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tv   House GOP Leaders Hold Briefing  CSPAN  November 4, 2021 2:08am-2:38am EDT

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from capitol hill, this is 30 minutes. .. >> tonight was not just a big night for republicans but for america, americans rejected as than joe biden and speaker nancy
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pelosi's socialist agenda. the question now is will washington democrats i really felt was the american people who have rejected the i left agenda enacted in the least what we have seen is that the or is no. this morning they are doubling down. what did we learn from a night? we learned that parents should be empowered to make decisions about their children's education is not the federal government. we learned that american want more job, not more government welfare and reckless spending creating inflation, americans want to run the least department and not to defund the police department. americans want more freedom and not far less socialism. this is the message that method that american from new jersey to new york to virginia and texas, united americans behind republicans last night and it is the that we what the hell is publicans have been saying for months. they are the party of freedom,
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family, parents and education, that is hard to parties of big government socialism can crisis after crisis coming even after their losses, nancy pelosi double down on her agenda it again this morning and that is exactly why she is a lame-duck speaker of the house. republicans have a better optimistic vision for our nation and so we will continue to talk about the issues that matter to the american people. we are going to hear from a number of my colleagues would special guests from the virginia the virginia delegation of first i want to over to the ranking member of the committee on education and work. >> thank you, representative. victory in virginia proves that it matters. it proves that parents will not and cannot be silent. education is that the front of the voter minds involved here. it matters what our kids learn
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in school and it matters what books are in our school libraries and it matters what kids believe other countries. most important it matters where kids believe they are capable of achieving. they have taken education is out of the local government for too long. this is our answer to the left attempt to nationalize education and the answer is no areas no to the indoctrination and the whole race very a note to this policy. republicans believe and believe in policy i just and not divide us. we know that education is at its best when run locally and when parents have a choice. that is what we are fighting for today. no child should be denied the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential.
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it is past time to support student was education. proving that school districts no longer have to do so. that parents have a weekend and are ready to willing to buy for their children. it is a great day for the future of education in our country. now i yield to the gentleman will speak on behalf of the virginia delegation. thank you. >> well, thank you, virginia. what a great day today from the outcome of the race has been a virginia. yesterday morgan griffith, all these representatives here with us part of the exciting evening yesterday and that was very disordered or it yesterday sent a message not just to the commonwealth of virginia and across the nation that it is parents that matter, parents and should be in charge of their children's destiny and school
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systems, that it is about small businesses and empowering them to make sure they continue to build the economic engine that we know has been stifled. we know also yesterday was about empowering communities work with police departments to make sure that they have everything necessary to make the community safer than it was historic as well that the first black female in our new lieutenant governor as well as the first latino and our attorney general and we have a new majority as well in the virginia house of delegates. it is a new day that speaks volumes about empowering people and not government, but about putting things back into the local communities where they need to be, not in the hands of washington where the hands of richmond, this really is a watershed moment that folks can look to and say, let's take the commonwealth back here in virginia, other were states will
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stay the same, let's empower the people that we know are the owners of the government and people across our great nation and then yesterday across the great commonwealth. turn the floor over to my colleague tony gonzalez. >> lots of smiles on our side of the aisle today. it is a great day to be an american and a texan. last night all eight constitutional amendments passed in texas that was historical and also historical was the republican party with the seat that is predominantly hispanic that had not been put in a long time. it shows americans have had enough of the socialist policies, the joe biden socialist policies, in particular the field boarder amnesty proposal dead on arrival. >> investing in the outreach centers in san antonio, making a
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difference, and how we win elections, we won the election for two reasons, one is americans have had enough of this administration. from the house the white house. number two, those that live in san antonio go out and knock on doors and help candidates when all the different levels. we need more people, the republican party needs more people like cheney and frank, if we are going to take back the house. now turning it over to my good friend from louisiana. >> thank you, congressman. as a single mother of two, former educator and a concerned american, education is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. it is no secret that we have faced challenges in education and many of us join children and found ourselves concerned with the curriculum that we witnessed. the proposed solutions to nationalize the curriculum and a
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one-size-fits-all approach to education has failed time and time again and it's not the answer. as republicans, we believe that education is a true partnership between parents and the learning environment that works best for their children. we don't think that the relationship between the family and educators needs to be adversarial, but we want schools work hand-in-hand with families bringing new ideas and innovations to the table that will truly put the students first. the commonwealth of virginia says loudly and clearly last night and they agree with us and i think the problems that we have at the other side of education are indicative of many of larger issues and the other side wants to shut parents out and have government do the job and not some simply doesn't work because these are our children and not that of the government and parents should not have the curriculum forced on their children or fear indoctrination by a federal agenda and instead they should be able to choose
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one's that they're with their beliefs and their values. thank you, and went to turn it over to steve's colleagues. >> thank you, julia, thank you for all of my colleagues for being here. i would like to congratulate the governor for running such an impressive campaign. it was a campaign that was focused on optimism and focused on empowering parents to take back their state. from the very union bosses who are trying to keep kids out of schools, those that were trying to keep parents out of school board meetings, that kind of big government socialism was rejected overwhelmingly by the voters last night in virginia, also big government socialism was rejected in a number of other states. in new york with some record numbers of republicans being elected to school boards.
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i'm concerned about things like critical race theory, being rammed down the throats of kids, teaching hatred of america and something else was overwhelmingly rejected by voters in states like minnesota. and that is what i saw last night and here in washington the same big government, socialists rejected in states like virginia or doubling down on their policy. joe biden and nancy pelosi did not get the message from what happened. maybe more of their members will say i don't want to be the next carry mcauliffe, but if they keep voting for they will go the same way as him because if you look at a state like virginia,
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it was plus 10 when you think about it. that means they became a 12-point swing. the districts are all across the country that are represented right now by the democrat and that includes districts and am i going to keep voting for the big government socialism and they are going to have a reckoning that it's time to start working with republicans to address this to address any of the crisis is that families are facing like high gas prices and actually going the opposite direction and they want to tax people so they can give out these checks. people are rejecting this kind
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of radical ideas and i would say that as republicans are focused on this commonsense agenda to get this country back on track, to work with those parents, our leader has been leading to lay out a bold vision and meeting with parents and families, talking about an agenda that actually helps under the weight of the failed agenda. he was very involved in the victory helping those campaign, our leader, kevin mccarthy. >> good afternoon. oh, what a night it was. it was a night about america. virginia, new jersey, new york, minneapolis, seattle, texas.
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and today is a wake-up call for the washington democrats to abandon the partisanship, extremists agenda, the washington-based programs that cost billions of dollars and don't have programs. we have warned speaker nancy pelosi almost everyday since she has been in the majority this year and she sought time and again and she wants school board meeting so his parents would would come. the pressure, to go after even if your child was leaked to the bathroom. we watch people fearful of the rising cost of inflation, the
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democratic answer was to spend trillions more to make you have a tax on everything. >> more than 160 countries. on the terrorist watch list and the democrats continue to ignore it. and that includes crime rising across america. and just in my home state. but far from nancy pelosi and others with the deft with the continuing to rise.
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just last week and nbc had a pool that talked about the biggest concerns that americans had. so i think when you look at the governor elect, he was one to be listened. he didn't bring politicians and, he listened to those in virginia. didn't matter if you're a republican or democrat. he took parents advice. in his closing night he talked about reforming the party of who you are you're going to answer the phone and ask how you can help. and parents should have a say on children's education. they should be able to know what the curriculum as. one thing that we have found time and again is that the democrats believe that not to be true.
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i expected maybe they had a change of heart. the doubling down and they did all the things of the election last night told him not to. when you think about it, a republican governor was elected after 13 consecutive statewide election losses. just a year ago joe biden won by more than 10 points and as you heard the new republican lieutenant governor and in new jersey the democrats are underperforming even more. and of more than 15 points. and it's not just in the governor's race, which many of you did not follow or cover, but the senate democratic president lost were public and he spent less than $200 on a campaign. and now, when it was taken that as a policy matters.
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and in san antonio, as tony spoke of, is not the first time that he took his seat 73% hispanic and republican run. tony has led that charge. i carried by joe biden by 14 points. flipped to a republican. in seattle, washington. clear across the country. yes, you heard that right. and davidson, winning a race for city attorney. how many nights has there been a riot. poised to be the first in 42 years. all of those elections are also from last night. and we are now 213 and it takes them winning in ohio 15.
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and i don't believe these races are just about republican, what it is about his failed policies were democrats continue to push. and i'm not sure what the speaker will do. i know we are on break next week and she's off on another european trip. i think that's three in three months. and one thing that i would know is that there's going to be a lot of retirement either of the election or after. if you do not change course, you do not understand the policies you're pushing for making prices more expensive will be the most expensive thanksgiving ever and the price of gasoline is higher than we have watched in seven years and the answer is begging opec to use more% of america
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solving their own problems. a border that is unsecure with trillions of dollars you want to push near the border under education policy is to push the attorney general to investigate parents. if you didn't know that was filled by the pull or that it was a problem or call americans to the office, you should've woke up after last night. it was not as in virginia. and that was in minneapolis, check texas and seattle and oneg that i will say is that republicans do listen, we do hear you. we know the places in which we can improve, and we make this promise to you. there will soon be a parents bill of rights. it doesn't matter about your wealth, the color of your skin, once you have a child, it is no
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longer what you become. it is now an opportunity for children will have. we have a right to know and to participate. education is the great equalizer. we are all created equal. and we are going to make sure that we make that happen across this country. for that, let's open up the question.
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[speaking foreign language] >> the most important thing for me is to understand how effective this this this training will be. when you do not have the opportunity to get help men instructor and you can only reline yourself. once the experiment begins, the store will be sealed shut, with six crewmembers behind it. the next time it will open up will be in 240 days. by then, the group hopefully will have successfully carried out their mission and emerge healthy with a well-deserved sense of accomplishment. more importantly, providing scientists with all the data
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necessary to bring a future where manned space box will be a thing of the ordinary. >> you can investigate that for yourself at your own leisure at or check out youtube. will be back soon with more news. >> the world which we loved as adults, was built first as a structure in childhood. and that's why it is incredibly important to be able to have a basic understanding of what motivates you as an emotional
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being. >> when does a governors race mean more than just a governors race? both parties are trying to accurately gauge the temperament of the people coming into a federal election year. we break down the races from yesterday, and why both parties were dramatically affected by the results. regardless of the outcome, the entertainment comes from watching various media outlets handle the results. we will be joined by stephen with the reaction and the struggle of some to maintain their emotions. the defund the police movement suffered a fatal blow yesterday in annapolis, as voters decided
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not to replace the police department. why the city which burned in the wake of the death of george floyd actually decided to keep their play sports. i'm scottie nell hughes, and we will bring you the 360 view of these news and more, on news. views. hughes. right here on rt america. ♪ scottie: thank you for joining us. elections have consequences. in this case, the result of tuesday's elections could be a glimpse of what's in store for next year's midterm elections. for our international audience, i want to explain why the virginia race was more than just about who resides at the governors mansion. virginia is one of the two states where those who work in washington, d.c. have a choice to live if they want -- do not want to live in the metro area.
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with one of the top public school districts in the nation, and a simple income tax structure, more people who work in d.c. actually choose to live in virginia. 18.5% of the workforce in virginia is employed by the federal, state, or local government. a larger percentage than most states, and fact, of all the states. the rest of this date is a mix of those who work in higher education, defense contractors, and agriculture. a majority of the state is still extremely rural. this gives the state are represented should -- representation of the various demographics that make up the united states. those demographics have been increasingly blue. resident biden had a 10% lead over president trump. yet yesterday, this week by the republicans -- sweep by the republicans shows a winning play for the gop going into the 2022 midterms.
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natasha joins us with all of the results of tuesday's elections, as well as the issues which motivated voters to the polls. virginia was the main focus, but there were other major races, including with one which took longer to call then just election night. >> yes, and we will get to those. we have to start with the race in virginia. you might've heard the state travel slogan, "virginia is for lovers," but on tuesday, but motto could have been virginia is for voters. >> all, virginia. we won this thing. >> republican glenn youngkin won the governors race early wednesday. he is the first republican to win statewide office in virginia in 12 years.
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the 54-year-old defeated democrat terry mcauliffe. the two had been debating heavily for the past two months. mcauliffe compared him to president trump. youngkin one despite president biden and kamala harris campaigning for mcculloch. -- mccauliffe. >> youngkin campaigned on immediately improving schools and lowering taxes. he opposes teaching critical race theory, and was vocal about being against covid mask and vaccine mandates. >> the challenge of overcoming a culture where the state overwhelms self empowerment is all too common. for too long, we've been exact -- expected to shelve our dreams, to settle for low expectations. we will not be a commonwealth of
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low expectations, we will be a commonwealth of high expectations. >> voters saw the economy at the top issue, followed by the coronavirus pandemic, a coding -- according to a survey. voters ranked the economy as their number one priority, compared to 17% saying covid-19, and 14% saying education with their focus. virginia had a lieutenant governor race, and the winner winsmoe sears, a republican, shared that dream. >> they would like us to believe that we are back in 1963. we can live where we want, we can eat where we want, we had a black president elected twice. and here, i am living proof. >> in new york, the people have chosen a very different candidate. former police captain eric adams


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