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tv   House GOP Leaders Hold Briefing  CSPAN  November 3, 2021 3:04pm-3:17pm EDT

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mr. rice: thank you for being here today. last not was not just a big night for republicans, it was a big night for america.
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americans across the country rejected president biden and speaker pelosi's radical socialist agenda. the question now is, will washington democrats finally wake up and listen to the american people who have rejected this far left agenda? unfortunately what we've seen is the answer is no. this morning they are doubling down. what did we learn from last night? we learned that parents should be empowered to make decisions about their children's education, not the federal government. ms. stefanik: we learned that americans want more jobs, not more government welfare and reckless spending creating inflation. americans want to fund their police departments, not defund them. americans want freedom, not far-left socialism. this is the message that united americans across the country from new jersey to new york to virginia to texas. it united americans behind republicans last night and it is exactly what house republicans have been saying for months. republicans are the party of
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parents, of education, of small businesses, of freedom, and of family. democrats are the party of big government socialism, creating crisis after crisis. even after their losses, nancy pelosi doubled down on her agenda yet again this morning and that is exactly why she is a lame duck speaker of the house. republicans have a better optimistic vision for our nation and we will continue to talk about the issues that matter to the american people. we are going to hear from a number of our colleagues today with special guests from the virginia delegation. first, i want to hand it over to my colleague, virginia foxx, who is the ranking member of the committee on education and workforce. virginia. ms. foxx: thank you, representative stefanik. last night's victory in virginia proves that the voices of parents matter. it proves that parents will not and cannot be silenced. education is at the forefront of voters' minds because it
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matters. it matters what our kids learn in school. it matters what books are in our school libraries. it matters what kids believe about their country. most importantly, it matters what our kids believe they are capable of achieving. the left has tried to take education out of the hands of parents, local government, and the states for too long. this is our answer to the left's attempt to nationalize education. no. no to leftist indoctrination. no to critical race theory and no to identity politics. republicans believe that policy -- believe in policies that unite us, not divide us. we know that education is at its best when run locally and when parents have choice. that is what we are fighting for. no child should be denied the opportunity to fulfill his or
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her potential. it's past time to support student focused education. virginia's election proves that school districts no longer have to kowtow to teachers unions. the time for caving to unions is over. the parents have awakened and are ready and willing to fight for their kids. it's a great day for the future of education and our country. and now i yield to rob wittman who will speak on behalf of the virginia delegation. thank you. mr. wittman: well, thank you, virginia. what a great day today from the outcome of the races in virginia yesterday. i want to point my colleagues, representative morgan griffith, representative bob good, representative ben cline, all part of an exciting evening yesterday. very historic. yesterday sent a message, not just across the commonwealth of virginia but across the nation that it's parents that matter,
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that it's parents that should be in charge of their children's destiny and school systems. that it's about small businesses and empowering them to make sure they continue to build this economic engine that we know right now has been stifled. we know, too, that yesterday was about empowering communities to work with police departments, to make sure they have the resources necessary to make our communities safer. yesterday was historic, too. we have the first black female elected to statewide office in our new lieutenant governor. we have the first latino elected to statewide state office, jason. and we have a new majority in the virginia house of delegates. a new day that speaks volumes about empowering people, not government, about putting things back into our local communities where they need to be, where they should be, not in the hands of washington. not in the hands of richmond. this really is, i think, a watershed moment that folks across the nation can look to and say, let's take our
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commonwealth back here in virginia but other states will stay the same. let's take our nation back. let's empower the people that we know are the owners of the government. the people across our great nation and yesterday in virginia across our great commonwealth. now i'd like to turn the floor over to my colleague, congressman tony gonzalez from the great state of texas. miss gonzalez-colon: lots -- mr. gonzalez: lots of smiles on our side of the aisle. it's a great day to be an american and in texas. historical, we flipped a seat -- the republican party flipped the seat that's predominantly hispanic and has not been flipped. what does that show? it shows that americans have had enough with the socialist policies, these biden socialist policies. in particular, this failed border amnesty proposal is dead on arrival. right. what it also showed, i want to -- it showed that people like r.n.c. chairwoman are onna mcdaniel who invested in the
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hispanic outreach centers in san antonio make a difference. it's how we win elections. we won the election for two reasons. one, americans have had enough of this administration. from the house to the white house. two, people like jamie and frank fonseca who live in inner city san antonio that go out and door knock and help candidates win at all different levels. we need more people, the republican party needs more people like jeannie and frank if we're going to take back the house. now i'd like to it turn it over to my good friend, julia letlow, from louisiana. ms. letlow: thank you. as a single mom of two, a former educator, and a concerned american, education is a topic that's near and dear to my heart. it is no secret that our nation faces tremendous challenges in education, and during the pandemic this last year, many of us joined our children in the virtual classroom and found ourselves concerned with the curriculum we witnessed.
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the other side's proposed solutions to nationalize the curriculum and push a one-size-fits-all approach to education has proven to fail time and time again and is clearly not the answer. as republicans, we believe that education is a true partnership between parents and the learning environment that works best for their children. we don't think the relationship between a family and educators needs to bed a very saerl. we want schools to work hand in hand with families, bringing new ideas and innovation to the table that will truly put our students first. the commonwealth of virginia spoke loudly and clearly last night and they agree with us. i think the problems we have with the other side's education's proposals are indicative of many of the larger issues. the other sides want to shut parents out and have government do the job. that simply doesn't work because these are our children, not the government. parents should not have a curriculum forced on their children or fear of
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indoctrination by a federal agenda. instead, they should be able to choose one that fits with their beliefs and their values. thank you. and i'd like to turn it over to my esteemed colleague from louisiana, republican whip steve scalise. mr. scalise: thank you, julia. i first want to congratulate governor-elect youngkin. it was a campaign focused on optimism. it was a campaign focused on empowering parents to take back their state. to take back the ability to have control over their kids' education from the very union bosses who are trying to keep kids out of school, who are trying to keep parents out of school board meetings. that kind of big government socialism was rejected overwhelmingly by the voters last night in virginia and also big government socialism was rejected in a number of other states. new york, you saw record numbers of republicans getting elected
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to school boards. where parents are getting more and more engaged at the local level. concerned about things like critical race theory being rammed down their kids' throat, trying to teach hatred of america. that is un-american and that was rejected last night. something else that was rejected last night was the democrats' radical, crazy defund the police movement. overwhelmingly rejected by voters in states like minnesota. it was so encouraging to see people take their government back. and that's what you saw last night. and yet, here in washington, the same big government socialists who were rejected in states like virginia are doubling down on their failed policies. joe biden and nancy pelosi did not get the message from what happened last night. now maybe more of their members will look in the mirror and say i don't want to be the next terry mccauliffe, but if they keep voting for big government
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socialism, they'll keep going the same way as terry mccauliffe, because if you look at a state like virginia, it was a d-plus-10 if you look at ratings. that means a d-10 state became an r-plus 2 state which means there are districts across the country that are represented right now by democrats and at least d-5 -- >> you can continue to watch this on our website or on the c-span now video app. right now we take you live to the house of representatives as part of our more than 40-year commitment to live coverage of congress. today, the house is working on bills to support protesters in cuba and workplace age discrimination. this is live coverage on c-span. e united states diplomatic tools toward the realization of free, fair and transparent elections in nicaragua and to reaffirm the commit thoasm united states to protect the fundamental freedoms and human rights of the people of nicaragua and for other purposes. thea


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