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Kevin McCarthy
  Conversation with House Minority Leader Kevin Mc Carthy  CSPAN  August 19, 2020 2:05pm-3:04pm EDT

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republican issue, it is not a democratic issue, it is a societal issue. host: derrick johnson, president of the naacp. available wherever books are sold. host: the democratic national convention and what you are saying come from it, that is our topic until 9:00. biden, you support joe (202) 748-2001.
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fromwould prevent it taking place on the scale. you believe the money ought to be in the budget for mail-in voting. maybe you can help us establish some clarity about the president was trying to say. ♪ let me be clear. we have already passed the cares bill, which provides money for the post office. i have watched all the commissioners. there is plenty of money. the difference between mail ballots and absentees. this is a legitimate argument. what happens if you are changing because of covid -- in
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california, we have half the people voting absentee. you can sign up to be a permanent absentee. they have had problems because when you apply by absentee it means you are already registered. you are filling out an application. they know what -- they know it is going to you. l.a. county got sued when they had a million more people on the roles and they actually had. they had to clean up the records. if you change that to an all you sentot, everybody a ballot on the record. that is when you get a problem for some fraud because you don't have signature checks. it is not updated. that is where the president lies. he voted by absentee. he is concerned by mail-in ballots and not absentee ballots. he was confused when he was making his message about the post office. he wants to make sure all the public is at the post office.
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they have more than enough money going in next year. >> i understand where you draw the distinction. it is not between absentee and mail voting. i have seen those terms used interchangeably. you are drawing a distinction theeen people who request opportunity to vote by mail. >> that is the distinction. i want to have a check and balance inside our election process. you know you have an honest election because we had a few people plead guilty down in l.a. that they were filling out for homeless people and others. we watched in new york when they went to an all-mail ballot. a third of them did not work for. if you are going to do and absentee ballot, we should make
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sure our vote counts. we can trace it and follow it. in california they changed the rules. made it a little bit more who can turn i the ballot in. oursually go inside curtains and no one can dictate how we vote. forcing someone else can picking up your ballot and knowing how you vote. i want to make sure we have a check. if i sign my absentee, they check that absentee along with to make registration sure i'm the same person and some it not voting on my ballot. >> our audience will have more questions on this later. we will move on in just a second. one last question on mail before we go and other stuff. covidid in the time of additional mail voting was a good idea for those concerned
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about exposing themselves to the virus. california, and this is the distinction were talking about, is sending a ballot proactively to every registered voter. there are several states that are sending ballot applications rather than the ballot themselves to every registered voter, therefore the individual has to send back the application in order to get the ballot. is that an alternative? >> it makes it better because just in the last two years, l.a. got sued because they had one million more people on the role than they actually had -- roll than they actually had. what happened in the elections office, think how often people move. they don't remove you from the election rolls. they can have four or five people living in the same location. if you mail everybody in application, you will clean the rolls up. they have to send them back in so you know this is a legitimate individual. ofis like holding a bunch
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ballots and putting them on the sidewalk and anybody can pick them up and mail a ballot. you do not know who was picking them up. if you have some kind of check, you have my signature on record for my voter registration. they check to make sure on the same person. calling theelosi is house back into session to vote on -- they call a vote on whether or not an additional $25 million -- $25 billion should be spent on the postal service. will you vote for that or will you instruct your caucus to vote for it or against it? >> how can we instruct anyone to vote for it? no one has seen it and no one has read it. where -- not to play partisanship. it is partisan to be called back. i think we should be called back but not for this. we should deal with covid. we have schools.
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summer opening and some trying to plan to open. what are we doing to help me schools safe we have -- schools safe? we have businesses trying to open up. we have small businesses wondering if they can open again when government has shut them down. the ppp program that provided funding to give to their employees was so successful but it only went for two months. could we extend that? small businesses and schools and governments wondering if they will get sued. should we do liability protection? you have people unemployed who actually got a bonus, another $15 an hour from the federal government, along with what california gave them. they were getting $24 an hour. that $15 an hour has run out. maybe we can find common ground between that. that is what we should be called back for.
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to be called back for the postal service that already told us they have enough money, a postmaster yesterday who just said he will have no changes between now and the election, i don't know why we would vote on anything that would not change any of the outcomes. it is more a political nature of why we are coming back. >> just to clarify, speaker pelosi said she wants congress to deal with a covid relief package before late september when you come back to deal with the broader budgetary questions. how quickly what you bring congress back into session to deal with covid relief? >> she has all the power. she said before august we would not leave until we dealt with it. apparently that is not true. now she postponed it, let everybody leave. i understand congress at times has a problem making deadlines. i've always understood, be it at the state legislature or congress, once you get to the
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deadline people start paying attention more. if they thought they would be able to leave and keep them there, they will make their decisions sooner. i would never let it leave. i think covid is too important. i think the economy is too important. this is where the speaker and i have had differences of opinion. done therell we have are times were speaker pelosi has -- i was trying to get in a liability protection for 3m. they make different masks. some you would use. a doctor would use them in a surgical setting. it is frustrating to sell it to the public and get sued. we wanted to do liability protection would have given us 30 million more masks. we could not get that in. when we were dealing with the cares act, schumer said he was
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ready to go and pelosi said no. i did not think that was a reason. when the ppp program does so well we watched the money running out. secretary of the treasury requested more money. add more money to a program we already voted for. she opened up ever frigid and said no and held it up for another week. i don't think -- this is a moment in time. we will disagree on some things but we can find common ground when he came to covid on things we can agree to. let's do those. the other things that don't deal with covid, we put aside for another day. let's not delay longer. what do you do when people are trying to pay the rent and they are not getting their check again? it creates new problems in the financial markets. >> let's talk more about the
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covid package. i'm sure you knew before the rest of us that senate republicans are moving forward with a covid relief package. roy blunt of missouri said the $300lation will include for weekly on employment benefits. those can last for the end of the year. >> that is extra. >> $300 on top of the state's payments. includes some additional money for education and for virus testing. it is not include a renewal of a one-time direct payment of up to $1200 for taxpayers and dependents. i don't know if this is a bill or informal proposals. are you familiar with what senate republicans are proposing?
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are you comfortable with it? leaders talking to mcconnell's office this morning. it's an opportunity when we are back to work. i have another difference of opinion with the speaker. i believe congress is essential. through every crisis we have had in this country, from yellow fever, the civil war, world war ii, 9/11, congress met. we even met when they burned the capital. i don't think we should be staying home and voting by proxy. i think we should be working. thisnk people would call -- these are all things everyone in congress has agreed to. the senate has different rules. it takes 60 votes. people have differences of opinion. they did not put it in the bill. let's do the things we agreed upon and get that also people don't hurt any longer.
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i think that is an approach to go. if that gets denied, kind of like police reform where they won't let it come up for debate, that becomes a problem. you have to have 60 votes to even get a debate. >> we have senator tim scott talking about the police reform bill. i would like to come back to that later if we have time. a couple of particular points about the covid bill and the differences between the two, what the speaker is proposing and what we heard from senator blunt. daysu know, i teach these at uc berkeley and the university of southern california and pepperdine. i am proud that i not only have two former students working on your staff but on the speaker staff as well. i brag about them all equally. one of the biggest differences between the two is the meta-funding for education, both k-12 and higher ed. how do you see those differences getting resolved?
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what do you tell students and parents about how you feel the best way is to solve the differences between you and the speaker? >> i like to write bills based upon data. ,f i take the democrats' bill that was $3 trillion. i did not vote for that bill for a number of recent. $100ere they had about billion. in the senate proposal republicans had more for schools. $105 billion. now the request has gone higher. if i get numbers wrong is because i have meetings in my mind might come to what they are requesting. now they are requesting $400 billion. i'm not sure where that number comes from. i would like to do something for the schools. i know the schools are opening now. republicans offered more than what the democrats had passed. it is similar to again. somebody else offered more snow i have to ask for more.
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that is not a reason to hold the bill up. i would take what people agreed and see if we can get to places to find common ground. it is like unemployment. when we crafted the unemployment one-size-fits-all does not work. the unemployment you need in bakersfield is different than new york city. we where in such a rush because covid was coming, we voted to the extension to the 31st. with the ppp program we learned we needed more flexibility for small business. we found common ground there. we had republicans and democrats working in committees crafting the cares act based on their expertise. that was a great moment. the difference is it is leadership only negotiating. i think every member should apply and those members and their expertise areas. let them work together. kind of what we did on the cares bill on the senate side.
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republicans and democrats focusing on that section. you work to that. if we can come together, bring it all to one package, that works really well. we found common ground. as you teach government, no one side gets every thing they want. our government is designed to find compromise. right now we are just finding reasons not to go forward. i don't know if that is because we have an election. we are in a different time with covid. that should not be a part of it and that is why police reform should not be a part of that either. >> the california state register where you start as republican leader before being elected to congress passed a budget how governor gavin newsom signed that predicates a huge amount of state spending on education, health care, and other issues. the spending is predicated on money from the federal government. was that a mistake? >> i don't know.
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when i was growing up i watched popeye and i ate a hamburger today and pay for it on tuesday. i don't think that is how i would run a state. if something came in, i would add onto that. i think that is better planning from that standpoint. i think the federal government can get together. i think of the speaker would call us back -- the reason you ise a break in august d.c. used to be a swamp. they don't have rolling blackouts like california. i would make members go back and work. >> speaking of rolling not the white are house press secretary but the republican leader in the house of representatives, the president said yesterday in california democrats have intentionally implement it rolling blackouts. as you know from your time in the state, those decisions are
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made by the california independent system operator. great deal of electricity to all of california. we are number one when it comes to solar. number one when it comes to wind. number one when it comes to oil production. we have geothermal. i have nuclear just outside. averageornia we pay on 40% more for our electricity than other states. now when we are sitting in a state that is having a heat wave and you can't guarantee whether you will have electricity, you the watery own town
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filtration for the city, some will have to be shut down. there is an ability to have solar but at the same time you shouldn't have to turn it off when the sun goes down. there is ability to have wind but you shouldn't have to turn it off on the wind will blow. you need all of the above. especially if we are paying more than everyone else and you cannot guarantee it, the president's right about those policies. they are not delivering for those in california in a time when they need it. >> in just one minute i will turn this over to jessica. she has piles and piles of questions from our audience. i will step aside. before i step aside, one must question i would like to ask you. universityate announced they were shutting down all classes. notre dame announced yesterday they would delay the start of fall classes. university of north carolina made the same announcement.
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the pacific 12 in the big ten athletic conferences have both decided to delay all fall sports, including college football, which is a term it is cultural and economic import and a lot of states. the big ten and pack 12 decided to delay their schedule until january at the earliest. other conferences, other schools, other parts of the country are going forward. given there is additional information indicating young people are more susceptible to the coronavirus than originally thought what would your position be on whether or not college sports, specifically football, should or should not attempt to go forward this fall? >> having never had the athletic ability to play college-level but high school level football, you have a short time playing for eligibility in college. either you give them another year of eligibility if they can't play. if they don't to play -- i would
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look at the ability to still be able to if they can. manner,play in a safe if they have the ability to go, i would give them the option. i do this based upon speaking to people who played. conscio -- conscientious member said it helped individuals to keep them together. it changed their way of life. ability to make that happen. when i'm looking at therapeutics and vaccines, i know tomorrow is going to be better than today. i know what it means to people at the same time. i don't think one person should say, especially to the people that they cannot do it. tell them all the risks, all the options, and let them choose. if they choose not to, don't
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punish them for that choice. give them another year of eligibility. if they have the capability, let them try. audience whoof our are usc, ucla, and tsu bakersfield fans, you are not calling for the shutdown. are you saying that an athlete by athlete basis or a school by school basis or conference by conference basis? >> you have to have somebody else to play. at least usc and ucla should play each other for the good of southern california. maybe they play each other three times. just so those who want to play can. it might not be easy. it does affect the on the record ratio. these are healthier people. i wear a whoop. it measures your respiratory. if any the respiratory
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goes up, don't come to work. we will have therapeutics that can keep you safe or a number of months. alico promising the vaccines are. i think this year we will have a vaccine. my cup is always half full. for the same reason why i became a republican. abraham lincoln, not knowing whether our nation would stay together, he built the intercontinental raiwlway. the idea that we will quit everything and shut down, i don't think it is the best mode. i want to make sure people are safe. i want to practice safety but continue my life. that is my choice. i want to give people the choice. i don't government to tell me i can't anything. i am fine wearing a mask in keeping safe distance. i wash my hands constantly and i want to be respectful of others. i also want to have my chance, a opportunity. someone who like
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would like to watch college football this fall if possible. recordnote for the representative mccarthy announced he became a republican along with abraham lincoln during the civil war. [laughter] me why i became a republican, abraham lincoln, teddy roosevelt, ronald reagan. all three porches i have in my office. if anybody challenges me on my belief, i was not born to this party. i chose the party. i am proud of what abraham lincoln stood for. i am proud of what this party stood for. i believe people can have differences of opinion and not hate. they can debate ideas. when you debate ideas, there is a lot of common ground. we are all americans. i yearn for those days again. that people don't hate one
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another just because they have different thoughts. think -- >> you do not mean to imply that you became a republican simultaneously the president. >> if i had been alive during that time, oh yeah. note, iat historical will turn over the remainder of the program to you and rrb. remember, was the first time the republicans took down confederate flag. thank you so much, congressman. we have a number of questions. the first one is what do you intend to do to make the republican party more inclusive for people of diverse ethnic backgrounds? >> that's a great question. best we could have is to show everybody that people have the ability to serve.
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if we are really a big tent, then we should look like what we believe we are. and this is interesting. we're going through primaries right now. i'm very proud of people running for congress as a republican. do you realize we are not all the way done with our primaries? we have twice as many women who are going to be the nominees as republicans and last cycle? my -- more minorities, more veterans. i think that it is expanding beyond. we have room to grow? yes we do. we have more to watch. for instance, we had one new special election in california, and for the first time, a democrat seat slipped to republican. a seat in l.a. county enter that
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was held in covid. that a first-generation american who had never run before winning a seat that hilary cleary -- carried by a majority and he wanted by 10. that is exciting when i sat on the floor and introduced. to think that his father came from mexico dreaming of his child having a better life. he was nominated to the naval academy and flies jets to defend the nation he loves and is now serving them college that is just the start of the diversity. if you go to houston, and african american who went to west paul, nancy mason from south carolina, charleston. or ashley henson running in iowa. across we have more women than ever and more minorities running and that is the way to expand the party.
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>> we have had a number of questions asked about marjorie queen. they said that she will likely win a congressional seat in november what do you think about that and how do you see her role in the party? >> as you know, everyone gets we haveportion with discussions with marjorie greene and we recently announced to organizations and they do not agree with his beliefs at all. and i believe everyone has an opportunity from that standpoint. think we will continue to work , she is aof times small business owner and she will be given an opportunity. but if you watch my actions as a leader, we have one member who
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said things that i think went against what the party of lincoln was standing for. i remove that individual from committee. the party does not decide if you serve in congress, the district thedes they have opportunity to decide what committee you sit on and we have been very strong to take action when we think we have it. this is where i have another disagreement with speaker pelosi. i have watched a congresswoman say anti-semitic actions and no resolution aired to bring it to the floor, had to water down. they had to watch another congresswoman say on the very next night she was going to impeach the investor that's why think mistakes were made, especially on both parties. constituents get to decide when you go to congress that it is the parties who decide whether you serve.
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i question if the democrats will be able to do what the republicans have been able to do. >> what is your sense on the mood of congress to deal with chinese aggression? >> the china issue is very important. we should learn from a couple issues, especially from covid. first, thousands of lives who were lost. we could have probably contained this in china if they had allowed us the continuing of flights around the world but domestically shutting them down. the aggression and movement in the south china sea, what happened to hong kong. think of what happened in hong kong. millions would go out on a saturday, bring an umbrella and stand in the rain for the idea of freedom in america. this is where i believe we are more of an idea and we are now
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going shut down. this is where i asked both parties to work together. i went to the speaker more than a year ago and said we should create a bipartisan committee on china. it is very important that we have one policy about china that we could talk about all the she agreed to it. it took me about eight months and we were actually going to name the committee. the night before we were going to name it, the washington post had backed away. i don't know why, i thought this was wrong, so i had moved forward with mild test scores and i invited the democrats to work with me. but i have been meaning to have a serious discussion. china has too much control and
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this is where there is a great divide between republicans and democrats i truly believe that the democrats have a china problem. they are not willing to stand up to them and that is a problem for america. i don't think that should be a partisan issue. >> if i can follow up on that one, it is a fascinating point and clearly a different geopolitical landscape ever since nixon's first visit in the 1970's, republican party orthodoxy and conventional wisdom among leaders in both that by opening up china economically, that would lead to great strides forward of humanin terms rights and freedom for its citizens. that is clearly not the case.
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forward,ld ask going you see us returning to a point inre the u.s. is interested a more collaborative economic relationship with china, or do you see these other matters in hong kong or taiwan. you see them being so intractable that could be a cold war? i don't know. nixon opened up relations during the cold war, and of kissinger, you talk to him today, the belief was that they would become more democratic and open up to more freedom. they took an economic advantage, but they have actually clamped down on freedom. if you are in china today and
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you want to buy an airline ticket, you can have the money but that does not mean they will sell you the ticket. they will give you a score based upon your social score, would you have set on twitter and others. others ofey treat muslim faith and others. in coming after what happened with covid, watch what they are doing in australia. when they told obama they would not weaponize these islands. but what about the ip they have sold around the world. ppe tot about selling countries and not telling them about covid. they'd about what japan is doing. they're almost in a world trying bully the situation. uphink people have now woken that it is not to help africa to
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actually get an economic game. i think this is where our allies and others are going to look at things differently. that they aren't becoming more democratic but taking advantage of the situation to crackdown on free speech. one million cause students went to tiananmen square. they built that statue of the goddess of democracy and looked a lot like the statue of liberty just directly across. and then you watched young students stand in front knowing you would never know the name or glimpse where it was buried. why did they create that much and mark for the same reason that those in east and west berlin knocked down a wall. beacon of america's freedom of individual guidance that was more than powerful.
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that will always win out, but at this moment in time, it is more than american policy. it should be all of those in the free world. individually, they are going after countries in australia and that is why one policy from america, not being afraid. i read a story that most of you haven't read the fbi that china is now playing in our election. that they really do want one side to win more than the other that could go directly into our economic future. so this is why we should have an open, honest debate about china. >> can you please defend the republican philosophy trying to upend the affordable care act, especially during the pandemic? >> the lawsuit has gone on well before the pandemic. whether you agree or disagree, i
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think everyone has the right to fight for liberty and freedom. they are having the ark meant that maybe from a ledge is point , maybe they have another. i don't think that is wrong. individual mandate and others. they also believe in a health-care system that works for individuals that want to take things away from them, providing the essential cares heard and there's nothing wrong with having a debate about health care. and it is not republicans who have to defend it but the democratic party right now. in support of obamacare they want medicare for all. almost both parties have
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rejected obamacare and think there is a better path better method to go forward. >> this next question says we are a homeless service provider in your district and across the state. we are concerned about the lack of a deal on evictions and unemployment services what are your plans to handle this smart -- handle this? >> i was concerned. unfortunately, we are not in session. if i got to be speaker, i would call back and make it happen. the president has tried for executive order. there are certain things you can and cannot do. if you are in my district, i thank you for that. i think one of the best leaders on homelessness is kevin faulkner in san diego. we have had him up working with
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our own mayor. they have done a tremendous job. they are working together with the city and county with her health facilities and education facilities because i think homelessness is one of the number one issues in california but a lot of this happens to be driven. more than half of it is coming from drugs. we have a challenge when it comes not just to drugs but the affordability. california is become a very tough to be affordable and mental health is one of the biggest ones. we have a lot of work to do so we should be back in session.
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>> there is significant concern about how we fire up the nation's enterprise which has been fired up by covid-19. do you expect the next emergency funding bill to fend research agencies enough to allow them to restart the research enterprise? >> that is one of the major reasons i did not support the it actually mentioned cannabis more than jobs. i was proud that we had increase the funding almost an average of 40%. we cannot go wrong in investing more into research. i am a firm believer in a combination not just in research and others but in some of the
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brightest minds around the world coming to america. i think we should have an immigration system that allows us to become an american. i think that would help us at the same time. there's a common sense of things we can do. sense that congress should be meeting right now. i heard from somebody members of the medical community and others the idea that for the first time the leaders in congress do not think that they should meet. clarify,ay just to talking about research more broadly but specifically research capacities rent the state and country. conversation the you are comfortable the amount sufficientll allow financial resources for that
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research capacity to continue. >> very much so. remember, we are also sitting with $1 trillion appropriated that has not gone out. is more than 100 billion per state. his more than 100 billion for small businesses. now the states have opened backup. have better data to understand what we need to invest in. i have watched georgetown spend millions of dollars to prepare to open up and then the mayor told them they could not. georgetown felt they did the work and they spent a great deal of money. their,o a tax credit in
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i have gotten money in there for education. because not every school district is the same. they have done most of the work preparing, and congress is in session. there is no more an issue about and we have not even read. >> there was an article in science news suggesting california could face heat utterance. however, you continue to roll back environmental regulations. what do you see as the path to eliminating harmful emissions. that is a great question and
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i want everybody to listen we should also measure and look at the environment in a global way. does, itparis accord allows china to continue compete. to cause a great deal of carbon dioxide to go into the air america has actually lowered our co2 emission. they are polluting and lowering when i watchion russia build another pipeline, did and other natural gas from america is 42% cleaner question they actually import natural gas from russia when america is cleaner and we can export now. let's think of some basic things we can do if we care about the environment.
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you have the greatest thing we can do is plant one trillion trees. the lung of the teddy roosevelt told us that. it takes in co2 and releases oxygen. it has captured carbon for the last 50 years if we had one trillion trees, that is the equivalent taking out all of the co2 from the beginning of the industrial revolution until today. in california, we have a beautiful oceans and we are worried about the plastic you know that 90% of all the plastic comes from 10 rivers in the world. america, but why don't we use our foreign aid to clean those rivers up? why don't we enhance our ability to have cleaner missions? -- emissions.
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we have the ability to suck carbon out of the year and there are so many ways to go around doing this while protecting our environment enhancing our economy. but if we are going to allow china and india to continue on a different standard, we are wrong about that. people shouldhink look at what the republicans have offered. given canada's partnership with us on all things defense, do you agree with -- agree with the re-imposition of aluminum tariffs? >> i have concerns about the tariffs. think our agreement is fantastic. what the president has done is very important. today andn a business i had one of them china, i would get out first and foremost, i
2:52 pm
would not move to vietnam, i would move to canada, america or mexico. the newest strongest trade and you still could have trucked something back-and-forth. that only builds to the strength of what this administration was able to do. we'll be able to build but we have to continue to watch. because even though a country is our ally, there is a market to control an industry. >> why is their opposition to absentee ballot when it appears it is the bipartisan solution? >> there is no opposition to absentee ballots there is opposition to all mail ballots. this is where as we have built
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politics for so long, people don't know the difference. if you had an old christmas list for 30 years, would you email everybody on that list a card even though you had not talked to them or moved or got married? an absentee ballot actually to request.dy if text the truth from voting and in california it would make it so easy that you can make one check and be absentee forever. i have no problems with that that i have a problem with sending everybody on a voter roll. this question is that each party has an agenda shaped by its partisan, ideological goals. sometimes it feels officials are motivated only by partisan ideals to what extent do factor intoideals
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your party's agenda? >> i would hope it would be a foundation. foundation no matter what party. foundation should be really our constitution or declaration of independence. think about it. i told dan this earlier. when i think about why i was a republican, it's also about being an american. if lincoln was here and he watched the nature of where we are today, what would it tell him? i think he would tell you to believe in the exceptionalism of this country. i think you can say that simply from the gettysburg address current that address. gettysburg address. that a government by the people
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and for the people shall not perish from our. he believed the idea of government of the people and by the people. they 81 other nation ever conceived in liberty. now that should be the foundation of either party and then you can argue about the size and scope, but today we are arguing that something much different. i watched people in the democratic party and i know they have different parties within their own. congresswoman omar. in a refugee camp in the greatness of america and becomes arms citizen of america. not just a citizen but she gets elected to the u.s. house of representatives. instead of sitting in a house and saying we need to duplicate
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this around the world, she says we need to dismantle it. we're almost having a difference of debate between republicans and democrats. i believe this debate today is more about a philosophy of socialism versus freedom. no disrespect for one another. bernie sanders is openly not a democrat a socialist. i'm not saying it's just a difference of opinion. for me, that is a much bigger battle and belief of where to go -- where to go. >> thank you so much, congressman. >> thank you, jessica. and thank you to all of our audience members who sent in questions and our apologies for those questions. hopefully, we will -- she will be able to join us again to pick
2:57 pm
up where we left off. reminder, and this is something we mention whenever we have a guest who is active on either side of the partisan fence, we do our best. do a tremendous job of bringing in a wide range of ideological perspectives. you mentioned earlier we were happy to have represented adam schiff last month. the representative will be joining us in a few weeks the senator came on just a couple of weeks ago to talk about criminal justice reform. we know that sometimes you will find someone who you are really excited about and who guests are very excited about, too. kevin mccarthy, we are very grateful you have taken the time to join us today. we're grateful for your time and grateful for your service.
2:58 pm
everybody, we're going to ,ave a difference of opinion but more people in our country today are like one another i admire your ability to be bipartisan. keep thisce i painting of washington crossing the delaware. we all know the painting and when it took place. paintingo painted the -- but do you know who painted the painting? it was an immigrant in america as he wanted to inspire germany to have a resolution based upon the values of ideas in america. he gets it historically incorrect. washington, and a ceremonial uniform with his hand on his chest, standing up and crossing the delaware. you look at him and thinks he has never lost a battle but
2:59 pm
history will tell you he has yet to win one. when you google this picture, i want you to look at who is in the boat. goton wearing a beret has the person directly across from them is an african-american. down the middle is a woman and in the very back is a native american. i have now if they are in the boat historically, but to the young immigrant who lived in america that is who he believed they would be. the last person is this farmer and it is the hand of the 13th person that nobody sees. this young artist was saying here we are, not even a nation, but an idea. we are willing to risk everything even though we have not won yet. it was as true today as it was them, the water is choppy, the debates are tough, let's all remember we are in the same boat together. and if we wrote together will
3:00 pm
get. it is not a problem if the person across the book from it was a different gender, color, or they have some different philosophy or one. we are all americans. we respect los angeles being able to have this and shift on one week and being on the other. that says a lot about your group. so thank you, and god bless. >> thank you again, representative, kevin mccarthy. thank you to our audience for joining us today. for all of you watching us, we hope you come back tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. with that, i will hand us back over to kim. >> congress and mccarthy, we are so honored to have you here today. we have had you before, and it gets better each time. thank you for such an informative conversation.
3:01 pm
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