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Kevin McCarthy
  House Minority Leader Mc Carthy Weekly Legislative Agenda News Conference  CSPAN  June 11, 2020 2:48pm-3:12pm EDT

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settlement of oregon and took part in the american conquest of california just in time for the gold rush. so he played a real role in changing the math of the united states. his booknscape on "imperfect union." sunday night at 8:00 eastern on "q&a." c-span has unfiltered coverage of congress, of the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events. c-span'satch all of public affairs programming on television or on the free radio at and be part of the national conversation through "washington journal" or through social media feeds.
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america'seated by cable television companies as a public service and brought to you today by your television provider. now kevin mccarthy's weekly banning, addressing choke holds. this is just over 20 minutes. >> good afternoon. thanks for coming. yesterday the country heard emotional testimony from the siblings of two people that were needlessly killed over the past few weeks. 's brother recounted the pain of losing his big brother. he called on congress to honor george and make the necessary changes to ensure his death was not in vain. you also heard from our friend andrea jacobs, the sister of patrick underwood, who was murdered in the line of duty
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during a protest in oakland, california. angela urged congress to make a change so no one ever has to wake up to the phone call that she received. make to commitment i the floyd family, to the underwoods, and to any family who has lost a loved one senselessly in this violence the last few weeks. your families deserve justice, and we will not stop until we get to a solution that gets america on a path to a more united and peaceful future. like most major national issues, there are not republican or democrat solutions, only american solutions. despite there being, grant, speaker pelosi politicized what could have been a moment to lead and show the country we are capable of putting our differences aside when the stakes are this high.
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upocrat leadership has kept against shut out of discussions and left millions of americans voices left out of the conversation. house republicans will put forward a reform legislation proposal. that will be led through the judiciary committee. they will be today with tim scott, the senator, and we will focus on three areas -- performance, transparency, and account ability. it was in law enforcement 80's agencies -- agencies have worked to achieve that while making community safer. transparency -- we need to have more data to formulate a fully accurate picture of the problem that we know how to spend resources. create a robust law enforcement data collection program at the department of justice including data regarding use of force, by and against law enforcement. cap accountability. cops that are bad need to be how a cannibal.
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work with law enforcement unity create databases for bad cops from being rehired in other jurisdictions and who are not aware of their past. our efforts build upon priorities republicans have recently enacted, including criminal justice reform, opportunity zones and tax reform and school choice to extension of the opportunity scholarship program. while democrats talk about defunding police, republicans talk about solutions that will defend americans. we also stand by and support our police officers who put on uniforms every day to carry out their oath's. america no one should be judged by the color of their skin. no one should be judged by the uniform they wear. i believe with every fiber in my biology -- my body that america is the praise country. let's work together to
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build these legacies. abraham leggett said he did not know -- abraham lincoln said he did not know his grandfather was written mother teresa said yesterday was gone, tomorrow has yet to come, and we have only today. let us use those words as inspiration to work in the present to make a difference for our children and their trip. we cannot change the past. to secure a more promising future. the last couple weeks, many of you know me as a happy conservative. believe that this entire nation grieves for the loss of the floyd family, for the underwood family as well. and any senseless murder that is taken place. we watched the protests.
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they have a right to be heard. they have a right to -- but we watched the looters, what is happening in seattle today. there should be consequences for those actions. that is not the america we know and love. that is not the best of who we can be, and that is not a more perfect union. this is a moment in time when you put partisanship aside. many of you have been in my offices. you have watched the things i put on my wall. there is a purpose for what goes on my wall. of frederickrait douglass sitting down at the end of the hall. when you look at his life, an amazing life it is. born into slavery, i talked to read, taught others from a fight his way out, and actually became an advisor to abraham lincoln. w to ag the nation to gro
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place we should become. i have a portrait of abraham lincoln sitting in my office. it is painted in black and white. why? the greatest challenge to our constitution was the civil war. you he would tell believed in the exceptionalism of america. the gettysburg address -- fourscore score and seven years liberty, andved in dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. there has been no other nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the freedom and equality of each other. when you walk into my conference room, there is a large portrait there of washington crossing the delaware. you have seen the picture before.
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you all think you know the story. and all took place christmas 1776. but to the person who painted a he was an american citizen. he had lived in america and went back to germany. did not painted until later. he was not there. there was no camera, no iphone to take it, but he wanted to inspire germany to have a revolution. he thought the best way to inspire the others was to paint a picture of the story he was told. to gets it historically incorrect. washington did not cross in a rowboat. we put 13 people in a rowboat. why would he pick 13? 13 colleagues. 13 colonies.
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you look at washington and think he has never lost a battle. but washington had not won one yet. i want you to do is look at who is in the boat. this young immigrant who had lived in america, you know who he put in the boat? the second person was scottish. another person is african-american. you come into the middle, a woman in the back, a native american. i do not know if they were in the boat that they, but this young immigrant, that is what he believed would be there. the second to the last person, a hand across the face. the face no one sees. there is this young artist. he was saying here we are, not even a nation, but an idea. to i deal with a concept believe in freedom that all were created equal. here is a hand.
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us?d you get in and join that is as true today as it was in 1776. we will face rough waters, but we will be in the book together. they were rowing in the same direction. we may have to face challenges atat we have not be before. this is the moment in time in which we live. this is the moment in time of how we should govern in this party, but byy a an idea of a more perfect union, that everybody is in the boat and everybody is equal, that there is an injustice, we will correct it, but we live in the belief of the rule of law. those are some of the reasons why i have the portraits in my office. i think it is this moment in time, a time that we can serve together and show a leadership that i believe the country craves. with that, i will answer
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me take t questions. iven this meeting, and -- what -- >> two got two different questions there. could there be a house and senate republican -- there very well could be. closely together with tim scott. there are a lot of ideas that very similar especially framework we the have from accountability to transparency. n the democratic bill, conceptually there are things similar that we could address. that's why i find it difficult they did not reach out. many of them to and i think there is a place we can work together. a place we can get to that's not one bill or nothing but the ideas of all, that is, in the boat together having
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an opportunity to astronaut and will come to at fruition. yes? aspect or saying one not. i'm saying let's sit together and find where we're able to agree. a lot of concepts that we agree upon. o, i'm not saying i don't disagree with anything at all. i would like to do at this time is not to have to we er an question where disagree. i would like to answer a upon.ion where we agree i'm not going to sit back and say whatever you offer is wrong. say is let's put all ideas up front and let's work together to produce law, politics. >> one more question on that. banning choke holds? >> yes. especially in a concept if you in the bill coming forward, the idea that someone would have a choke hold when handcuffed, there
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should be severe consequences. pelosi said the black caucus has reached out to the republican party on this. their voices being considered as the republican party creates their reform it looks like,er and if you will allow me a second question, i just wonder react to the general's comments that he should not have been part of -- walk in front of st. john's church? >> okay. was, restateestion it, i'm sorry. congressional black caucus -- >> i have a very good with karen bass. we served together in the state legislature. worked on numerous issues, on foster kids and others. and reached out to karen we've talked and i look forward to continuing those discussions ust as we will talk to anybody who is willing to work with us. i just recently saw this comment. know how to take it.
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was he commenting about in ombat uniform, what he was wearing, it shouldn't have been that uniform. i wasn't sure. >> it was inappropriate for him have been there because it created a perception of the involved?eing >> i have a great deal of general and for the service he's done. just now hearing it. say 't know what else to about that aspect of it. >> i'll take it. you voted ars ago remove th democrats to confederate symbols from veteran cemeteries. time to lieve it's remove confederate -- statues of generals and other figures from the capitol and to rename military bases that are after confederate figures? >> i would take your comments speaker regards to pelosi's letter. also the bipartisan
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amendment in the senate armed ervices committee to force the renaming of these places like fort bragg? when it comes to statutes, states have the power. when i was in the state legislature we voted to change of california's statue. we added ronald reagan. pelosi iss that nancy talking about is kind of a struggle within her own party. voted upon in the legislature and brought here under democratic majorities from other states the which she speaks about. states unfortunately, when you governing law of replacement statues, u.s. code 2132. those encourage legislatures to be able to what from the path of they brought forth. i know in north carolina there to change movement for quite some time and one is billy graham up. states have the power to do that.
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i know the democratic party and what they have voted to bring up i think they should work towards that. > in all likelihood to vote on this, so how -- >> how will we have an this?tunity to vote on it's governed by the u.s. code. do you want to change the code? have the s not jurisdiction -- >> i'm also asking about military bases. noticed that president trump said yesterday he doesn't want them renamed. on, the senateng armed services committee voted on a bipartisan basis to do opposite.he you're going to have an opportunity to vote on it. >> yeah. nda right ing on the now. we'll see what comes out. opportunity ve an to look at those bases. espers said he would be open to it. could be appropriate to change some and some would say otherwise not to. we'll look to see what comes
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out of it. i'll wait to see what comes out. opposed to it, though. also about on was the forts. -- social media -- [inaudible] of the george floyd -- apologize, i didn't company he beginning [inaudible] >> is there -- do you have any that?on to >> yes. i have a real concern about that. his is something others have done at times in the past to try to create more anger internally. one, we should take this very seriously and make sure we're able to stop this. we can important thing do is work as one inside this congress. items of y in those what they are doing. i do have concern on some things said on the g
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democratic side, too, that they will amplify and try to change the defunding of police. i see what's happening in the and of the washington their own member, congressman, called on the cities to completely rethink policing to a model for public safety that truly uphaploids the safety and redirectsties law enforcement spending and directing in essential services. e've got my own senator from california applauding the l.a.'s move to slash police funding by $150 million. aoc on tuesday warned about democrats and others rying to repackage the push to defund the police to make it more palatable, to influence an ongoing among debate of what the left wing rallying cry actually means. yes, outside sources are doing it and inside sources are doing it as well. i think it's very concerning especially watching on television last night, i don't ave any more intel on this but number of streets.
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an autonomous zone inside the washington, taking over city hall by a city council them the key. where is the security in that? that? is the freedom in those are the things i'm concerned about. this type of ith stuff continues and members of and the ratic party outcome. i know there are real concerns. now going ts are after children's television, i've watched where a professor alabama put out how to take down the washington monument. i saw a cnn contributor who hinks the jefferson memorial and the washington monument should be taken down. just are things that i don't quite understand what they are doing. and what they are playing into. angels of better
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america, of what they speak of. question, i want to know the timing of the -- have -- changed >> the timing of the next -- >> relief package, and related millions of americans want need back to work but they to secure care, childcare facilities are closed, and might be safe to reopen them. chamber sent a letter to congress yesterday asking congress to provide urgency fund centers in the next relief package. >> childcare is a real concern and also the education of our is a great concern. i'm watching states able to open up. i'm watching states that have others population and within florida compared to new york, of doing it properly, and who have done it poorly. in new york we've had a deaths. able number of a lot of this hinges on governors themselves. on their decision-making
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process. so as we continue to learn more about this, we should be able to move forward. know in the democrat's bill they were very concerned about cannabis. cannabis more than $3 million. that was egislation passed before covid. i also know in that bill they put in a d for they trillion dollars for states because they were concerned about police officers not being to cut now they want the police officers. this is a small couple of week time period so i'm not sure what philosophy or principles are or if they have them. they also said people should not outside and then i watch thousands of people coast and that, re encouraging concerned about social distancing as well. i'm not sure what two weeks from for america. what covid looks like after the challenges we've had in some of cities, if they are uptick statuses. that could harm childcare coming forward. could harm schools opening
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back up. all things we take into consideration. but no, we still look at legislation we produce, we want to make sure we have data that it's actually helpful. liability protection is a great need. i was on a zoom call this with a number of entrepreneurs, small businesses, one needs their number of whether they were going to stay open. hey were praising the ppp that we're able to pass. i know it took a little longer. ome of them had to lay some people off because speaker pelosi held up that first bill and then when we warned about he money coming out, when speaker pelosi held that money up again, yeah, it does cause were laid some people off because of that but ppp has been a big success. walks of m from all life are saying that they took a big risk, entrepreneurs able to and they were talking about liability protection. could there be some more reform some ppp, could there be
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more resources, but yes, we need to get the country back open in manner and one of the or elements to do that is not only childcare but education and the jobs. very much.ll i hope you have a nice weekend. weekly news conference house speaker pelosi discusses reform, confederate statues and additional relief legislation for people and by covid-19.pacted this is just over half an hour. *- >> speaker pelosi: good morning, everyone. as we gather here in the isitor's center, our congressional black caucus is holding a forum listening to people discuss legislation. following up on yesterday's heg.