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Kevin McCarthy
  House Minority Leader Mc Carthy Holds Press Conference  CSPAN  October 15, 2020 6:47pm-6:58pm EDT

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mccarthy spoke today. he says it's time to reconsider roles that give platforms like facebook, twitter, and google protection from liability. he also answered questions about the possibility of passing coronavirus relief legislation.
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>> you are all out working. thank you for coming. with less than three weeks to go until the election, many americans are eager to learn about the candidates. it is imperative our information channels are open and americans can access stories by the press and their own social circles. congress believed in the power of information so much they created special liability protections for information platforms, technology companies like facebook, twitter and google. it is called section 230. i believe in the principles outlined in the law. it is clear section 230, it is not working. justice clarence thomas said the courts had sweeping new
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protections of 230 that congress never put in statute. it is time to scrap the law and start over. yesterday the new york post, one of the country's largest newspapers published a piece on hunter biden, and his work on the board of ukrainian energy company burisma. she had no qualifications. it is an important story as most americans would be appalled by the press -- vice president using his father's position to earn an enormous contract. the response from many in the media and twitter and facebook bring to light an even bigger concern, the biggest social networks censoring information. if you are a citizen and posted information in the story, your account was locked. last night republican house judiciary committee posted the story on their website. a government website. twitter has censored
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it. the big tech censored media and americans posted about the unverified later debunked steel dossier, big tech censored the media and americans when they posted about trump's taxes which were obtained illegally? did big tech sensor the world's largest sponsor of terrorism, the supreme leader of iran? the answer to all three questions is no. social media companies intend to use the protection provided by congress for some americans but not for others. we should remove those special standards altogether. ranking member jim jordan and the house judiciary committee have legislation that should be voted on to restore america's town squares. republicans are clear on what we need to do to serve the american public. republicans are part of our commitment to america, our way of life, we build the economy and renew the
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american dream. chief among our goals is keeping small businesses open. i know what it is like to have a dream to have a small business. we've been relentless to get speaker pelosi to provide needed relief for americans which she continues to turn her back to focus on politics, not people. when nancy pelosi was asked if the house would stay in session until the deal to negotiate, she answered we can't go home without it. a few days later she sent us home for the august recess. republicans have attempted to bring up small business committee steve savitz's regulations reopen paycheck protection to support small business and their employees. to block any ppp money going forward 39 times, 39 times we brought it to the floor. nancy
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pelosi does not want to lift a finger to help the american people because she believes in her own words let me quote, that nothing is better than something, negotiations are all about leverage. it is clear she has offered resistance instead of relief. she has wasted precious time. eating ice cream in front of the refrigerator, blaming a salon owner for special treatment and now insulting wolf blitzer. these are not actions of a functioning democratic majority. i will take questions. yes, sir. >> the president would like to see congress go home on a covid-19 really fill in the administration offered $1.8 million, congress going higher than that. would house republicans report $1.8 trillion bigger deal?
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>> the president's 1.8, a large big deal. nancy pelosi still makes us go home instead of getting something done. the american people would want anything to go forward. republicans time and again pushed forward ideas. the speaker controls the house. the answer to your question it doesn't matter what our answer would be because the speaker has denied anything. >> vote for $1.8 trillion? >> i would always read a bill but what is interesting to me as their own members, the democrats have asked her to take this deal. she's the only hurdle, the only roadblock to being able to vote on it. we have a discharge petition that would remove ppp money, $137 billion. she forced her members not to sign. there is one stumbling block to any
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deal getting through, doesn't matter the size. the speaker of the house is the only one. >> do you believe there will be a covid-19 relief deal? will there be a covid-19 relief deal before the election? >> as long as nancy pelosi is involve the answer is easily no. we watched her every single time we tried to have covid-19 relief she held the process up. now she is strangling the american public by denying these things. you watch even her arguments with blitzer because he wanted to read quotes from her own members asking her to take the deal. i think she cares more about politics than she cares about the american public. it is obvious interactions. remember why she said she doesn't want to go forward. she's fearful the american public would get a check, fearful the president would get some credit of helping the
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american public in this time of need. >> a quick question regarding covid-19. if a deal goes to the center, what is your plan to keep your members and staff say from the coronavirus? >> that is a great question. i put a report out on how to keep the house safe. one of the elements was testing. nancy pelosi has denied that. the protections on which committees we bring back. unfortunately nancy pelosi has denied -- we work with the medical community to keep the house safe. one of those would be testing. thank you so very much. have a good day.
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♪ who will control congress in january? stay informed with all of the races. watch the candidates debate and election results on c-span. andh online on listen on the free c-span radio app. >> on the fourth day of the amy coney barrett confirmation hearing is concluded. vote will takeee place in one week on the 22nd at 1 p.m..
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isch mcconnell announced he planning on begetting the full senate debate the day after the committee vote on friday, october 23 and they will stay on the nomination until judge barrett is confirmed. if you missed any of today's confirmation hearings, you can watch the full hearing tonight starting 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. ♪ >> our campaign 2020 coverage continues with candidates campaigning and debating. c-span, your unfiltered view of politics.