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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  June 28, 2020 11:58pm-12:35am EDT

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>> next, we hear from british prime minister boris johnson. in question time, he addressed the coronavirus pandemic and made comments on the recent stabbing in reading, that killed three people including one american. from northern ireland. we now head 2 questions for the prime minister and we start with sarah atherton. >> this morning i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others in addition to my duties in this house i will have further meetings later today. >> my constituents welcome the announcement by chief medical officers of northern ireland and england, from 4-3, i have seen a reduction in the number
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of covid-19 positive cases, does the prime minister agree with me are uk wide approaches what works? to defeat the pandemic? >> can i pay tribute to her for what she has put in practice and to thank all her colleagues, that is the way we beat the pandemic by working to gather. >> yesterday, easing lockdown restrictions, if the plan is to work, we isolate this. the prime minister promised a system to be in place by the first of june. the latest figures from yesterday's press conference shows 33,000 people are
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estimated to have covid-19 in england. just 10,000 people with covid-19 were breached and asked to provide contact details, the hard work that went into this but two thirds of those are not being reached and asked to provide contact details there is a big problem. >> the right honorable gentlemen has been stunned by the test and trace operation and contrary to his prognostications of gloom it has gone much faster than expected, they are getting it hard, recruited 25,000, they
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identified and contacted 87,000 people who agreed to self isolate to stop the disease from spreading. i don't think he would have done that. >> mister speaker, haven't addressed the question i put to him. those who have gone into the system for 10,000 were being contacted. asking about the two thirds of those who weren't reached. this is a big gap, brushing aside challenge, not estimating properly the risks. two thirds of those with covid-19 had not been contacted that is a big problem. if we don't get them properly running, we can't prevent infection disease from spreading.
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let me ask a different way, what is the government strategy for closing the gap between the number of people with covid-19 and those going into the system. >> he is misleading on the key point. the number is an estimate. >> nobody, inadvertently, what test and trace is doing. contacting the vast majority to test positive, their own
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contact and getting them to do that. to support the program, i understand the constraints of the process and he used to work. would he is supporting that they are doing as he against it? >> his press conference yesterday, they are the two figures. i do support the next stage of the operation, the prime minister is wrong to reject challenges. 65,000 people lost their lives
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because of covid-19. the primacy welcome challenge that could save lives rather than complaining. >> another risk to this plan is local counsel doesn't have the power and resources to implement local lockdowns, bankruptcy and cutting services, the prime minister knows the worst affected areas of covid-19 are the real concern among council leaders they don't have powers or guidance to implement lockdowns quickly if needed. the councils that i would be interested if the central government confirms what is meant by local lockdown including clear guidance for what is expected of us. can the prime minister tell us when local authorities get the guidance they need? >> we have seen it with local
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outbreaks, with gp surgeries in north london that have been local crackdowns. we have very effective operations designed to ensure we keep those under control, local councils understand how the joint security center. that is how it is going to work, and effective way of keeping the disease under control. i will not pretend to him or the house that this thing is beaten or the virus has gone away because that is not the case. you have to remain extremely vigilant and local councils will be supported in doing their vital work implementing local lockdowns. >> can i turn to the apps that really matters? unless someone can contain and identify everyone they have
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been in contact with it is the only way of tracing unknown contacts. the honorable member made that precise point yesterday, how to trace everyone in close contact with a seafront or a park without an apps. until last week, it was critical with their slides but in the weekend the health secretary downplayed the apps saying it was only additional support so which is it? critical or not? >> i wonder if there is a single country in the world that has contact tracing apps? what we have, let the opposition slightly floundering, a successful test
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and trace which they supported, they said it was good enough for the country to go forward with step 3 of the plan, they are going back again saying it is not enough, they need to get past test and trace and take the country forward together. >> germany, 12 million downloads. i checked that way beyond. by mid-may, they said we would have it by the first of june, now they say it is not until the winter. we spent 12 million of this. others are ahead of us. when are we going to have a working apps? >> he is completely wrong. no country in the world has a
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working contact tracing, the air one would be the icing on the cake. if we get it to work there isn't one anywhere in the world so far. we have a fantastic test and trace operation already up and running that will get better and better and will be indispensable for our future success and i think he should support it and make as much clearer that he supports our program going forward, support for labor council might clear up the position of yesterday, saying once and for all the labor council should encourage children in their area now. can he confirm all children who can't go home to school to go
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to school this month. >> the only turn was the education secretary, for children back into school before the summer break. >> there is a theme to these exchanges, child poverty, he said absolute child poverty and relative child poverty declined under this government, the commissioner ruled it was mostly false. the prime minister also said there are 4000 living in poverty now than there were in 2010. on monday the children's commission ruled that was simply false. he has been found out, dodges the question or gives dodgy answers. mister speaker, no more witnesses, i rest my case. will the prime ministers correct the record in relation to child poverty? >> i am happy to point out,
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there are 1000 fewer children, 500,000 children falling below thresholds of material defamation. this government is massively increasing universal credit, to help media families in our country. we are getting on with it and he can't make up his mind, it is whether or not she gets to school and still won't say whether children -- it is infamous, to say he supports the program and the next day confirm he wants to go to school now. >> from food to medicine during covid-19, it is all underway,
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400,000 mariners are stuck on the failure of countries agreeing to changes. the united kingdom is the world's leading multi-nation which gives us a unique responsibility. will my right honorable friend agree to marshal the global community, to ensure free-trade continues to slow? >> my honorable friend knows wherever she speaks and we remain committed regardless of the same thing, discussing that in person. >> heading to scotland, ian blackburn. >> the house will want to join with me in passing on
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condolences to the family who lost their lives in a house fire last friday evening, a terrible tragedy. we heard growing concerns for medical experts about the real risk of a second wave of covid-19. experts outline the scale of the economic challenges ahead with the last redundancies that supporters withdraw and they warned measures of a second wave of the virus until scotland 2024. health and economic, unprecedented response. on monday the scottish government economic advisor group led by independent business leaders published the initial analysis about strong recovery. will the prime minister welcome
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these efforts finding a way forward as of this economic crisis? >> yes indeed, mister speaker, only too happy. >> ian blackburn. >> grateful to the prime minister for that answer and we need to seek every action to study the economic recovery but surely he is aware the scottish advisory group calls for an accelerated review of the fiscal framework. crucially it supported a significant increase to access to capital to stimulate the investment led recovery in scotland. scotland can make different choices and can only do it for the necessary - the finance secretary made that request. will the prime minister implement the recommendation of these business leaders and give this correspondence the economic power it needs in the
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wake of the pandemic, putting the economic recovery as risk. >> scotland has so far received as part of the campaign against coronavirus, 3.8 billion pounds, a fact that is seldom off of the discussion with s&p colleagues, we will -- the whole of the uk from being part of the most successful anywhere in the world. i congratulate the s&p on their u-turn on the front page opposite with education. >> the people are sick of drug
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gangs selling drugs but also grooming children to do their dirty work. can a prime minister update me what progress is made to ensure they have the resources and personnel they need to tackle those infecting that? >> my honorable friend is right to point out the evil done by drug gangs around the country with operations spread across the country and we must roll them up, we are taking every technological result at our disposal and making sure we invest in 20,000 more police officers across the country. >> covid-19 has broken out in several, and 34, a plant in
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germany is seeing 1500 workers test positive, german employees get 100% of their salary. workers get sick pay, 20% of their salary will lose 80% of your salary, low-paid workers for any to succeed, people need to be supported. will he commit to local furlough like schemes? >> the job retention between the furlough scheme and what we have done for self-employed people which has been considerable, the expansion of universal credit, massive commitment to the workforce of this country we will make those commitments and i stress if we
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had to move back, to local or indeed national lockdowns we should be penalized for doing the right thing. >> dependence on tourism with a coastal community mean that it was particularly, this weekend we were to stage the map and bring millions of pounds. can i ask if the prime minister would look at the reduction so the hospitality sector could get back on its feet and be part of the recovery and get the country moving? >> all proposals she makes on taxation, for the next budget and what we have done is push back until next year, bounce
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back lows for every business, what we will also do is support tourism, and raise the welcome sign so we can enjoy its attractions. >> jessica? >> in order to access benefits quickly, having to prove their benefits altogether if they live longer than three years. a year has passed and the government announced terminally ill people but where is the government going to act? >> we massively increased spending on universal credit
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but an important point about access for terminally ill people. if i may revert as soon as possible by writing? >> i would like to represent the market for the prime minister, our markets are now back, the town is -- purple flag faces for early evening at my time economy, the restaurant and the cafés what the prime minister said yesterday, can i ask what the government intends to do? >> to my honorable friends, support the hospitality sector in all the ways that could also happen that could be encouraged to enjoy themselves in a secure
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way to keep the purple flag flying. >> doctor whitford. >> thank you, mister speaker. the ongoing impact on international travel threatens 100,000 jobs in the aerospace industry including hundreds in my own constituency. will the prime minister commit to protecting vital aerospace jobs and invest in a green aviation recovery to reduce future carbon emissions. >> the honorable lady has an extremely important point that we are working on so we use the opportunity of this crisis to bounce forward, low carbon technology would continue to drive the uk's for middle aerospace industry.
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>> i was contacted, a proposed new waste process, i asked the prime minister if he would organize a meeting so i could put forward the constituents on this issue. >> we of course had a huge amount in 2700 jobs but i'm sure the house will understand the decisions of the government to involve itself. >> they are undergoing the deep dive with my constituency.
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with england, in kinston, with mayors. with coronavirus. >> the leader of the opposition confirmed, an estimate of what is happening in the country. overall we think the numbers moved down from one in 400, four weeks ago which continues to decline. in bedford and elsewhere with trace operations which are getting better and better with a busting operation.
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>> business owners taught me how much they appreciate the tremendous help they received from the government during the coronavirus crisis but many people will still lose their jobs in the months ahead. i wonder if my right honorable friend will assure they work together to provide the resources and expertise necessary for people to learn that is fully equipped for different types of work in the future. >> i thank him for what he has done for his young constituencies what will unquestionably be economically difficult times we invest in people skills and not just investing in the national skills fund but we want to encourage as many in work
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placements as possible and get people the experience they need. >> the rehabilitation of offenders across the political spectrum, the current occupation with the borrowing service is a major obstacle to people turning their lives around. the in efficient, unfair and frankly discriminatory, the report that with this in some way two years ago so it doesn't need any more commissions or inquiries with of this section and the end to the endless home office obstruction and delay. you can prevent this logjam. will you do it? >> any mp knows there will be very hard chases caused by this so it is important for the protection of children and
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young people but we are considering the supreme court judgment and we will be setting out our opinion in due course. >> may i welcome my right honorable friend's announcement yesterday that we can start to reopen our economy and will he join me in praising the volunteers by the westbridge community helpers, those who have worked so hard for vulnerable people throughout the lockdown. >> i have no hesitation commending and congratulating all the groups that she mentions, in westbury, the westbury community helpers. i congratulate them all. >> the prime minister, when we leave the eu northern ireland will remain part of the united kingdom. i have in my hand a letter received by management of the
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ports of lawrence this week, they have to become a border control 14 acres of land, with the construction and a sense of urgency, going to the eu by the end of the month. can the prime minister explain how northern ireland can remain part of the united kingdom as people come from the rest of the uk into northern ireland have to pass through a border control post and tear this letter up as well? >> i haven't seen the letter but categorically there will be no new customs infrastructure for the simple reason that under the protocol it is clear, black and white, northern ireland is part of the customs territory of the united kingdom in joining the whole of the
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united kingdom with free-trade deals around the world. >> there are a lot of employers speaking about redundancies and for many families it will be a hard landing. i encourage my honorable friends, a huge amount of credit for it. as he thinks about the growth strategy to consider ways to strengthen the safety net at this time. >> i thank my honorable friends. he is quite right these are tough times ahead for people and families, we increase universal credit and stand by as we have through the crisis to help the british people through. >> thank you, mister speaker, i
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have been contacted by hundreds of constituents in the uk. the view on the justice system will, we now have the independent review of the winthrop scandal. what is the prime minister's timeframe for implementing these recommendations? >> we are getting on with implementing a huge amount of the recommendations we had. 16 of the recommendations have been implemented, 17 in progress, two were not progressing, the home secretary will be setting out further what we are going to do later with wendy williams's report and we will go on with cross governmental commission to stamp out racism and discrimination across the country and the government, we take it seriously and we are glad she raised it. >> as we exit the covid-19
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crisis we will need minerals and brick work that will help hospitals and infrastructure in the future. with the environment, reducing reliance on foreign impulse will my right honorable friend please assure the people the government will do what it can to encourage investment and support jobs in this area? >> i can say to him that we are going to do everything we can in the course of our infrastructure revolution to ensure that uk steel manufacturers are at the front of the queue of the project we are going to construct and we identified 3.8 billion pounds of opportunities. >> my constituent elizabeth contracted coronavirus and was
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refused admission, they are discharging patients with coronavirus, 16,000 dead. elizabeth has sadly passed away. the health secretary said it was responsible for these deaths, does the prime minister? >> of course this government accept responsibility for everything that has happened throughout this crisis but i will say that when you look what happened with the discharge of patients it was all done according to clinical decisions as the nhs confirmed and there was a 40% reduction between january and march in the number of people going from the nhs into care. what we are seeing now thankfully is a massive reduction thanks to the efforts of care workers and care home action program to get the
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numbers of deaths downing care homes to the levels you would expect to find this year. >> last week, the control between india and china, what are the indications of the british interest between the commonwealth member of democracy on one side and a state which challenges our tomography on the other? >> i think my honorable friend to directing the attention of the house to a serious situation which we are monitoring closely and the best way i can say to her, we are encouraging both parties to engage in dialogue on issues on the border and sort it out between them. >> the last few days have been difficult.
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my deepest condolences to the families of those who died in aubrey gardens on saturday evening. hard to imagine what they are going through. my father with the injured and those affected by this. i think the other emergency services for their swift and effective response in the incredible bravery, will the prime minister ensure the investigation now receives all the resources it needs and that our town is properly supported. we have a strong and diverse community, we can and will get through this together. >> i think the honorable member for his question and the way he expressed it because the whole house shares his feelings of support for the police, their bravery in running towards danger and members of the public, it was an extraordinary
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moment but also an appalling tragedy and we will make sure there is a case that is properly proceeded with and i will just make two comments if there are any lessons we need to learn about how we handle things in the future we would learn those lessons and act, but secondly as i said yesterday, we would not let this kind of attack, this kind of senseless murder distract us or allow us to be intimidated or change our way of life. >> with the effect that the doors will be locked 18 minutes after the start of this, at the
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risk at the time. in order to know the setbacks. th >> you've been watching prime minister's questions from the british house of commons. this wednesday, july 1 live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span2, or watch sunday night at manic like eastern and pacific on c-span. you can go to to find video of past prime minister's questions, and other british public affairs programs. >> next, european lawmakers deliver statements in parliament over the death of george floyd and the worldwide antiracism protest and demonstrations that took place afterwards. a few days following this debate, members passed a resolution stating that a condemned the death of george floyd, and similar murders


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