for her. at least in my opinion. there are so many things people are believing. they are seeing things with their own eyes and i fear for this country because it is a mess. people are believing trump. you should never believe what comes out of his mouth because it is something out of one side of his mouth, and another thing out of the other side.
10:52 am
yes i won't vote for any of , these people i have been watching on tv and hearing investigations of how they said one thing, did something else, or turned around and said i don't remember. host: on that investigation politico story here, the january 6 committee has received inconsistent testimony on key witnesses on one point. just how much effort it took to persuade her father to condemn the attack. three months ago, the panel sent a letter to a ivanka trump asking her to voluntarily cooperate. investigators wanted to ask her about former president trump as attack unfolded.
10:53 am
that letter leaned heavily on testimony from now retired general keith kellogg who was mike pence's national security advisor. kellogg explained that the white house staff wanted trump to take immediate action to quell the unrest. the letter to a ivanka trump said that kellogg felt that she could get trump to quell the violence. let's hear from paul on the independent line from paul beach, florida. caller: thank you for taking my phone call. i think donald trump is the greatest president in the last 25 years. all the people who voted for sleepy joe, go to the gas pump and he is doing an excellent job. are you happy that 2 million people walked into the country after he got the job? you have been brainwashed by
10:54 am
cnn, and all the liberal media. i used to watch i never watch all of those shows. those shows anymore. i get my news from other sources. thank you for taking my call. host: we will hear from hattie in houston, texas. on the democrats line. caller: thank you for taking my call. on this january 6 for anybody as for anybody as, an intelligent grown-up, what is going on with trump saying go down and fight like h? now this man, there are people who were hurt and killed at the capital. i do not understand why these republicans are still in
10:55 am
congress and they act like nancy pelosi is doing everything. even trump's vice president said yes, he was ready. and now trump is out there saying now, go down there and fight and people are going to vote for him again? he made our country really bad. we had a surplus when president obama left. and we were in the hole, and now with the violence and , everything, that is the reason for gas prices. every time the republicans get in, we are so much in the hole because they don't want to pay taxes. he is talking about $750 in taxes. host: this is from the washington free beacon.
10:56 am
kamala harris' chief of staff becomes the 12th staff member to walk away from the white house following the vice president's deputy chief of staff, and communications director among others. that is from the washington free beacon. the latest poll from the gallup organization, biden's low approval stuck in the low 40's. in the chart there the average , approval rating is unchanged for the fourth quarter. all prior presidents had higher fourth-quarter averages. in tacoma, washington, next up is karen on the republican line. caller: good morning. january 6 will not change my
10:57 am
vote. i want to know why the police officers let people come in and giving them a tour. why didn't nancy pelosi beef up security? why was she not subpoenaed? i am going to vote republican. i don't support what is happening in this country since biden took office. the border is crazy. 42 known terrorists were caught. do the democrats want that? do you want another 9/11. the fentanyl that is coming in this country. the crt that is being taught and how they want to indoctrinate children regarding trans sex and all that. this country is going into mayhem since biden took office. when trump was in office, gas was low.
10:58 am
i am paying four dollars for 90 -- for gas. host: going to sean on the independent line. caller: my vote will not be affected in any way from january 6. i will be voting republican. this administration, like you are talking about with the vp. she can't even keep people in her group in the white house, but she is supposed to be running the country? she is a breath away from running the country. it is scary. and what biden has done to this country? everything is going downhill. i will be voting republican all the way. host: there is more ahead on
10:59 am
washington journal. up next we will be talking about , retirement. the american retirement associations will hansen will be talking about efforts on capitol hill to improve american's ability to save for retirement. and then we will talk about broken doors, which looks at the , use of no knock warrants by police. that is ahead. >> next week, on the c-span network. both chambers of congress is in session, the house will take up legislation to increase aid to ukraine. they will consider the federal reserve nomination. members of the president's cabinet will talk about the budgets, including secretary of state antony blinken.
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