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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden Speaks at Hispanic Heritage Month Event in...  CSPAN  September 16, 2020 6:18am-6:59am EDT

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district judge for the southern district of california. on c-span3 at 10:00, a senate appropriations subcommittee looks at how the department of health and human services continues its response to covid-19. witnesses include cdc director robert redfield and admiral dash, hhs assistant secretary for health. at 2:30 p.m., the senate energy subcommittee examines land management bills that include firefighting and forest management. tuesday evening, joe biden spoke at an hispanic heritage event in kissimmee, florida. also speaking at the event, actor eva longoria, ricky martin and luis fonzie. mr. biden spoke about his domestic agenda as it relates to
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the latino community and his economic aid plan for puerto rico. ♪ ♪ >> hello, hello. i am chairwoman of the osceola board of county commissioners, and i am so excited to welcome you here in osceola county. as we prepare to welcome the vice president to osceola county, i couldn't pick a better and more perfect day. we are in the kickoff, and it's the first day of hispanic heritage month. we have an overwhelmingly ofpanic population with 55%
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our population being of hispanic origin with the great majority being puerto rican. we are a working class community, and we have so many people relocating from puerto rico after hurricane maria looking for opportunity. unfortunately now, we are stuck with an inadequate, inapt response to hurricane maria and our covid-19 pandemic. i don't know about you, but i am looking forward to a president that not only has a plan for puerto ricans, for hispanics, but will also bring that level of respect and caring to the white house that we need. spanish]
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with that said, it gives me great pleasure as the first hispanic woman to serve on the oc ola -- osceola board of commissioners and the only puerto rican woman to serve in the history of osceola county to honorableyou the firs congressman darren soto. congressman soto: gracias. buenas noches. spanish] welcome to our hispanic heritage month celebration with vice president
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joe biden. what an amazing way to kick off this celebration of our heritage in central florida with the vice president. spanish] critical.ic vote is we must elect joe biden to the president of the united states to solve the pandemic, to restore our economy, and to build back better. [speaking spanish]
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vote for biden to save america. gracias a todo. announcer: please welcome eva longoria and ricky martin. ♪ ♪ ms. longoria: hello. [speaking spanish]
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know i wishme, you we could all be together celebrating hispanic heritage month, but that is not the world we live in today. for eight months, the president of the united states has refused to implement a plan to bring this pandemic to an end, a pandemic that has killed more americans,0 fellow including thousands of latinos and latino brothers and sisters. crueltympetence and comes as a surprise for americans, but not for our community. we knew who he was all along. after hurricane maria, we saw how he tossed paper towels for a theo op while asking cabinet if he could sell puerto
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rico. we witnessed his cruelty when he launched his campaign icon andgrants rapists criminals. as president, he deployed ice to implement barbaric policies. we also witnessed his shamelessness when asking about the pulse nightclub shooting in florida. instead of comforting victims, he tweeted -- appreciate the congrats. i'm not kidding. this is what he said. appreciate the congrats. but we have good news. not only do we have a chance to defeat donald trump. we have a chance to elect a president who will rebuild america, a president we will be proud to call our commander-in-chief. that is because joe biden is a man of character. believes, his family and mine, are more similar than
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different. he believes everyone has a place in this country no matter where you are born, what you look like, or who you love. is a president who is ready to protect all puerto ricans. it doesn't matter if you live in pennsylvania. it doesn't matter if you live in florida. us a ready to work for president who will respect the dignity of the puerto rican people, a president who has a relief from debt holding our economy back, who protestten to us as we demanding action from the white house. that is exactly who joe biden is. with him as a president, we will always have a chair at the table, but before that happens, we have to make sure he wins.
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i'm going to ask you, almost beg go to ilease and register now. we have to do this for our children. we have to do this for the .hildren of our children you know i like to have fun, but this is really serious. these are the most important thetions we've seen in history of this country, and puerto ricans have the power to decide it. we will use that power in november. we have to make sure that joe biden goes to the white house. i beg you, please. make a plan. how are you going to get to the polls? we have to do this.
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ofhave to change the course this country. thank you. hello, florida. today kicks off the first day of hispanic heritage month, which is a way to celebrate latino culture and to recognize our heritage that no matter where you come from, our culture and heritage is engraved in america, yet our community is reminded that we are different, whether it is the accent on our last ,ame or the accent in our voice whether it is the color of our skin -- there are many who believe we don't belong, and as ricky said, the president's on latino dignity started on day one. when he called us drug dealers and rapists. he has spent the last four years doubling down on demonizing latinos.
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at the border, he has ripped kids from the arms of their parents and has locked them in cages. i want mothers everywhere to hear that. imagine your child being separated from you and being put in a cage three feet away from you where you cannot hold or console him. dreamers,ed to deport even the ones who served in uniform to protect the united states of america. our soldiers are being deported. he abandoned puerto rico after hurricane maria and left the island in complete devastation. he even thought maybe we could swap puerto rico for greenland because in his words, puerto rico was dirty, and the people were poor. he has completely failed to respond to covid-19, a virus that has disproportionately hurt latinos. latinos are only 18% of the population, but we make up over
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34% of essential front-line workers. 34%. those are your health workers, your drivers, your delivery people, your farmworkers who are putting food on your table. it farmworkers have always been the essential. we didn't need a pandemic to tell us that. cast outrategy is to latinos as being less than fully american. let me tell you how american we are. this year for the first time in history, hispanics will be the largest minority group of potential voters in the united states. latino voters will decide the 2020 election. that is a simple fact. in florida, hispanics are in even bigger part of the population, 25% compared to 18% nationally, and i want to be clear. increasing hispanic participation in elections does not help democrats or republicans. it helps america. try toia narratives
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reduce hispanics to single issue voters, immigration, but guess what? our community cares about a whole lot more. biden offers a very strong platform and record on the economy, health care, education. under the obama-biden administration, latino on up limit rates declined more than 7% more than previous administrations. joe biden believes that there is no greater economic engine in the world than the hard work and ingenuity of the american people. nobody has more respect for the working men and women who get up every day to build and sustain this country, and joe biden knows that many of those people are latinos. the trump administration endorses economic policies that reward wealth overwork, corporations overworking families. over workingns
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families. biden has a plan to create millions of good paying jobs. for the soul of this nation. mexico is not sending drug dealers and rapists. they just sent firefighters to help us fight the california wildfires. they are trying to save american lives. puerto ricans are americans. puerto rico is not a foreign country. they are american citizens. we should be lifting them up. it is more than just coming around every four years knocking on our doors and saying, your vote matters. it is about showing us that our lives matter. our livelihoods matter. i don't know about you, but after all the attacks and insults, i don't just want donald trump out of office, but i want the latino community to be the decisive group that votes him out of office. ournt to show our pride and
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strength and our power as a community. that is why i am asking you to do everything you can to elect joe biden and kamala harris. he's a family man, a man of faith. throughout his career, he has stood with the latino community and has shown he values us for the diverse and countless ways we make this country great already. we need joe biden in the white house, and he needs our help to get there. there is no question that latino voters can determine the outcome of this election, and that starts here in florida. we have the numbers. it is up to us to make sure those numbers add up to his victory this november. announcer: please welcome luis
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fonsi. ♪ fonsi: hello, everyone. whether you are here in kissimmee or watching the livestream, i am so grateful you have chosen to spend time with us. i'm so excited to have the chance to talk to you about what is at stake in this election for the two places that made me the man i am today, my beautiful puerto rico and florida. i was born in san juan, puerto rico, which is where i fell in love with music, but during my early teenage years, my family and i moved to orlando, florida. i graduated not too far from here. story is theys, my american story. when i arrived in florida, i could barely speak english. by the time i left, i knew what
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i wanted to do for the rest of my life. that in thises country, anything is possible. despite everything we are facing, i still have hope. i would be lying if i did not recognize that this is one of the most difficult periods in this country's history, and i am not only talking about the pandemic and economic crisis that comes along with that. i am talking about unity. i am talking about inclusion. i am talking about acceptance. we use to values cherish most are being abandoned by those in power. during this period of so much hardship, i've seen the best of this country, even with the president in the white house trying to divide us.
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"despacito" proved to me that in this country we will never be defined by our differences, and no matter who is president, latinos and latinas will always have a place here. but how much better would it be to have a president who celebrates our community instead of denigrating it? that is joe biden. he has spent hispanic heritage month recognizing all of the contributions latinos and latinas have made to our nation. he knows we are not a monolith. servants, military leaders, lawyers, doctors, nurses, essential workers, and ground breakers who make this country great. joe has made it clear that whether you are first-generation or your family has been here belong inations, you the united states as much as anyone else. as ricky said, joe will always
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be there for puerto rico. he will never abandon us in our time of need, and working hand in hand with our leaders, he will invest in building a more prosperous future for the place i will always call home. makeure that will life better for puerto ri quenos. while i'm confident joe will have our back, he needs us. that means making our voices heard at the ballot box. if you weren't convinced by eva and ricky, maybe you will be convinced by me. go to make a plan for when and where you are going to do it. nothing less than the future of our country is on the ballot in
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november, and we cannot left our families down. spanish] i am honored to present vice president and the future o president of the united states, joe biden. [applause] vice president biden: i just have one thing to say. hang on here. "despacito" on his
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smartphone] i tell you what. if i had the talent of any one of these people, i would be elected president by acclamation. [laughter] thank you so much. hello, and happy hispanic heritage month. it is great to be back in florida and to be here to celebrate what is best in our democracy, our diversity, our culture that is shaped by people from every part of the world, especially the rich hispanic heritage that is alive so much in our national story. we hear it in the rhythms that pour into our hearts and move our feet with artists like luis and ricky. thank you both for being here, more than being here, but for jumping in and trying to help me win this election. it is, where i come from, we
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call that a big deal. it really is. thank you. we see it represented in our television and movie screens with actresses like eva longoria . eva, for joining us tonight, for the outstanding work you did in hosting the first night of the democratic convention. you have changed political conventions forever. you did an incredible job. you've become a great friend, and thank you, thank you for sticking with me. we recognize in the halls of power and congress, like my friend representative darren soto who i had the pleasure of speaking with a few minutes ago. you for all thank you do for the people in this district. we see it in the scientists working in labs across the country on vaccines to fight this virus, to the doctors and nurses on the front lines working around the clock.
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it's in the diplomats who proudly represent the united states of america and our values world,tries all over the and in our military members and families who love this country so much, they would be willing to sacrifice everything for it. it's in the engineers who are working to develop new technologies, which will help us grasp our clean energy future, and the skilled union craftsmen who are going to build it. hispanic heritage month is an important reminder of how much strength we draw as a nation .rom our immigrant roots unless you are a native american or your ancestors were enslaved and brought here 400 years ago, we have all come from somewhere else. for most of us, that journey began with a choice to try for something better here in the united states, whether it's my ancestors who boarded coffin
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ships in the irish sea or families who fled oppressive regimes and natural disasters in latin america, the caribbean, or any of the waves of immigrants seeking freedom and opportunity who have continually renewed our strength and have given us the to speak withcity grit and determination and simply say, i can do it. all of our ancestors, yours and mine, came equipped with only one thing. the only thing they had in their pocket was hope, and in so many ways, that is part of what makes us americans. for people of hispanic ancestries, those contributions date back before our founding. oute is no separating hispanic heritage from american heritage. these stories are one in the same, growing more vibrantly .ntwined every single day
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today, it is no exaggeration to say that the future of the success of this country depends hispanics having opportunities and the tools they need to succeed to. that 24here and knows out of every 100 kids in school today speak spanish. the idea we are not going to encourage and build and invest in it, it's mind blowing lay stupid. in the midst of this god-awful pandemic, we've seen it more clearly than ever how much we rely on people with hispanic roots to keep our country running, and that is not an exaggeration. so many of our front-line workers are hispanic. people driving delivery truck's, working in meatpacking plants, staffing our nursing homes, hospitals, these include 200,000 dreamers working in those key roles, many of whom are of
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hispanic heritage, and we depend whohem and a lot of people are recognized for the first time as what they truly are, essential. we don't just need to thank them. we need to pay them and treat them with dignity. my dad used to say, joey, a job is about a lot more than just a paycheck. it's about dignity. it's about respect. it's about your place in the community. it's about being able to look your kid in the eye and be able to say, hon he, it's going to be ok. we have to change our attitudes. how can we have a strong and thriving republic if we aren't doing more to fully deal in hispanic unities? those communities for too long have been left out and left behind of every aspect of american life. the answer is simple. we won't be able to. that is why i have laid out
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plans that demonstrate how we will use every tool at our disposal to take on the inequities that hurt hispanic communities by number one, investing in economic mobility, improving our educational system, ruling out race-based disparities in our health care, and building on obama care, taking on gun violence that plagues our communities, and finally building an immigration system that treats people with dignity and is true to american values. today, i have released my agenda for puerto rico. even after being president for nearly four years, donald trump doesn't seem to grasp that the people of puerto rico are american citizens already. [applause] think about it. they deserve to have leadership in government that understands in america, there is no room for the idea of second-class citizens. period.
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we are all deserving. i am running to be president of all america, including 3 million citizens living in puerto rico. i am not going to steal the money desperately needed to reconstruct the island in order to build a wall along the border that does nothing to keep america safe. i am not going to suggest that we sell or trade puerto rico. i am not going to throw paper towels at people whose lives had just been devastated by a hurricane. the world saw that. it was mortifying. i am not going to deny the science and climate change that tells us hurricanes are devastating weather events that will only grow more frequent and intense unless we take action, and i am certainly not going to say what the president allegedly said to the department of homeland security when he allegedly said, i got it. the way to keep these hurricanes from coming on board is to nuke
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them. woah. you know, i'm going to lead. i'm going to respect and support the island's full recovery, including investing in infrastructure, promoting economic development initiatives and support for family, provide relief for the unsustainable debt on the island, and expand access to education and workforce development. i am going to work with representatives who support each of the status options for puerto rico to determine their own status. i happen to believe statehood to be the most effective means to ensure puerto ricans have people representation on the federal level, but the people of puerto rico must decide. the united states federal government must decide and act on that decision. this much is certain.
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administration will always have the back of every single american when they get knocked down. i have been knocked down, and many of you have, too. my dad would say, every time you get knocked down, get up, joey. we are going to honor the incredible contributions and service of puerto ricans, people all across the hispanic diaspora, to this country, not only the names we know and like, like lin-manuel miranda who was helping me out, but remember the stories that don't always make the headlines, like puerto rico's 65th infantry regiment who general macarthur described as "writing a brilliant record of here is him in battle" during the korean war. we will work to build on obamacare and expand its protections so more hispanic people have access to high-quality and affordable health care that they deserve.
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under the obama administration, 4 million hispanic americans gained coverage, the largest gain of any group. president trump is still trying to rip obamacare away from people in the middle of the worst pandemic in a century. that is on top of the total failure to manage covid-19, which has now stolen the lives of almost 200,000 people in america with a disproportionately large share of those deaths in hispanic communities, over 25,000 deaths. this on top of the failure to adequately address the economic impacts, which have fallen more heavily on hispanic pocketbooks. more than 25% of hispanics in florida have reported to be worried about how they are going to pay their rent or mortgage. a study found that one in three hispanic small business owners have taken a hit during this
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pandemic with many more likely to close and close permanently. that is on top of his failure and in fact complete disinterest in addressing the racial injustice crisis in america. he does exactly the opposite. he fans the flames of hatred and division in our country for his own gain. that is on top of his failure to recognize the existential threat of the climate crisis. in california, he said sitting with a group of scientists, i don't think science knows whether or not climate change is real. that is what he said, at a time when wildfires are racing across the west and destroying homes and communities and another hurricane threatens our coast. knows.sident, science science knows. they do know. donald trump has failed the hispanic community time and time again, and that is not a secret. whether it was in his heinous
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act of separating children from families at the border or his repeated attacks on dreamers or his neglect of the people of puerto rico after hurricane maria or his repeated failure to make sure essential workers have the personal protective equipment they need to. donald trump has done nothing but insult the dignity of hispanic families over and over again. it's wrong. that is not who we are. we have to do so much more than just defeat donald trump. we have to seize this opportunity to build back better for all of our communities because at the end of the day, all the american people are looking for is a shot. my dad would say, the american people, given half a chance, would never, never, ever let the country down.
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i truly believe we have a tremendous opportunity in this moment of crisis that on health care, wages, housing, education, and so much more, we can reach for more as a nation. we can rebuild the backbone of this country and finally bring everybody along. we can build a new administration that reflects the full diversity of our nation, including hispanic communities. especially right here in florida, hispanic votes can help put our nation on a path moving forward. there are now 49 days left until election day. i am asking for your vote. i'm going to work very hard every day to get it. and i first ran as a kid, i would knock on the door and say, my name is joe biden. i'm running for the united states senate. look me over. if you like what you see and
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hear what i say, vote for me. here in florida, i am saying, look me over again. i hope each and every one of you gets involved in this election. it sounds like hyperbole, exaggeration, but our democracy depends on every voice being heard and every vote being counted. please, this election, make your .ote heard through your vote your voice is heard. make a plan to vote. it make a plan to help your community vote. i grew up in a heavily irish catholic unity in scranton, heavilyania and a polish community in delaware. these are communities built on two things, faith and family. they have been the core of my entire life. that is what i come back to again and again whether it was losing my wife and son in an
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accident or my son from a deadly illness. in times of grief, faith and family. it seems to me that is the steam -- the same strength that has always animated the hispanic community, faith and family. that is the heritage we are celebrating, and it is profoundly american, as well. it is not only our past. it is our future, as well. the than at any other time, hispanic unity holds in the palm of their hand the destiny of this country. you may not want to hear it, but it's true. you can decide the direction of this country. i have said many times when i decided to run, one of the reasons why i am running is to restore the soul of america. it's a basic proposition. weare so much better than
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are acting now. the rest of the world is looking at us like, what has happened to america? america has always led not just by the example off our power, but the power of our example. we hold these truths to be self-evident -- all men and women are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. of course, we've never met that test, but we have never walked away from it before. we've got to keep bending that arc. we've got to keep getting more inclusive, because therein lies the power and majesty of the united states of america. i want to thank you all, particularly thank the people who came here and introduced me today, and may god protect our troops. god bless you all. thank you. [applause] ♪ ♪
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>> president trump and former vice president joe biden are set to debate on september 29. >> biden supports cutting police funding. just last week, joe bradley accepted the endorsement of the anti-police portland district attorney, who has a policy of releasing rioters and violent extremists without charge. >> he lies to the american people. he lied to the threat it posed
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the country for months. he had the information. he knew how dangerous it was. while this deadly disease ripped through our nation he failed to do his job on purpose. it was a life-and-death betrayal of the american people. live coverage on tuesday, september 29 on c-span at 9:00 p.m. eastern watch all of c-span's debate coverage at find all past presidential and vice presidential debates. there is a link to art campaign 2020 website. four, listen live on the free c-span radio app. c-span, your unfiltered view of politics. on the c-spanive networks


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