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tv   White House Press Secretary Holds Briefing  CSPAN  January 29, 2021 3:29pm-4:20pm EST

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-- on the free c-span radio app . >> on washington journal we talk about live policy issues on the air. coming up saturday morning, we discussed the state of the economy and the latest news on the stock market. then we talk about the anniversary of the national alzheimer's act. watch c-span's washington journal live at seven eastern >> white house press secretary held a briefing to discuss news of the day and policy topics. she said the white house is encouraged by the johnson and johnson covid-19 vaccine trials. she reiterated bidens push for bipartisan pandemic relief.
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[no audio] >> hi everyone. >> good morning. early morning briefing. we will see how this goes. we will get feedback on the time of day. ok, i have several announcements for you today. to begin, i know many of you and the american people are interested in the news coming from johnson and johnson's trial. the president is encouraged by positive data on a new vaccine. he also notes this is just new data and now is the time for the fda to do its job of evaluating the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. he continues to urge all
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americans to mask up and follow public health guidelines until it is their turn to get vaccinated. i know there may be a lot of questions, i'm here to tell you i will not get ahead of the experts who you'll get to hear from in the next hour in our public health briefing from the covid response team. they will discuss this more with you and what everything means. at wednesday's briefing i shared some of the engagement and outreach the white house is doing to move forward the american rescue plan from the president and vice president on down. that work has continued and accelerated. yesterday, senior's bath -- senior staff wrote again about the importance of relief. today the direct -- will meet with this date government. the office of public engagement and antihunger and nutrition advocates and key progressive groups will invite their
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feedback. these conversations are critical to build support and move the president bill forward. we also saw evidence this week that the american people overwhelmingly want their elected leaders to work with the president to come -- to confront the pandemic. and put people back to work. according to a poll released wednesday, 71% of the american people want republicans in congress to work with president biden, that number is up 10 points from after the election. the trend of support for working in a bipartisan manner with the president is only growing. finally, the president is committed to getting relief to working families. in a meeting with the economic team this morning with the vice president and treasury secretary janet yellen for a briefing for the cost of inaction and the impact of a delay in moving forward with relief. millions of americans do not have enough food to eat.
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millions of more of them have lost their jobs. it is the right time to make smart investments. moodys has said we could end up with 4 million fewer jobs if we do not act on the president's plans. that is 4 million americans who could get back to work. i'm sure they will discuss all of that there briefing. last thing, we are venturing to provide a week ahead to all of you, or returning to providing a week ahead of all of you, a quick preview. next monday, the president will meet with the secretary of state at the state department. on tuesday, he will deliver remarks and signed an executive order advancing his priorities to modernize our immigration system. friday, is of course, jobs day. the president will deliver remarks -- remarks about the economy. hopefully more in the next couple days. we want to provide as many details as we can. without we kick us off.
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>> with serving in afghanistan, is the president still committed to winding down operations there and bringing troops home? >> i have not spoken about national security team about this in particular, but the commitment remains. >> you mentioned that following public health guidelines, one of the challenges been's from state to state varying mast mandates? what guidance should the american people follow? their governors? or the presidents? >> what we are venturing to do is provide more concrete guidance from the federal government, from the cdc, from health and medical experts, on the important steps all americans can take to keep themselves safe. that includes the importance of mask wearing. and how vital that is to keeping
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us safe. it also includes the importance of handwashing, restricting travel, these are all guidelines that have come in recent days and weeks, i should say, from the president and from our medical and health experts. in addition, there are guidelines including for the safe reopening of schools that he signed an executive order on directing the department of education and the cdc to produce those guidelines to give more specific advice and markers to states and local school districts on what patient follow. it will ultimately be up to states and governors and local school districts and others to make determinations. but we want to provide more clear guidance from the federal government based on the expertise of medical experts on what people should follow and what will help keep people safe.
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>> the cdc study discussed earlier a couple of days ago, one of the determinations was that reopening schools and reopening indoor dining, is that part of the federal guidance that we should expect to see from the cdc and the department of education soon? >> you get to hear from the director of the cdc in about 45 minutes. and our medical experts. you can ask them if there will be updated guidance. >> dr. fauci says the u.s. may not be able to meet that goal of reopening most k through eight schools in a hundred days because of the trajectory of the pandemic. the president adjust his goal of trying to get these schools reopen? >> as we talked about yesterday, the president wants to not only reopen schools, he wants them to stay open. but he does rely on the guidance of his health and medical experts. he is not going to do anything that is not safe and does not
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keep teachers, students, and our school districts safe. the key part is the guidelines that we mentioned, the executive order he signed to ensure school districts are getting the information they need on what steps they should take to keep their students safe and teachers safe, of course. but it is also funding. we have talked about this a bit in here. the american rescue plan is pivotal for a number of reasons, including americans have food on the table, including that we can get shots into the arms of people across the country, but also that school districts, especially public schools, have the funding they need to take steps on everything from ventilation to ppe to testing. the longer that is delayed the harder it will be to meet the goal. >> has president biden spoken to former president trump since taken office deco can you give us any update on the letter? >> i don't have any update or calls to report on. there are no calls to report on,
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i should say. i have no update on the letter. when we talked about this a week ago, it seems longer than that, i will acknowledge the president of course thought the letter was gracious and generous, but he plans to keep it private. >> i understand you do not want to get ahead -- too much into the johnson & johnson vaccine, but this likely will not be the only vaccine that is less effective than the pfizer and moderna vaccine. what is the president's message to those americans who will be more reluctant to get one of those less effective vaccines and are you concerned about the impact that that would have on how many doses have been bought? >> when the president announced his plan earlier this week to ensure we have enough vaccinations, vaccines to get every american shots by the end of the summer with the purchase of modernity and visor vaccines,
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he was doing that without the need for additional vaccines of improved. they go through the fda approval process, that is a positive step. but he purchased these, the large orders, for vaccines that we will have, by the end of the summer, to get to the americans, to ensure we will do that without any of those steps moving forward. >> so he would encourage americans to get any vaccine that is approved by the fda for emergency use? >> we will knock it ahead of the fda. -- we will not get ahead of the fda. if there are additional vaccines, if and when, i will be optimistic, that are approved by the fda, and how that will impact our vaccine distribution plan. >> on the coronavirus relief bill, his first office and month, obama traveled to a number of key states to drum up support for the recovery act. does president biden have any plans to do something similar to
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drum up support for his $1.9 trillion coronavirus bill? >> then vice president biden also traveled to a number of states to drum up support for the american recovery act in a time. we were not dealing with a pandemic, so the circumstances were quite different. he fully recognizes, as do we, the importance of speaking directly to the american people about the components of the package, importance of the funding to get schools open or vaccines the arms of americans or to get food on the table. to take a number of creative steps to do that, whether that is direct television or local media or from the president and vice president and others, we are doing that, engaging with governors and that, engaging wih governors and local elected
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officials to make sure we answer all the questions they have so they can face the public. we are taking a number of creative steps, a little outside the box. >> as a candidate, president biden traveled a fair amount especially as a the final weeks came. with the vaccine and a number of safety precautions in place, with why would he not travel? >> it about keeping the public safe. we are not going to do an event with 20,000 people. that would not be a recommendation made by health and medical experts. >> there would not be plans to travel without the crowd? >> we may travel, certainly, but i have nothing to preview for you. what i am conveying is that it is vital for the president and the vice president to be speaking directly to the american people. we're looking for ways to do that. >> after alexey navalny was poison last summer, haydn said there is no doubt that the kremlin was responsible for the poisoning -- biden said there was no doubt the responsible -- biden said there is no doubt the kremlin was impossible. he has yet to take any action to
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hold russia accountable. as president biden hold president putin directly responsible for the poisoning of alexey navalny and, if so, why has he not taken sanctions and actions to punish russia? >> the president spoke with putin earlier this week, as you know. he did not hold back in his concerns about a number of the actions of the kremlin and the russian government. there is a review underway that we spoke about in here by our national security team. we will let that review carryforward. it includes the poisoning of alexey navalny. i am losing my thought here, but it includes a number of steps, a number of concerning actions they have taken. we want that reviewed to carryforward and be completed. the president always reserves the right to respond in a manner
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of his choosing and at the time of his choosing. >> does he hold president prudent responsible for the attempted assassination? >> we will let the review carryforward and then we will have more to say. >> takes again. the new york attorney general released a report yesterday saying the state undercounted the number of covid deaths by as much as 50% in nursing homes. what president biden support a federal investigation into what happened in governor andrew cuomo's role? >> i've seen those reports. any investigation i would point you to the department of justice. >> does the white house think it should be looked into? >> any investigation would be led by the department of justice. they are independent and will determine what path they take moving forward. >> on immigration? i know you said yesterday that today would be immigration day, that it was just an early draft, can you help us understand what exactly changed and why it is taking a little longer for these executive orders?
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>> one, it has been widely reported that the president is planning to announce his -- plans to announce his launch of a task force on reuniting families and children, something he is personally committed to. his wife, dr. biden is personally committed to it. he will plan an announcement next tuesday. the task force will be led by secretary of homeland security. on c is confirmed. quick -- once he is confirmed. we plan to have that executive order i the end of this week. early plans do change. that was a draft plan. those change many times. we had planned to do it this week. we hoped he would be confirmed by the end of this week, but because of the filibuster of his nomination, we expect them to be
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confirmed on monday evening, and therefore the president will sign in on tuesday and the secretary will oversee that moving forward. >> one more question. can you give us a little more of a timeline on how much longer you think it will take for the white house to engage with iran on its nuclear program? dam atop diplomat saying, the window is closing -- they have a top diplomat saying the window is closing. >> obviously requires with iran complying with the requirements of the nuclear deal. we said previously, but i will reiterate here, the president also sees it as an opportunity to build on the plan from here. i want to make sure that i give you the exact language. he believes that through following diplomacy, the u.s. should seek to lengthen and strengthen the nuclear constraints and address other issues, including iran's ballistic missile program and
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regional activity. again, they must resume compliance with the significant nuclear constraints under the deal. he has also talked about, that the manically we have talked about, how working with our partners and allies, including the eu, is pivotal to any engagement moving forward, including on the future of the iran nuclear deal. >> thank you. what the president consider meeting with his radiant counterpart and maybe following president obama's example and have a telephone conversation with them? >> i think we are getting a little head of where we are in the process. the first step is for iran to comply with the significant nuclear constraints under the deal. i am certain we will continue to discuss the issue in here and at the state department and in other parts of government. go ahead. >> is president biden
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specifically call on president putin to release alexey navalny? >> yes, as we have publicly, as our team has repeatedly called for, through the course of the last several weeks, in terms of the specifics of the conversation i have no more details for that. >> did he make any promises? >> i do not have anything to read about president putin's comments. >> the games -- the game stop trading incident, is there public role the white contained to warn people of the dangers of this type of trading? >> the fcc issued a new statement. i point you to that and others to that. we respect the role of regulatory agencies. they are closely monitoring the situation, but it is under their purview at this point of time. part of our education can be conveying to people that the fcc is the regulatory body that would oversee this and speak to
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it further. >> there's a permanent fence around the capital recommended, we are wondering what president biden thinks about f the current fencing is the right answer, or if it projects the wrong ants -- the wrong thing to the american public. >> no comment on that specifically, but i will talk to our national security team. >> speaker pelosi said yesterday that she feels threats are coming from inside the house. conspiracy theories among the ranks of the gop now, do you and does the white house agree with that assessment, that there are security threats coming from inside the house? has biden spoken to pelosi and is he worried about their safety? >> he speaks with speaker pelosi on a regular basis and has
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reiterated his support for her and members of the caucus and has spoken publicly about his concerns and the rhetoric around the events of january 6. some of the rhetoric has continued, and the role of social media platforms. he is in close touch with her. about safety of members and the events of the capital but i have nothing more for you. >> thank you jen. too quick. can you confirm officially that malley has been appointed special envoy to iran? >> i believe that was announced this morning. i can confirm it here for you too. >> does the settlement remain a major obstacle for praying the palestinians to the table, is president biden considering that the people leading the settlements should be halted in the west bank so the palestinians will come back?
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>> i do not have any new comments from president biden on this or the current circumstances. he has spoken to this particular issue in the past and conveyed that he believes the security system should be set -- should be tied, but i do not have anything more for you. >> you know there is a fence outside here, a temporary one, up from last summer, president trump took a lot of criticism. would biden consider bringing that fence down so people can take photos and from the white house again. >> i think we would all like that, including members of my family and people in washington. i will talk to our security team and see if there is anything further to convey to all of you. go ahead. >> is you guys are thinking about the task force to reunite the parents and separated children, what are you learning about the scope of that challenge? it is something groups of try to do in the past and failed. how do you think it could be
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effective? >> excellent questions. i expect when we announce, when the president signs the order, we put the task force together, when secretary of homeland security is so -- is confirmed, we will have them come to the briefing room, there is no question that we recognize this is going to be incredibly challenging, that there will be a lot of work to be done. that is why this will be a priority. not only a priority for the president, but for secretary mae arcus. i believe it for him and the secretary of homeland security to outline and preview for him. >> i've noticed the president biden is aware of the sacrifices military families made. we had an incident in the garage with the national guard -- national guard and now i am hearing from guard members that
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they had a covid outbreak and were not tested were vaccinated before they arrived in d.c.. i'm wondering if there's any concerns from the president about how they are being treated or whether they can do anything specifically to safeguard their health before they arrive while they are here? vaccinations and testing to governors? providing some health and exposure. >> as you noted at the beginning of your question, and i would reiterate, the role of the national guard, and i have spoken to the president directly about this, and this sacrifices they make, is something that is personal to him, given his family connection to the national guard. it called the head of the national guard just last week when the reports came out about the treatment of the national guard and that many had been sleeping in garages and of
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course conveyed his dismay. the photos he had seen in the treatment, he offered his personal -- personally any help he could provide, whether it was boosting morale, and certainly that line of communication remains open should there be something he can do from his end. in terms of specific prioritization of the vaccine, i would point you to the department of defense and leaders over there to speak to that morris pacifically. >> one follow-up. on the question of nancy pelosi and her concern about the enemy within, has the president been briefed on such a threat and does he agree that the national guard should be here until mid-march? >> i will speak to the department of homeland security. our homeland security of -- our homeland security quad -- colleagues here.
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i will wage the department of defense. >> i've learned that the irs employees nationwide are having defended. there being called back into the office. federal agencies are only allowing 25% capacity in federal aid -- federal buildings. why is now the time to bring them all back into the office? >> i will point you to the department of the treasury where the irs was located for further comment. i will come to you next. >> the defense production, and specific instances of the act being used, yesterday the chief of staff complained that it was being used in the production of n95 masks. is there anything specific you can tell us about that?
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we will not get into specific companies. we are still early in the process. it was invoked last week. i give you more specific detail in terms of how we plan to use it on vaccine supply. also the products that ron klain spoke about were syringes which are the key to getting the sixth dose out of the vial. critical in getting more vaccines. mass, isolation gowns, nitrile gloves, safety and keeping people safe from infection. high absorbency foam swabs for testing. limpet nanoparticles. and bioreactor bags which the vaccine is mass-produced and. a lot of this is material that will help them ensure the vaccine can be used by vaccinators and transported in
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some cases to vaccine locations. there are several components of it and specific materials we are focused on. >> the national security agency, michael ellis, a trump appointee, was installed as the general counsel. are you guys considering reviewing that decision or attempting to remove michael ellis from his position as the general counsel of the nsa? >> i am nothing new for you on that other than i have no personnel announcements. we are reviewing personnel across government, including political appointees, most of whom have left. i do not have anything new on any decisions there. go ahead. oh wait, i promise you. >> fema has requested active-duty troops be used at vaccination centers set up across the country. does the white house support that? >> i did ask our team about this. someone else asked about this the other day.
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one moment. thank you for your patience. lots to say about covid. no doubt about it. let me talk to our team about it. i've seen that request. part of our objective is ensuring we have vaccinators on the ground. i know that is not what you're asking about, but also the ability to move materials and vaccines. we are tapping into any resource we can. but it is more predominantly focused on a health and medical core and the ability to get those people in the communities. i will check with our team and get you more specifics. >> double masking, there has been increased discussion about that. we have pictures of the president double masking and
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those around them. is that a personal preference or has he been advised by his medical advisors to do that? >> you will talk to the medical advisors and just the next 15, 30 minutes, whatever the time is. there have not been specific cdc guidance, as you probably seen. dr. fauci spoke to this in the last couple of days and said it was common sense, or made sense. i camera memory how he phrased it. there has not been additional medical guidance given. i've been around the president while he wears one mask. not to get too detailed, it looks like to mask sometimes because we put the n95 one on and it is more comfortable to have it on on top of it. i would encourage you -- i would encourage you to ask the medical team. >> does the white house have advance notice of the johnson & johnson results, and does that affect the white house's decision to purchase junior
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million doses from pfizer and moderna? >> the decision was made to purchase the doses to ensure we had enough doses to give two shots to all americans by the end of the summer. we did our planning without the need for an additional vaccine to go through approval. even though we saw the news this morning, it is not gone through fda approval yet. we do not have a timeline of when that will happen. we leave that to the fda. >> a couple of questions on the economy. starting with china. -- a couple questions on the economy, starting with china. former president trump signed a phase one trade deal with beijing. does president biden consider that deal to still be in effect and does he expect china to follow that? press sec. psaki: the newly confirmed secretary of state and president biden are reviewing all aspects of our national security approach, including our relationship with china. we are focused on approaching that relationship from a position of strength.
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that means coordinating and communicating with our allies and partners about how we will work with china. it means strengthening our economy at home. it means determining the best path forward to address a range of issues, not just economic but strategic and also security. again, everything is under review. i do not have anything more on the china relationship. >> it is still in effect as the past administration left? press sec. psaki: everything that administration left in place is under review. i would not assume it is moving forward. we want to be from a position of strength, coordinating with allies, members of congress and making a determination before we engage further. >> a politico story about the president warning his family members to avoid any conflict of
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interest during his presidency. press sec. psaki: i am not going to get into private conversations between the president and his family members. we have a lot of conversations with different family members. the president is committed to ensuring we have the most ethnically vigorous administration in history, and that includes restrictions on how his image can be used, and that is something he has conveyed publicly and privately. let me reiterate the policy, for all of you, which might be your next question, it is the white house's policy that the president's name should not be used with any commercial activities or in any way to imply his endorsement or support. he has issued the farthest reaching executive order in regard to ethical commitments
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and is very proud of it. that is something he is committed to for anyone it applies to. let me get to a few more. >> does president biden endorse the characterization of genocide regarding the chinese treatment of the uighurs? press sec. psaki: the secretary spoke about that during his confirmation hearing, so i would point you to those comments. >> president biden? press sec. psaki: he was speaking on behalf of the u.s. government. >> the governor of puerto rico said he was in touch with [indiscernible] do you have an update on that? press sec. psaki: i don't. i will talk to our team about what is the status of relief funds for puerto rico.
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>> is the white house tracking confirmed cases of the south african strain and that in north carolina? press sec. psaki: our health and medical team has been in touch. they will speak to it at the briefing coming up at 11:00 a.m. i encourage you to join that. our team is monitoring variants as there has been reports around the world, and the potential for them to travel here. it reemphasizes the importance of getting vaccines into the arms of americans, something our team has said will make people safer and reiterates the need for getting the american rescue plan passed so we can expedite that effort. >> is the white house going to make a commitment one way or another that members of biden's family will not serve in the administration? press sec. psaki: we have made
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that commitment. that continues to be the commitment. reports that there is an office in the west wing were not accurate. >> [indiscernible] is there a qanon supporter serving on the house committee? press sec. psaki: i think the reason i conveyed that is we did not want to elevate conspiracy theories further in the briefing room. i will leave it at that. we will leave decisions about committees to members of congress. we have seen speaker pelosi speak to that. >> 24 republican senators sent a letter to president biden requesting a meeting after some of the executive actions targeting the energy sector. is that a meeting president biden will take? press sec. psaki: president biden is committed to working
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and engaging with democrats and republicans to address the crisis we are facing, including climate, which is a crisis he has identified. we have no plans for a meeting at the time, but it sounds like a lot of people to be in the meeting during covid. he has engaged on an individual basis with leaders in the senate, democrat and republican senators and they can raise concerns through those means. >> my apologies if you answered this, but i want to be clear -- do you anticipate president biden to address the gamestop controversy when he meets with his economic team? press sec. psaki: no. do i anticipate him addressing it publicly? >> talking about it with his economic team. press sec. psaki: the focus of the meeting is about the recovery plan, the data we saw yesterday, i am sure they will cover a range of topics, but that is not the focus.
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>> i know it is a big story. press sec. psaki: i know it is a big story. our focus and our big story is getting the american people back to work. >> hundreds of white house staffers have been vaccinated. any specific update on who has been covered by that? because of that, is that a model for schools? should every teacher be vaccinated in the next 90 days so the president can meet his commitment? press sec. psaki: i think we announced a couple of weeks ago that about three dozen members of the senior white house staff, including members of the cabinet, national security officials received their first dose. right around now, people will be receiving their second dose. we also released an objective and plan of the white house medical unit, to vaccinate
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hundreds of additional staffers to create a covid safe environment here. as you know, there has been -- the president and our team has spoken about the prioritization of educators and child care. we defer to the cdc about what that should look like, and they might speak about that at 11:00. i will not get ahead of their outlines or specifics. >> one more on gamestop -- press sec. psaki: i love the effort. you are trying so hard. >> what is the broader message to the american public, people around the world about , individual investors acting collectively against large financial institutions and are shut down overnight while big banks and financial institutions get a get out of jail free card? press sec. psaki: the message is the u.s. government is working
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-- is starting to work like it should. the sec is a regulatory agency that monitors these developments. it is in their purview. they put out several statements. we will defer to them. i point to them for further questions. >> can we expect to see the president in this briefing room anytime soon? press sec. psaki: are you eager to see him? the president took questions earlier this week when he did an event and we will certainly look for opportunities to do that. the location of where the questions will take place, i don't have anything further. we will look for additional opportunities for him to take additional questions from all of you. >> what does president biden make of the report of senate democrats, including bernie sanders, the chair of the budget
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committee, did not directly impact revenue, like the $15 minimum wage? press sec. psaki: the president will leave it to congress to determine the parliamentary process of moving legislation forward, which should be the case. it has been broadly reported that there is consideration on the american rescue plan of what the path forward will look like and how to expedite moving that forward. there is an urgency and we certainly feel that. our view is this bill should be bipartisan. 74% of the public supports it and we want republicans to work with republicans to fight covid and put the american people back to work. as we work on this bill, we are going to -- our priority is getting it through, and not focusing on the parliamentary process.
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>> some argue the $1.9 trillion relief package should be the floor and not the ceiling. would president biden consider pushing a relief bill that is more, or what about the idea of reoccurring stimulus checks? press sec. psaki: we have seen those reports and we have had conversations with members of the progressive caucus and other progressive members of congress. part of this process is that the president laid out his vision. he is getting feedback from a lot of people. some people say it is too big, some say it is too small. we have engagements and determine how to improve the bill and what opportunities there are to do that. he welcomes their engagement, their ideas, but he has put forward his plan and his main bottom line is we are not going to break it apart and the three components of it are pivotal in
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moving forward. the size and the scope of the package, this is democracy at work. >> [indiscernible] would he think it is realistic to go above $2 trillion? press sec. psaki: the best place to look for what is realistic is members of congress. the leadership can give you an assessment of that. >> is there any chance [indiscernible] press sec. psaki: before summer? it was a campaign promise and something mentioned during the campaign, but i do not have any more details on plans at this time. >> yesterday, we saw vice president harris do local interviews in west virginia and arizona. there has been a lot of focus to get republicans on board. are there concerns that budget reconciliation is not realistic?
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or that you may lose some democrats? was vice president harris trying to shore up support? press sec. psaki: vice president harris was making calls because you want to make a case to the american people across the country. obviously, she is not traveling to their states and holding big events, or even events with not big crowds. this is a way to do that. >> why those states specifically? press sec. psaki: she will take more regional calls and do more regional interviews, as will other members of the team, including national support, and that will continue in the days ahead. >> one more on the topic of reconciliation. as you said multiple times, the president is reaching out to republicans in an effort to get a bipartisan bill.
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majority leader schumer speaker pelosi seem to be moving toward reconciliation. does the president think the democratic leaders' push for reconciliation is hurting his chance to get republicans on board? press sec. psaki: the president's focus is on the end goal of getting relief to the people, not parliamentary procedures. we can imagine that the one in seven families that are hungry or the thousands who have lost a family member to covid care about the procedure, either. i would flip it to you. a fair question you might ask our gop republican colleagues, why they are against proposals that have 74% support from the american public. if this bill moves forward through the reconciliation process, it does not mean they can't vote for it.
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the president's objective and focus is to continue to have those conversations and pursue a path forward where he can gain bipartisan support. 74% of the public's with him in that endeavor. >> the president spoke with the nato secretary general. is he satisfied with the level of defense spending by allies? press sec. psaki: i know we put out a video about that of his conversation with the u.n. secretary-general. he spoke about the importance of nato allies and partners playing their role in contributing their fair share when he was vice president. that remains his commitment. i do not have any more details. thank you. have a great day. let me do one more thing. it is important to me and the president that everybody knows everybody on the press team.
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i will embarrass tj and karine. deputy tj, who you should know, the public should know. they will be pivotal faces and they play an important role. thank you, everyone. have a great friday. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [no audio] ♪ >> you are watching c-span, your unfiltered view of government. c-span was created by america's cable television companies in 1979. today, we are brought to you by
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these companies who provide c-span to viewers as a public service. here is a look at our prime time schedule on the c-span networks. at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, lawmakers and pro-life advocates take part in the annual march for life rally. on c-span to several u.s. mayors discuss current challenges facing their cities. and on c-span3, american history tv with a look back at the apollo 14 mission. sunday night on q&a, investigative journalist talks about his book "mayday 1971," which examines the spring offensive, when anti-vietnam protesters, including veterans, came to washington, d.c., in an effort to shut down the federal government. >> a much larger one.
4:17 pm
a story about how we as a nation, people, individuals, dealt with one of those periodic emergencies in democracy. does the justice system deliver justice? are they caught up in their own self-preservation? it is a story between the clash between an embattled president, richard nixon, and the social movement in the streets, just as he is fighting to get reelected. what constitutional lines does -- it did his administration cross to stay in power? >> investigative journalist lawrence roberts sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. >> the senate next week considers more president biden's cabinet nominations.
4:18 pm
monday, a confirmation vote is set for alejandra mayorkas -- alejandro mayorkas to be secretary. transportation secretary, pete buttigieg. the house meets monday at 3:00 p.m. eastern for a pro forma session here the first votes are expected tuesday. members are planning to take up a budget resolution and covid-19 relief legislation, two items they may consider. watch the house live on c-span and the senate on c-span two. >> former president trump became the first president to be impeached twice. house impeachment officers delivered articles of impeachment on incitement of insurrection senate with jamie raskin reading the article before the senate. >> donald john trump thus warns impeachment and trial, removal
4:19 pm
from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the united states, so help you god. >> the following day, senators were sworn in as jurors in the trial. republican kentucky senator rand paul requested a point of order to dismiss the impeachment charges unconstitutional. >> i make a point of order that this proceeding, which would try a private citizen and not a president, vice president or civil officer, violates the constitution. >> the motion was tabled in a 55-45 senate vote. the senate approved of the rules and adjourned until tuesday, february 9, marking the start of the senate impeachment trial. watch the senate impeachment trial live at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2, live on, or the c-span radio app. >>


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