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  Former President Trump Visits NYC Police and Fire Deptartments  CSPAN  September 11, 2021 4:39pm-5:11pm EDT

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>> sunday night on "q&a," jessica duong was chief engineer of the historic fireboat john day harvey on september 11 went it was called back into service to aid firefighters following the attacks on the twin towers. in her book, she tells the story of the community of mariners who came to the rescue of thousands. >> the maritime evacuation that delivered nearly half a million people to safety is an incredible example of the goodness of people, that when you are given the opportunity to help, you have the tools, the skill set, the availability that people over and over again made the choice to put themselves in harm's way for the sake of fellow humans, and that is very instructive, something we need to remember. >> sunday night at 8:00 p.m.
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eastern on c-span's "q&a." you can also find "q&a" interviews wherever you get your podcasts. >> earlier today, former president trump visited and made brief remarks at a police precinct and fire department in new york city on the 20th anniversary of the september 11 terror attacks. [indiscernible chatter] >> attention!
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>> what a group of people. thank you all. thank you very much. thank you very much. how are you? >> we are well. >> sad day. very sad day for a lot of reasons, and we just added to that reason last week. that should never have been allowed to happen, i have to say. i watched all the speeches that mention what they did, but we have to live with that for a period of time. very disappointing. an incredible job you do. you are new york's finest. you are incredible people i appreciated during the election new york city police endorsed trump. first time they have ever endorsed a candidate. they told me. maybe they do it every time, i don't know, but they told me first time they had ever endorsed a candidate for
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president, and i would say it was a great honor. having that endorsement meant more than me -- more to me than anything. you have so many words, all you have his words, and they become meaningless after a while when you hear some of these politicians talking, but if you have any questions, i will give you a little chance, you can be a star. i see the fake news behind you. [laughter] anybody have any questions? look at the size of that guy. do you have a question? >> are you going to run again? >> oh, that's a democrat. [laughter] i mean, i know what i'm going to do, but we are not supposed to be talking about it yet. from the standpoint of campaign finance laws, we, frankly, are ridiculous, but we have to live with it. but i think you are going to be happy. when i see what is going on, we
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have the greatest economy in the world, we did things that nobody thought even possible, everybody had the best jobs, we were even getting along with the other side. you know, the radical left, i call them, but they could not compete with what we were doing from jobs to regulations to we rebuild the military. they gave away brand-new apache helicopters. can you believe it? they gave them away. they had all the time in the world. we had everybody on hold. the taliban was on hold. there was nothing he was going to be doing with us. we have a rigged election, and all of a sudden, we flee afghanistan. that's what -- that's why i'm saying, what horrible timing, the 20th anniversary of 9/11. i watch the speeches, and not one person spoke about the fact that three days ago, we fled afghanistan and left others
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behind and with millions of dollars of the best equipment ever made, much of it i bought, and they left it behind. when they left, there was a vacuum, and then they came in and filled the vacuum, and whoever thought of this, a five-year-old would have said the military goes out last, and that is what they wanted. they could not believe they were leaving. it was gross incompetence, and i hate to talk about it on this day, but people are saying, why aren't they talking about what the hell we did? [indiscernible] >> i got a question for you. >> yes? >> if elected again, which we certainly hope that you are, would you strongly consider
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having days of recognition for the service of the minute women -- the men and women in fire and police departments around the country? >> i think it is an incredible question. you won't believe this, i have never been asked that question before, and it should be asked. think of it. that is a great question, and yet, i have ever -- answered every question from her, from everybody. i like the idea. i think they deserve it. >> i respectfully ask you to strongly consider it. >> you have a deal. this is amazing. nobody has ever brought that up. actually what they do and things that take place -- i was responsible for getting a lot of money -- millions of dollars for the victims. you remember the summit i had with the police department, fire
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department, and many others. i had to mention to myself, we had some of it, but we had a great ceremony in the rose garden, and it was a massive amount of money for the victims and the families, the people that died in the world trade center. it is hard to believe, but they were trying to get that for a long time, long before i was in, and i got it. today they talked about -- nobody mention my name, but that's ok. the other side will try to take credit for it. they had nothing to do with it. i think that's a really great point. thank you. it is a rare question that i haven't heard before, and that's one that i should have been hearing a lot. great point. >> no question. i just want to say thank you for coming down here. we appreciate it.
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>> i appreciate you. you don't get enough credit for what you do. i had a very strong conversation with abdul from the taliban, and we told him, and this is what you could do very easily in new york. we told him any american soldier or any american who is killed, you are going to be hit harder than any country has ever been hit. he understood that. we had a very good conversation. after that, it was a much easier conversation. we did not lose one soldier in 18 months. and that is in afghanistan. get you look at these cities where 88 people were shot over a weekend. many people died, and the same thing here. if they would let you do your job, you could do this job very quickly.
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you could do it very quickly. if they let you do your job, if they said we cannot have this -- we lost no soldier in afghanistan for 18 months -- think of that -- because of me. because of what i said to them. they respected it. nor were they have come in and do what they did. they were not even come close. every time they came close, we hit them with our planes. now they have our planes. why the hell do we fly them out? it would have taken 200 pilots. it is a horrible thing that took place. horrible, horrible thing. it is and embarrassment, the likes of which our country has never been embarrassed before. we have never had anything like this happen before. it looked like we retreated, like we gave up. we didn't surrender, our people
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didn't surrender, our soldiers sure as hell did not surrender. if you had the proper leadership, you could straighten out this city in one week. the incredible thing about you is you know who the bad guys are. you see them and you get tortured by them. the old days when i was growing up in brooklyn, in queens, they did not have to take that. they were tough guys, but no tougher than you. the advantage you have is you know who the bad ones are, and you could stop it so fast if they would let you, but they don't want to do that. i see these crime statistics that are crazy. the only one they go after is republicans or me. they go after me. prosecutors go after me. "did he do a deal 20 years" -- it is a disgrace. and the no cash bail. it is a disaster.
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if they would let you do your job with guys like this, if they would let you do your job, you would have it cleaned up, and don't nod because if you do, you will get in trouble. [laughter] but if they let you do your job, you would not have crime in new york. i just want to thank you very much. you are incredible people. i want to thank you for that endorsement. that endorsement meant so much. in all fairness, i don't think any police department anywhere endorsed the other guy. i think i got close to 100% of the vote. there are a couple of strays, we are trying to figure out who they are, right? [laughter] but we got the military vote. they have been incredible with recent fire. thanks. >> if you decide not to run again for president, would you consider running for mayor of
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new york city? >> that's an interesting thought. i would love it. we could straighten it out. in one week, there was -- we would straighten it out. in one week, they'd say there's no crime in the city. what happened? if i give you even a little positive, they will say trump is running for mayor. [laughter] i will let you do your job, but it is hurting our city very badly and all over the world, when you have antifa running down the streets and burning down your building and all of this, and they don't do anything about it. it cannot go on for much longer. you are incredible men and women, and thank you very much. i'm with you all the way. to answer your question, the answer is yes. good luck, everybody. [applause]
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i'm not going to catch anything from you. come on, we are not catching anything. [indiscernible chatter] >> everybody, we are looking right here. we are looking right here. 1, 2, 3. good. right here. make sure you get it from the back. >> you know what, let me do another one with some of the -- >> yeah, why don't we --
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[crosstalk] >> he's joking. they deserve it. >> ready? we are looking here. 1, 2, 3. all right, one more. 1, 2. get these guys over here. think the president went to short back there. [crosstalk]
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>> we're looking right here. perfect. good? all right. >> if i catch covid, i'm blaming you. [laughter] thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. [indiscernible] >> thank you so much. thank you, pleasure.
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let's take it. take it. >> you want me to take it? >> thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, sir. >> guys, watch your back. watch your back. [indiscernible]
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>> you done. -- you done? did you get it from there? ok, perfect. [indiscernible]
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>> thank you, everybody. >> mr. president? on behalf of the members of the 17th precinct, i want to thank you for stopping by and bringing so much joy. thank you, sir. thank you. >> i have a lot of respect for these people. always did. thank you very much. thank you, everybody. thank you. [applause]
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[indiscernible] [cheers and applause] >> thank you, sir. mr. president. thank you. we love you. >> hey! >> very nice to meet you.
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>> there he is. you da man. >> thank you. [applause] >> 45! >> we need you back! [indiscernible] >> usa! usa! usa!
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[indiscernible chatter] >> i love these people. i only got 99.9% of the vote from you people. [indiscernible chatter] >> it is okay. thank you mr. president. appreciate everything you do. [applause] [indiscernible chatter]
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[crosstalk] >> thank you, it is my honor. >> 45! [indiscernible chatter] >> thank you. [applause] [indiscernible chatter] >> you know what, that is great. congratulations. thank you all very much. you are very special. we won the election, but what
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are you going to do. we are fighting like hell, and you see what happens. elections have consequences. we have more votes than any president ever got, and disgraceful, but i appreciate so much from all of my people. are you a good guy? yes? >> [indiscernible] >> we had support all over the country from people that do what you do, which is very dangerous, and they know it very well, and what happened at the world trade center was very incredible, and with this government of ours did in the last week is never going to be excused ever. think of it, bringing the
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military -- bringing military -- and they were locked down. not one american soldier was killed in like 18 months, and nobody could believe it. it was because of my discussions with abdul, who is running that operation. we could've taken five months, three years, $85 billion worth of equipment we left behind. you could not fly the airplanes out? there was no reason for it. military goes out last. those 13 warriors that were killed, i spoke to some of the parents, and those parents will never be the same. they do not understand it, so i just want to thank you. i have been given so much support by the people that do what you do. i know you love each other. we love the blue.
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you know what you were not supposed to say that. we love the blue. [laughter] the support i haven't been given by fire and please has been incredible. i do not want to say the number, because it is way up. if it is .25 of 1% point they will say trump. fake news. i was the one we approved in my administration a massive amount of money to take care of people affected by the world trade center catastrophe, families and everything else. there were all talking about it today, they were all taking credit, but they had nothing to do with it. [laughter] in fact, a couple of the -- of you were there. he signed it on the lord of the rose garden. i just went to thank all of you
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people, you are beautiful people, you are incredible people, and nobody has her guts. i was down there right after -- it was a tragedy, and you think knowing the one building came down and you still had people going from fire, people going the other building i assume knowing what was going to happen, the bravest people, and we went to thank, you are incredible. this day is very interesting. they are trying to give speeches without mentioning what happened over the last two weeks, it is a hard thing to do, and they should not be doing that. what they did in the last two weeks without surrender was a disgrace. we had them totally locked down. we could have stayed there for 10 years if they wanted, and they could not have done a bad thing. i think they wanted to run
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because of today. we should never have gotten into that quicksand, trillions of dollars, millions of lives if you look at both sides, but when you get out you have to get up with honor, dignity, strength, and victory. he turned to into a total embarrassment. i say the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country, and we gave them $85 billion worth of equipment that i bought. [laughter] think about it. those apache helicopters, they are the greatest weapon, they have more than any other nation but us now, and the blackhawks, it is not even believable. we kept them at bay because of the air, and now they have what we had for the air, our gents, our helicopters. there is nothing we can do.
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when i spoke to abdul i said if you kill any american soldier, you keep fighting the civil war, but you kill any american, kill any american soldier we are going to get you harder than any other country has ever been hit, and i said it clear, i said it loud, and he understood that. she said i understand. she said some other things too high the way. they are tough. she said i understand, and from that day on we did not have one soldier killed, and we could have taken 2, 3 years to get out or we could have gotten at it one month, no one would have been killed, and we would've had 100% of our equipment. then to come and watch the speeches, we went in and fight the enemy and fight the enemy, and it is all true, but they did not say what happened in the last week. we surrendered, and we cannot let that happen because that is a stain on our country worse
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than any stain we have ever had before. biden did not even speak to them, she went to all three places and he did not speak. think of it. [crosstalk] [laughter] she went to all three places, he went to the pentagon, went to pennsylvania, he came here and he did not speak. what a shame. the election was rigged, and that is what we got. listen, i want to thank everybody. you are incredible people. we love you, we always will, and a lot of things interesting are happening. they are only good at doing bad things in my opinion. if they fought the war the way they fought the election, they stole it, i do not even say stole it, they rigged it, you
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would not have had a war, they would have been apologizing 20 years ago, but they did not do that, they do not do that, you wonder whether they love our country. i love you, thank you all very much. [applause] [cheers] [indiscernible chatter] >> thank you. [indiscernible chatter] >> thank you, everybody. [cheers] [chanting usa]
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[indiscernible chatter] [cheering and shouting] [indiscernible chatter]