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tv   Senate Minority Leader Schumer Holds News Conference  CSPAN  January 12, 2021 4:58pm-5:19pm EST

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president, three-term republican congressman from new york, john katko, this afternoon. live gavel ty gavel coverage this evening and tomorrow when they gavel in at 9:00 a.m. eastern. early -- earlier today senate minority leader chuck schumer held a news conference in new york city to talk about the attack on the u.s. capitol and what he believes should be done to hold those responsible accountable. he called on majority leader mitch mcconnell to have the senate reconvene to consider impeachment resolutions against the president. the house is expected to take that up tomorrow. this is 20 minutes.
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mr. schumer: whoa. ok. whoa. say when. >> when. mr. schumer: ok. good morning, everybody. thank you for coming. we have three subjects today. first, the subject at hand which is the no-fly list. second, my response to trump's despicable comments this morning. and third, how we can get the senate back into session very, very quickly. that only leader mcconnell is standing in the way. we have some new discussion on that. first on the no-fly -- we're going to try to be as quick as we can because you're all together. so, we know that many stormed and breached the capitol days ago and then they traveled afar. they were on airplanes. and some were arrested when they arrived at airports. one person was arrested as far
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away as hawaii. and there are many examples of travel and we have seen online and the authorities have seen online desires to come back to washington and to go to other places to cause more trouble and more violence. and there are many examples of this kind of travel. there are many examples of this kind of travel. so, here we are today. and we are concerned about these people getting back on airplanes and doing more violence. and so today, ahead of a concern -- ahead of the concern for possible future attacks and with the law on our side, we are to say that these insurrectionists, many of whom are known to be at large, should not be able to hop on a flight.
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we are today, we are here today because the folks, the people, the insurrectionists who breached the u.s. capitol fall under the definition of threats to the homeland and should be immediately added to the t.s.a. no-fly list. we are calling on the authorities, the f.b.i., the t.s.a., any of those who are inside the capitol should be placed on the no-fly list and ot be allowed to fly because -- [sirne wailing] -- sirens wailing] mr. schumer: any of the -- wait until he goes. any of those who were inside the capitol should not be able to fly and should be placed on the no-fly list. we are calling on the
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authorities, f.b.i., t.s.a., department of homeland security to put them on the no-fly list immediately. amid the continued threat of future violence online, the federal government's own concerns -- i spoke to director wray about this twice in the last few days. we cannot allow these same insurrectionists to get on a plane and cause more violence and more damage. these individuals are a threat to the homeland, as defined by the law. the law allows this. and they should be placed on the no-fly list. look. the attack on our capitol remains under active investigation. the situation has many concerned about the possibility of another attack or attacks and rightfully so.
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i'm continuing to be briefed on an almost daily basis as recently as last night by law enforcement. to, one, ask them what their threat assessments are. to two, make sure they're going after every person who is inside that building -- who was inside that building. and, three, to do everything they can to prevent any future attacks like the one that occurred in the capitol. so, if these insurrectionists are not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, their pledges to disrupt and ncite further violence could occur again. the law says that acts of terror, like those perpetrated by the people who unlawfully and violently breached the capitol, must be considered threats to the homeland.
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once you're considered a threat to the homeland, you should and must be placed on the no-fly list. plain and simple. threats to violence cannot be allowed to fly and neither can these individuals. let me give you a little more background. many of the individuals who were part of the attack last week, as i said, remain at large, are wanted for questioning, violent acts and more. the founding member of the proud boys hawaii was arrested last thursday, accused of unlawful entry into the u.s. capitol building. captured in an airport in hawaii. according to "the times," the justice department and the f.b.i. have embarked on a nationwide manhunt to track down scores of people and now it's even larger who have attacked the capitol. with so many questions about safety and the worry about future possible threats, the
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least we can do is make the skies, the inauguration, the capitol and the country safer. that's what i'm asking be done today. now, i'm going to go to two other subjects. first, what president trump said this morning. showing how despicable a president he is. he blamed the violence that he helped cause on others, he blamed the divisiveness that he regularly caused on others. he blamed so much on others. what trump did today, blames others for what he caused, is a pathological technique used by the worst of dictators. trump causes the anger, he causes the divisiveness, he
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foments the violence and blames others for it. that is despicable. the technique trump is using is used by the worst dictators the globe has ever seen. donald trump should not hold office one day longer. and what we saw in his statements today is proof positive of that, if you needed any further proof. which i didn't. as i've said, if he won't resign, and vice president pence and the cabinet won't invoke the 25th amendment, he will be impeached by the house and as the law requires, tried by the senate. ok. now about the senate trial. so, leader mcconnell is saying he can't call the senate back after the house votes for impeachment because it requires unanimous consent. the consent of every senator. that's not true.
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there was legislation passed in 2004 that allows the senate minority leader and majority leader to jointly reconvene the senate in times of emergency. this is a time of emergency. mcconnell claims he needs unanimous consent. the agreement of all 100 senators. but it's not so. i've asked him to call the senate back. all he needs is my agreement. i'll still minority leader. and his agreement. he's majority leader. and we can come back asap and vote to convict donald trump and get him out of office now. before any further damage is done. the legislation that passed in 2004 puts a dagger through the hearts of this idea that you need unanimous consent for every senator to be called back to office.
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> [indiscernible] remember this. adolf hitler is a socialist. that's exactly who you follow. you're nothing but a coward. [indiscernible] that's how much i loath you. after all, she doesn't care about monuments and neither do i. and where in the first amendment does it say that you have to protest peacefully and politely? as long as there's unrest in our hearts, there's going to be -- [indiscernible] -- i don't care whether you believe me.
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you're nothing but a -- why don't le] -- you tell them to stand down? did you tell the capitol police to stand down? did you tell them to stand down? answer the question. mr. schumer: can we remove her? no. >> seattle, portland, chicago, boston, new york, los angeles and san francisco. and you know what, these trump supporters are going to go to your house. they're going to go to pelosi's house. they'll destroy her vineyards and i'll be right there to support them. shut up!nible] shut up! racist. anti-central its. if you criticize obama you're a
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racist but he criticize the iranian deal. not only are you a racist, schumer, you're a hypocrite. take your hands off me. six feet. six feet. no. no. six feet. stand down. stand down. stand down. you can -- i it out but you can't -- you can dish it out but you can't take it. now you found out you're not immune. it's not fun, is it. i'm just one here right now but trust me, if do you this to 75 million americans, trying to put them in jail, you're going to have to hire 175 million to guard them. move back. get your hands off me. take your hands off me. all right. i'm a transsexual and i'm -- [indiscernible] -- a minority of color. it's not going to look good for you two. it's not going to look good. ou're nothing but a sellout. mr. schumer: ok. let's --
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>> we will be at your house. [indiscernible] mr. schumer: ok. o, the bottom line is leader -- >> [indiscernible] mr. schumer: the bottom line is that leader mcconnell has the ability to call us back into session and we can then move to convict donald trump on the impeachment trial and try him. and that's what we hope mcconnell will do. we're now ready for -- just going to wait a few more minutes until she leaves. >> [indiscernible] e will tear it down. don't think we
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won't, because we will. i don't care. i don't care. don't care. indiscernible] >> we can't hear. mr. schumer: ok. questions on these subjects only, from the press. this subject. go ahead. reporter: [indiscernible] mr. schumer: i cabinet hear what you're saying. you -- i can't hear what you're saying. you have to speak louder. reporter: [indiscernible] mr. schumer: look, the authorities are doing a thorough investigation. they are briefing us regularly. i'm not going to comment on the specifics.
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but there was real danger, real danger to many members of the senate, many members of the house and their staffs. next question. reporter: [indiscernible] mr. schumer: the capitol police officer has been suspend and we look forward to a complete and thorough investigation and if they violated the law, or their oath of office in any way, they should be fully punished. next. reporter: [indiscernible] -- f.b.i. director? mr. schumer: yes. reporter: [indiscernible] mr. schumer: i believe they have the legal ability and authority to put them on the list and i hope he will. and do it asap. reporter: how would they know that because the list -- [indiscernible] -- mr. schumer: yes, but the standards and criteria are public. and the people who entered the capitol meet those criteria. reporter: can you please put some meat on the bone. i have a couple questions. how long will the ban last? [indiscernible] will this be indefinite?
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is there some form of due process? mr. schumer: this would be up to the authorities under the basis of the law in terms of who creates a real danger to the security of the united states. it would be up to the authorities to make the details on it. reporter: due process? mr. schumer: there is due process in the way they put people on the no-fly list. reporter: last question for you. is this a one-time thing or do you envision -- mr. schumer: up to the authorities in terms of the dangers to society. reporter: you're deferring -- mr. schumer: next question, please. next question, please. reporter: [indiscernible] -- pennsylvania was saying -- [indiscernible] -- about 4,000 ople -- [indiscernible] -- mr. schumer: again, these -- i've received a whole lot of briefings. there are people plotting to do danger, at least online. and the bottom line is our authorities have to be completely on top of it. this afternoon our senators are receiving democrat and republican, a briefing about
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how the inauguration is going to be made safe. by both the secret service and the d.o.d. and so we are making sure staying on top of the authorities, to make sure that any future plots are thwarted. and that the people who were involved in the capitol are punished. she's next. i can't -- i got to give some -- yeah. porter: [indiscernible] -- mr. schumer: if they find out they might the criteria of the law, they should be. i don't know what they have been suspended, but i don't know the exact charges yet. no, no, no, someone else, please. i feel, look, i have to do my job and i have a great deal of faith in the safety procedures that are now being put in place.
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ok. thank you, everybody. nice to see you. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] reporter: senator schumer, should conservatives have a platform for free speech nline? announcer: you're watching c-span. your unfiltered view of government. speep was created by -- c-span was created by america's cable television companies in 1979. today we're brought to you by these television companies who provide c-span to viewers as a ublic service. announcer: here's where we are on the timeline of things. we expect the house to gavel back in at 6:00 p.m. eastern to
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take up debate on a resolution urging vice president pence to invoke the 25th amendment to the constitution. it would immediately remove president trump from office. all of this is a result they follow on to wednesday's attack and violence at the u.s. capitol which left five people dead, including a capitol hill police officer. votes on the 25th amendment resolution at about -- would begin at about 7:30 eastern. all of that live here on c-span. and keep in mind the house coming in wednesday at 9:00 a.m. eastern. they will take up a resolution then to impeach president trump for, quote, inciting an insurrection against the u.s. government. "the new york times" reporting the house republican leaders have decided not to formally against ers vote voting to impeach president trump. kevin mccarthy said he will personally impose impeachment and sought to steer republicans in a different direction. and the first republican member
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to publicly announce he will vote for impeachment, john katko, three-term republican of new york, with his statement earlier today. we are waiting for the rules committee to finish up their work ahead of the house session expected at 6:00 eastern. we'll take you there live when they gavel back in. but let's take you back to the beginning of the meeting earlier today. mr. mcgovern: the rules committee will come to order. we have a weighty responsibility before us today. so we're going to truncate our organizational process. in agreement with our minority, the committee will move to adopt last year's rules by unanimous consent. i want to recognize members on oth sides. representatives hastings, torres, perlmutter, raskin, canlon, morelle and desaulnier and ranking member cole, dr. burgess and representative lesko.


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