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tv   Campaign 2020 Vice President Pence Joins Sens. David Perdue and Sen. Kelly...  CSPAN  November 20, 2020 8:00pm-8:44pm EST

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undocumented which is the humanitarian crisis that happens after the fall in 1979. things spiral to epic proportions and my father among many other refugees and themselves in a huge horrifying dystopia. it really is a story that i think is important an interview -- and everyone should hear. sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. was in president pence georgia campaigning for senators david perdue and kelly leffler, won 50% in the election, so by state law they face runoff elections, only one of the needs to win for republicans to maintain the majority in the senate. >> hello, georgia, how are you all doing? it is great to be here and great to see you all here, you know
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the state song georgia on my mind, georgia is on everybody's mind because georgia is going to keep the senate republican majority in this country. we have got a big job ahead, we are going to reelect senator purdue and senate -- senator loeffler so that schumer and pelosi and biden can't have a blank check on america's values. you are the ones. america is counting on you and we are counting on you, thank you for being here today. it is a great day, a beautiful north georgia day and i am happy to be here. in some of the darkest days of world war ii, a business leader never, never, never give it up, will you give it up?
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we are never giving up. and that is what is going to take, we are never giving up on president trump and we are deftly not going to give up on david purdue and kelly leffler. so folks, you know what it is going to take? votes. you know, don't let them take it this time, let's go and save america by saving georgia and reelecting our two united states senators. folks, we are counting on you. we are counting on you to go vote early, absentee. we have had ice storms in january, so don't let that happen, get out there when those pollsopen and be the -- open and be the first in line to vote for these senators and make sure we can save america. you for coming today, beautiful day here, it is going to be
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dutiful day on january 5 when rate reelect senator david purdue and senator kelly loeffler is it not? so help me welcome the senators to the stage. [applause] ♪ >> everyone's watching to see , everyone'sl do looking at you. everyone is wondering where we come out tonight -- never know what to do when my cousin introduces me, i never know what he is going to say. nobody asked for this, but we are the last line of defense for america, what do you think about that? [applause] i just told the vice president, we have got to have this fight
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by georgia, let's have it in georgia right now. we all know what chuck schumer has said, we are going to take , wella and change america we are going to win georgia and save america. i don't have to tell you why that is so important, we have been listening to it for the last x months, they want the green new deal, they want to open borders, what -- they want to take away our health insurance. they want to defund soon we should be defending the police. but most of all, what they want to do is go to a one party system. sheen to the words of aoc, says we have to win those seats in georgia because we do not want to negotiate, we want the green new deal without compromise. that is impossible. we are not going to let them have it, they are sending millions of dollars down here to georgia to try and change our minds, they are not going to do it.
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we have already shown them the truth, 52.5% of georgians rejected the democratic plan. we are going to do it again. we have to do, you heard sonny do this, we have to get our vote out, early, do not wait for january the fifth. there is something in north georgia called ice storms, right? i am worried about that, we need to get out, early voting starts december 14. we need you to vote, take your friends, kelly are -- kelly and i are asking you to stand with us and make sure we send this to america, we need your help to make sure that the road to socialism never runs through the state of georgia. [applause] help, by getting our vote out again -- and i say outn, by getting the vote again we will tell america in the democratic party and the
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world that the work we have done in the last four years have not , we are not -- naught going to protect the work of donald trump and mike pence over the last four years that made america great again. [applause] it is my honor to be running for the seat along with kelly leffler. done a phenomenal job of stepping up after their race and getting behind kelly loeffler and me and i want to call doug out and thank him for that personally. and i want to thank you for being so involved in getting us to this point, we are this close, all we have got to do is finish it. we burned the ships, we cannot go back, we have got to go forward to january 5 and make sure the democrats leave with their tails wagging behind them and never come back. leffler is a farm girl, she grew up, she knows what work
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is all about. she is an outsider like i am, she has worked hard to get here, please welcome the next senator from georgia, kelly leffler. [applause] >> thank you so much, oh my gosh, gainesville are we ready to show america that georgia is a red state? [applause] the job doneto get because look, we have got a battle on our hands. we are the firewalls to socialism in america and we are going to hold the line right here in georgia. look at what is at stake, chuck schumer said take georgia, change america, that cannot happen because you do not want higher taxes, no. the green new deal, open borders, they want to take away our second amendment rights, they want to pack the court with liberal judges who will take
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away our religious liberties, we have got to hold the line. that is why this battle is still in our hands and it has been a tough year, we have been through a battle but we are not done fighting and i have to thank congressman doug collins for his support for his endorsement. [applause] because as conservatives, we are uniting across the state to get the job done to show the world that georgia is a red state, that is right. know, because here is what is at stake, it is not just radical ideas, it is radical .andidates like raphael warnock no thanks. that is right, rafael warnock has called our men and women of law enforcement gangsters,
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thugs, bullies, and a threat to our children. when i asked him -- that's right. we will not have that in the u.s. senate, we certainly won't have it in georgia. when i asked him to apologize for those comments, he refused. he also said you cannot serve in the military and serve god. he should apologize for those comments, that is an insult on the daughter and granddaughter of veterans, i served on the veterans affairs committee. georgia is a great military state -- let's hear it. [applause] that is the truth. you know he celebrated jeremiah wright who wanted to condemn america, he called it -- him a prophet. we take note in the senate to protect the constitution, he can't be trusted to do that. we are business people, we are held accountable for results, we are going to hold the democrats
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accountable for their lack of results. we have tried to pass pandemic relief in the senate time after time the democrats have said no, they have said no to small businesses, to farmers, to our teachers trying to reopen our schools. they have said no for political power, that is what one party rule looks like, it is wrong for america, it is deftly wrong for georgia. we have also said we need school choice, but democrats do not want school choice, they do not want religious education, they don't want homeschooling, they don't want charter schools. they want public schools only and we have to make sure our kids get the best education and that it is student centered. and we are going to stand up for conservative values because look at what donald trump has done for our country. that's right. [applause]
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president trump and vice president pence have made america great again and -- that's right. americar job to keep great, keep fighting for this president, keep fighting for this vice president because they love america. [applause] what i need you to do, i need you to know that we are going to be fighting for your conservative values, we are going to stop taxpayer-funded abortion -- that's right. conservativeur voice in the senate for years to come if you will be our voice on january 5. thank you. called you right now to your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, everyone about what
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is at stake in this election. georgia is on the front lines for america, stopping socialism and saving our country. it is in our hands, we can make that difference right now, we have to do that and vote early, motivate our neighbors, put up yard signs. georgia has got a little bit longer to go in this election cycle, we are going to get this not be moreould honored to introduce vice president mike pence, someone who is making america great. ♪ >> there she stood in the seat, from her hair to her feet.
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♪ >> hello georgia. [applause] it is great to be in the peach state. thank you all for coming out, this looks like come january 5 here in georgia we are going to have us a rodeo. [applause] i want to thank -- would you join me in thanking former
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governor senate -- purdue, one of the greatest i have ever known. mcdonald, goper chairman david schaefer, and i've got to tell you it is a privilege for me to be in the home district of one of the greatest allies this administration has had on a courageous he is and fearless man, a principled conservative and a man of inegrity and faith, join me thanking congressman doug collins for all he has done for georgia and america. [applause] it really is great to be with so many friends today, thank you for coming out. speaking of friends of mine, allow me to bring greetings from another friend of mine.
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i told him i was headed to georgia today and to be honest with you, i thought he looked a little bit jealous. let me bring greetings from a leader who has been fighting to keep the promises he made to the people of georgia every single day, i bring greetings in the -- from the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [applause] like all of you i am here because i stand with president donald trump. but i'm also here because president trump and i stand with senator david perdue and senator
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kelly loeffler. appreciate y'all coming out, i truly do. the president and i cannot be more grateful of the support of the people across georgia over the past four years. and over the past two weeks. it is amazing to think so far in this election president trump has received more than 73 million votes, more than any republican candidate for president in history, more than any incumbent president in history and the greatest share of minority votes of any republican in 60 years. i will tell you, as our election contest continues here in
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georgia and in courts across america, i promise you we are going to keep fighting until every legal vote is counted. [applause] going to keep fighting until every illegal vote is thrown out. holds,th over the future -- and whatever the future holds, we will never stop fighting to make america great again. that is why in addition to all of your support for this president, that is why georgia and america need david perdue in aelly leffler back republican majority in the united states senate. we need the peach state to defend the summit and the road to republican majority goes
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straight through georgia. me?you with [applause] we need georgia to send these senators back to a republican majority because of who they are , because of all we have accomplished, and because of the couldican senate majority be the last line of defense in preserving all that we have done to defend this nation, revive our economy, and preserve the god-given liberties that we all hold dear. i am here first and foremost because of who they are. macon who after high school enrolled in georgia tech, paid his way through college by working warehouse and construction jobs, he eventually would put together an
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extraordinary career in business, reach the top of the business world. a forty-year successful business career, but he is a man of faith, he felt a calling to public service and he stepped forward six years ago and i can tell you firsthand, he has been one of the greatest allies of our agenda and a present -- of president donald trump and washington, d.c. would you join me in thanking senator david perdue? -- [applause] foredible man, a champion george and george's values. just like another leader, fourth january -- generation on her family's farm. she built her own company from the ground appear in georgia, she made history breaking their years business and in sports for women to become one of george's most successful businesswoman ever.
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and she, too was willing to step forward and serve this state and i can tell you every day she has been in the united states senate, she has been an unapologetic champion of our agenda and the conservative values that make georgia leraight, senator kelly loeff thank you for your great leadership. [applause] about who they are, but also about everything we have accomplished with allies like these in washington, d.c. it is amazing to think all we have done, four years ago we inherited a military that had been hollowed out by devastating budget cut, and economy struggling to break out of the slowest recovery since the great depression, terrorism was on the rise throughout the world, and we witness to steady assault on our most cherished values. allies, and under
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the leadership of donald trump, we have rebuilt our military. we revived our economy, we secured our border, stood with law enforcement, and fought for life and liberty and the constitution of the usa. [applause] everything starts with our national defense, you may not know the defense family -- the pence family is a bit of a military family. i am proud to say my son is a captain in the united states marine corps. two unworthy son in laws as a lieutenant in the united states navy currently deployed in serving our nation. you, i could tell
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not be more proud to serve alongside a president who cares so deeply about the men and women of our armed forces. president trump with a strong support of our allies in congress signed the largest increase in our national defense since the days of ronald reagan, we are finally giving our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coast guard the resources and support they need to defend this nation. and let me say as we restore the arsenal of democracy, from the seat on the armed services duemittee, senator david per has been there every step of the way. it is not just about those who serve, but also about all of you who did serve in the uniform in
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the united states. in fact, standing in this patriotic crowd i'm confident is a lot of women and men that served in our armed forces, so if you would not mind if you are a veteran, would you put your hand in the air and give us a chance to thank you one more time? [applause] thank you for your service. thank you for your service. thank you for our freedom. we all remember especially these veterans under the last administration, we saw years of scandal with the v.a. that shocked the conscious of the nation, but with a strong support from her seat on the veterans affairs committee, was therelly loeffler
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as president trump implemented the most sweeping reforms in years, we fired 10,000 v.a. employees that were not giving our veterans the health care that they earned and veterans choice is now available for every veteran in america, thank you senator. and with that renewed american strength, we have stood up to our enemies and stood with our allies all these last four years. our the direction of commander-in-chief, our armed forces took down the last inches of territory under the black flag of isis and eliminated their leader without one american casualty. with the strong support of both of your senators, this president stood strong against iran, we got out of the iran nuclear and gone.anian general is
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[applause] so we stood strong against those who would threaten our freedom and our peace, but we have also stood with our most cherished ally like never before. after for president in a row promised and did not do it, it was president donald trump who kept his word and moved to the american embassy to jerusalem, the capital of the state of israel. so it has been about our aboutty, but it is also prosperity these last four years and after the slowest recovery since the greatest -- great depression, working with the senators, president donald trump revived our economy, we cut
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taxes across the board, we rolled back regulation at a historic pace, we fought for free and fair trade, unleased american energy and in three short years, businesses large and small created seven million good paying jobs. and even in this challenging year after losing 22 million jobs at the height of this global pandemic, on that strong foundation with our allies into congress and the unprecedented recovery and relief efforts for families and businesses that the senators provided, we have already seen more than 12 million americans go back to 350,000 people right here in the peach state. and david perdue and kelly
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loeffler where there every step of the way, beyond our prosperity and beyond our security, i could not be more proud to stand with two leaders and serve with the president who has stood every day with the men and women who served on the thin blue line of law enforcement. perdue,t trump, david ffler will always back the blue. beyond that, we have supported the rule of law as never before and this is where the senate looms so large. the president nominates men and women to serve in our federal courts, but it is the senate that confirms. working with georgian senators, we have actually seen more than 220 conservatives appointed to our federal courts at every level and they are all men and
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women who will uphold the god-given liberties enshrined in our constitution like the freedom of religion, the freedom of speech, and the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. [applause] 220 judges including justice neil gorsuch, justice brett kavanaugh, and justice amy coney barrett. great?he mean, in her confirmation hearing how much did you love it when they said, what have you got written on that paper in front of you? nothing. an amazing person, i've got to tell you the senators were there every step of the way as the president of the united states fulfilled his duty to fill that seat, in fact, let me take this opportunity to thank senator
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loeffler, she was the first member of the senate to call for a confirmation vote of justice amy coney barrett. thank you, senator. [applause] in a strong judiciary, vanguard and the senate has never been more important. you all remember in the last administration, the steady assault of our most cherished liberties including the freedom religion. the last administration actually compromised to the conscious rights of doctors and nurses and religious charities. they actually hauled the little sisters of the poor into federal court to force them to compromise their faith to live under the mandate of obama care. you all might remember when judge amy coney barrett was being confirmed a couple years ago the democrat leader of the judiciary committee actually
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because was concerned of judge barrett's sincere catholic faith. quote, the dogma lives loudly within you. and their friends in hollywood have been attacking judge amy coney barrett enter values ever sent -- since. i have got a message for the democrats in washington and their friends in hollywood and the two democrats that are trying to join them from here in georgia. that dogma lives loudly in me. that dogma lives loudly in you. in the right to live and worship according to the dictates of our faith live loudly in the constitution of the united states of america.
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that is why -- one more reason why we need these two great senators back in the senate. ,e have accomplished so much prosperity, security, strengthening the foundation under our liberties. i have to tell you, maybe most of all, i cannot be more proud to be standing today with two members of the senate and with a president who stands without apology for the sanctity of human life. the men and women of georgia for who they are, for all that we have accomplished, we need senator david perdue and senator
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kelly loeffler back in a majority in the senate, we need georgia to defend the majority on january 5, 2021. are you with me? [applause] you all know the stakes in this election. the choice has never been due and for david per ffler stand for national defense, the others will cut the national defense to fund a big government programs. a couple weeks before the election, democrats were already talking about deep cuts in our national defense to fund their new big government projects. and raphael warnock has demeaned our military, he repeatedly has
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defended anti-semitic rhetoric and even ridiculed our most cherished allies israel. and where the senators cut taxes, they are going to keep defending the right to keep more of what you earn, jon ossoff and raphael warnock want to raise taxes on working families and businesses large and small. warnock are talking about defunding the police, loefflerdue and kelly will always back the blue. [applause] and were jon ossoff and raphael to supportts activist judges who will literally legislate from the bench and support taxpayer funding of abortion all the way davidthe moment of birth,
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and kelly will stand for the principles in our constitution and the right to life every single day. [applause] you all note the stakes here in georgia -- know the stakes here in georgia. chuck schumer said the other date now we take georgia, then we change america. i have got a message for chuck schumer and the washington we are going to keep georgia and we are going to save america. our agenda is american greatness , their agenda is american decline. where we are opening up america, i from us you they are going to be locking down america if they get half a chance. in fact, remember when the
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democrats said it would be impossible to actually have a vaccine by the end of the year? i have got a newsflash for you their pfizer turned vaccine over to the fda today. before the end of this year, we are going to see 40 million vaccines all across america, that is the leadership of president donald trump. we are in the miracle business. you all know jon ossoff and raphael warnock's agenda is ,igher taxes, open borders socialized medicine, green new deal, abortion on demand, defunding the police, and packing the courts. jon ossoff and raphael warnock are wrong for georgia and wrong -- america, that is right why we need georgia to say no to them and yes to senator david perdue and senator kelly
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loeffler on january 5. so georgia, i came here today to say stay in the fight. stay in the fight for the integrity in the selection. stay in the fight to defend the republican majority and stay in the fight until the polls close on january 5 and we send david er backand kelly loeffl to a republican majority in the united states senate. the buswhy i got on today, that is why headed your these twond with great leaders, to stand with all of you. i have got a couple things to ask you to do in the week ahead
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-- weeks ahead, first thing i vote, vote to reelect david perdue to the unitedfler states senator -- senate. in person voting starts december themy last stop -- they say local office opens at 8:30, so let me ask of you that came to this rodeo today, grab a neighbor, family member, remember, friends don't let friends vote alone. get out and vote to reelect david and kelly, the moment they open early voting. secondly, i want you to tell someone why you came out today and why you feel so passionate.
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the people of georgia deserve to know just how important this election is. we need you to stay in the fight and encourage others to stay in the fight, georgia will loom large in the future of this senate, make no mistake about it. i know george is up to the task, i know georgia is going to hold the line. [applause] so vote as soon as you can. tell a friend, the stakes in this election. finally i encourage you to have faith. [applause] have faith in our president. who made america great again and
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will never stop fighting to make america greater still. have faith in leaders like david .erdue and kelly loeffler men and women of integrity who when the lights are off they stand for principle every single day. --y defend george's values george's values -- gero have faith in the people of this great state. i believe the careful study of history shows that every time the american people are given a choice between a seizure of more future of more
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freedom and a future of less freedom, the american people choose freedom every time, so go tell them freedom is on the ballot. and finally, finally i would encourage you to have that other kind of faith as well. somebody sent me a quote the , it said you can trust an unknown future to a known god . we may not know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future.
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so i would encourage you to avail yourselves in these days faith thatlspring of the people of georgia and america have always drawn in much more challenging times and we live in today. and remember, the ancient people whot if his are called by his name will humble themselves and pray and turn that he will do like he has always done in the long and storied history of this nation. he will hear from heaven and he land.eal this this one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. so pray for america. pray for all of the american people. the busg to get back on
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and get back to washington, d.c. and get back in the fight. here.ay in the fight just know that we are never going to stop fighting and your support today means the world, i can't wait until i get back to the white house and tell them all about you great people, thank you for coming out, this is a great honor. i leave here today with renewed confidence that if all of us do everything we need to do in the days ahead we are going to keep on winning. men and women of georgia, we are going to preserve freedom for this generation and the next and with all of your efforts, in this vitally important senate 5 and withjanuary your prayers. we are going to get every legal vote for president trump counted.
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[applause] senatorsing to get the back in the united states senate. and with your support and with help, weelp -- god's are going to keep making america great again. thank you all much, god bless you, god bless america. let's go get it done, georgia. >> and a brief statement, the georgian governor did not explicitly say he would certify the presidential election results presented by the second area of state but noted he is required to do so by state law, the governor noted some irregularities in the statewide audit and called for election reform. the deadline for certification is 5:00 saturday. >>


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