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tv   Campaign 2020 Georgia U.S. Senate Special Election Debate  CSPAN  December 6, 2020 10:02pm-11:01pm EST

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a.m. eastern on c-span three, online at, or listen live on the free c-span radio app. georgia senators meat for their only debate ahead of the runoff for the u.s. senate. it's being held at the atlanta press club. they have already debated each other once in -- along with several other candidates before the november election. ♪ >> good evening and welcome. i am russ spencer. and you are watching the atlanta press club debate series. we are broadcasting from the studio of the georgia public broadcasting in atlanta, and we welcome viewers from across the state and the country.
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this is the run-off debate for u.s. senate to fill the seat held by georgia senator kelly loeffler. let's meet the candidates. in alphabetical order, republican candidate kelly loeffler, appointed to the senate in january 2020 to replace retiring georgia senator johnny isakson. she is part owner of the atlanta dream. the democrat candidate, raphael warnock, is the senior pastor at ebenezer baptist church in atlanta. the church where martin luther king jr. was pastor. let's meet our panel. greg bluestein is a political reporter with "the atlanta journal-constitution." lisa rayam, the "morning edition" host on npr. now let's get started shared with the candidates in advance. the debate will be divided into three rounds. candidates will have 60 seconds to answer questions and 30 seconds for a rebuttal. as moderator, i will determine
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when a rebuttal is appropriate. in the first round, candidates will be asked two questions each, and greg, you get the first question. greg: president trump opened his election rally last night by falsely claiming he won georgia. he did not. according to certified state election results, he lost the state by 12,000 votes. do you stand by his narrative that the election was rigged and support his demand of governor kemp to call a special session to seek to overturn those results? sen. loeffler: first, i want to thank the atlanta press club for hosting this vital debate. it is vitally important that georgians trust the electoral process. the president has every right to every legal recourse, and that is what is taking place. i've called for investigations. there are 250 investigations open here in georgia, but the president was also clear that georgians need to come out and vote for david perdue and myself because of what is at stake in this election. chuck schumer said, "now we take georgia, then we change america." we all know what that change would be.
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they have been very clear. they want to raise taxes on hard-working georgians, they want to defund the police, open our borders, implement the green new deal. i am fighting for every single georgian to live the american dream i was blessed to live. our borders, implement the green new deal. i am fighting for every single georgian to live the american dream i was blessed to live. greg: do you believe the election was rigged? rev. warnock: there are 250 investigations open, including an investigation into one of my opponent's organizations. for voter fraud. and we have to make sure that georgians trust this process because of what is at stake in this election. you know, the promise that chuck schumer made was to fundamentally change america. i'm making sure we do not go down the road of socialism. russ: lisa, your turn to ask the question of rev. warnock. , there arepastor those who are uncomfortable with
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someone switching from the pulpit to the senate floor in washington. if elected, how will you navigate the u.s. constitution edict separating church and state? rev. warnock: thank you so very much. i want to thank everybody who tuned in tonight. i also became aware that senator loeffler lost a number of her myff, and i want to extend condolences to her, and also to the family of that young man. listen, my whole life has been about service. it is why i entered into the ministry, and i am running for the united states senate as a continuation of that life project. the thing about me running for the senate is that this gives me an opportunity to work on the issues i've been working on for years -- access to affordable health care, fighting for voting rights, fighting for essential workers, ordinary people, because i know what it is like to be an ordinary
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person. i grew up in public housing, the first college graduate in my family of 12. i am number 11. if it were not for low interest student loans i would not be here. to workur goal is providing families but what does that translate into beyond affordable housing and health care? rev. warnock: we got to make sure that we center ordinary people in all of the policy that we do. you know, i grew up with a father and a mother who instilled in me great values. dad had a way of saying, get up and put your shoes on. kid who grew up in public housing. for the united states senate against the wealthiest member of congress. only in america is that possible. i am fighting to make sure that kids like me, whether they are growing up in public housing in
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savannah, georgia, or rural communities in north georgia, that they have access to the american dream that i believe so much in. and i'm concerned that washington is not focused on ordinary people. the difference between washington back rooms and corporate boardrooms. my opponent represents the worst of that kind of problem. that is why i'm grateful for this opportunity. sen. loeffler: i would like to respond. russ: please do. sen. loeffler: i was born and raised on a farm. i waitressed my way through school and i was the first in my family to graduate from college. i worked hard to live the american dream and became a job creator right here in georgia. but this type of rhetoric is a distraction from the issues at hand. the democrats want to fundamentally change america, and the agent of change is my opponent radical liberal raphael warnock, someone who has attacked police from the pulpit,
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attacked our military. someone who is agreed to raise taxes on hard-working georgians as much as $2000 per family off the bat. that is not what georgians need to get our economy going. i am fighting for the american dream every day. russ: reverent, you have an opportunity to respond. verend, you will have the opportunity to respond. greg: you've been attacked for comments you made from the palmett-- from the pulpit about law enforcement. you said they were taken out of context. you've made these comments in a public forum. why should georgians not take it at face value? rev. warnock: it is clear my opponent will work really hard spending millions dollars -- millions of dollars of her own money trying to push in narrative about me because she has clearly decided she does not have a case to be made for why she should stay and that seat. i have -- in that seat.
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i have worked my whole life to pull people together. i have worked alongside law enforcement officers to do the work. several years ago, i actually brought together the law enforcement officers here in this city, the chief of police, the black lives matter activists, the sitting attorney milies, parents, all in my church focused on working on these issues we have seen emerged time and time again. and we need people who knows how to bring people together rather than using these issues as a point to be these issues are tragic, and our law enforcement officers lay it on the line every day, they have an ally with me. you can affirm what law enforcement officers do and hold them accountable. rev. warnock: sen. loeffler: my opponent rafael liberal raphael warnock has called police gangsters and
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thugs, and a threat to red children. when i gave him a chance to apologized, he declined. he also said you cannot serve god and the military. he is use the bible to justify these attacks and make divisive statements. what we need is someone who can bring together, help us get through this pan decke-- this pandemic and rebuild their economy -- our economy in georgia. rev. warnock: i would love to respond. listen, this is why i think folks have turned off from politics very often, because people will turn anything into a kind of cynical political argument. i was preaching that day from a very familiar matthew text that says you cannot serve god and ma mmon. it was a sermon about a moral foundation for everything we do, when you have everything in order that makes you a better soldier. it also makes you a better senator. and had kelly leffler listened
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-- kelly loeffler listen to this sermon she would not have used her advantage as a u.s. senator to make millions on the pandemic while playing it down to the people she was supposed to be representing. sen. loeffler: i would like to respond. i'm a christian. i'm a person of deep faith. i do not need a lecture from someone who has used the bible attackingy justify our military. that is not in matthew 6:24. it doesn't say you cannot serve the military and god. he has used the bible to justify abortion. i cannot stand by in that myrgians not know who opponent is, how he would fundamentally change our country. he is out of step with georgia's values. russ: in a second round you will have a chance to ask questions of each other's. -- of each other. election official gabriel sterling proclaimed this
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has to stop. he was referring to threats against election workers, governor kemp, and the secretary of state who received death threats. sterling warned that false claims of widespread election fraud could lead to violence. he hsaid, some-- he said, somebody is going to get killed. you responded by denouncing the violence but some did not think that was enough. tell us tonight, what is your message for those who would threaten officials and have you made an effort to help lower the temperature on the behalf of the republican party? sen. loeffler: well, absolutely. as someone who has been the subject of threats of violence, i denounce it. the future of our country hangs on the state having free, fair, trusted elections. we have built an organization within our campaign to make sure that georgians trust this process, and president trump has encouraged georgians to get out and vote because the future of the country is at stake on january 5.
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we need folks to trust the process because that is what makes our democracy right here. we have got to get to the bottom of these investigations that have started too late. there are 250 investigation, including into raphael warnock's voter registration organization for the second time for trying to register voters in new york. that does not represent the voice of georgia. i am going to fight to make sure that we hold officials accountable for carrying out free, fair, trusted elections that are accurate. to askeverend, i want you about this election. much has been made of president trump's refusal to concede but two years ago stacey abrams refused to concede saying there was voter suppression. do you think there was voter suppression two years ago, and do you think this election has been fair? rev. warnock: listen, voter suppression is something that happens all across our country. it is happened here in the state of georgia, but stacey abrams did not refuse to acknowledge the fact that her opponent was the governor.
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here we are several weeks after the election, and kelly loeffler continues to cast doubt on an american democratic election. it's time to put this behind us and it focused on the concerns of ordinary people. while she is playing political games trying to represent somebody who does not live in georgia, georgians are wondering when they will get some covid-19 relief. they are wondering who was going to put small businesses in front of the large corporate giants? and they are wondering when are we going to call the people, give the people we call essential workers an essential wage? i want to go to the united states senate to stand up ordinary people. and when politicians are not satisfied with the voters, they try to pick their voters, and that is what is going on right now. respond?fler: may i radical liberal raphael warnock has partnered with stacey abrams
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with voter suppression conspiracies, when in fact we have record turnout year after year. it is unfortunate that the focus is on a debate about who won the election when the process is still playing out, and president trump has every right to every legal recourse but we have to make sure that georgianns know that we have a process and no illegal votes are counted. and that is what i am going to continue to fight sure to make sure that -- to fight to make sure that everything is at stake in this election, the future of our country, not just the radical ideas of the left but the radical candidates who would biden the police and stan -- who -- andefund the police support chuck schumer's defunding of our military by 25%. i am going to make sure we come back from this virus strong. i am the only candidate qualified to help rebuild our economy and get past this pandemic. russ: we only get to the point -- we get to the point where you
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can ask each other questions. this does conclude the first portion of the debate. for people just tuning in. we move now to the second round work of the candidates will ask each other candidates. -- where the candidates will ask each other questions. candidates will have 30 seconds to ask a question. 30 seconds to respond. loeffler,ck: senator when you received the private briefing regarding the coronavirus pandemic, ,yoyou dumped millions of dollars of stock to protect your own investments, and then weeks later, when there came an opportunity to give ordinary georgians an extra $600 a relief, you said you saw no need and called it counterproductive. why do you think it is counterproductive to help ordinary georgians in the middle of a pandemic? sen. loeffler: thank you for that question, because i have been completely exonerated. those are lies perpetrated by
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the left-wing media and democrats to distract from their radical agenda. since i got to the senate, i have worked hard to deliver relief to georgians during this pandemic. i am continuing to do that. look what democrats have done. they have stood for stonewalling relief that i voted for twice in the senate. to deliver relief to families, to farmers, to schools and hospitals. they are playing politics. that is what they are using their lies to cover up. the fact they do not have a positive agenda to lift georgians up. they want to defund the police, implement the green new deal that would crush jobs and opportunity. what i am working on is making sure that we can get the economy going again, that we can drive forward after this pandemic, and i have been working side-by-side with my colleagues to make sure we get that done, and we have delivered results. $47 billion i brought to georgia, that saved 1.5 million jobs at small businesses. verend, you have 30
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seconds to respond. rev. warnock: i do not want to defund the police and kelly loeffler knows it. she wants distract from her own record. the truth of the matter is, where it left up to her, georgians would not have received the $600 of expanded unemployment insurance, and they have not seen relief in months. and she has not done anything to her she has nothing to provide relief for ordinary people, the folks i am seeing all across the state in pain in the middle of this pandemic. russ: senator loeffler, it is your turn to ask a question of rev. warnock. sen. loeffler: in your writings and teach you have praised marxism and the redistribution of income. can you hear and now for all georgians renounce socialism and marxism? rev. warnock: listen, i believe in our free enterprise system. and my dad was a small business owner. and, during the great recession, you know what i was doing? i was leading my church to build
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a community center where, among other things, we had a financial literacy people that taught people how to repair their credit, create a 700 credit score community, how to create a business, how to buy a home, how to participate in our free enterprise system. kelly loeffler was teaching the big banks how to hide their investments offshore in the cayman islands. this is how she has spent her career before she went to the senate. this is what she has been focused on now that she is in the senate. she was only there three weeks. i am not sure she was fully unpacked when she started dumping millions of dollars of stock, trying to protect yourself. --d she purchased that that seat. the people who sold it to her do not own it. the people of georgia are coming back to get there seat -- their seat. sen. loeffler: predictably you have just heard more lies from
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radical liberal raphael warnock who wants to detract from his own words calling police officers gangsters, plugs and our threat to retro and, saying you cannot serve god and the military, for his attacks on israel. what i am focused on is making sure that we continue to relief -- continue to deliver relief. $7 billion for hospitals. and when the government did not move quickly enough, i purchased ppe out of my own funds, drove it to hospitals. and i donate my salary to charities across georgia. i am here working for georgians. rev. warnock, your turn to ask a second question of the senator. rev. warnock: yes or no, senator loeffler, did donald trump lose -- the election? sen. loeffler: you know, president trump has every right to use every legal recourse available. in our own state we have seen
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time and again that we have investigations that need to be completed. in fact, we have run two audits. those discovered thousands of ballots across several counties in georgia that were not counted. i have called for signature audit. we need to hold folks accountable, involved in these investigations to make sure they move more quickly, because everything that --everything is at stake for january 5 for the future of our country. if the democrats win they will defund the police, they will keep our country is locked down. they want more lockdowns. they will raise your taxes in the middle of a pandemic. and they will continue to keep the borders open. and support taxpayer funding for illegal immigrant health care. our militaryefund by 25%. my opponent radical liberal raphael warnock would be a rubberstamp for chuck schumer because he is bought and paid for by tens of millions of dollars from out-of-state,
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liberal money from chuck schumer. rev. warnock: i have been moving all across the state, especially going to rural areas, and when i go to these small towns, they are surprised i'm there. i'm surprised they are surprised. they have not seen a u.s. senator. and they are wondering why there hospitals are closing. why kelly loeffler does not think it is a good idea to make sure that they have health care in the middle of a pandemic. to expand medicare in our state. nine hospital have closed. they are wondering who in washington is looking out for them. russ: senator loeffler, you get the final question in this. sen. loeffler: rev. warnock, you were arrested for obstructing police in the child abuse investigation. can you tell me the nature of this child abuse? why were the police called? what was your knowledge or involvement in this incident? rev. warnock: sure. here are the facts, and kelly
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loeffler knows them. i was working and trying to make sure that young people, who were being questioned by law, enforcement have the benefit of counsel, a lawyer or a parent. the law enforcement officers actually later thanked me for my cooperation. and for helping them. she knows this. but the question is why is she doing this? it is because she has made a calculation that after being in the senate for 10 months she does not have a case to be made for why the people of georgia should keep her there. she has been focused on the same thing she has focused on her whole life that herself. during the recession, she was helping billionaires like her hide their money in the cayman islands. she dumped millions of dollars of stock, played it down, and when she could help ordinary people, she didn't do it. and the people of georgia have
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not seen relief for months. she has been spending her millions of dollars focused on me, because she has no case to make for herself. i think that is said, but that is no reason -- i think that is sad, but that is no reason for her to keep his senate seat. sen. loeffler: you have just heard radical liberal raphael warnock lie -- lie again, and not answer an important question that georgians deserve to have the answer to. this is consistent with his track record as disrespecting law enforcement. anyone can read the police report of what happened of child abuse at his church camp. he did call police officers gangsters and thugs. he said we should empty the prisons. he won't keep our communities safe. that is what i'm fighting for. russ: thank you. again, if you're just joining us, this is the runoff debate between candidates for the u.s. o fill seat for -- t
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the senate seat held by senator loeffler. as moderator, i will take the privilege of asking a question to start this round. reverend, i'll begin with you. i am interested in the number you're come to be with when it comes to coronavirus aleve. senate majority leader -- to coronavirus belief. two months ago the white house suggested $1.8 trillion and the democrats wanted more. how much is required by this moment? rev. warnock: for months we have not seen any relief, and we can talk about the numbers. that would be an important part of the conversation. but when we saw relief, we saw the shake shakes of the world, the l.a. lakers at the front of the line, and small businesses at the back of the line. our front-line workers, our teachers, are police officers, our health professionals need
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ppe. our workers need relief. and we need to begin even now, i think, thinking beyond how we survived this pandemic and begin to think about how we survived on the other end of the pandemic. i think it is time for us to start thinking about an infrastructure program in this country that will repair our bridges, begin to build green energy and green energy jobs, provide jobs with a livable wage, and position our economy to lead and to the future. russ: can you give me a number? rev. warnock: look, i think that we should at least make sure that whatever we do, workers a re at the center of that relief. russ: senator loeffler, you are in position to vote on this soon. janet yellen has said the country can afford to borrow this money now to get people through this crisis until we are
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vaccinated. if we do not spend it now it will cost us more in terms of job instruction. do you agree with that, and what would your number be? perdu sen. loeffler: i was pleased to support all the relief packages, over $3 trillion of relief to americans, $47 billion i helped bring to georgia, including $7 billion for hospitals, 174,000 small businesses, i $50 million in ppp funding. i voted twice in recent months to support a package that democrats have blocked, that nancy pelosi has confirmed that it was playing politics with americans lives and livelihoods. she has held up targeted relief that would have gone to hospitals, to schools, two families, two small businesses. that is what the democrats are holding up. and my opponent, radical liberal raphael warnock, would be a
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rubber stamp chuck schumer and nancy pelosi as they try to use this pandemic to put the cost on the back of hard-working the form of high taxes to fundamentally change america. i a russ: thank ou. -- thank you. loeffler, you have called yourself the most conservative candidate in the race. you are also the richest candidate. how would you use your wealth and privilege to improve the life of the average georgian, one who makes minimum wage and minorities who feel you have not made an attempt to meet them where they are? sen. loeffler: well, first of all, i have been blessed to live the american dream. and that is what i am fighting for every single day in washington. because i was born and raised on a farm. i grew up working in the field. i started filling out a timecard
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when i was 11. i waitressed my way through high school and college, and i was the first to my family to graduate from college. i know what it means to live paycheck-to-paycheck. i also know i am blessed to live the american dream. that is why am fighting to protect it. to uphold the constitution. our freedoms are under attack in this country. the religious freedoms, the right to life, the second amendment. that is what helps create opportunity for all georgians to live freely. but my opponent, radical liberal raphael warnock is a socialist. he supports qualities that would debt -- policies that would bankrupt -- the cost of the green new deal of every georgian family would be $75,000. and taxes would go up $2000 per family. lisa: have you reached out to minority communities to hear their issues and what they are thinking on what they are
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feeling? sen. loeffler: absolutely. i have built my career based on bringing folks together to lift everyone up. that is what i have done from day one. i just introduced my prosperity plan that would bring much-needed capital access to capital to small businesses in minority communities because our country has failed in that area. that is one way we can help. we can also make sure that we protect school choice. the democrats would overturn school choice, trapping children, for education within their zip code. i'm fighting to make sure that school choice, and support kids to live their dream, to have education. i am making sure we keep taxes low. the jobs act that raphael warnock would overturn would raise taxes on single moms, making $39,000 with two kids, their taxes would go up 20%. that is not a way to help hard-working families in georgia
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succeed. greg: this next question is for both candidates. do you plan to accept a coronavirus vaccine when public health experts declare it to be safe? if so, how do you plan to persuade the public to take it? rev. warnock: when our health professionals tell us we have a vaccine that is effective and safe, i will take it. i will encourage the folks who listen to me, people in my church and in the community, to take it, but also i will try to work hard as a senator to make sure that communities that are so often marginalized don't find themselves at the back of the line again, that they have access to the vaccine. so often they find themselves at the back of the line. i've spent my life standing up, fighting for ordinary people. kelly loeffler is trying to misrepresent me, because she knows that she has spent the first 10 months, all 10 months
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of her tenure, thinking about herself. she is an unelected senator of georgia. she was appointed. the people of georgia have been disappointed. and they are looking for somebody who will stand up for ordinary people. i've spent my life doing that. as a citizen and i will do it as a u.s. senator. russ: you have 30 seconds before greg asks his question of you. sen. loeffler: you know, i have spent every single day working for georgians. i was blessed to live the american dream, and i want georgians to live therirs. i am the only person this race that knows how to help georgians. i created jobs he has never created a job in his life. yet he has advocated for high taxes that would crush small businesses and families seeking that opportunity. he would take away school choice. and he would play politics just as nancy pelosi and chuck
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schumer have done, holding up relief for political reasons, and i think that is completely wrong. greg: do you plan to accept a coronavirus vaccine? if so, how do you intend to persuade the public to take it? sen. loeffler: absolutely. i was with vice president pence on friday at the cdc. i could not be more proud of what we have done this year to deliver relief, but also get cures. vaccines and therapies that are effective. so, i'm going to encourage my fellow georgians to stay safe, to get that vaccine, and we have a great plan to prioritize those communities who need it most, and we will make sure that that is carried out. but my opponent will continue to play politics with the pandemic, telling lies and trying to achieve political objectives that would radically change our country at a moment of a pandemic. i'm going to continue to fight for every single georgian to have the freedoms and the opportunities they deserve and not be crushed by big of
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government-- by big that would provide free health care for illegal immigrants, razor taxes to pay for government health care, and that would bankrupt -- raise our taxes to pay for government health care and would bankrupt health care. lisa, it is your turn to answer question. an atlanta business owner had to doors because she was unable to pay thousands in back rent due to the pandemic. president-elect joe biden considers as a top priority to get a stimulus package to congress. but if you were to speak to her, that youd you assure would do in washington to help her and other business owners get the help they need? rev. warnock: my dad was a small business owner. and so, i understand the struggles that small business owners have. i've spent time in my church creating a financial literacy center that helps people get
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started. and so, i think a good sign of what someone will do in office is what they were doing before they went into office. i've spent my whole career standing up for ordinary people. trying to come in fact we had a job center in my church. contrary to what senator loeffler is trying to suggest. fori have to-- stood up ordinary workers, and, again. during this pandemic, we call people essential workers. why not pay them an essential weight? -- essential wage? we ought to provide small business owners like further support than you. kelly loeffler is out of touch. she thinking about people like her. and i'm ok with the fact that she wants to make money. i just think you should not use the people's seat to enrich yourself. yho-- you ought to use the people's seat to represent the
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people. sen. loeffler: these are more lies from radical liberal raphael warnock. he invited fidel castro into his church. s also said the police officers are gangsters and thugs and refused to apologized for it he said you cannot serve god and the military. he has actually made sure that we know who he is in his own words. those are not my words. i am working hard to serve georgians. i'm so proud to represent this state and help georgians through this challenging time. russ: as i understand it you or your young men in that church in new york. would you like to respond? -- you were a young man in that church in new york. rev. warnock: there is a lot at stake in this pandemic. she has engaged in the politics of distraction. i never met them. i never invited him.
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if you want to know who informs me and my sense of how we engages people in the economic system -- we engage as people in the economic system,, i 'm a matthew 25 christian. "i was hungry and you fed me. i was sick and you visited me. love your neighbor." and for me that means you do not get rid of your neighbors health care particular in the middle of a pandemic. sen. loeffler: i'm not going to be lectured by someone who uses the bible to justify abortion, to attack our men and women in the military. you know, what is happening here is someone who will not own up to their own record of division. he has called on americans to repent for their worship of whiteness. that is divisive. that is hurtful. he celebrated anti-semite, he called israel an apartheid state. that is wrong for america. i'm going to make sure georgians
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understand that is him in his own words. russ: please respond to the abortion issue in particular. rev. warnock: listen, i have up around reverence for life. and an abiding respect for choice. the question is, who's decision is it? i happen to think that a patient's room is too small place for a woman, her doctor and the u.s. government. that is too many people in the room. those concerned about life, and onm, ought to be focused incredibly high rates of infant mortality and returnable tally in -- and maternal mortality in our country when compared to other developed nations. i have been working on it my entire career. greg: senator, president has attacked her closest political ally governor kemp as hapless he said he was ashamed to support it. even invited one of your rivals to run against him in 2022.
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was the president wrong to say that? are you concerned his comments could alienate some republicans in georgia? sen. loeffler: the president has the right to pursue every legal risk course -- recourse to make sure this is a free and fair election in georgia. these audits have turned up thousands of votes. i've called for a signature audit. the buck stops with the secretary of state. everything is at stake, on january 5, the future of the country. we can take the path of supporting the american dream, of standing economy back up and getting through the virus together, or we can take the path of socialism that radical liberal raphael warnock wants to bring to our country, increasing our taxes, taking away private insurance and replacing it with government run health care. turn your doctor's office into the dmv. he would grant have to see, give free health care to illegal immigrants. none of us will help us solve
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this pandemic and get the economy back on its feet and get kids back in school. i'm not going to stand by and be lectured by someone who has not done anything for americans during this pandemic. greg: was the president wrong when he called the governors those remarks -- the governor those remarks? sen. loeffler: the president supported me. i appreciate the governor supportive me. that is why they are encouraging georgians to vote for david perdue and myself, because we are fighting for georgians every single day. we are using our private sector experience to make sure georgians get back to work and school and church, while the democrats play politics, and try to keep our country locked down. that is just wrong. lisa: senator loeffler, expounding on that last question, again, president trump criticized your governor, governor brian kemp. governor kemp appointed you to the senate. you criticized the election process as well. can you tell us where your
10:42 pm
loyalty lies as you vye to represent the state of georgia? is it with governor kemp or president trump? sen. loeffler: my loyalties are with georgia. i had a calling to public service, to serve the people of georgia. i have lived to the american dream. i want to make sure every georgian can doing that. from going to from working to a farm, waitressing, being the first in my family to graduate from college. i know that free enterprise is a way to lift everyone up. not big government, not open borders, not the chaos of defunding the police that the left wants, not the lockdowns. i am making sure that georgians know what is at stake on january 5. our way of life in georgia will radically change as promised by chuck schumer "now we take georgia, then we change america." that is my focus -- making sure
10:43 pm
that georgians know what is at stake. it has been my honor to serve georgians every single day. russ: if everything is at stake on january 5, that would presume that president trump has lost? sen. loeffler: what is at stake is the senate majority. this will determine who brings bills to the senate floor, and onto the republican senate, we have been able to deliver $3 reliefn of deliver -- of to hard-working americans, front-line workers, to hospitals, to schools. we have to make sure that we open up our economy. the democrats want to keep this locked down. they want to radically change our country. and their agent of change as radical liberal raphael warnock, someone that has said to reimagine police, that is endorsed by organizations whose number one goal is to defund the police. we know the direction the country would take, and we are going to continue to make sure that georgians understand our way of life in georgia and across the country is under
10:44 pm
attack by the left. russ: not to belabor the point put all of those things would not be happening presumably with president trump is present. as president. it is a must as if you are conceding that that part is when settled, and now it is important for republicans to keep the majority in the senate to have a divided government. handloeffler: i saw th first the senate is the shock absorber in this country. when that first in the -- i got to washington and the impeachment trial start up at i saw the russia hoax and how that distracted us from addressing this virus. the democrats had played nothing but politics since day one. they never accepted that president trump was president. they were distracted from serving americans. now they have used the pandemic to try to fundamentally change this country and put the cost of big government on the back of hard-working georgians. that is why i am fighting to make sure that the republican majority is retained in the
10:45 pm
senate, because we are the shock absorber for commonsense policies that bring americans together, that lift everyone up, that provide for great educational choices for kids, that stops the radical agenda of the abortion on-demand the democrats wants. that attacks our second amendment rights. they want to take away our guns, they want to tax guns. fundamentallyto change america and radical liberal raphael warnock is their agent of change. greg: reverend, if democrats to win -- do win control of the senate, there would be pressure to increase the size of the supreme court. do you support adding more justices to offset president trump's appointments? and you think there should be term limits? rev. warnock: kelly loeffler actually voted to defund the police. she voted against the cops program. she was one of only 10 united states senators who did. i don't think we should defund
10:46 pm
the police but we do need crippled justice reform. we need to make sure we have an independent review process when civilians die at the hands of police. we need to make sure that police officers and departments that a pattern of -- misconduct are held accountable. we can do that and celebrate police at the same time. as i move on across the state, greg, people are not asking me about the courts and whether we should expand the court. i know that is an interesting people for -- an interesting question for people inside the beltway. they are wondering when in the world and they're going -- are they going to get covid-19 relief? they have not gotten any from kelly loeffler in months. when she has a chance to stand up for ordinary people, she thought $600 was too much. meanwhile, she was busy dumping millions of dollars to stop profiting -- to profit from a pandemic. who does that?
10:47 pm
if you am wondering would answer the question, do you support expanding the supreme court? sen. loeffler: rev. warnock: i am really not focused on it. the politicsften in washington has been about the politicians. i'm a pastor. so, when i think about these issues, i think about the people that i have had to stand with in the critical care units while their loved one was dying or between life and death. concernedre they about the sickness, they are wondering how in the world they're going to pay for? if kelly loeffler has a way 1.8 million georgians with pre-existing conditions, with hypertension, diabetes, stroke, cancer, people recovering from covid, would not be able to get health care. i think that's morally wrong. and it is my faith that actually informs that. wantsn't explain why she
10:48 pm
to take away people's health care. she knows that junk health care plan has a loophole in it big enough to drive a mack truck through. but the people of georgia understand. they understand the truth. russ: 30 seconds, please put sen. loeffler: you just heard radical liberal raphael warnock lie about my record. i have never voted to defund the police. i voted to support more fundings, -- more funding that the democrats of course block. he is distracting from the fact that he would pack the supreme court. that is outrageous. justice ginsburg herself said nine justices is the right number. he would pack the court with radical justices that would legislate from the bench to fundamentally override the constitution and our laws, and georgians need to know that is wrong for georgia and our country. russ: would you like 30 seconds to respond?
10:49 pm
rev. warnock: i believe in the constitution. this is the greatest system on the planet. and our country is the only country whwere m -- where my story is even possible. i believe in our norms. i believe the separations of powers. i believe in a nonviolent, unchaotic, transition of power. kelly loeffler ought to stand with the people of georgia. the four greatest words are "the people have spoken." the people have spoken on the presidential election and they are waiting for their senator to be focused on them not the person in the white house. russ: lisa? lisa: senator leffler, given all the police violence we have seen against african-americans -- senator loeffler, courtney is worried about her son, her father and her husband, she fears for their lives daily. you have called the black lives and are movement fascists. alienated members of
10:50 pm
your own basketball team by taking that stance. viewa-- that still your tonight after seeing and hearing how it hits homes with so many people personally and what conversation would you sit down and have with courtney? everyoeffler: the life of african-american is important, and there is no place for racism in this country. but there are organizations whose number one goal is to defund the police, and we know that hurts minority communities more than anyone, and we have to stand with our men and women of law enforcement. i will always do that. you know, that is a distraction from the fact that my opponent doesn't stand with police officers. he is endorsed by organizations whose number one goal is to defund the police. he call police officers gangsters, bullies, a threat to our children. he is called for our prisons to be opened up and emptied out. he's called for the abolishment
10:51 pm
of the cash bail system. he doesn't care about safety and security in any community. i'm fighting to make sure that we have the resources to keep our communities safe and our police departments well-funded and well-trained. russ: senator, thank you. would you like to respond? opening up the jails? rev. warnock: well, listen, first of all, the land of the free is the mass incarceration capital for. we warehouse 25% of the world's prisoners. and people on both sides of the aisle know our current criminals justice system -- criminal justice system needs reform. we saw this this summer. a multiracial coalition pouring out into american streets after the tragic deaths of georgia floyd and breonna taylor and so many others. and what did kelly loeffler do? she used her enormous privilege
10:52 pm
and power as a united states senator to pick a fight with a black women on her team who know what it is like to grow in a community -- grow up in a community where you have to have two talks with her children, one about the birds and the bees, happens whatt happens if you're pulled over by police officers. i have worked with police across the years. i have been invited to speak at the memorial services when they have lost love one is, when they have lost their lives in the line of duty. she says racism has no place, but she welcome to support of a theorist andacy she sat down with a white supremacist for an interview. i don't think she can explain it. russ: let me give you a chance to respond to that and then we have one last question before we
10:53 pm
get closing statements, please. sen. loeffler: well, that is incredibly sasd, the -- sad, comments he has made. there is not a racist bone in my body. this is really terrible coming from someone who has divided people continually. he's called on americans to repent for their worship of whiteness. he is called israel an apartment -- an apartheid state and sraelied i defending themselves against palestinians, birds of prey. that's divisive. greg: should members of congress be barred from trading stocks? sen. loeffler: look, what is at stake here in this election is the american dream. that's what's under attack. when they attack me for a left-wing media lie conspired
10:54 pm
with the democrats by, this is an attack on every single georgian who gets up every day to work hard to provide a better life for their family, who wants to live the american dream. it's a distraction from the real issues, not the conspiracies in this election. what is at stake is the future of our country, our freedoms to live the american dream, to not be taxed into bankruptcy, to not have to go under government run health care. they want to take away the health care that 180 million americans rely on through their work. that his wife introduced to health care plan to make it more affordable -- that is why it introduced a health care plan to make it more affordable. i am going to continue to fight to keep our country free, to keep our border secure, and to georgia shouldnock: send her back to the senate. and so, she's continued to
10:55 pm
misrepresent my record. she lied not only on me, but on jesus. everybody is clear about what that passage is about in matthew. you can't two masters. and she should've listened to the lesson. maybe she would not be so focused on herself. she would be thinking about the people she is supposed to represent. the concernsenter of the ordinary people that i have been running into all across the state, particularly in rural georgia. russ: we are out of time. i apologized. year of a chance for a closing statement. that is all the time we have for questions. -- to live a chance for closing statement. senator loeffler, you get to go first. sen. loeffler: thank you to everyone who tuned into this important debate. you can see what is at stake. there are two visions, mind, the american dream, my opponent's -- socialism. this is what is on the ballot january 5, the american dream. i was born and raised on a farm,
10:56 pm
i grew up working in the field, i built my career, i became a job creator in georgia. and i have been blessed to live the american dream. but chuck schumer said it best, "now we take georgia, then we change america." they would increase taxes, socialize our health care, and my opponent radical liberal raphael warnock is his agent of change, someone that has also used the bible to attack our. military , the bible never said that we serve, you cannot serve god and the military. he's attacked or police officers. he wants to fundamentally change america into a socialist country. i'm not going to let that happen. i am working hard for every single georgian. i'm kelly leffler. i am asking for your vote on january 5. -- i'm kelly loeffler. i'm asking for your vote. may god bless america. rev. warnock: i'm raphael warnock. i'm one of 12 children in my family and i am number 11, the
10:57 pm
first college graduate. listen, these are dark and difficult times. fog of thishe thick pandemic and the economic turn down, even in the season of joy, it is hard for people to find you i think about my dad. he used to wake me up every morning at dawn, get ready, put on.-- put your shoes it was dawn. it was morning. it was still dark. it is dark right now. but morning is on the way. it is our job, georgia, to put our shoes on and get ready. there are those who are engaged in the politics of division. they have no vision. they engage in division. tomorrow is the last day to register. make a vote plan. health care is on the ballot. voting rights is on the ballot. criminal justice reform is on the ballot. and if you give me the honor of
10:58 pm
representing you in the u.s. senate, i will think about georgia every single day. russ: thank you very much, reverend and senator. involved in this production sends our condolences to the campaign staffer. we would like to remind voters that election day is tuesday, january 5. absentee voting has begun in georgia in early voting in georgia begins december 14. thanks to the candidates and for the panel for anticipating in this debate. well done. thanks to the atlanta press club and georgia public broadcasting for arranging this debate. i'm russ spencer. thank you for joining us for the atlanta press club debate series. good night. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its captio recent georgia
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poll showing mr. warnick leading senator leffler in a new poll from survey usa commission by w x i a tv in atlanta. they go on to write the poll released thursday also shows that mccright jon ossoff is narrowly leading senator david purdue 50% to the republicans 48% in the states of the runoff election that takes place in january. republicans need to win at least one of these races to keep control of the u.s. senate. listen to c-span's podcast the weekly. our guest is a senate historian emeritus p he joins us to discuss this -- the constitutional steps that need to be finalized before's -- before president-elect joe biden is sworn in. next on q&a, to historians look back at two of the most contentious presidential
11:00 pm
transitions in u.s. history. after that, prime minister's questions from the british house of commons with boris johnson. later, tonight's georgia senate debate between incumbent kelly leffler and democrat raphael warnock, who face each other in a january 5 runoff. ♪ >> our country has experienced several fraught presidential transitions but the 1860 transition between james


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