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tv   Opening Day 117th Congress U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  January 4, 2021 5:48am-6:00am EST

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runoff elections tuesday and the race will determine which party controls the senate. watch the rally live from the city of dalton in northern georgia starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. or listen on the free c pan radio app. >> california congressman speaker nancy pelosi was elected as speaker of the house and democrats control 222 house seats and republicans have 211. there are two vacancies in new york's 22nd district and louisiana's fifth district. speaker pelosi spoke on the floor after being elected. >> clerk recognizes the gentleman from new york, mr. jeffrey. >> mr. jeffrey: madam speaker,
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i rise as head of the caucus to place the name of the honorable nancy pelosi, representative elect from the great state of california by way of charm city into nomination for election to the position of speaker of the united states house of representatives. nancy pelosi believes in the power of american exceptionalism. nancy pelosi believes in the goodness of the american people. nancy pelosi believes our diversity is our strength and our unity is our power. nancy pelosi believes the house is fundamentally the institution best equipped to reflect the hopes, the dreams and aspirations of everyday americans. nancy pelosi believes that our sacred mission is to continue america's long necessary and majestic march towards a more perfect union.
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the reverend dr. martin luther king jr. once observed the true pressure of a leader is not how one fairs in moments of comfort or convenience but how one fairs in moments of challenge and controversy. nancy pelosi has passed that test with flying colors over and over and over again. as a result of her tremendous leadership during a moment of great turbulence, house democrats ended the longest government shutdown in american history, addressed the humanitarian crisis at the border, negotiated a historic trade agreement that protected good paying american jobs. held the president accountable because no one is above the law. passed progressionive legislation to transform policing in america as part of our effort to deal with systemic racism, ended the egregious practice of surprise billing because health care is
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a right, not simply a privilege and confronted the once in a century covid-19 pandemic with a comprehensive, compassionate and continuing congressional response that at the end of the day will crush the virus and supercharge our economy. that's the nancy pelosi track record. nancy pelosi is a champion of the children and defender of the disenfranchised and voice for the voiceless and a fabulous facilitator and notorious negotiator and legendary legislator for such a time as this. this is a moment of great challenge here in america filled with trials and tribulation. and a lot of pain and suffering and death. but america is a resilient nation. house democrats are a resilient caucus. nancy pelosi is a resilient leader. brighter days are ahead in the nited states of america.
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this is a day of great renewal in the house of representatives. this is a day the house democrats will begin our work with the next president of the united states of america joe biden and his partner kamala harris so we can build back better for the people. this is a day when once again nancy delasandro pelosi will become the speaker of the united states house of representatives and proudly place her name into nomination and when it's all said and done, history will record that today was a good day. god bless nancy pelosi, god bless the congress, god bless the united states of america. >> the clerk now recognizes the jom from america. clerk, by asking all of our colleagues to remember in their
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family and prayers the of luke letlow, congressman-elect from tragically ho died last week. we also want to rememb >> we want to remember our friend and colleague jamie raskin and play for their people. reak when our colleagues and friends are suffering. i'm reminded of the words of the religious scholar who said, i expect to pass through this world but once. if therefore there can be any kindness i can show or a ny good fellow being, my let me do it now. let me not defer nor neglect it shall not pass this way again. fine words to guide us as we congress.this the nominating ceremony looks ery different today in this chamber. our masks and our distancing requirements are reminders of
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that we emic threat face. and that we must defeat together. ut the congress is also different, madam chair. because of something we all take in.t pride this body now has more women members than at any time in our history. our new republican women are here to work, they're here to et things done, as we like to say in wyoming, it is time to cowgirl up. in this body e more responsible for our tremendous new class of members, our men and women, than our leader, kevin mccarthy. through his tireless work and date, we have made historic gains and we are not done yet. gains would not have happened without leader work ethic,nmatched his strategic and tactical skill nd his commitment to our candidates. nor would they have happened without kevin's steadfast ommitment to defending our
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freedom, standing up for our constitution, and remembering this he work we do in chamber affects american families and workers all across nation. madam clerk, it is my high honor today to have the great nominate the gentleman from california to lead us in our work as speaker house of ted states representatives. leader mccarthy is a grandson of a cattle rancher, the son of a firefighter. e grew up in a working class family. he started and ran his own business. bakersfield.n he paid his way through college, and he knows firsthand that our mall businesses are the backbone of our economy. and that government is more ften the problem than the solution. no one has been a greater champion of ensuring that our limited, defending the rights of the states and the eople in those states, and resisting the urge of some of our colleagues to steal power
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it to e people and give the government. leader mccarthy will always look the ays to work across aisle. more times than i can count over the last two years, he has led putting forward proposals, ike the commitment to america, that encapsulates good policy and should be partisan. bipartisan. he will continue to do this. he will never compromise our fundamental rights and freedoms. from the as the threat chinese communist party grew and spread, leader mccarthy task force the china and urged democrats to join us in confronting a grave threat requires bipartisan solutions. they refused. the task force he directed published legislative are sents, 2/3 of which bipartisan. leader mccarthy ensured that we ere united as we successfully fought the unconstitutional and impeachment effort laufrngd burr -- launched by our democratic colleagues and he operating in ugh
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and responding to the global covid pandemic. as to how guide things will operate, once leader mccarthy is speaker mccarthy, the historic productivity we saw the last ime republicans were in charge in the 115th congress. leader mccarthy led us in cutting regulations, taxes, supporting our veterans, ombating opioid addiction and human trafficking, securing our borders, growing our economy, nation.nding our leader mccarthy made sure that we passed on time and at a the first level for time in more than a decade defense appropriations to ensure we fulfilled our most sacred constitutional duty. that is the kind of record he will deliver on again. republicans, we know that the united states is our sword and our shield. we know that our rights do not government.
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they come from god. we know that those rights are exquisite y the structure designed by our founding fathers. side of here on this the aisle, madam clerk, we're going to continue to call them fathers. despite the new house rules package. we know that the man to lead us the important work ahead is our republican madam clerk, because he will lead us in fighting for all the eople of this great nation, because he will continue to stand against socialism, he will the nue to stand against expansion of government power that strips power from the people and gives it to the because he knows that the most important words of the ounding documents are first three words -- we the people. republican the house conference, i am honored and directed by the vote of that for rence to present election to the office of the speaker of the house of 117th ntatives for the
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congress the name of the kevin mccarthy, representative-elect from the tate of california. the clerk of the house: the ouse will be in order. the total number of votes cast is 427 of which the honorable nancy pelosi, of the state of --ifornia has received 216


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