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tv   Florida Gov. De Santis Holds Coronavirus Briefing  CSPAN  April 1, 2020 1:21pm-1:41pm EDT

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spend it. money, weally lose have to adjust it. that's life and that's every family's situation and we will deal with it together. that's it, i have to go to work, thank you very much. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] governor cuomo: the controller could have taken them yesterday. he chose not to. he must pay them at the moment of passage. you have to wait and see the budget. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> we will go from albany, new york to tallahassee, florida were governor ron desantis is now briefing reporters on his state's response to the coronavirus. this is live coverage on c-span. seniors are lot of
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heeding the call. i think they are doing what they need to do to protect themselves and ultimately, if the seniors and those web health problems, if they are protecting themselves, i think we will be able to get through this ok. that order will be forth coming and we will hopefully have some resolution on the cruise ship we will continue to be working really hard across the state but particularly in southern florida. with that, i will take a couple of questions. >> did you want to comment on the surgeon general's comments earlier? governor desantis: i had decided president didthe the 30 day extension, to me, people are not just going to go back to work. that's a national pause button and i had concerns about how some of that would affect different communities in florida who have not been hit the same way and i don't anticipate getting hit the same way as
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places like miami-dade. i wanted to see what their guidelines would actually say and even the guidelines, they never actually said to do that. the surgeon general never told me that that's what they were looking for. having given that we are a 30 day, that's a signal from the president that this is what we will be fighting for a month. just the fact that the place had been hit hardest and miami-dade had these measures in place so southeast florida had already .een under different measures even though there are issues in other parts of the state, if you look at our numbers and you take a broward, dade and palm beach, the per capita rate is very low. days, that with 30 more we should just do it.
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i think that will probably end up being something that will make sense. we will see, we don't know how all these measures work because it's never been tried on american society before. but i think we find ourselves in a situation where we have a national pause and we need to deal with this front and center and we will figure out on the back and how we get out. yesterday, you talked about the situation with director moscowitz. who is that hurting? obviouslyesantis: it hurts the health care workers. the masks, there will be shipments coming in and you go to get them and they are not there. there was a lot of stuff going on in the market right now. i cannot tell you what exactly but it's not a normal situation given how much in demand those
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masks are. this is one of the things we fought more than anything on. masks fromeived some hhs but most of them, we were to so many, we get a little bit here and little bit there and they trickle in. as soon as we get them, they go out the door. wouldn't it be nice if you order 2.5 million masks and they say they will be there friday and they show up. then you can distribute them in the health care workforce will be protected. it's been good to send them to the nursing homes because if you look at those two, the broward nursing home instance, some of the staff and workers were infected and they were sick and we should not have been allowed to go in there. having a mask on i think would be something that could potentially ward off infections for the most vulnerable. >> do you think that's criminal? governor desantis: i don't want to say that it is, i don't have firsthand knowledge but i can tell you it's shady as hell. that's for sure. >> [indiscernible]
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we have onsantis: here the different enforcement mechanisms that we had with the other ones. what i would say is if you're engaged in essential services, if you are seeking essential services like groceries, gas, medicine, if you are engaging in essential activity, if you are not, then you will be protecting yourself, your family and your fellow floridians better if you stick close to home. i see some of the stories around the country where you have someone stepping out and someone wants to get him arrested. at some point, you need to exercise good judgment. cannot ham fist everybody into their bedroom. it's just not practical but these policies are policies that will make sense and there is a lot of essential services that are still taking place. the health care, the finance,
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there are many things that make a difference in the economy and obviously in our fight against the virus. >> the university of washington model is predicting that florida will have a rapid increase in with 100 people dying daily by mid april. peopleicts the 10,000 will be hospitalized by mid april and 20,000 on may 1. floridians will die by june 1. could these numbers be realistic? governor desantis: i would say it's a very serious situation. when you see the president's demeanor the last couple of days, that's not necessarily how he always is. i think we all look at this and say this thing is really nasty. it's something that has caused a lot of harm to a lot of people. we need to have all
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levers going. fortunately, you have seen a lot done in southern florida and i know that as we test more, you see more numbers but between with the counties have done and what we have done to help them, and some other things, i think you'll eventually see some progress there. i think the rest of the state, we are monitoring -- one thing i am concerned with is the travel into florida. the new york travelers were a big deal, that was tens of thousands of people over a week. it wasn't just southern florida. many flights came into orlando and some when it to tampa. how that will manifest if those folks aren't self-isolating, i don't know but you also have international travel still. from brazil, people are going into orlando and i think we have to get a handle on that because florida, you will have kids out of school and businesses close and people may lose their jobs, these different things and sacrifices have someone gets
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airdropped and with more virus in these communities, how is that something that is good? the one thing that i am optimistic about is how you get society back on its feet. a week or two ago, people were talking about being in lockdown for nine months but that's not sustainable. if you look at the advent of things like the rapid testing, the antibodies test, it seems there is a new product that comes out every day. every great minds and our country is working on this. i think when you harness the technology, you will be able to have a society that protects against the virus but will allow people to do more than just work-at-home. we are in a much better spot today on that than we were just a week ago. are you going to deem nonessential businesses to close down? governor desantis: it's in order are anvidual saying you
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essential service and you engage in essential activities but other than that, you need to stick close to home. we are not necessarily saying anything to a nonessential business but under the order, you would not be able to go into some of these things and conduct business and follow the order. the flipside is there are some businesses that are nonessential which yes, they will not have people be able to congregate inside their businesses but what they can do is they can do delivery orders or things like that. there is a whole bunch of possibilities where some of the nonessential businesses will still be able to do some things but it's just not going to involve somebody leaving the residence, going in and congregating. is there any guidance? governor desantis: the good
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thing about the construction stuff is they will be outside, it's been hot and humid and i think it will cool off a little bit but as long as they are not on top of each other, i think they will be good. we are mindful of that and i think it will work well. >> [indiscernible] you mentioned hospitals in florida. and whenctions capacity will be reached? there havesantis: been some projections that say they would be busted by now. we look at the numbers coming in. obviously, you see the infection numbers are important but if you look at the infection numbers but look at the hospitalization rates -- in miami-dade county, by far the most infections of anybody, any county in florida, their hospital rate is 6%. that's a lot less than what
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people typically would assume to be with something like that. part of the population is skewing a little bit younger and not requiring hospitalization so all these things are monitored. we have the bed counts of how many beds are available in dade right now, the total available beds is 41% of their beds, 43 point 4% in broward so these are things you are watching. then at some point, you will start to see indications of some type of surge. when you do that, you know what you need to do but there is already field hospital set up in miami and fort lauderdale. we have the army corps working with us to be able to do more if needed. have some other facilities we can use. hotels of offered and we have tried to figure out what makes sense. things as may be put
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up the health-care workers there because the fear is if you are a nurse, you go home, you're most likely to get infected in a closed environment. if you get infected by someone in your household and then you go to work and potentially expose others, that creates problems. we talked about maybe giving them a safe place to stay during the real stress period. we are looking at all that but we look at this every single day. remember the flattening of the curve is the hospital system has to be able to cope with this. likeve done some things stop the elective surgeries that freed up beds and i think some of the behavior changes have helped free up beds because people have taken the hygiene and social distancing seriously. see,nk you will probably when the march numbers are done, a big drop in for hospitalizations from last year.
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that's obviously a good thing as well. if you are thinking at all about the problems with the on employment compensation system that has turned so many people away from using it. are they in danger of not being able to get a 600 dollars per week federal stimulus? it'snor desantis: obviously a priority. i know they are working very hard on it. you are talking about a capacity for that agency that is so far beyond what they have been able to do. i will get a report on that sometime today but basically, my direction has been don't spare any expense, higher who we need to hire in order to be able to get this done. it is important for folks. these are not people were losing their jobs because of anything they did. it was something that was a
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shock to the system. you look at the numbers in the restaurant industry and in florida i'm of the tourism is totally shot right now. i know disney is paying their cast members i think at least until the middle of april. i know a number of businesses are trying to do that as well but reality, the financial reality is even businesses that want to do that, you can only do that for so long. we think we will continue to see an increase in people seeking unemployment compensation and given the shock this is an particularly given the fact that sometimes you lose a job or a business goes through a hard time, you can probably find another one. it's not that easy right now and is through no fault of their own. workingebsite was not before the crisis even happen. why didn't you fix the website in advance of this? governor desantis: you can talk
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to the department of economic opportunity. i'm not sure what they did or did not do. when i dealt with it in terms of the personnel, we kept more personnel on then was needed at the time. aat was in a situation we had 3% unemployment rate so it's a different system. i will get a brief on that today and hopefully, we can push that in the right direction. how do you define the essential? and how can local governments enforce this? governor desantis: you will see the order and it's the department of homeland security who published i think two days for essentialhing services, essential businesses. we will identify that and anything there is considered and then we are also going to adopt what the mayor did in miami-dade because there are other things
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you don't think about that really pose no danger in terms of the virus but that really do make sense. one of the things that was -- that were just that we were clear on in the executive order is taking care of your pets is an essential activity. anybody selling pet food or something is an essential service. people have been concerned about of they cannot do it but you will be able to. we understand how important that is for folks and we need to be looking after our pet so that we'll all be in there. if there is a different essential service we did not include in there, someone can ask and then we can add it as we see fit. thank you. >> thank you, everyone. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] later today, another governor holds a briefing on the coronavirus response. starting at 2 p.m. eastern, ohio
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governor mike to wind it meets with reporters to discuss how his state's handling the virus and what comes next. he will be in columbus and that's live on c-span. >> if you miss any of our live coverage of the coronavirus outbreak, watch it any time at from daily briefings by the president and the white house task force to updates from governors of the hardest hit states. it's all there, use the charts and maps to chart the global spread of the virus and confirmed cases of the coronavirus in specific states. it's your fast and easy way to watch c-span's unfiltered coverage of this pandemic. >> tonight, president trump holds a briefing on the coronavirus with reporters at the white house. he is expected to be joined by vice president mike pence and members of the task force. watch the president's comments
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live starting at 5 p.m. eastern here on c-span. tonight, a special edition of "washington journal" as a doctor joins us to discuss clinical care of coronavirus patients. he serves as the chief quality and patient safety officer at ohio state university's wexner musical -- medical center. we will also speak with debbie dingell and a hospital official live tonight at 8:00 eastern here on c-span. last friday, the u.s. house considered a coronavirus economic relief package which provided $2 trillion in economic relief. the bill was approved unanimously after over four hours of debate. the coronavirus cap several members from the house floor and in their home districts. 150 of the 430 current representatives took her to the debate. in light of these circumstances, c-span offered any lawmaker who was not able to speak of the house floor a chance to provide us with a video statement on
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their views of this significant piece of legislation. 33 democrats recorded videos which we will air tonight starting at 9 p.m. eastern on c-span. no republican members have submitted videos as of now. ♪ television has changed since piece -- since c-span began 40 years ago but our mission continues to provide an government.iew of we already brought you primary election coverage this year, the presidential impeachment process and now the federal response to the coronavirus. people watch all of c-span public affairs programming on television, online or listen and our free radio app and be part of the national conversation through c-span's daily "washington journal" program or through our social media feed. c-span, created by private and brought to you today by your television provider.


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