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Kevin McCarthy
  House Republican Leadership Briefing via Conference Call  CSPAN  April 2, 2020 11:45am-11:52am EDT

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a while now, trying to get a hold of them. they have been asking for more action on this. we have been seeing health insurance companies and making news -- make new statements about what they will cover. they started with >> we will leave this here to go live to house minority leader kevin mccarthy on his briefing. >> i would like to turn this conference over mr. kevin mccarthy. you may begin. >> thank you for joining me this morning. this call today, i want to tell you who is with me as well. i'm notevin brady -- sure why we are hearing that noise, but if you could put it on mute, it would make it easier for us to talk. i have kevin brady, patrick mchenry, [inaudible] them all say
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something after i go through and we will take questions. these are individuals who are rankers on a lot of different committees. even though we are not in washington right now, i want to let you know that we continue to work through. there is a lot of work happening with our response to this virus, and i want to walk you back through, remind everybody of the three major bills that we have passed to help defeat this virus. first we passed the $8.3 billion formergency funding, testing, treatment, and telehealth. telehealth is very important as we go through to combat this. second, we passed the families first coronavirus response act, which included extending sick and family leave. it included free coronavirus testing, and last week, even though the democrats had held that bill up, unfortunately, i
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know a number of people probably had been laid off simply because that was held up too late, how fast we could move, we passed the largest relief package in american history, $2.2 trillion. small business grants, direct payments to individuals and families, extended unemployment benefits and more than $140 billion for hospitals and medical supplies. we want to make sure the hospitals, they have a liquidity problem but we want to make sure they have the ppe. more than $140 billion. if somebody was laid off, we want to make sure for unemployment insurance, we extended it. the federal government also put on $600 a week beyond what they were getting. we wanted to make sure people will stay employed, so if you watched what we did with small it will be know finalized friday, and that is what mchenry and others can talk about.
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we used a large portion of the grants to make sure those go to employees, rent and utilities will be forgiven. we want to keep people employed. also, when you look at the , the retention tax credit -- this was an idea from kevin brady. for thebeen paying 50% employee, to keep them working and securing the loan. we are well-positioned to combat this virus head-on. inwanted rapid information this bill, and also accessing immediately. the focus of the house needs to be right now, how do we implement it? make sure we get it right. this is a great amount of money, and this is what we should be focused on. the speaker is talking about a fourth bill. i do not think in that is appropriate at this time. we passed rebuild, the largest in history. have to make sure -- three bills
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, the largest in history. we have to make sure these are implemented correctly. later that we need to do, we should have the data and knowledge to make sure we get it right and it is targeted. i know the speaker just talked about an oversight committee. i have a couple concerns about naming,one, who she is clyburn? it is concerning to me, because congressman clyburn is one who thought this prices was an opportune time to restructure government. that is not what we should be doing. we should be taking care of the health of the american public, keeping our economy strong as it was before and moving forward. the other concern that i have from this standpoint is inside the bills that we passed, we did it seemsersight, and really redundant. first of all, we have the oversight committee in congress that is focused on oversight. every committee has oversight,
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but in the bill that we just passed, we have the pandemic response accountability committee. this is a group headed by glenn fine. a specialeated inspector general for pandemic recovery. the treasury and its 25 million dollar budget. we created the congressional oversight mission inside here where we have an appointed by the leaders, and we gave the gao another $20 million, in essence with the last bill for oversight. i'm not sure of this politically. the other concern i really have, in a select committee to get up and running, it takes a vote of congress. i do not know when we would go back and vote on this. i do not know what the budget would be or the responsibility would be, and is the speaker not trust the oversight committee? i know she has a new chair on that committee, all the subcommittees and all the other --
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[inaudible] [cheers and applause] audio] >> unfortunately, having some technical issues with this weekly briefing from house minority leader kevin mccarthy in a conference call with reporters. we hope to record that and bring it to you later. a quick reminder, we will hear from louisiana governor john bel edwards this afternoon, live at 3:30, and president trump with his daily report with reporters at the white house at 5:00 p.m. eastern. we will go live to new york to hear from