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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  September 27, 2020 11:57pm-12:36am EDT

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will discuss president trump's supreme court nominee with stephen dennis. we will talk about the trump the republican national committee spokesperson and rick wilson discusses opposition to trump's reelection. watch live at 7:00 eastern monday morning. be sure to join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, text messages and tweets. announcer: next, british prime minister boris johnson answers questions on proposed changes to his government's brexit plan and it's response to the coronavirus. other questions focused on how its impacting jobs, students, and industries like tourism. this is prime minister's questions. >> my honorable friend to discuss what we can do.
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>> we moved to prime minister's questions. i know why you are in lincolnshire. >> number one, mister speaker, i had meetings with ministerial colleagues later today. >> clearly the unanimous decision to drop consent for the virtual space take off in sutherland is good news. i hope the prime minister agrees this would be good for the local economy but also provide an opportunity for the uk economy, for the markets. >> i congratulate launch uk on what they are doing with 250
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full-time jobs, i have no doubt the launch of the uk on a path to greater presence in the global satellite market. >> yesterday the prime minister announced a series of changes no one ever wanted to see the keep the virus as slow as possible and will the prime minister reassure constituents, just as importantly. >> he is indeed, my honorable friends can reassure constituencies the purpose of the package carried support for the house to continue to drive down the number while keeping businesses open and keeping people in school. >> welcome the leader of the opposition. >> the prime minister said test
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and trace is a game changer, backed up by the health secretary, finding people who test positive is the most important thing we can do to stop the spread of the virus. yesterday the complete opposite, testing and tracing has little or nothing to do with spread or transmission of the disease. both positions cannot be right. which is it? >> an obvious fact of biology and epidemiology this disease is transmitted by human contact or aerosol contact but it is one of the great advantages of nhs test and trace which we did not have working, this is the result that we now have the ability to see in granular
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detail where the epidemic is breaking out, which groups, that's why we've been able to deliver the local lockdowns and why we are able to say it is necessary to take the decisive actions which to drive the virus down and keep our economy moving, that is the point. >> why yesterday did the prime minister say testing or tracing had nothing to do with the spread or transmission of the disease? >> i hesitate to reprove the right honorable gentlemen but you are not listening to my previous answer. i gave a clear answer, there is an epidemiological factor that transmission of the virus takes place by human contact person
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to person, test and trace and enables us to isolate cases of the virus in greater detail which we weren't able to do before. thanks to the efforts of nhs test and trace thousands of people, nurses, doctors and young people, we now have not only testing more capacity, more than any other country in europe, the capacity today that a record high and should pay tribute to their work. >> i listen to the answer the prime minister gave, yesterday he said the opposite of what he said today. everybody in this chamber could see it and he talks about testing. can i remind the prime minister that last week he admitted
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testing currently has huge problems, we plainly don't have enough testing capacity was the health secretary said testing would take weeks. pretending it isn't a problem is part of the problem, prime minister. it is unclear, let's test the prime minister's explanation. is that the explanation for the problems, the problem he acknowledged before the committee. the explanation for the prime minister that we haven't got enough capacity because nobody could have expected the rise in demand or is it we've got all the capacity we need but people are being unreasonable, the hancock defense. which is it? >> continual attacks on guide o harding in particular are unseemly and unjustified and her teams have done an
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outstanding job recruiting people, not to deny the anxiety of those, we would love to have much more testing thanks to the efforts of nhs test and trace, not only at a record high, testing more people than any european country but to get to the point that we are going to go up to 500,000 tests by the end of october. that is the work of guide o harding in 13 and what i want to hear is more togetherness than we had yesterday. this is an opportunity to support nhs test and trace, get behind and encourage people to
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believe in it, constantly knocks it from the sideline. >> there is a little bit of bloated this coming from here, we are up a little bit from this side. people watching proceedings, speak to me afterwords. >> the prime minister knows my complaint is not with the nhs but the government. my wife worked there, my sister works for the nhs i won't take lectures from the prime minister on supporting the nhs. the prime minister says we have capacity. millions of children went back to school, that is a good thing, then the inevitable
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happened, kids get coughs, bugs, flu, it is in the job description but there is no effective system into didn't deal with it. many can't get tests, schools have 10 tests, many result. the outcome is obvious. they have work and how on earth did we get into this mess? >> he knows perfectly well, he read the advice from the chief medical officer is that there is exceptionally small risk to primary and secondary school age, a lower rate of infection that they publish today but also knows we are doing our best to get every child tested who have symptoms and thanks to
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the efforts of teachers in the country, 9.9% at our backs in spite of all the attempts this summer and schools were safe. people of this country have more common sense. >> such a poor defense, it is not whether the children have covid-19 but they have covid-19 symptoms, the government's department shows one in 8 children off school this week, that disrupt their education whether it is covid-19 symptoms is not to the point. what they are doing installing day in and day out, the reality is losing control of testing is a major reason the prime minister is losing control of this virus.
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as a result, he is dating in health measures, restrictions we do support but at the same time phasing out economic support, now dangerously out of sync. let me quote the director general of the cbi, the crushing measures we bring to thousands of firms, it is vital, she says that the restrictions go hand in hand with claire ready to protect jobs. >> no doubt the work this government is done to protect the economy of the country to support the jobs of 12 million people, overall expenditure of 160 pounds, when example anywhere else in the world and should pay tribute to the chancellor. we will go forward with imaginative teens to keep the economy moving and that is the
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essence of the plan, the proposal, he supported them last night, i hope he continues the essence of what we are saying, to suppress the virus or keep people in school or keep the economy moving, that is the best thing we can do. >> i'm not asking about the support put in place in the past. we support that. i'm asking about support in light of restrictions announced yesterday, yesterday 6000 jobs were lost, one of the major employers, the cbi, federation of small businesses, british chamber of commerce, governor of the bank of england all calling on the prime minister to stop the rethink, support the businesses affected, don't
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withdraw for those. we have been saying it for months. where is the prime minister going to act? >> these are tough times and many businesses and employees are asking a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty and we will do our best to protect them through the period but we will get through this by efforts we outlined in the house yesterday and the reality of the opposition has been exposed, the cat is out of the bag, shadow education the secretary said jones let a good crisis go to waste. that the approach of the labour party. seeking to create political opportunity out of a crisis, what the country is going
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through where we are taking tough decisions to get this virus down, to keep our education systems going into keep our economy moving. in a spirit of togetherness, continue to give his support. >> it is hugely important, fine example, working and investing, many found their hopes of welcoming back stadiums have been touched so given the many reliances, do everything possible to support the businesses for the communities that rely on them. >> my honorable friend is a mansfield man. i think john and carolyn radcliffe for all they've done for the club. in active consultations to see what we can do to help?
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>> ian blackburn. >> thank you. last night the prime minister and leaders of the devolved government stopping the number of covid-19 cases reach 50,$000 a day -- 50,000 today but other major threat since october. there is another set of numbers the government is making. 1 million jobs at risk, 30 billion-a-year to the taxpayer. and 7000 trucks, mister speaker, if those numbers become a reality the prime minister is leading us to another winter of discontent. our first minister has shown leadership using this pandemic,
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a responsibility for extending for the prime minister, the immediate extension, no half measures are half-baked projects that are vital or life-saving schemes, will the prime minister show leadership? >> i noticed the leader of the opposition supports an extension of the furlough scheme, that is what he said. the drive will continue to put our arms around the people of this country and the appropriate, creative and imaginative team to keep the economy moving. that is the essence of it. >> that, mister speaker, what we are talking about us protecting jobs of people
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today, nobody, prime minister, asked for that. the first step to any recovery is admitting there is a problem. even the governor of the bank of england is telling the prime minister to stop and rethink. the solution for millions of people right now is extension of the furlough scheme beyond october. they are putting in 61,000 jobs in scotland at risk. yesterday the only reassurance the prime minister gave was saying he would throw his arms around the prime minister. i can tell you the last those scots are looking for is a hug from you. they need the security of knowing they can hold onto their jobs for themselves and their families. time is running out. the government instructs the chancellor to extend the furlough scheme and stop 1 million workers and sold them to the scrap heap by this government.
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>> i can tell him the furlough has been extended to the end of october, no doubt about that and we will continue to provide the best support we can give to get people, new jobs have been created, get people into work while suppressing the virus. he doesn't want to hug me but that was a metaphor, mister speaker, and incarnated by 12.7 billion pounds coming from the uk exchequer to the four people across the whole of our country. >> thank you to andrew babbitt. >> it is interesting to see the jobs given this side of the house we voted this weekend
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last, 500,000 jobs in shrine in scotland's most important market, internal uk market. why did my right honorable friend not support this bill? >> it is totally baffling. this bill underpins massive transfer of power to scotland from brussels, 70,000 promises go back to scotland which they would throw away again the entire beautiful glistening pool of scotland aspect taken a marine wealth and fisheries straight back and scotland fisheries straight back to brussels. that is what they want to do. >> a report mentioned that the uk - the government failing to reach 17 of 20 targets it
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signed up to and amazing next week, a vital moment to show some real leadership. it protects 30% of land and sea to nature by 2030. will the prime minister commit to 30% of land and sea by 2030 and the funding of spending review. >> the honorable lady, unaware the campaign to get the world's leaders to sign up to leaders declaration on bio diverse city was led by this government and does she know that? this government leading the world in protecting biodiversity across the planet and we put in all the funding required.
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>> there is growing concern in my constituency about the rising number of illegal crossings across the channel. to save lives and protect our borders the uk must stop people making these crossings. the law in this area is complex, my constituents and the country, the latest, comprehensive problem brought before the house. >> i think my honorable friend, the position is difficult, dublin regulations for return and what is happening, people think there is a way that is legally difficult, tragic for those coming across in rubber dinghy he's or children's paddling pools cheated by a gang such as they are, we must
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find a better way once we arrive at the eu able to make our return arrangements to settle our own laws in this matter, no doubt will find a way forward. >> thank you, mister speaker and the prime minister having problems with his memory, yesterday, a reminder of the recent exchange where metaphorically you promised to put your arms around -- people in support of jobs and the economy. we know the cbi and the tuc businesses and unions, employees and workers, the bank of england united in a call for targeted expansion and make no mistake there is a tsunami of job losses within 30 days. will the prime minister listen to that advice and take urgent
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action? >> i think the honorable member is right about the gravity of the situation although it is true, powering through this makes things very difficult, that is why the job retention bonus at the end of the year to help keep people in employment, we are looking at a package of investment in the medium, short, medium, and the long-term, 2 billion pounds kickstart fund we put in place, 640 billion pounds invested over all in infrastructure and the condition of the package as i said to the right honorable gentlemen creating imaginative measures to help people through this crisis.
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>> like you, one of my top priorities, education and spending opportunities, i will come the rebuilding program that will refurbish 50 schools for next year. in my constituency, we have permission to build a new school so the county counsel, could you back up how the new school is in the rebuilding program, the aspiration and opportunity for the great younger people? >> the cause of education, more effective advocate than my honorable friend and although the first 50 have not -- my
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right honorable friend, that powerful cry. >> does he understand the government has to be the cost that comes with the pandemic so can either do that by extending job retention with specific support or the long-term price of long-term unemployment, social security and the damage that comes to the economy with it, for building back better. >> keep doing what we are doing, to intensify the support and every part of the union from spaceport's to backing our armed services throughout the whole of the uk to investing in healthcare, that's what we will
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do and the consequentials so far are 12.7 billion pounds. we will continue to provide that support. >> on saturday, getting back into football, has been postponed. mansfield and many other clubs, real threat to their viability to the ground. will my right honorable friend, the school recovery to assure this for local communities. >> it grieves me to see clubs in norris city not the way they want to and i totally sympathize with him and the fans, i wish we didn't have to do this now. to get through this to follow
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the advice but in the meantime my right honorable friend the secretary of state, solutions help the large city and others. >> neil gray. >> sometimes doing the right thing isn't easy but it is essential, doing the right thing to stop the spread of covid-19, good to have a social business and economic -- the uk government moves to ensure a new phase of school security and things so will he do the right thing as a minimum the support available to businesses, in particular self employed or self isolated or extend the furlough scheme, assure it expanded to legacy benefits and made permanent. >> the honorable gentlemen is right that the government will come forward with further
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measures. i don't think it would be sensible to extend the furlough scheme in its present form beyond the end of october but we will do what we can to support businesses and those in jobs and the self-employed. >> the need for more housing, in places like door edge, knowles, residents are concerned about pressures on the greenbelt but his government is a vast government to protect the precious greenbelt. >> the greenbelt is a labor achievement and we intend to build on it. this will not change that. we will not change to protect
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greenbelt and our housing targets which are very ambitious will focus on brownfields a. >> florence says you love me. >> hundreds of leaseholders unable to sell or remortgage their property, the s-1 form is not being used as intended and my constituents trapped between risk-averse lenders and owners. they have been waiting 20 years already to tell me what steps they are taking to resolve this dangerous situation. >> i am aware of this problem of this, because of unsafe tidings on their buildings.
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it is disgraceful, it should come out as fast as possible when investing massively to achieve as fast as we can but i sincerely appreciate. >> in 2006, improvement plans, dangerous junction, something i have long campaigned for. the regional director of the southwest part told me this was not going to happen blaming the change, can my right honorable friend tell me who will see shuffles in the grounds? >> she gave me advanced notice, i hope they are undertaking a
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safety study, will be able to accelerate their work and get on with it as fast as possible. >> before lockdown children finished education on average, the gap was getting worse so schools closed and they did less than one hour school work a day, lockdown was temporary but the impact could be lifelong. to help these children catch up and in the spirit of to gather and this invoked by the prime minister earlier on will his government give time to close the digital divide, get children on free school meals to internet on their homes. >> i'm grateful to the honorable lady who raised an
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important point, getting kids back to school shows the most important objective of the last few months but she's right what she said about the digital divide and we are massing in education, giving 230,000 laptops and routers in schools across the country. that is what we are going to do and i want to seal world in which every school in our country has that, with the equipment that will give the pupils the equipment and access to the internet that they need. >> what my right honorable friend agree as the performing arts are global standard, not only the envy of the world but a showcase for uk tlc across the world, we should treasure
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it and look after that industry and other schemes, job retention schemes but those that have fallen through the cracks and those, we must do something to fort -- protect the freelancers, many others. can we do something to look after those people? >> that is an important point. the job retention scheme, people who don't have employment that kind, to support the immediate sectors including the theaters, we will do what we can to support the freelancers who are the backbone of our theatrical world which is the jewel in the crown of the london cultural economy.
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>> turning to scotland, rodney cowan. >> taking control of gambling legislation, number 10 recommendations made, a report published in june. >> i can tell the honorable gentlemen i am an enthusiast for encouraging the spread of gambling in this country. >> like the vast majority of the public, the restrictions, the prime minister said we will get through this but long-term only three roots after this pandemic, create herd immunity, suppress the virus and reduce the deaths, vexing or highly
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effective treatment arrive, will my right honorable friend the prime minister tell me which of these roots is the government taking? >> number 3. >> mister speaker, only time will tell, by the medical advisors, infections of coronavirus have any credibility or exaggerated as half 1 million deaths within weeks at the beginning of the year. what is not in dispute is the scare tactics being used and the delivery actions taken will have a major impact on the hospitality industry, further devastation for the aviation industry. since the economic consequences are borne by people, businesses and local economies will the
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government make a commitment to first of all support employment, giving resources to help local economies and staving off bankruptcies and jobs? >> the honorable gentlemen makes a powerful point of skepticism about the medical forecast. all i can say is everybody should look what happened in the first phase of this pandemic and be in no doubt it is possible such a thing can happen again and it is to avoid this we are taking the steps now, there will be far more damage to the economy if we fail to control the virus and we are obliged to put in seriously damaging lockdown measures that affect every
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business in the country, that is why we are taking the approach we are and support him and his party as well but i can tell him that the advantage of this is it will allow us not just to keep that virus down if we all follow the guidance, keep the virus down but also enable education to continue and our economy to go forward and we will support businesses in northern ireland and across the country throughout the period. >> to allow honorable members participating in this, >> you have been watching prime minister's questions. is september 30. he can watch it live on c-span two or sunday nine -- night.
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past prime video of minister's questions and other british public affairs program -- you can british public affairs program. the conversation hosted by george washington university begins at 4:00 p.m. eastern and you can watch live on c-span, or listen for free on the c-span radio app. look at the life and political career of jill biden, we want to welcome susan riccio. and bob cubesat. first, background on the former vice president. 1940s born november 20,


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