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William Barr
  President Signs Executive Order on Social Media Content  CSPAN  May 28, 2020 8:01pm-8:22pm EDT

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coming up today, president trump announcing an executive order for social media companies and user content posted on their platform. nancy pelosi taking questions on the legislative agenda at her weekly news conference. that is followed by kevin mccarthy's weekly news conference. announced anmp executive order for social media companies and user content posted on their platforms. here are his remarks. pres. trump: thank you very much. we are here to defend free speech from one of the gravest dangers it has faced in american history, frankly. you know what is going on as well as anybody, it's not good. a small handful of powerful social media monopolies controls a vast proportion of private and public communications in the united states.
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we know what they are and don't have to name them. we are going to give you a complete listing. we are going to give you a signed copy of what i'm going to be signing in a couple of minutes, and you will see exactly what we are doing. they have had unchecked power to censor, restrict, edit, hide, alter any form of communication between private citizens or large public audiences and no precedent for so small number tower control human interaction and we includes people care what happens and when he they go about doing and doing things incorrectly and have points of view. if we go by that, there was a success in 2016 but we can't let this to continue to happen and if you look at the statistics and what is going on and
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everybody would agree with that. including democrats by the way. i saw democrats are saying comb time something is done and see they keep the decision that we agree with them. the choices that twitter makes to suppress and ban, editorial decisions. editorial decisions and in those moments twitter creases to be a public platform and editor with a view point and i think we can say that about others whether you look at google or facebook and perhaps others. one egregious example is when they try to sealens views by selectively applying a fact check. fact check. what they choose to fact check and what they choose to ignore or promote is nothing more than a political activism group or
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political activism and it's inappropriate. you look at what has happened and where they are going and coming from. this this is a threat to freedom itself. imagine if your phone company is silenced and social media have more power and more reach than any company in the united states, more than your newspapers, by far, more reach than a lot of your traditional forms of communication. i'm signing executive order to protect and uphold the free speech rights of the american people. currently social media giants like twitter have a liability they are d on the not. not an editor with the view point. my executive order calls for new regulations under section 230 to make it social media companies
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that engage in any political conduct will not be able to keep their liability shield. that's a big deal. they are not going to have that shield. my executive order further ininstructs the federal trade commission to prohibit media companies to engage nling acts or practices affecting commerce. this authority resides in section 5 of the federal trade commission act. you know it pretty well. most of you know it very well. additionally, i'm directing the attorney general to work cooperatively with the states. he will be working very much and closely in cooperation with the states to enforce their own laws against such deceptive business practices. the states have authority to regulate in this arena and doing it also and encourage them to do
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it as we have been seeing. it's what they are doing is tan ta mount to monopoly and taking over the air waves, can't let it happen. otherwise we aren't going to have a democracy or anything to do with a republic. i'm directing my administration to develop policies and procedures to ensure taxpayer dollars are not going into any social media company that suppresses free speech. the government spends millions of dollars on giving them money. as president, i'm not allowing the american people to be bullied. many people have been wanting to be done by presidents for a long time and now doing it and i'm sure we will be going for legislation in addition to this and the legislation will start
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immediately. i have been called by democrats that want to do this. you could possibly have a bipartisan situation. but we are fed up with it and unfair and has been very unfair and see what happens. any questions? reporter: you have been concerned with twitter, any consideration to leaving your account and walking away? president trump: you are fake. the news is fake. if you look at what is printed in newspapers, if only you could understand they are reading a story and it's not real and i'm not saying in every case, you have great journalists and i have great respect for, but largely in a political sense there is so much fake news, it's disgraceful, i would do it in a heartbeat. if we had a fair press, i would
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do that in a heartbeat. i would like to get rid of my twitter account but i'm able to get to 186 million people when you add up facebook and instagram, it's a lot of people and that's more than the media companies have by a lot. if i get a story that's wrong, i can put a social media -- i don't use the word twitter but social media, but i put something out or the next day, everyone is able. i'm able to refute fake news. i would like the attorney general to say a couple of words and he is backing it very powerfully. >> as you mentioned, mr. president, one of the things that i found has the broadest bipartisan support these days is the feeling that this provision,
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section 230, has been stretched way beyond its original intention and people find that on both sides of the aisle. this was adopted 25 years ago and it's purpose was to allow web sites that were serving as essentially bulletin boards for third-party content coming on to say you are not response i will for the content of that third party information and also tried to encourage these companies to take down things like child porn or human trafficking and say if you act to remove this objectionable material. now it has been stretched to allow it to be those who control the information in our society censorship and act as he had doris and publishers
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of the material. when they put on fact check content on to other peoples' ontent and when they start ensoring particular content in like communist china, they become publishers and shouldn't be entitled to the same kind of shield sent up earlier. this executive order is a strong step. it sets up a rulemaking procedure that will be under the f.c.c. to try to get back to the original interpretation and understanding of section 230. it also empowers the attorney general to work with state attorneys general to come up with model legislation that addresses this. and we are preparing legislation , which we will be sending over
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shortly for review by the office of management and budget. so this is an important step to get back to the original understanding. there is a bait and switch that has occurred in our society. these companies grew because they held themselves out as three public forums where a variety of diverse voices could come on and be heard. that's how they grew. and that's why people joined them and now they have become these powerful networks and holding themselves out as free public forums, they have now switched and using that market power to force particular view points and that's wrong and has to be addressed not only through this executive order but litigation going forward and action on capitol hill.
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president trump: any questions for the attorney general? reporter: not only have you been against section 230 and the president and the vice president said he is against section 230. do you believe that the executive order that the president is about to sign appeals or amends section 230? >> it doesn't repeal section 230. i'm not against section 230 that was properly interpreted or applied but it has been stretched. i think this will help get back to the right balance. reporter: can you give us more on the legislation that you and the president referred to, what do you want to do? >> we are doing with possibilities. president trump: just remove or totally change 230. what i think we can say is
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regulate it. you look at this as an example. itter moments, mueller witch hunt. so we won, we were in the right. you see what is happening. a total fraud. a total fraud. 76-1. 76-1. you look at it. you think that's fair? illegal alien as hate speech. just article after article. here's one. this is the one, this guy, he is the arbiter of what is supposed to go on twitter. a hought and used cnn as guide and fake news. his name is o'rourke and he said mail-in balloting, no fraud, no fraud.
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really? why don't you look at cases. if we went to mail-in balloting our election would look like a total joke. it would be a total joke. there is such fraud and abuse. and you know about harvesting and harvest the ballots and go to people's houses and say sign here. you can't be there or sick and you go and register and do all sorts of things to get that ballot and good security measures. millions and millions of ballots to anybody that is breathing, anybody in california that is breathing. reporter: mr. president, that is not true. president trump: i'm not finished. here's your man. and he's wrong. and no matter who it is, they will admit he's wrong because there is tremendous controversy on mail-in voting.
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som are goingin new to registered voters. what you your tweet said was not correct. it was wrong. president trump: when he sends out 28 million ballots in all the mailboxes and kids go and raid the mailboxes and sell them to people down the end of the street, you don't think that happens? there is ballot harvesting. we have seven elections for congress and they were like tied and lost every one of them because they came and dropped a whole pile of ballots. you don't think they rip them out of mailboxes. you can read about it. in some cases, they will go to a republican community, conservative community and don't
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have to send ballots. and no way of checking. you have to go and vote. voting is a great thing. we would be the laughing stock of the world and use common sense, they raid the mailboxes and even print ballots and get the same print, same machine, same paper, same machine, they print ballots and will have to catch them doing it. you have tremendous potential and you have he potential for fraud and abuse. did you want to shut down the media companies? president trump: i have so much influence over twitter in people want to see what i say. i have a vast number of platforms as we know.
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we have millions and millions of people. i think if twitter were not honorable and have a guy like this be the judge and jury, you shut it down, but i would have to go through a legal process. reporter: how would you shut it down? president trump: if it were legal and able to be legally shut down, i would do it. we have other sites we could use, i guess or develop other sites. and i'm not just talking about twitter, look at facebook and look at the tribunal. this woman who testified recently in congress, her hatred was so incredible to what the republican party and me that there is no way you could get a fair trial. so this is not like it's supposed to be. this is not like it's supposed
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to be. we will see what happens. you know what? i guess it will be challenged in court. what isn't? what isn't? reporter: as to potential litigation, can you discuss the timing of that and what is the remedy that you will be seeking? >> what i was referring to there is litigation going on all the time on section 230 and its cope and look for vehicles to reporter: so you wouldn't be filing a separate? >> no. reporter: what about india and china -- pres. trump: he loves india so much he's never asked a question other than an india question, and that's ok, i just got back from endia. just came back. they like me in india, i think they like me in india more than the media likes me. i like your prime minister a lot, a great gentleman. great gentleman. big conflict going with india
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and china is that what you're talking about? a big conflict going with india and china. two countries with 1 hadn't 4 billion people. two countries with very powerful militaries and india is not happy, probably china is not happy. but i can tell you i did speak to prime minister modi, he's not in a good mood about what's going on with china. reporter: mr. president, have you spoken -- pres. trump: are you finished? reporter: you want to mediate between india and china on this issue. pres. trump: i would do that i would do that, if they thought it would help if i were the mediator or arbiter, i would do that. reporter: have you spoken to the family of george floyd, yet? pres. trump: i haven't but i feel very, very badly. very shocking sight. bill and i were talking about it before. it's one of the reasons bill is here right now. as you know we're very much
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involved. i've asked the attorney general, the f.b.i. and the attorney general, to take a very strong look and see what went on. that was a very bad thing that i saw. saw it last night, didn't like it. reporter: do you think those police officers should be prosecuted? pres. trump: i'm not going to make any comment but i think what i saw was not good. very bad. reporter: are you definitively staying in the u.s.-china trade deal? pres. trump: we'll be announcing what we're doing tomorrow with respect to china. and we are not happy with china. we are not happy with what's happened. all over the world, people are suffering. 186 countries. all over the world they're suffering. we're not happy. ok. thank you very much. announcer 1: the presidents, from public affairs, available
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