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Nancy Pelosi
  Campaign 2020 Sens. Harris Warren and House Speaker Pelosi Texas...  CSPAN  June 6, 2020 6:09pm-6:22pm EDT

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>> protests are now taking place across the country for police reforms after the death of george floyd in minneapolis while an officer with kneeling on his neck. day of the ninth demonstrations in washington, d.c., this one at the white house. and also on capitol hill. a number of roads have been closed in the nation's capital limiting the routes that protesters can take. here is a live look at what is happening near the white house. the yellow church is st. john's episcopal church where president trump held up the bible and in front of that is lafayette park, across the street from the white house now closed to the public.
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, liket, u.s. senator's harris and elizabeth warren as well as nancy pelosi deliver remarks to the texas democratic party convention being held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. democrats.s texas i am honored to be with you. a challenging time and we need you. days --less than 100 over 700,000 lives lost to the
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coronavirus. when we look at the fact that in less than 100 days, 42 million americans became unemployed. "georgespeak the name floyd, when we speak the name and when welor," arbery"e name "ahmaud --justice is on the ballot and it is texas democrats that will help win the election. you know how to do the work of into bloom. let us put everything we have got out on the field and we're going to win this. we will take back the white house and take back the senate. hold on to the house and do everything we know can be done in the name of all that is important and good in terms of the ideals of our country that we have yet to meet but we will
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all fight to achieve. thank you, texas democrats. hello, warren: democrats. i know we cannot be together in person but i want to send a word of encouragement to some of the hardest working democrats in the country. this is a time of tremendous crisis for our nation. friends,000 of our family, and neighbors have died from the coronavirus and millions are unemployed struggling to put food on the table or pay their rent and mortgage. across the country, people are protesting police brutality amending justice for george aylor, andonna tyalor ahmaud arbery. that black people are suffering and have for generations is real. as a nation, we have some serious soul-searching to do. racial disparities exist --
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persist. is at times, when covid-19 disproportionally killing african-americans and black businesses are disproportionately going under, it can feel as if this is the way things have been and always will be. but we are not without hope. we face areustices not inevitable. they were created and facilitated through racist, hateful, bigoted public policies. and that means that part of the solution can be addressed by different policies. inclusive, moral public policies. and i also want to be thoughtful. and that is a responsibility that i and others have as white americans in this moment. communities of
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color alone are responsible for fighting against racism every single day is both misguided and can have dangerous consequences. ask ourselves what we are doing proactively every day to dismantle racism in our communities, our workplaces and in our circle of influence. it is not enough to stand as an ally. we must go further and be antiracist. at a time when racial injustice terrors us apart and a global pandemic threatens our lives and our livelihoods, it is up to us to take action, to heal our nation and to save our democracy. be possible ifll we do not protect our elections. elections are the beating heart of our democracy. and if we are going to do the important work of rooting out in justice and protecting families and communities, once we have
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weathered the storm, then we need to protect our elections. here are four steps i am fighting for right now to make it easier for americans to vote safely during this pandemic. american should be able to register and vote safely and easily. -- and require all states to offer online registration. wisconsin and georgia have accelerated efforts to remove hundreds of thousands of people unnecessarily from their voter rolls. this pandemic must not be used as a cover for racist voter purges. healthy byeep voters making the process of casting a ballot easier and more accessible. give everyone the option to vote by mail. enhance the safety of in person voting including offering 30
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days of early voting and extended polling hours. disinformationht and increase election security. russia and china have already begun to pedal the conspiracies that we need to fight back and step four, give states the resources they need to administer the vote and keep poll workers safe. protecting elections is going to cost billions, not millions. our nation healing and protecting our democracy has never been more vital. fight that comes to us and we cannot afford to back down. lives are on the line. we face an uphill battle but i am confident that if we stand together come if we fight together if we persist
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, we will make it through this time of crisis and build a better nation. safe out there and i will see you on the other side. speaker pelosi: hello, texas democrats. it is my honor to bring greetings from the entire house democratic majority. it is a privilege to join your virtual convention. thank you, chairman in a host cell and for your strong leadership in the lone star state. a time that weto can get together. i love being in the heart of texas, a state that is special to me as i have two grand -- grandsons there. texas has given us some of the greatest leaders of our party and country like president lyndon johnson, governor and richards and congresswoman barbara jordan. their legacy is carried forward in the leadership of the extraordinary men and women
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texas democrats have sent to the congress. now, especially with our extraordinary freshman colin already, veronica escobar, missy fletcher, and sylvia garcia, every day they make texas proud. every day they are fighting to meet the needs of their constituents and to build a brighter future for hard-working families. veryme together at a difficult time for our country. across america, these protesters are grieving for the murder of george floyd and all of the innocent americans killed in a pattern of racial injustice and police brutality. as we pray for the family of george floyd, we pray for healing in our nation and healing must begin with real leadership backed up by real action. led by the congressional black areus, house democrats advancing legislation protecting equal justice including went
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excessive use of force by law enforcement and the loss trust between police departments and the communities they serve. at the same time, americans are mourning for the staggering loss of life from the coronavirus. a virus that has disproportionately hurt our communities of color. achieving justice in america and addressing injustices in health and jobs and economic security and housing and food security and so much more. to do that, we are proud to have passed the heroes act which addresses these disparities as it protects lives and livelihoods from the corona crisis. the next few months will be critical and this election cycle provides an opportunity for texas democrats to continue strengthening our majority. house democrats are targeting six seats in texas.
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washington know how strong and fermentable our members and candidates are. with your help, we will collect more outstanding texas democrats to the house including gino andz jones, when the davis, --. we have io. .ur vips our volunteers and politics. engagementower, your is more important than ever before making a difference in the coronavirus crisis. every voter you register and every call you make an postcard you mail, every text you send make a difference. make your voice heard and inspire others to get involved. elections are about the future. together we can deliver a better future with affordable health care for all americans, with job security for every hard-working family, a strong democracy that
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works for the people. the wife or your continued support and leadership. together we will expand our house majority. we will take back the u.s. senate and we will elect joe biden president of the united states. best wishes for a successful convention and onward to victory. thank you. on monday morning, house speaker nancy pelosi holds a news conference with members of the congressional black caucus and then it democrats to unveil legislation addressing police , andm, racial profiling equal justice. that is live up monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern on c-span. online at and live on the free c-span radio app. next, 20 democratic presidential candidate joe biden delivers remarks at the