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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden Speaks in Dunmore PA  CSPAN  July 12, 2020 2:00pm-2:33pm EDT

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with your phone calls, facebook comments, text messages and tweets. the house appropriations committee debates 2021 spending levels for energy, water development, labor, education and health and human services. . live coverage begins monday at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> recently, presumptive democratic presidential nominee joe biden unveiled his plan called buy american. this is a half hour. >> let me start by saying hello to therese casey, and the guy that hangs out with her occasionally. bobby, thank you. thank you for being here and thanks for welcoming me home. and the mcgregor family, all of them, including the long-suffering wife who has had to be the sister, like my sister, for all these years.
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i want to thank them all. and mayor burke and mayor kennedy, thank you. mr. president, as i said earlier, the iron workers have been with me my entire career. the first operation to ever endorse me in 1972. i wasn't even old enough to be elected senator, and you guys endorsed me, and i was able to turn 30 by the time i got sworn in. at the time i was elected, i wasn't old enough. and it is great to be home. my dad is from dunmore, mr. mayor, and my mom was from scranton. i want to thank bob and everyone here at mcgregor industries for showing me around this morning. although we knew of this
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establishment a long time, it has only been around 100 years, that this is the kind of small manufacturing business that demonstrates the resilience, creativity and staying power of the american industrial base. i am not telling you anything new, but we are living through a time unlike any other in american history our country is -- american history. our country is facing three simultaneous crises, a pandemic that has affected over 3 million americans that has cost us far over 130,000 american lives. bobby, three times a week i am on phone -- on the phone with the national folks, the doctors who are head of cdc and other places,, and the expectation is that it may get as high as 200,000, and shows no sign of slowing down, and economic crisis that has left 80 millions american -- 80 million americans out of work, with some of the hardest pain inflicted on
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communities of color, and the reckoning with racial injustice that has long plagued the united states of america has come on top of a widening economic inequity and a mounting climate crisis. each of these crisis is an enormous challenge that is testing our strength, patience, resilience and commitment to our core values, and our commitment to one another. but each of these also presents tremendous opportunity for the nation, opportunity to prepare now for the future threats we know are just around the corner, an opportunity to address the fundamental inequities of our nation, the growing gap between the very wealthy and everyone
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else. it is an opportunity to finally and fully live up to the words and values enshrined in our founding documents of this nation. we are all created equal. we are entitled to be treated equally the rest of our lives, not just created equal, to be treated equally. we all know that the stakes couldn't be higher. that's why there is no time for the divisive politics we are hearing more about today. donald trump may believe that pitting americans against americans will benefit him. i don't. we have a health crisis, economic crisis, a racial justice crisis, a climate crisis. we need to come together to solve these crises, to solve
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them as americans. this is to imagine and to build a new american economy for our families, and our communities, and economy where every american has a chance to get a fair return for the work they put in, an equal chance to get ahead. my grandfather, when i lived with him down in greenwich, he used to talk about everybody, everybody, joey, deserves a shot, just a shot. everybody. an economy is more powerful, we can build, precisely because everyone will be cutting on the deal this time, as we rebuild the middle class, this time bringing everyone along, and an economy that says investing in the american people and working families is more important than the nearly $2 trillion in tax breaks donald handed out to the super wealthy. donald trump loved to talk and talk and talk, but after three
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and a half years of big promises, what do the american people have to show for all the talk? he promised a health care plan, but never even offered his own bill, as he continues to try to wipe out obama care in the middle of a pandemic. instead, he has fought repeatedly to take health care away from tens of millions of people that didn't have it before, and over 100 million people who were covered because they had pre-existing conditions now, that they couldn't have gotten coverage for four. he promised an infrastructure plan to deliver on jobs and opportunities. we are ranked 23rd in the world
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in terms of our transportation infrastructure. what happened to all that? he promised to bring back jobs in manufacturing. there was a recession even before covid-19. he promised to buy american. then he let federal contractors double the rate of off shoring jobs in his first 18 months. i am going to change that. we are going to double the tax on foreign profits, so that we don't encourage people to leave and filled abroad. and when it comes to covid-19, after months of doing nothing other than predicting the virus would disappear, or maybe if you drank bleach you may be ok, trump has simply given up. he has waved the white flag. he has walked away. and his failures come with a terrible human cost, and a deep economic toll. time and again, working families are paying the price for this administration's incompetence.
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there is no other way to say it than incompetence. small businesses have had enough of the short end of the stick as well. less than one third of the massive amounts of money for stimulus that the congress has passed and the federal reserve has made available to the private sector, less than a third of it as -- of it has gone to main street businesses. big businesses, the wealthy, trump's cronies and pals, they have been the big winners. senator casey can tell you, they wrote a law for oversight and an inspector general to make sure they knew where that money went. i am the guy that had the responsibility of handing out 84 billion dollars of the recovery act in the financial recession. i met once every two weeks with the inspectors general, everything was open.
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what are we finding out now? that large chains, hotel chains and chains of restaurants, they divided all the restaurants up and treated them as individual restaurants. they are already making hundreds of millions of dollars. but main street, mom and pop businesses, they didn't get the money. throughout this crisis, donald trump has been almost singularly focused on the stock market, the dow and nasdaq, not you, not your families. if i am fortunate enough to be elected president, i will be laser focused on working families, the middle-class families i came from here in scranton, not the wealthy investor class. they don't need me, but working families do. in this should be the guiding -- and this should be the guiding principle. we must reward work as much as
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we rewarded wealth, but now we just reward excessive wealth. you see, growing up rich and looking down on people is a bit different than how i grew up here. here, everybody knew that wall street bankers and them didn't bring this country. just look around your kitchen table and see who built this country. at my grandfather finnegan's kitchen table, i learned that money doesn't return your worth. he would say, joey, no one in the world is more worthy than you, and everyone in the world is equally worthy. my dad used to have an expression, people are probably tiring of me saying it, but he meant it, and i have never understood it as well as i have
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in the last 15 years. he said, a job is a lot more about that is about a lot more than your paycheck, it is about your dignity, it is about respect, it is about your place in the community, it is about being able to look your kid in the eye and say, honey, it is going to be ok, and mean it mr. president, over 56% of the american people think their kids will never, never reach the standard of living they had. folks, we know who built this country, hard-working folks like you do up with. do you know who built the metal class -- the middle-class? unions built the middle class.
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that is why we have a middle class. i have been said that i am labor from belt buckle to shoe sole, and i have taken pride in that. because my dad would say, the only way you deal with power is with power. and i come from the corporate state of the world, delaware. the only way to deal with abuse of power is with power, and labor unions are the only ones that have the capacity to do it. if it is raining outside, come on in, guys. are you guys in the rain? [rainfall on roof] don't stay outside, come on in. determination, resilience, grid, the strength to get up no matter how many times he get knocked down, respect for hard work and the people who do it, these are the values i have grown up and
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all of you have grown up with. these are the values i'm going to take with me to the oval office. nearly half of the jobs in america are small business jobs. even as early as may, some estimates found as many as 100,000 small businesses have been permanently shut down. it has been devastating. so enough is enough. it is time to reverse the priorities of this country. it is time to help small businesses, middle-class folks, managing their way through a pandemic, and help millions of would-be entrepreneurs get out from under their debt so they can start businesses. and it just time corporate america pay their fair share in taxes. we thought in our administration we thought we should lower taxes to 28%. they lowered it to 21%.
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i am going to raise it back up to 28%, to provide hundreds of billions of dollars to invest in the growth of this country. in the days of amazon paying nothing in federal income tax will be over. let's make sure their workers have the power and the voice. it is way past time we put an end to the era of shareholder capitalism, the idea that the only responsibility a corporation has is to shareholders. that is not true. that is an absolute farce. they have a responsibility to their workers, their community, their country. that isn't a new or radical notion, these are basic values and principles that helped build this nation in the first place. now, the challenge is to take these fundamental values and apply them to a new economy that we have to build in the years
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ahead. folks, it is not sufficient to build back, we have to build back better. that is what my plan is, to build back better. it is bold, practical, and focused on building on economy for the future, not for the past, and it responds to the five truths laid it out -- laid out in the moment of this crisis. the first is that we need to strengthen our industrial base, as a long-term source of middle-class job creation. let's use this opportunity to make bold investments in american opportunity and innovation, so that the future is made in america, all in america. i don't accept the defeatist view that forecasts automation and globalization means we can't keep well-paying jobs in america and create more of them. i don't buy for one second that the vitality of american manufacturing is a thing of the past. american manufacturing was the functioning arsenal of democracy end world war ii. it has to be part of the engine in prosperity in america now.
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so today, i am releasing a plan on how to create millions of good-paying union jobs, growing technology we need now and will need in the future. it starts with the basic idea. when the federal government spends taxpayer money, we should use it to buy american products and support american jobs. my plan would tighten the rules to make this a reality, and it goes further. during my first term, we will invest $400 billion purchasing products and materials our country needs to modernize our infrastructure, replenish our critical stockpiles, and enhance national security. that is what the federal government will spend on buying products, the federal government these funds will abide reliable, predictable demand for products made by american workers and a supply chain, like this one right here, for the american industries.
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we will purchase clean energy technologies, fight climate change, building materials including steel products like those produced here, stockpiles of critical goods and equipment and advanced technologies to modernize our government and enhance our national security, and to ensure the future is made in america, we need to not just when the jobs of today, invest in the jobs and industries of tomorrow the chinese are spending multiple billions of dollars trying to own the technology of the future while we sit with our thumb in our rear. it means fighting unfair trade practices, curbing the threat of intellectual property by countries like china. america can't sit on the
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sidelines in the race for the future. that is why i am proposing a dramatic research and
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development investment of $300 billion in my first year, to sharpen america's edge in new industries where global leadership is up for grabs, like battery technology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, clean energy. that is the future. and this money will be used purposefully, to ensure that all is america -- all of america is in on the deal, in including -- including communities that have been historically left out, black, brown, native american
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entrepreneurs, in cities and towns all over the country. this will be a mobilization of r&d and procurement investment in ways not seen since the great depression and world war ii. in addition to bringing back jobs lost this year, my plan will create at least 5 million new, good-paying jobs. experts have looked at it. jobs in manufacturing and innovation, and it creates them right here in the united states of america. the second thing, we have seen the importance of a more resilient economy for the long term. our president wasn't prepared for this pandemic. he ignored detailed briefings at
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warnings that our administration left behind. the threat of a pandemic, we told him, was coming. we gave all this to his administration in transition. but he shut it all down. he shut down the pandemic office we had inside the white house. he praised the chinese government, even as the virus
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was coming to our source, because he was so afraid that they would walk away from his trade deal. it cost us significant amounts of money as well. let's not get caught flat-footed again. let's get prepared to meet the challenges of the climate crisis. that means investing in infrastructure, clean energy, creating millions of good-paying union jobs in the process paid next week, i will lay out an updated blueprint on how we can build a modern, safe, sustainable infrastructure and a clean energy economy, and how to make sure communities that have suffered the most from pollution on the first to benefit from this investment, how to strengthen the union movement and make sure unions are building america just like they built the middle class. the third thing, we have seen in this pandemic the immense burden on working parents, especially women. they find themselves in a position where they are working, attempting to work, attempting to take care of their children who are young, and at the same time their aging parents need help and are suffering from disabilities. it has been especially hard, this crisis. but let's face it, it is always
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hard. so let's make it easier to afford childcare and care for our aging relatives, our moms and dads. let's offer more pay and economic dignity to millions of workers, often will -- often women of color, who are entrusted to teach our youngest and care for our oldest. donald trump has no idea what it is like to be a single parent, barely getting by with childcare. he doesn't have a clue what it is like to provide for an aging parent. and that is understandable, but is unconscionable that he doesn't even try to understand door empathize with the struggling of so many millions of people out there. like a lot of you, i will bet there are a lot of you in the audience, you understand it personally. i understand it. i know how hard it is to be a
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single dad, who has to work with two young sons at home. i know what it is to bring your aging parents into your home in the last months of their lives and care for them as well. i have done both and i had great help. i had a really close family. i was a u.s. senator making $42,000 a year at the time. i have done both, and it was hard. and it is so much harder for millions of americans were trying to make ends meet i will be laying out a plan to mobilize american talent and heart to build a 21st-century caregiving and education workforce. the fourth thing is that we are seeing millions of americans and small business owners with their lives on the line keep their country going. we need to treat these folks at their families is essential, not just in times of crisis, but it all times. we call these folks essential workers. i think the blinders have been taken off the bulk of the american people. those who can afford to stay home and stay in place, they look out and realize, there is that grocery store clerk stocking the shelves, there is that nurse's aid trying to provide -- nurse's aide trying to pry vi -- trying to provide protective gear to a patient, truck drivers, first responders. it is time that we pay them. the idea that everyone is not with a minimum of at least $15
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per hour? spend time with front-line workers and then tell them they shouldn't have the right to organize and become part of union? organize for better pay, leave, benefits, working conditions that insist that they have safe and sanitary conditions to work in? maybe it is possible for him to ignore it, but i can't, and i won't. it is not enough to just appraise these workers. we need to pay them. let's finish the job of obamacare by ensuring anybody has access to quality, affordable health care. let's lower the cost of prescription drugs and stop the surprise billing and provide public options to cover the millions of americans without health care by adding to obamacare.
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that's make sure everyone has access to a good education, regardless of zip code. let's triple the amount of money we spend on title i schools. we have 18 title i schools in scranton and dunmore, and it means they have very low tax basis. they are having trouble keeping teachers. i would triple the amount of money we spend on those from $15 billion a year to $45 billion, improve the salaries of the teachers in those schools up to $60,000 a year, make sure every single child age 3, 4 and five, is able to go to school. all the studies show that whether it is the university of pennsylvania or anywhere around, it increases the chance that child will go all the way through and graduate without having trouble. imagine what a big difference it will make. because of this pandemic, everyone has renewed appreciation for just how hard our teachers work, how important their job is. so let's give them the resources
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and support that they need, both to get through this crisis and empower the next generation of american ground breakers. let's pay them. these aren't somebody else's children, they are all our children. those children are the kite strings that hold our national ambitions aloft, and our teachers are critical. and finally, we are seeing with horrifying clarity the cost of systemic racism and the need for racial equality. it isn't just about police reform. it is about dealing with the deep wound of systemic racism in this nation. we need a dedicated agenda to close the wealth gap, expand affordable housing, invest in brown and black and native american entrepreneurs and asian pacific islanders, make real promise for educational opportunity. for too long, racially quality has divided america, it should not be used to unite us.
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donald trump cynically claims he is protecting american heritage by cynically embracing the confederate flag in the public monuments of generals who were treasonous against the united states of america, people who tried to permanently rip this nation apart. do you think donald trump has any idea that 360,000 pennsylvanians fought on the side of the union to defeat that flag, that confederate flag? including more black soldiers coming from pennsylvania than any other state in the nation? do you think he has any clue the 33 thousand pennsylvanians died in the civil war, fighting against everything that flag stood for? i see a different america than trump, one that, despite all our
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flaws and shortcomings and failures, is still, after more than two centuries, dedicated to equality, liberty and human dignity. challenges we face today are among the biggest in our history. we have to come together in this country to solve them. there is no other way. we got criticized during the primary by saying i was running for three reasons, restore the soul of america, number two to rebuild the backbone of america, the middle class, and number three, to unite america. i was told you can't unite america. we are done. i have long said, america is at its best when we act as one nation, one america. that is the tragedy of donald trump being president today. he is exactly the wrong person to lead at this moment. he will not bring this country together. he is determined to drive us
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apart, to keep his base in place. he will not be a president for all the american people, his base. he believes he was elected president only by his base, and he will not appeal to the best instincts of all of us. he is determined to revive the worst moments from our past. i have no illusion how tough the road ahead is going to be for our country, but i am an optimist, for one reason above all others. i know the history of the heart of this country, and given a chance, just a chance, ordinary americans can and have done extraordinary things, and they will never, ever let their country down given half a chance, and they won't let it down now. the only thing that can tear america apart, and i mean this sincerely, no foreign country, not the way he coddled up to, i shouldn't even get into this, but coddled up to putin and others, they can't tear us apart. the only entity, the only thing that can tear america apart is america itself. so we just need to remember who we are. this is the united states of america. there is not a single thing, nothing we have ever failed to do when we have decided to do it together. that is what this is about,
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doing it together. we have a great opportunity to build back and build back better. god bless you all, and may god protect our troops. thank you. [applause] >> "washington journal, every day calls. -- journal," every day, we are taking your calls. coronavirus, dr. jeremy levin. watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 monday morning. call, leave facebook comments, text messages, and tweets. the house appropriations committee debates 2021 levels for energy.
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education, and health and human services. life coverage begins monday at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. coverage against monday at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span -- begins monday at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases director dr. anthony fauci has suggested states with rising covid-19 cases should pause reopening efforts. during a health care summit hosted by "the hill," he talked about lessons learned, vaccines and schools reopening in the fall. steve: hello and welcome. i'm steve clemons, editor at large at "the hill." i will take this off, but i wanted to send the message that we believe in mask wearing. we are delighted to have you join us for our summit this year. our collective health is at stake as we worked furiously to quell a global pandemic that has taken more than 500,000 lives globally. the coronavirus has also exposed deep inequities. the health care system was under pressure before covid-19. now we have an opportunity and responsibility to fix those


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